Abu Bakr Zoud – Islamic Ruling On Music

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The history and cultural implications of Islam are discussed, including the importance of music and beatboxing in the new century, the need for forgiveness and lightweighted criticism, and the use of the blessing of Islam for protecting one's body and hearing. The use of Laith Bu'ed as a reference to the "will" statement and the use of musical instruments in various civilizations is also discussed. The history of the Bible and the Bible's meaning are also highlighted, along with the importance of music in religion and the use of it in other ways.
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In Alhamdulillah Nakamoto and a stain on a study he want to start when I will be learning it I mean surely I'm fusina Woman sejati I'm Alina Maria de la who Fela mobula Or my little fella her the Allah, wa shadow Allah

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illallah wa ala Sharika what a shadow and Mohammed and others to whom are pseudo

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Yohannes otaku como levier halacha ko menacing Wahida or kala caminhos o Jaha or betheme in Houma de Jalin Kathy along one is

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what taco hola hola V Tessa Luna b1 are in Allah aka Anna Aliko MerKiVa

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your Lavina an otaku Allah it top Allahu Akbar to RT wala thermo tuna Illa and to Muslim Moon

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your Levina mono Tapachula how Pulu colons Dida, your slash Hola, como la calm oilfield Lakhan Vinoba calm while many operate la hora Sula, whom photographers are frozen our Vemma from I'm about to find now stock and Hadith the Kitab Allah insha Allah Allah or Hydra Hadiya do Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a short run more remote to her. What couldn't llamada timbira Aquila be that in Bala? Aquila Bala let him funnel a gel Ronnie la hora, El Camino Nari, my bad. My brothers in Islam, first and foremost, a reminder, for those who do not know when the hotbar is being delivered, you're not allowed to play with anything in your hands. And that includes the

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mobile phone, you're not allowed to touch this. And anyone who does so he invalidates the reward of Illuma. For inshallah Allah we're able to adhere to this commandment of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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My brothers in Islam. One of the greatest calamities that people have been tested with today is listening to music, and creating music albums, playing with musical instruments, bringing musical bands to their weddings and other occasions, and adding music into their video clips, and whatever it is that they post on social media.

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And once the nice calamity is when some people many times also admire some preachers to Allah subhanho wa taala. They appear from time to time, and they preach the permissibility of listening to music and using musical instruments. And they back their views and opinions by saying that many many scholars in Islam have mentioned the permissibility of music and listening to it and using its instruments. And they see that this is with certain conditions and so on. Hope was going to be about this today. And then came another deviation among the Muslim ummah.

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And these are people that thought they were covered. But indeed the devil had led them astray. This is a group of people that introduced among the Muslim ummah, something known as beat boxing, which is the art of imitating musical instrument sounds with a person's mouth and his lips and the tongues and his voice. And they claim that Surely this must be permissible now, or SubhanAllah. Didn't do these people know that there is a fundamental principle in Islam, that states a Sharia to lead to Federico banal Mata Murthy that one of the solid foundations and principles of Islam is that in Islam,

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a Sharia Islamic verdict does not change. The ruling doesn't change when it comes to matters that are similar to the original Yanni in the case of musical instruments and beatboxing. Whatever the ruling for musical instruments is, then the exact same ruling would be for that which imitates it and that is the beatboxing they will have the exact same ruling. What games are we playing? Jani it's like Oh Allah, you have declared that musical instruments are haram, Samantha Aparna, but we will go probably we worked out something very smart. And that is let's use our own voice and lip and mouth and whatever it is to create sounds that imitate what is original at times exactly the same.

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And we'll see this is permissible matter of Allah. This is not the case from their brother in law. And as I give this advice, we want to understand when it comes to Muslims, and then quoting opinions that are contrary to Islam when Quran and Sunnah

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their actions and their sayings are evil and against the Quran and Sunnah we need to know we need to differentiate between a Muslim and that which he says and those that is haram.

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What a Muslim does and says there is mooncup An evil that we condemn, that we reject. As for the Muslim himself, we never condemn him and reject him in this manner. Because the Muslims are all brothers to each other. We love each other. And we want guidance for all of us and we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to guide us all and to forgive us all. What Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Well, Phil, Jenna Hi Kelly, Manitoba. I mean I mean in the in our soccer for in Newbury or minima time alone, Allah azza wa jal you sit in the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam Be humble towards the believers. And if they were to disobey you, then see I am innocent, from that which you do, not from

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them from that which you do. So differentiate between these two things. When the vessel Allahu alayhi wa sallam in one instant he said he didn't actually drop the Allahu Anhu to a group of people to invite them to Islam. So 100 milliliters of the Allahu Anhu ended up going there, and he killed them all. He came back when the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam was upset. And he said Allahumma inni Allah, he like me, Mal Sana hunted. He said, Oh Allah, I declare innocence and I am free from that witch hunt and that'll be Allahu Anhu Did you see it in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam did not condemn Khalid himself. He condemned that which he did, which was wrong. And then in the visa Allahu

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alayhi wa sallam supported and aided Khalid Mobley Allahu Anhu to pay blood money to the families that he had affected. For this is very clear. If you see Muslims that say something is halal when it is actually haram. Then we condemn the opinion and the sea we reject that with solid evidence and proof from the Quran was sunnah. And as for them, we love them. And we ask Allah azza wa jal guidance for all and forgiveness for all my brothers in Islam. Al Imam Al Albania, Rahim Allah, He said, concerning this matter of music, he said, I feel that the matter of music would increase so much that the people will forget the actual ruling on music. To the point, whenever someone would

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get up and advise the people that this is haram and wrong. They would condemn him, and they would label him as an extremist. But we need to be careful. Yeah, and Imam Al Rahim Allah at the time, this was already widespread among his time, and people that were advising the people and telling them of the impermissibility of music. They were condemned, and they were labeled as being extreme. So don't worry about me and others and what they say, we're going to turn to the book of Allah azza wa jal, and to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if indeed you're a believer, you take that which is mentioned. But first and foremost, let me say this, my brothers in

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Islam, Allah subhanahu wa taala created us and He created our ears and our eyes, and He granted us the ability to see with our eyes and to hear with our ears. And there is no doubt that the greatest of the five senses we have is the ability to see with the eye and to hear with the Allah subhanho wa taala. He said, in a colloquial insert, I'm in Nottingham shares in the leaf as you know who Samia and basura Allah counts a blessing upon the believers and upon mankind that he made us hearing and seeing Allah subhanho wa Taala said was Jana hola como somehow absorbed, it is He who made for you a summer the ability to hear well absorb the ability to see, well Allah subhanahu wa taala. He

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mentioned the ie the hearing before the sight.

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And we learn from this that this is a greater blessing. You're able to be able to heat and this is the channel in which you're going to hear the truth and the word of Allah and the messenger of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it is from he that you're going to listen to the commandments of Allah and to the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala and in fact, medical experts say that the E and the ability to he is completely developed way before the the eye and the ability to see and perhaps this may explain some of the wisdom as to why the hearing was mentioned before the site. And our first relationship with Islam was hearing

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Allah azza wa jal he says hello here Ileana who Stannah Navarro middle Jin for Karina, Samia Anna Quran and this is very important this is where you hear the way the Quran Quran for STEMI who live who were on suto wife sort of de la cada for a minute Jean Nia stemmy Runa and Quran as Allah Subhana Allah says Allah azza wa jal, he says to Musa alayhis salam to Kapha Steria Lima Johan. This here is supposed to be used

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Allah azza wa jal is command and to learn the deen of Allah subhanho wa taala. So now we know that this is a great blessing. And since we know this is a great blessing, and the ability to he is a great blessing, there are responsibilities, and that is that we are supposed to be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala is blessing for us. And in order to be grateful for the ability to heal, there are three things you need to do. How do we thank Allah azza wa jal for the blessings He gave us. There are three steps number one, to acknowledge that it came from Allah alone and no one else will be coming from in Allah. Any blessing that you're given it came from Allah that's number one economic

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Genie your heart, that the ability to he was an AMA from Allah subhanho wa Taala that he gave you and deprived others. Step number two, is that you think Allah on your tongue for the blessings that He gave you. And this is why every morning, as soon as you wake up, if you woke up before then have an Fisher as soon as you wake up from the guidance of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would say Alhamdulillah he loved the if any fees yesterday. You say Oh Allah, all praise and thanks belongs to you, that you protected and saved my body. You maintain the ability for me to hear I woke up and I'm still listening. Well, hamdulillah no disease has affected it. No disorder has affected

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and all the blessings of the body and Hamdulillah He loved the if any, if you just study every morning, you're seeing this thinking Allah on your tongue for the blessing that he has given you in your body. And that includes the ability to heat and then after selecting fissure in the Gulf. So we say and hamdulillah Allahumma Allahu Maya Fini for you just said the Allahu Maya Fini for you so many Allahu microfine if you but sorry. You see when you woke up You thank Allah that he had protected your body. Now once you've prayed solid for sure you continue to ask Allah to maintain this protection for you. So you said Allah if any future study of Allah give me wellbeing and

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protection and safety in my body Allahumma Fini fie. Send me give me protection and well being in my hearing, so that I only hear that which pleases you and save and protect my ie from listening to filth and not which brings you closer to Allah subhanahu wata Allah is displeasure by my brothers in Islam. That's the second way in how you think a blessing hot tongue and then there is a third way and that is very important. Listen carefully here. And this is that you do not use the blessing in sin and disobedience. If you use a blessing Allah give you to disobey Allah and to transgress against Allah, then into your gratitude to Allah is deficient. It's incomplete. The blessing Allah

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gave you keep it away from sin and disobedience. And so using this E, and the ability to he in sin and disobedience, makes a person fall short in thanking Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, those who say

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that music is a matter of difference of opinion, and that you can follow what you like, Let's investigate this opinion here. Because there are like Abu Hamad Al Azalia Rahim Allah, Imam Ibn hasm and Andalusi Rahim Allah and others of contemporary will they will the vahidi weim of Allah and others of contemporary rolana mentioned that music was permissible. And they said there are conditions and what you have, but in the hope of course we cannot bring their opinions and respond. Perhaps that will be done. In a later lesson. We will explain these opinions but let's see this. Regardless.

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In Islam, there are Messiah, killer fear and Messiah is the idea. You need to understand the difference because once this is clear, everything else will be clean. Listen carefully, masa, killer fear, Messiah is the idea. What's the difference between the two? And Messiah a little healer fear the matters in which there is a difference of opinion. That's in Mr. Elkin. efia meaning these are matters in Islam, in which there is more than two opinions 234 Allahu Allah and there could be many must say and feel a fear many. However, only one of the opinions is backed with clear proof from the Quran was sunnah and the consensus of Muslims in the Messiah. Here at the matters, in which there is

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a difference of opinion, more than two three opinions, but only one of them has the backing of authentic hadith and clear, as clear as the sun and consensus of the Muslims. In these matters, were supposed to take the only one opinion that is backed with

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Clearly proofs, and we must reject and condemn all the opinions that went against the authentic proofs, and the Imams, the Imams and the Omn that spoke the opinions that are contrary to the truth, we give them excuse. And we say, perhaps the Clear the Truth, and the clear evidences did not arrive to them. And we ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive them, and to bestow his mercy upon them, but we're not allowed to follow them in that which they clearly arrived in. So that's something very important to understand. And I'll give you examples. For example, when it comes to sleeve had the lady asocial, the attributes of Allah, there are some rules that would interpret this in other than what

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a seller for whom Allah would explain. In this case, we say there is a difference of opinion, but the correct is to understand them the way of Sahaba was self understood. And any interpretation that is done to the names and now attributes of Allah is deviation and it is a rejected opinion. And like the matter of cm will sit there Yeah, mean mean? Sure, well, you know, the six days of fasting for Ramadan, did you know that there is enough in this matter, and that there are some ruler man that would say it is disliked to fast six days of Chawan. But the hadith is very clear that interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged the fast them. So that opinion is rejected, and it's

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condemned, and the one who said it is given excuse. We say perhaps this hadith did not reach him. And may Allah subhanho wa taala, forgive him, and we're not allowed to follow him on this mistake. Did you know as well, and I give you this, but I need to give it to you. So you can really understand rectal penetration, coming until you woman from behind has also been given a difference of opinion in Islam. So what do we do? The opinion that says is permissible is badly it's rejected. Because the Hadith that states it's Haram is incredibly clear, as clear as the sun. And nobody sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, maroon Mata Mala to whom in dunya, that he posted his curse, the

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one who comes to his woman from behind. So as a result, we're only allowed to follow this opinion. And you cannot give consideration to those who went against this. And once again, they excused or perhaps they understood the law wrong and whatever it is, for the ideas in Messiah in Philadelphia, there is more than two opinions, but only one is correct, that is backed with the authentic hadith and

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and the other one must be condemned and rejected. And you cannot preach to the people to take whatever they like and to do whatever they like, not allowed. Where does this come in something known as I said to you, the second one, and that is called Messiah is the idea what is the Messiah, he had the Al Messiah and unleash the idea of the matters in which there is more than two opinions, more than two opinions. But in this case, there is nothing free from the Quran and Sunnah and the consensus of the Muslims in these matters, no problems. Someone followed this opinion, someone followed the other opinion we do not condemn each other. And we do not reject each other.

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And just like Danny, for example, alkyl F fee Samaritan Modelica let me do the dead he those who are leaving Hey Miss LHD idea there's nothing clear in the Quran and the Sunnah you want to believe that he or no problems that and he no problems

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does touching the private park number five although or not this is masala HD hadiah there's nothing absolutely clear. And if there are certain ahaadeeth then there is opinions concerning those Hadith and different understandings concerning these Hadith. So no problems. Someone said this. Someone said that leave it Well, I'll tell wetter weather do we raise the hands before the record after the record massage they had no problems someone did this someone did that. Leave it? It's okay.

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And so here we come. These massage is the idea even though we said massage initial idea. There's no clear proof. But it doesn't mean that the general people go and do what they like. Now, the general people and to you people general Me, myself, us when it comes to general people, your mother hobbies, your shape. You contact your chef because you don't know what to choose from the to. And your chef according to his knowledge in Islam will give you what he thinks is more correct to the truth. And that's what you follow. That's what the general people will follow. So when it comes to the matter of music

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It is from the Messiah ill he left but the he left the difference of opinion in it is completely rejected those who said it is permissible that is completely rejected. Why? Because the proofs are as clean as the sun from the Sunnah, number one and the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, lay Hakuna Matata Luenell Hara will hurry Ramadan massif Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari and the VI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, There will come people from my nation that will declare and Hera and Hila is the private parts of woman, meaning it refers to Zina people from this ummah, who would make a Zina Khaled and they would make silk halal for its men when in the case it is haram.

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One will hover and they will make alcohol Halal while massif and they would make musical instruments halal, but you see what's incredible in this hadith is that in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam did not say musical instruments is haram. Not he said people will come and they will declare that musical instruments is haram. So when you have contemporary people today, seeing that musical instruments or listening to music is halal. We stand with this hadith and Say Subhan Allah, this is what an abuse Allahu alayhi wa sallam prophesized. And this is exactly what is happening. should delete how it was luck.

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When maybe sallallahu alayhi wa salam grouped. He grouped musical instruments with alcohol with alcohol he mentioned that with that with a Xena. He mentioned that and he mentioned that with silk, meaning it's as few fears to rest that musical instruments and that's music that's how filthy it is. And remember that hasn't Rahim Allah, He said music was permissible. And he based that because this hadith to him was Bife or Rahim Allah, he has his own use, you heard. But after that, and the tons of older men that came after this, to declare it authentic, Will emammal Buhari himself is much more of a mohawk with an arena of Hadith than Ely, maboob and hasm house you're only left with one

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opinion. And you cannot regard that whenever it hasn't been to him. Oh Allah perhaps Allah forgives him for his Easter had then if it hasn't been to him Allah if you were to look into his book and Mohalla you would find that he had incredible honor for this deen and to protect it and to safeguard it for this longer words concerning young man that has him and his opinion, which I said later we'll share with you Charla In another Hadith and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in Allah, Allah Malaika will humble me Silla will come, but how do you know the sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? He said that Allah azza wa jal has forbidden upon you alcohol and gambling and Al Koba will. Cova is either

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a name of a specific musical instrument, or it refers to all the musical instruments as an ornamental hammer home Allah would say, we in the Quran, tons of Hadith tons of AI that will explain this matter. Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the prohibition of musical instruments in Makkah, in the early stage of Islam, and this proves that the matter was serious, it must have been cut from day one. Allah azza wa jal he said well I mean unless you mean your study one Hadith Leo Willa and severely Allah He believed her Iman way at

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home either when when Allah azza wa jal, he said say there are some from a madman among mankind who purchase they use their money, their wealth, to purchase love, what Hadith, idle distracting speech, and what does that result into Leo will land severely let a lamb lamb when I have people, meaning this Laravel Hadith, this distracting speech would have a consequence, it will naturally lead to Ebola and severely Allah to being misled away from the path of Allah with Eva who's one and it'll lead to a person making mockery of the IRF of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, this is Abdullah ibn Massoud Abdullah he pretty much through the lovely Allahu Anhu the most knowledgeable concerning the

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meanings of the Quran said what Allah He loves the La ilaha illa who love what Hadith that he said by Allah and He took an oath three times one law he will Allah He Allah He law will Hadith. Distracting idle speech in the area, refers to music been Miss Ruth Heather urban Massoud said this and it is authentic. And no one understood the Quran from the Companions better than Evan Miss route to the point where Evan Massoud would say what Allah

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if I know someone that has more knowledge than me in the Quran,

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that I can write to him I get on a couple and get to him.

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And he said wala he three times this is referring to music. And as he said this opinion, he recited only he Tyler Wildman to Tara Levina caribou Allah Allah with whom he recited the ayah in where Allah azza wa jal says, On the Day of Judgment, you will see those who lied against Allah, their faces would be black. He's reminding himself he's reminding himself not to lie. And so he said love will hadith is Alena. webinar bursts lovely Allahu Anhu also said that this is concerning music. When Hassan Al bossley Rahim Allah from a Tiberian he said law one Hadith is Alma as if we will Rinna. It's the music and musical instruments which are a bit of an Abdullah who will be Allah I

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know you said luck will hadith is Alina is a companions. And many of the self said love will hadith is music and musical instruments. Musa hit well McCrone white crema, while BA and hurrah Sadie will Qatada sorry, Devon Julia, oh my emotive NUMA Hara, and so many would say that love will hadith is music and musical instruments. In another area in Surah, Technogym Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, I mean how that hadith Natasha Boone, what up Hakuna Matata goon Well, Anton, Sam you don't. Allah subhanho wa Taala he speaks the state of polish and the disbelievers. He says do people wonder and you're amazed at this Quran as it's been recited what tobacco and you continuously laugh, and you do

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not cry and Shelties want to send me don't always while you are in a state of some mood.

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Even our best why crema Alby Allahu Anhu Matt said that a smooth Alina, meaning the Quran was recited and they would listen while singing and playing.

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Well, Allah subhanho wa Taala he said was Steph says many starpath I mean home basaltic Allah azza wa jal, he said to a shape on to a bliss. belittle whoever you want among mankind with your voice, meaning make them mostly worthless, make them ignorant with your voice, use your voice to belittle them and make them last worthless. More than one of a self would mention that the voice of bliss is Alina and this is the opinion of Mujahid Umoja hit is Imam Al MUFA serene I mean,

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he said in assaulter Iblees who Alina the voice of a bliss is indeed music. And this narration some would say it's weak. Why? Because within its chain, there is someone known as Laith Ibn Abu Salim. And they said he is weak. So there is confusion. But that's not the case because you need to take in consideration of something and that is that leave of an abbey Celine. If he was to narrate from Mujahid Ibn Gob in narrations concerning at the fsid then these narrations are authentic. Because when he narrated off tafsir opinions he narrated from a book and the other opinions that are not from a deceit he narrated from his memory and his weak. So as a result, this hadith is and the one

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who declared it weak, he himself is confused concerning the methodology of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, What Lavina lair shadow in a zone, Allah azza wa jal, he praised believers by saying they do not witness false testimonies. And here we have Moshe he enjoyed once again, from the Imams of the amorphous city and from the tetherin he said a zoo Alina falsehood is music in itself, and all the companions are in agreement that musical instruments are impermissible, and the scholars of every century mentioned the consensus of Muslims concerning the impermissibility of music. Zakariya do your hair in the third century mentioned there is consensus among the Muslims concerning the

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impermissibility of music

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allows you to be in the fourth since fourth century did the same thing of poverty with no Abdullah Maliki he did the same thing in the fourth in the fifth century. We have in the sixth century, Evan Kodama will answer me chef ala hammer home Allah, both of them would mention the consensus of the Ummah, concerning the impermissibility of music and more musical instruments in the seventh century at Musala. When katavi Wallace zipping up the center in the eighth century checklist Clementina Edna Tamia were acknowledged what blue

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flair. Also AbdulKareem in the ninth century, an Iraqi Rahim Allah mentioned the same consensus. In the 10th century, you have been hijacked al hate me. And in the 13th century, and loc war.

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And in the 14th century, and enamel humeri, hammer home Allahu Shamia. Notice, every single century, the consensus of Muslims agreeing to the fact that music and listening to musical instruments is haram was passed down one generation after the next. How clear is this as clear as the sun, you're not allowed to come now to Muslims, and say to them, because early where I've been housed, where a vahidi or some contemporary Pompeii and Uncle Bowie mentioned that it is permissible, you're not allowed to do this. These are scholars they excused, perhaps they didn't see the authentic narrations. And if they did, there were certain issues. But the idea is once this truth is as clear

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as the sun to you, it is not allowed for any Muslim to seek and opinion other than this, Allahu Allah Akula COLA that was still for Allah, Allah Allah come for still follow in the Hall of Fame hamdu lillah

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wa Salatu was Salam o Allah Milena be about the whole about my brothers in Islam.

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The one who notices music and where it's played. He'll find that music and musical instruments and musical bands. And these loud noise and loud sounds are an icon and a symbol in pubs, in clubs, in musical festivals, in brothels. This is where it is, as Imam Al Rahim Allah said, this is Shaolin face,

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this is the symbol, this is the identity of the people of corruption and sin. It is not the identity of Muslims, you think Sahaba was set off, would sit down and love to sing to each other and use musical instruments. Whether this is going through your mind, my alone, and in saying all this interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made an exception for one musical instrument, and there is a doof the drum with dwarf the correct meaning of a dwarf is that round dwarf, the drum that is closed from one end and open from the other side. And it has no rings around it because in those rings when they hit each other there is music. And then this dwarf can be used in Islamic wedding weddings in

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No feel few words could be said as it's been used. Woman are those to play this dwarf, not men. Because if men do this their cost land Allah azza wa jal learn and watershed be here. Amina reality Nisa, Allah azza wa jal curse the men that imitate woman and this is something for the woman. As a result, it is not allowed to be played by men. And if women are going to play this among themselves, in weddings and other occasions, then it can only be attended by woman among woman. And that's it. This is what Al Islam gave Yanni permissibility for and one more thing I would make commentary on and that is that, you might say, but music is everywhere.

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It's on our phone, you walk into the shopping centers, it's playing there, on the radio, on the TV, wherever you go, you're listening to music, listen very carefully, there is a difference between a summer while estimate there is a difference between listening and hearing. When you listen to something at least the mirror is attentively listen to something this is what is forbidden. When you attentively listen to something when you yourself, turn it on and want to listen to it. This is what is haram. Otherwise, a seminar which is hearing, hearing, and I heard noises What's it tonight? I didn't intend to listen to it. I didn't turn it on. I have no control. And I passed my a shopping

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center to go and get what I need for myself and my family. This is permissible. Allah azza wa jal even said about the believers waive their multiple below. Murder Maru KERAMA that if the believers were to pass by Allah Who false idol speech, including music and other things, they would pass by in a dignified, noble manner. How am I here to listen to this, but I need to go and get what I need and I leave for hamdulillah there is this space and leeway in our Islam. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us. Heather also law Selim Rahima como Allah, Allah Hidin Berea who was killed by Sharia, Mohammed Khalid Abdullah so had been held there

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Shiva Amata como la Jota Isla marimba Fe Hebron FC within Nairobi mela Katie Hill Musa Beata we could say wonderful have become a you know never call them and call in hola hola Mala ketahui also Luna Elena de yeah your Lavina and also Lu Ali he was a limitless Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed cannot Zuleta Allah Ibrahim Allah le Ibrahima innaka. Hamid Al Majid. Well Erica Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed Abdullah Ibrahim Ali Ali Ibrahim in Nica. hamidou Majid Allahu Marina

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wearing a bell Paula Bell Pilla, Nora zooplus de nada cobalamin minute in a Qantas smear on Arlene watt tube eyeliner in a cantata wobble Rahim. Allah in de la Mora will send you Imperva when an infection it will move very well very, very welcome La La Quinta the Quran says good Allah and Allah Lehmann gelila Skokomish Kuru Allah and me he is it Kumala the Kuru Allahu Akbar. Allahu wa ala moana does not own

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