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Can A Non-Muslim Enter Jannah

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Faith IQ

Channel: Faith IQ

Episode Notes

Can a Non Muslim ever enter Jannah?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi explicitly makes one understand which path is the only path that leads one to Jannah.

Episode Transcript

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non Muslims enter agenda.

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We believe as Muslims that the default or the primary road or the only road to agenda is the road of Islam. However, people on other paths or roads might be forgiven individually if they hadn't heard of the message or other circumstances, but the road that they're on is not leading to gender. So we say that there's one path that leads to gender. And if you want to enter gender, then you really have to be on that path. But Allah is merciful. And sometimes some people have never heard of the path I've never seen the path have never been exposed to the path. And there are other paths, those paths do not lead to gender, but Allah subhana wa tada might take into account their individual

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circumstances and forgive them because they tried, they they sought out and they never heard and they were genuinely good people. So we speak in generalities and not specifics and we say there is one path that leads to gender and that is the path of Islam. If there are any exceptions and there will be exceptions. those exceptions are for individuals and not for the entire path.