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The 6 days of shawwal is a highly recommended Sunnah as we know. A lot of us fast the 6 days. Are we allowed to fast these 6 days along with the intention of making up missed fasts from Ramadan? What fasting the 6 days along with the Monday and Thursday sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH)?

Shaykh Yaser Birjas answers.

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So what's the ruling on having double intention when it comes to fasting?

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Well, the answer to this it really depends. Some of the some of that voluntarily fast is a special occasion and it doesn't, doesn't reoccur. So therefore, these occasions you cannot double have double intention. Like for example, they have alpha, you cannot fast the devout alpha with the days of Ramadan making up you know, Ramadan, you cannot do that. You cannot double and have double intention with the six days of chawan meaning you need to fast basically

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six days of Shiva with intention may come from Ramadan and six days of show on after Ramadan No, you have to have separate six days separate from the days of Ramadan. But other other occasions life was on Mondays and Thursdays are virtuous days. The professor Sam used to recommend fasting Mondays and Thursdays regularly so can I make a minute of Ramadan on Mondays and 30? The answer is yes, you can do that. Okay, what about the three? What we call them? The three white days of record of every month, the 13th 14th and 15th of each lunar month? Can I fast these days? The answer is yes. Because it's not a specific, you know, occasions, but the reoccurring you know, days so you can do that as

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well. And Sharlto Baraka Donna so double intention only is allowed if the occasion is not not that unique, such as the day of alpha or the sixth of chawan. But you can make these making up these as a shallow water cooler than any other any other virtual state such as like I said, you know, the Mondays and Thursdays are the three middle days of every month that should be fine in Charlotte about