I’m Unable to Perform Wudhu Due To A Disability, What Do I Do

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A person who has a spinal injury and is unable to perform wudhu, what can be an alternative? Is this person still obliged to perform the full wudhu?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.

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So this sister is asking about

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that she cannot perform will vote due to her disability, those who cannot perform although they can basically make t m and e t mo is to touch the scent. Okay and to basically do your hand do your face and your hand and that's about it one time to wipe over your face in your head. If you can do that, or someone can do it to you do it and I'd say you can't you are disabled to the level that you cannot even reach to your hand and disable if you only can touch with someone bring the sun or something has sent in it and you touch it and by the way, even if you go online today, you will find some

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basically website the cell

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kind of sends inside a container unlike a cloth container that it will have the sun inside it and it's suitable for hospital and they see this many places and overseas and they sort of some massage it here as well. So people will touch it. And if you can find the scent you but just according to the Papa in his in his solid service, you touch it and you do your hand if you can do your face good. If you can't, it will be enough for you to do the hand

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up alarms to thought you do what you are capable of and what you're not capable of is forgiven. And I believe that shall be sufficient for you