How Can A Woman Have Balance Between Worship And Family

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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How can a woman balance between worshiping Allah subhanaw taala. And taking care of her family during Ramadan?

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Creating a balance in our life is not something easy. And it comes with practice, as the more we try, the more we become better. And it's like riding a bicycle first time, you know, you can keep your balance but as much as you try, finally, you will be able to what to keep your balance and what will keep your balance when you ride the bicycle moving forward, you know, you don't stop at one point, if you keep looking down, and you don't paddle you know, and you don't start moving, you will lose balance the same thing, when it comes to any issue in your life. And among them this issue, what you need to do, you need to try, you need to keep doing your best, you need to make the changes

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that you know, adjust yourself a little bit, you know what I'm going to basically

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manage my time properly. And that's one of the things that helped me a lot to balance your life between worshiping and taking care of your home is to manage your time properly. A good time management allows you to accomplish a lot. Also set priorities don't not everything fits in the same category. You know, when it comes to the worship of Allah subhanho data that is widely valid, there is no outfield that is volunteer act, you know, that is things can take a long time, that is things I can do it after everybody go to sleep, there are things I can do early, and also the rights of the family, they're not the same, you know, that is the child to a woman who breastfeeding or a child

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who's an infant or an adult, you know, my husband's right. So all these also in a different level. So what you need to do, you start putting these on the right level, then whenever you have to make a choice, you look at which level when it comes to the octave for ship, basically the issue that we're talking about, and which level when we talk about the rights of the family, and if they are on the top, you know what I always make sure that I fulfill my obligations. When it comes to obligations here and a volunteer act here. Now I fulfill the obligation before the volunteer act and so forth. One more thing, always remember that with good intention, you can transfer everything you do at

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home, everything that you do to serve your husband to serve your children to be an act of worship and Nabi sallallahu Sallam said that among the best act of worship a woman can do is to be nice to her husband. You know, this Hadeeth meant to say meant to teach us a point, that when we have the good intention behind something that's so natural, like being good and unloving to your husband and comforting your husband, which is something naturally we do that. So doing this with the right intention, it became an act of worship at the last minute Allah reward you for it. I hope that will help you to balance it a little bit. And one more thing.

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And I will say this to all the husbands out there, help your wife, you know, help your mother to maximize her benefit from Ramadan, offer help, don't put too much load on them so you make it easy for them to enjoy the month.