Does Quran Justify Domestic Violence Between Husband And Wife

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Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim answers

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The speaker discusses the history of domestic violence and the importance of models for protecting communities. They encourage individuals to contact those who have caused harm to others and make sure they are not in a domestic violence situation. They also encourage individuals to act compassionately and heal communities.

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Is there anything in the Koran that justifies domestic violence between the husband and wife or vice versa?

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Without any reservations, I confidently say to you that the total and the student of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam established the utmost rights for our brothers and sisters who have come together in marriage for each of them together in a moment of equity and love and fidelity. That's the framework of the Quran. And in fact, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam there were moments in his life where he was furious at anyone who stepped out of line in their conduct with their spouse. One such case is the hadith of woman Salah model the Allahu Allah. were one of the women she came and showed her her shoulder. She showed it to the wife of the prophet SAW Selim, and

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it had a bruise on it. And oma Salah, radi Allahu Ana, she immediately went to the prophet of a loss of a limb. And she said, O Messenger of Allah, what has happened to these men who strike to this man who strikes his wife as if she's an animal in the pasture, the prophets I send them said, Is this something happening with my community? And he ordered Bilal to summon the people for prayers. And you know, this is a you know, it's not the time of prayer. It wasn't the time of prayer at that moment, but the Prophet says, summon everyone so they all came to the masjid and he stood on his pulpits on the law, it was seldom and he said Bella honey, it is a reached me that there's someone

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who has done this to his spouse, while home Laysan Fiorina, and they could never be from the best of us, they could never be from my community, that someone who does something like this to their spouse, strong words from the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, as a totality of our faith, it becomes very important to model ourselves after the prophets I send them and we're told time and time again by each of his wives each of his companions, that no one that never did the prophets, I seldom ever raise his hand in anger or in battle, except against those who he was fighting in a justified ordained cause ordered by by Allah in battle. Never did he

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struck a strike anyone, abuse anyone raises voice at anyone with any level of harshness or intimidation. That is not the framework and lifestyle of our nebbia Muhammad sallallahu alayhi. Wa early he was happy or settling. So if you find yourself in a domestic violence situation, I encourage you to do the three things. First, contact those who can bring an immediate stop to it. If it means that you need to contact the authorities, then that needs to be done. Number two, make sure that you are a person who does not self blame. It's not your fault that this has happened. It doesn't matter what you've said, it should never allow someone to put their hands on you. Because

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words are not like a touch and that cannot be reciprocated. And third, I encourage for our brothers and sisters because it does happen that way as well. To be open hearted with compassion, to trying to bring about a resolve and to heal our communities and to heal it begins with your home. So sometimes you have to ensure the safety of your children ensure your safety before you can help someone and sometimes there needs to be moments of separation until they recognize that this is something that will never be tolerated in your home. I can assure you that neither I or any person who loves a lot and loves the messenger Mohammed's I seldom would ever be approached with a concern

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like this and that we would sit idle and not act on it in our own communities. I stand on the pulpit in my mosque back home in Perth, Australia. And I've said in Juma prayers, if you put your hands on your wife, I will lock you up. And that's how we as Muslims have always seen this issue with the severity and the need for it to be addressed.