Can I Browse Through Social Media Inside A Masjid

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Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim explains

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Can I browse my social media feeds while sitting inside the mystery?

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hunter level Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. You know, one of the main aspects of getting ready for prayer is to disconnect from other things. That's why we have that space between the event and the comma. It's to allow you to free your heart, free your mind from the distractions, so that when you enter into Salah into your ritual prayer with a law, it's something that you have purged yourself and made yourself ready for your act of worship. However, I want you to know that being in the masjid and actively looking at, you know, one or two things is not something that you should be very critical about. As long as your social media is clean, as long as it's something that you're looking

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at, that's not going to have those pop up images and pictures. It's something that I believe that you can send a text message on your WhatsApp review a message that is coming to you send a tweet or respond to someone who has tweeted you. I think those are normal functions, and they're a part of present day to day communication. What I do warn you about is just trawling through Instagram feeds of just people and just looking at things that you're not really sure what might come around the corner. Also be careful who's sitting next to you. And that's just a reality of life. People are very interested in what you're looking at. And perhaps you might be looking at something that you're

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not looking at, it comes through the stream, and people may hold that against you. They may be like, why is this brother looking at these, you know, pictures in the message? Why are you looking at this person, especially with things like Snapchat, you can't really control what's coming next. So do Be very careful. My suggestion to you is the message should really be a mobile free zone. Unless it's something where it's urgent are to look up at you know, you know something that's going to be a benefit to yourself or others or you're waiting to connect with other people and you just want to coordinate the times that you meet. Generally speaking social media try to keep it out except for

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purposeful purposes inside the masjid. That's my suggestion to you And may Allah allow me and you to maintain it was said Mr. de la he.

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