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Can I pray behind an Imam who is not from my method?

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This question in regard to praying behind an Imam who is not from

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my method

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this question make us reevaluate what's madhhab is method is just an opinion of a group of scholars who follow a certain school. So, you have the Shafi the madikwe, the humbly the hafeez and these opinions are of hamdulillah all generally speaking based on evidence and at heart and as I've been Kodama Rahim Allah said among Hadith wonderful for these opinions and these difference of opinion and felt like the follower of hanifa Malik was Shafi you can pray behind them podemos Hungary, you can pray behind them with no doubt with no color have nothing as an even mo la set. And in the ma'am you look at the companions they have difference of opinions they have different schools have been

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Abbas is a school of nosodes a school it had been Armada is another school and you'll find this one in Kufa this one and Meccans one in Medina and they used to pray behind each others that have been also formulate different schools and they will all come in Medina and they'd be pray behind the school. That word of mouth Island Medina you see all over the map the Hanafi the Shafi the Malika on the whole world go and pray and Mecca behind a humble Imam as we see today for example, we should not let these differences of opinion divide us we should all be unified and love one another

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and there's many incidents where in prayed behind each others and Rahim Allah was asked specifically about that is it absolutely even if there is difference of opinions, in fact, that might in your method make this look invalid but the other method will be valid. We don't take that in consideration. We pray behind each other's like when abusive pray behind a Rashid and he made Salah without although even though he made hijama because we were medic given veterans a lot and according to abuse effect that will not be available. When I met asked about things similar to that is how can I with him pray behind so he had been my save and Malik when it comes to the the bleeding from the

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nose of break whether or not anyway my point here is not that these differences of opinion divide us these are these schools are meant to enrich us not to divide

Majority of Muslims align themselves with a particular Madhab to follow. These are not major issues but slight differences and opinions in matters of fiqh.
So if I am a Hanbali, for example, can I pray behind an Imam who follows the Hanafi, Maliki or Shafi fiqh?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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