Tragic Boston Bombings

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You know who want to study who,

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when I would rely on terrarium fusina

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illa de

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la sharika. Wash, Mohammed Abu

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Mohammed Ahmed,

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all praise do to align his prayers and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, either witness that allows the only one worth your fortune. And Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is last and final messenger,

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mighty brothers sisters,

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definitely the

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incident that after the terrorist attack took place in Boston, would have it any happy to go back to his regular sequence of football. And to pass this incident without accom the whole nation

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isn't toes, and looking for how this whole incident will settle down.

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No doubt each and every one of us have seen that terrible attack, have seen those happy people, those who made the marathon more than 100 years old event, people just write about the finishing line, then all of a sudden the bar took place. We're grateful thankful to alaba many casualties, because that could be way more devastating than what we have seen. Even though our hearts goes for those who died in this incident, when we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for those for the families, and for those who survived with injured or terribly experienced.

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And then after a couple of

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points in relation to or similar points to talk about this incident, what position from something like that it takes place. You know, so many of our community, we're watching the news the day after another, this shouldn't be Muslim,

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praying and worrying and scared that this may be another Muslim person, make a stupid

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action that cause damage, not only to themselves, or to those who will be affected immediately by this, but millions of people and put the number of stain and odor legit by a wrong action done by somebody who is Muslim and unfortunately, even claimed that he is a devoted Muslims. Okay, as we heard the news today, that he one of them described himself as a devoted Muslims, you know, a practicing Muslim there so we weren't worried or people like thinking, and let me tell you what I've seen people's reactions

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toward this incident. First, a group of people immediately jumped to the concept of the scenario of conspiracy. You know, there is a conspiracy behind the whole thing. And people start thinking about all these theories and I have read weird things out of the rich planet, these guys living it, okay to think about it this way, oh, it's a government work inside work and things like that. And no doubt that those people living in the world have made from their own imaginations. And those people contribute nothing to society, those people who live with that mentality of everything that is a conspiracy and the bigger, bigger, bigger conspiracy behind it, you know, those people will never

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move forward to the law, because they will never provide a solution. They don't have any solution to provide. Those people will never see that a disease as it is. So they put their hand on it, and they try to provide a cue or to provide solution for

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also, most people are just looking for justification for all these problems. And some Escape Goat that they live in and resolve that you live in. So they don't feel guilty. They don't you know that somebody's responsible. It may it is basically it intend to make Muslim looks bad, you know, that is bigger than

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Agencies behind any birth through, that you cannot get out of anything that's absolutely Islamic. And

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that's not even a right way of thinking religionists. If you start going through theories like this, I'm thinking like that you will never move forward in your mind, because you always can come up with these imaginations and these

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ideas that it has no basis, no basis to build, to build on.

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The second reaction, among so many people, unfortunately, even some of our Muslim brothers. The second reaction is I told you this religion as a religion of extreme, you know, this being practicing Muslim, it leads to extremism, it leads to be extremist and so on. And we have seen this happen. And look, there's a lot of three options, you know, became, is basically the religion responsible for such action is being religious, practicing devoted Muslim, lead you to the path of extremism isn't when you see someone who's socially conservative, or socially conservative and religious. And what we got fundamentals is that the path for extremism is somebody who tried to pray

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to pray regularly in domestic growth beard, for example, or a woman put the scarf or cover her face, or you see a young man come up to the Mr. Frederick prayer and became a divorce is that somebody who's so excited about this novel that slumming issues? Is that a path of extremism? There is no doubt the answer is absolutely No. Absolutely not. Because religion never taught us to be an extreme. Religion and itself never taught us to be extreme. But in another sense, I want to be a digital, I'm going to say because this can sound wrong or sounds very strange. But in the same time, it could be yes.

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It could be Yes, when somebody became a devoted in his religion, and that's in religion, by the way, in any idea became so devoted, so excited about it, there is a possibility of misunderstanding that religion, using religion to just justify your means or your personal issues. It became very dangerous for God's who will practice and understand the religion in the wrong way that became even more dangerous than anybody else. So the answer for this is, yes, this systemic religion, those who practice the religion, the way it is, the rate will

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community, the way we are fathers, grandfathers, generation after generation, practicing universal consider terrorist groups, and Muslim work. Even percent a percentage, like you wouldn't even say 1%. It's not even a percentage of

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the people who are basically categorized as extremist and people who won't kill and harm other peoples. They disagree with them in their views and their ideas. Because the vast, vast, vast majority of Muslim through the history of has been the majority are in the moderate Muslim Muslim who don't see violence as a means of expressing their opinion expressing their opinion. And I'm saying, again, it is or to motive or to push their political agenda to put a political agenda.

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So here again, it will not accept someone to take this incident to attack the religion itself, or to attack the religious people or to attack those regular Muslims who practice Islam on a daily basis. because number one basics that the the first thing that you learn as Muslim women, when you study the prophet or someone's life, when you study the

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the justice and fair and the mercy of the Prophet, Muhammad, salah and the religion of Islam, where this justice can appear in such incident with people who are just overwhelmed watching,

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to attack him or to kill him, there is nothing can justify such action.

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This is an act of aggression. This is an act of aggression and almost a panic, set in

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ally hates dislike, the terms aggressive, hate and dislike those who do act of aggression toward others, and almost never will never accept such deep in the law.

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Though so the deeds are the action lead to corruption lead to a form of aggression toward others. These deeds are law which is

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It means our soccer will never make it.

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Good deeds that will be accepted by Allah Subhana, WA Tada, it will never be, it cannot be in any form of any shape it justified in front of Allah in the Day of Judgment. And maybe people in this dunya, he can go like this, like, he can go on some of the actions, but he will not go along with it. And the next slide when they will be held accountable for it in front of the Almighty judge panel, which

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reaction is

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just people just move on with their life.

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And as if this has nothing to do with me, as with our country has not been with our community or nation doesn't mean a bit to me, and I move on.

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And understand. This can come from someone who doesn't really care much about what's going on in his world. But we care about it. Because as Muslim, we care about justice and fairness. We care about, you know, our nation, our country that we live in. No one of us will ever live would like to live in a society where people start attacking one another where people cannot live safe or secure. And if you will,

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one thing goes and you turn your face the other opposite, who cares about it, it can turn against you tomorrow.

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So that's why we all community as a community, we have to have a very clear position, very clear position, there is no doubt about it, there is no f about it, there is no buts about which is that we in the strongest voice, we condemned what happened. And we say regardless who is and if he's a Muslim with the first evil to condemn

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him before anybody else, that this is what's wrong. This is unacceptable. This is unethical. This unrelenting in Islamic action is absolutely an act of transgression, an act of aggression. And those people should be held accountable for their actions. As we all heard, the President said, So for us, that's a very clear position we have to take we have to take.

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There is another thing about this, we don't care, I

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just want to say that if you look at the trade of those who want extreme, look at the trend, those who went extreme. It's very ironic to see that all family members inside, we never expect him to be like that.

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The amounts I never expected him will be like that. As interesting. A trend even some of the kids who drink not to that extreme in some of the film is I have heard some of their interviews and a question that occurred to them, you know, and so the family even myself like to deal with some of these kids will destroy the culture, can you can you help me my kids is just became weird. He listened to weird lectures, you know, and that's very healthy parents. That's a very helpful site to call and to ask the star consultant, if you notice that your son or daughter going through some family member going straight to your friend or something to come up not to go the leader, you know,

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even see anything in Vigo that you thought you're afraid about, basically extreme ideas and views, extreme ideas, and views, to have an open dialogue about what I'm trying to say so many parents, they said, We never expect our kids to be that way. And I think that's just a signal, send us a method that you can just ignore it. You can just say like it will never be done. You know what so many of these kids, their parents have the same thing. And I'll tell you one thing, also one of the most effective methods that even published by security agencies themselves, they said, one of the most effective methods

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in terms of time before it's happening, family members,

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phase a number one who brings all these plots to stop and community members as well. They play major roles and changing the mentality and the mindset of some of these extremes. So what to say? I think it's worth a conversation. It's an incident took

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a teenager workers compensation, unemployment compensation, what do you think of what happened? What do you think about that? You know, and listen to him and open a dialogue, because if you suppress this, he didn't know where he was gonna start his dialogue.

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And with you

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If you suppress that, and you don't let it, you know, between you and your child, or your family member, I don't know who we're talking about, and how we can develop this to something even more extreme, more extreme.

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That's why I think it will be an excellent opportunity. But reaction to what happened. It's too open dialogue, or what do you think of that? How would you reason for this? Because it's very important to us to be policing and securing our soul as a community.

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towards one another, I think we should all be standing up together united against us. With no left no exceptions, no, but about we all stand together as a community leaders as a

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civil organizations, as security agencies, we all are government and citizen, we all stand up together in such incident making very clear statement that that's unacceptable and cannot be justified in we all should condemn that

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number to

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the problem of extremism and terrorism in general. And I speak a lot about this. In so many national International, the biggest problem with everybody talk Yeah, and we face when we deal with this issue is there is no one factor contribute, contribute to making someone a terrorist or extremist. There's no one you cannot say it is religious, it is economically it is social, it is the Palestine conflict of interest, and Israel is responsible for solving everything will be solved, there is no one ever can claim there was one issue, it is responsible for converting people. That's not

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very simple. If you think that way, it's a very simplistic way of looking up. It's a very complicated as human beings are so complicated in nature. So but I believe that one of the thing that we can do as a community, we and it is our responsibility as a community to make sure that our community has the right understanding of the religion. And you might say, everybody claims, those who did not whether they claim that they have their own understanding

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those who still remember like you, you claim the understanding of

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the law in our budget, that's not a problem. And I understand why some people outside tell me that this is a big flaw in our results a big problem why because I would imagine there is a certain principles and foundations are agreed upon, this religion is not something I started, I can start or somebody come on 100 years after the pumpkin stop this already well established during the prophets are solid times, there are certain rules, certain principles, through this principle, we understand the depth, we analyze the text, and go back to this principle, you will find that those people have no have no justification to their action. That's why you will never find you will never find a true

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scholars among the Muslims, from any nation have ever taken possession of supporting such terrorist group like a pie.

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You will never find a true scholar supporter and give them their basically stamp of approval to them. As a matter of fact, for a very long time scholars through all the counseling the fifth and federalist problem comm

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has not been government to solve the social, it's a civil

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They have issues that was years and years and years. And hundreds of years ago against such action there was such

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so I think

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that incident to make sure that we provide the correct understanding of religion, because understanding of

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even the concept of jihad, the concept of

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a concept, main concepts that made people like this go straight. So I think it was very important for us as a community to understand the difference between two things. And I know it's kind of sometimes hard for people in our study that are raised in America and the west to grasp this.

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Government not supposed to be involved in ideologies. It's not the government responsibility to ensure that the right ideology is promote. Government. We don't that's not part of the prescription as a security agency, specific security agencies. It's not their role to counter extreme

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views and ideas. Maybe you see that in Saudi Arabia, you see that in Egypt, you see that in Singapore, you see that in some countries, they develop organization, but they debate these extreme ideas and views ideology, with another group supported by the government. But here,

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separation between church and state ideologies are not illegal. So he did not do anything illegal by having extreme views or two ideas. That's not illegal, you got to look, he's not going to sit down and find this ideology. The only one can

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fill this vacuum is you as a community, your christain, doubled, step up and to fill that gap and counter these ideologies. And that's why we're here. I said, it's our responsibility as a community to make sure that we understand the responsibility.

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And it's not secret to reveal one of those kids who have been

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went to jail for turns, basically,

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was part of a terrorist attack.

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When he was released from jail, it was a courtesy phone call from

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seventh, the soccer community, you know, this kids? Well, can we go? Here? We cannot do anything. Okay, wait, how are we going to do this kids not gonna go back to the same,

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you know, jail.

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It's your responsibility to the community. It's also

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to make sure this is a good kid. And we don't want him to go back to the same path again. We don't want him to come to any one of us.

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And see, when this would have been a few years back, the question was, what is the community have prepared or ready to deal with somebody like that? When an issue like that? Are you trained as an Imam, as a leader as a community site? Did you because it's also very conflict there? And one of the first question I told him, anyone will start meeting this guy, I think you will be.

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there is some sense of truth about it just leads me to the third. In order for us to counter such ideas, we have to have, we have to have a sense of open secure form, that we can have an open dialogue, as a community so that we can speak openly, freely, we're not afraid to be listed to be prudent in such things like that.

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And also, I think it is very important for our community to take advantage of this and also for our government, to build a good ally between the government and the citizen and the leader of our community. And we should not be afraid of that we should not promote something against that. I know that so many folks here.

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Worry about civil rights and things like that. And I think it should be protected. But it should not be a reason for stopping us from a good understanding and bridges, especially in situations like this. I will say that, I always say that it's like we all like riding a bus. We as a community, in the front, driving the bus, leaving the meeting, this is the community, okay, when it comes to countering ideas, but when we know about to be brought when crime committed, while we're leaving in the front, and the type of content ideas, the government of the back should support.

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And when there is a law, laws are broken, we switch checks, and we as a community, we must back up the community.

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We just don't care. You

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know, we should stand up together. issue like this.

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I think also one of the things that I want to say or do towards what happened that don't take a personal responsibility. You know, I don't feel shamed by them. Because they don't represent me as a Muslim. They represent themselves they represent extreme Islam that Virgil stuff that they have.

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And I don't want to jump to conclusions. I don't know what's the

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responsible for that. So that's not gonna make me depressed, that's not gonna make me put my head down. This is not going to make me walk in the shadow. This is not going to make me walk with shame is going to make me stronger and believe in the correct understanding that I have and I think every one of us will do and we as a community will go back stronger than ever.

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And I know that we are part of the society part of this country. Once proven one after a time, that after every kilometer, we cannot have it stronger as a community, inshallah.

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I remember three days ago or two days ago, when when the incident took place, at the same time posted something in my post I posted on Facebook about

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to the spot from some people, which is mainly people not from America, outside that states we understand. But unfortunately, this response question raised by some of my Muslim brothers in America as well. They said she said people comment on Facebook say, hey, you soon angry about what happened in Boston? What about what's happening in Syria? What's happening? What's happening in this

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one happening in Egypt? Why are you going to condemn that as well? And the weird thing, that my boss saying that

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I have an ugly face wherever it exists in Boston,

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in Cairo or anywhere, and I'm actually condemning this error, these terms

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took place.

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But so many people never saw that. They immediately said, Oh, why are you angry about the student who died? Not two or three kids? That is hundreds of kids every day?

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Why are they angry? Why am I angry?

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And that will be the answer the question with the people? And the answer for that for the general public for Juniper, because that's not their country. They have certain limit a certain amount of sympathy, and you know, care, but that's not my country. Do you want to tell me that people shooting

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people in

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One Tucson, common What?

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Do you think people in Egypt were Oh my God, because people were killed in the theater watching the movie. They don't care. They care innocence if you told them.

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Not the issue.

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It's not.

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It's not the

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that's why for us, the Muslim community, we hear the dilemma. The Muslim community feel the sense of globalization, we have a nation, okay, nation. But sometimes we forgot that you were also a citizen of a country and a member of a society.

00:27:34--> 00:27:41

Yes, we care about what globally happened. But in the same times, we are part of a small society, Houston,

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States of America. And that's why he cares so much about it. Because

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there is no contradiction, most Muslim who cannot understand that they have that sense of belonging to a nation, you know, globalism is Muslim everywhere.

00:28:03--> 00:28:05

Within the same time, I cannot live in

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non existence changeably.

00:28:14--> 00:28:29

Society it's it's changing does not exist. It we connect them emotionally connect to the homeless on the work by the belief that we happen to believe that we share not only you live in also those who passed away as well, we are part of that heritage, that nation. But

00:28:31--> 00:28:32

what is the society,

00:28:33--> 00:28:39

your work to go to us, it's the country that you live in. And there is no contradiction between

00:28:40--> 00:28:41

religion, your loyalty to the

00:28:43--> 00:28:46

to the country that you're part of. There is no introduction in the

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00:28:55--> 00:28:58

even more most beloved country to my heart, while

00:29:02--> 00:29:07

it didn't change the fact because that's that connection. But it is a natural, it's a powerful.

00:29:09--> 00:29:09

And we should

00:29:11--> 00:29:20

understand the difference between the two sides, the globalization of the global aspect of it and the National aspects of

00:29:24--> 00:29:37

the time permit today. There's so much to be talked about. But again, let's make sure that we stay it's clear that our statement is very clear that it is wrong. Let's learn from this also as well. This is an ugly

00:29:38--> 00:29:59

thing to happen, loss of life, no matter where they take place. In any place in the world. Interest is injustice, no matter who did. What is his name or what is color, what's religion, it's, it's an ugly thing that we should all stay here. Let's make sure to take an opportunity of this to open a dialogue with our teenagers. We're on board

00:30:00--> 00:30:06

Good to make sure that there were think about it to open a channel of communication, discussion town home

00:30:07--> 00:30:18

town meetings about things if there is need for an educate ourselves because as we all know, one ounce of whew, it is much better than a pound of

00:30:19--> 00:30:23

sorry, answer prevention. It's better than one pound of cure.

00:30:27--> 00:30:28

Aluminum silicon

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Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad.

00:30:39--> 00:30:43

One thing before I want you to pay attention to email,

00:30:44--> 00:31:04

I'm trying to put together something this weekend. You know, as you know, I just came out from the outside the country and putting something together. I hope I'll be able to put it by Sunday. I'm going to talk to the leader of some community force in please watch your email because I want to send an email to you to participate in a blood drive.

00:31:05--> 00:31:36

Looking at the Red Cross, commenting on what happened in West Texas, they are in great lead of certain types of blood and they are very big shortage and so I'm putting together a blood drive maybe this Sunday. Please if you go to see the email location to place the time, go and participate because there's a lot of people need help in West Texas and that's not very far away from here, and that's something you shall I hope that we'll be able to put it together this Sunday, inshallah Tada.