Faaik Gamieldien – 107 – The Blessed Mothers

Faaik Gamieldien
AI: Summary © The importance of surah Islam and the concept of an " objective" family is discussed, along with the importance of marriage and protecting family members' privacy. The speakers emphasize the need to understand the DNA of Islam and create an understanding of one's family's objectives and goals. The importance of raising a nation to defeat the Romans and stop "bringing the best food to the desert" is also emphasized. The segment also touches on the NEA's intention to give birth to a girl and children, as well as the importance of learning from the experience of others to improve one's understanding of the church's rules.
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When a stallion who was the pharaoh who was meant to be here on Earth Ocala la

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when I was a biller, him into Rhoda and phocoena Marina Maya de la philomel de la la mejor de la vida de la wanna shadow La la la la la la la sharika wanna shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallahu alayhi wa ala he was heavy woman da da da da da da da brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Allows ohana tala speaks in the foreign solar I'm Ron, verse number 33. Allah says Bismillah R Rahman Rahim in the last of

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them our new Han.

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Ibrahima Allah. I'm Miranda Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah says, and badly we have chosen

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demo No.

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That'd be Adam and we know where Allah Ibrahim and the family of Ibrahim will Allah Emraan Alana me and the family of a moron Above all,

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that we have chosen, that we have created of All the Worlds

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today inshallah

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we will try and give you a glimpse into surah Allah and marohn

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so Ali Moran is the third source of the whole of Iran after alpha Hansel through Bukhara. So it's a very long surah

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obviously, what we do is we concentrate maybe on one verse of the whole surah

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we concentrate on that which we feel needs to be explained, and the purpose of which needs to be explained. Also, we need

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to recognize the miraculous nature of this book the Quran.

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And we need to realize that we must get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala by getting close to the Torah. And we need to understand that this haoran is a miracle why see the miracle because

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it puts into one book,

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everything that transpired from

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the beginning of creation until the end of time, there is no other book that can do it. You cannot write a book that

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talks to you about everything important from the time of creation until the time of supernova.

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And yet the Quran is not a history book.

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Nor is the Quran just a collection of stories about the prophets.

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No is the Quran telling us who will go to jail and who will go to Jannah

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the Koran is a complete program for successful living in this world and successful and successfulness or success in the craft.

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And therefore, as I said, we looked at your ad Look, man, the last time we met, it just looked at some of the verses of surah Loma about how to raise a family. Prior to that the week before that we looked at sort of ramen, and in fact, we just looked at the word ramen

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in that hole surah

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and today inshallah

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we are going to try and answer a question.

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Today's topic

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revolves around again, families because families are very important. We all come from families.

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We all if we're not married, hope to have a family.

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And those of us who were families, we always pray that allows Pamela should

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protect our families, and then to guide our families and to make our family the best family in the bigger family that we have.

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That is the wish of every mother every father.

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But the question we ask ourselves today is

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does your family have an objective in life?

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That's your family,

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your nuclear family, your family consisting of a mother or father and children.

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Does this unit have an objective in life?

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What is the objective of your family in life?

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Is this a difficult question to answer? Is it an easy question to answer?

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When we look at

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objective, what do we mean an objective? What is an objective?

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It means something which you

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think about.

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And then make any intention about, you're going to do this tomorrow day after tomorrow, five years time, this is what you want to do in five years time in 10 years time. Today, I'm like a young person going through life. First when you go to university and married and so forth and so on. So does your family have this kind of object?

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And today I address myself to everybody, especially young people are not married yet and young married people, and young people of all ages, girls and boys.

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We know that the deen of Islam is based on what is called Mija isn't it?

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We know that everything is about me. This is what we were taught. So the old people used to tell us

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your near the Raiders is out the roof.

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Of course I don't agree with it.

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But that is

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to try and make us have objectives in life to make us think about things that we want to do. And to be firm on those things that we want to do. And then it saw a lot of salamina Hades the first Hades as I told you before in Buhari

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with an abuse of services in Amala, Mr. Lubin yet we're in Mr. Lika lemare in Manoa from and Karna deja to Illa Allah Allahu wa rasuluh for his era to Illa la hora soon. woman cannot hegira to Illa dunya Yossi boho Emirati neon kihavah hegira to a llama has already aka McAllen, Abu Salam.

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What is the Hadith of the Salaam tell us

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the Hadith of the nobbies of Salaam tells us that everything we do as Muslims we must have an intention to do it. We must set an objective to do it. Like we come to Juma today, already yes last night we were thinking about where we're going to go for Juma what time you're going to leave work for Juma etc etc. How today is going to go today. That is Nia that is what the NaVi SOC talks about. That you must have an intention. And the intention was always be a good intention. Then it goes on and says from incarnate Aegina to in a Isla de la la hora suli for hegira to La la hora soon, and he was intention it is an objective in life with ease

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to move towards Allah. So the net is his objective. So isn't a visa salah

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and the person's objective if a person has as an objective to marry a woman

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that is objective. And if a man has an objective to gain part of this world, maybe have a few plots of ground or our houses or factories or businesses Phaedra to Allah Muhammad Ali, maybe Sam says, then everybody has objective. Everybody's got a nia.

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But is this? I mean, we know for example, in marriage is very important for young men to want to get married is an important halaal objective in life. We cannot deny that.

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But what's the point in getting married? If you have no objectives in marriage? What's the point? What's the point in saying I just make it better? That's it in a story. I'm gonna get married and I'm gonna get married.

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Or two people agree on some issue and they just agree. Let's say.

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It's like, and I'll give you two examples of our city this release people just getting married. We were just married. Oh, my son is married. Oh, my daughter's married. Oh, that person is now married.

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As I said it's a good thing. But let's look at it realistically. And we take in marriage as an example. They mean other things that we do like this. Imagine

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that you go and

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to a building and you see the people working and they build a building something they're building a building. The engineers, their builders, their quantity surveyors inspectors, everybody's around this building with the audits on things are just moving cranes are going and people are moving and building. So you go up to them and you say, ask them, What are you doing? You go to the engineer or the site foreman, you say what are you people doing it? And he says to you, we don't exactly know what we're doing.

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But we are working towards some kind of an objective

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inshallah something imposing will come on.

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What we're doing here, we are going to bold something some imposing structure, inshallah we hope is going to be beautiful and magnificent and majestic.

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And what will you do you laugh at him?

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And he'll ask you about why you're laughing.

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And he may say to you, and we will say, Is this also the kind of objective we have about other things in life? Now, an example would be you on a plane, you traveling on a plane, you and a group of people traveling on a plane?

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And you go to the pilot, and you're the pilot, where are we going? And he says, Well, you know, that our waka lalala, we put our trust in allows hunter and Charlie for good wind comes week flow with good wind And may Allah, Allah put us down in a good place. Will you be impressed by that? You will be impressed by a beautiful plane, Mashallah, you have a lot of passengers in it, you have a good pilot, but he's got a new idea where he's going, he's just flying away, suddenly, where the President just gets married. And we say Allah make dua for the married couple, and so forth and so on.

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In other words, what I'm trying to say to you is that even the good that we do, there must be something in it, there must be some plan behind it. We have loadshedding. Now,

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what is the cause of loadshedding?

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We have power stations.

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We have nuclear power stations.

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We spend 1 billion Rand a month

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is constraints a billion Rand a month.

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On what?

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On what?

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On what? On diesel? Do you know that for you to get this little power? What you're getting now? Is commerce spending a billion Rand every month in buying diesel to fuel the what?

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gj to generate power for us? hopeless, unsustainable, completely unsustainable. There has to come to an end. In some way the man is gonna run out for buying diesel. But what was the main problem about this? Where did it start? It started with what

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was the lack of planning, no plan, no need no go? no objective. Nothing. Just we had the infrastructure, we had the money and so we carried on.

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So it's important that in your in your life as a married person who is a father was a mother, who has a son, who's part of a family. If we don't have a kind of objective as a family, then we are just flying blind. And we're just spinning blind. And we don't know wave again, we're flying blind. And this has been flying blind for a long time.

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And we see what's happening in the Middle East.

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Because we've been flying blind, we've got we've got all the assets, we've got all the oil, we've got everything are lost on has given to us, but with no planning.

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And no foresight. Disaster comes down to us.

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Now, today, Ali Imran

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the main the two main themes of surah Allah Emraan is number one.

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The conversations

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that allows vanilla has

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with a bunny Israel, the Jews and the Christians concerning the heed.

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The second focus of surah Allah I'm Ron is the Battle of a hard

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And the Battle of our hood was the greatest disaster that hit the Muslims at the time. It was a complete failure and a total disaster.

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And it became a disaster because the objective that was set by the Nabi sallallahu Sallam was not adhered to at all times.

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You know the story about the archers and servalan song.

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But today we're going to focus on

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why is the pseudocode Ali Imran

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the family of Miranda.

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Why is the family of Emraan so important in the surah?

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Because the example that allows on the ones to give us is that this is the family in the Quran that had

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that they had an objective as a family.

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So Allah, Allah raises status by naming the third surah in the Quran after Imran because of the fact that they were a family and not only were they

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family, but they had an objective as a family.

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And this family of Allah amraam consisted of who?

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A my grandmother?

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Was the grandmother of who?

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Who was she the grandmother?

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Yeah, you're right.

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esala salatu salam

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ala alysus Allah Jesus, peace and blessings be upon.

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Allah am Ron, the wife of M Ron

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was the grandmother and he m Ron was the grandfather of a silencer to Salah.

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And it was the Emirati Imran allowed to Island doesn't talk about a moron in this or either

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listen to what I'm saying to you listen, I want you to listen to the Quran, which Allah revealed to Muhammad salah and I want to I want you to listen

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to the the miraculous nature of this book. And the beauty of this book. And the way this book tells his story.

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So this was called Ali Imran, the family of Iran. But I'm wrong isn't mentioned Allah. Allah mentioned, a Morocco Imran,

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the wife of Iran, the partner of amraam.

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The sudra div node with Imran was not it was not a profit. But the family of course has very great historic roots within the prophetic family comes from Nabhi that we die who then abishola a man that was a family that was the they are the ancestors.

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But the surah deals with the objective that was laid down by his wife, the grandmother of Lisa, remember this

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Emraan deals with the grandmother of Sally Alia salatu salam, her name was Hannah.

00:17:22 --> 00:17:27

But allows them doesn't tell us what the name was. Loads name wasn't important to allow.

00:17:29 --> 00:17:37

Allah subhanho wa Taala concentrates, to bring us the message of what was the objective in life.

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And now she tried to realize his objective,

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as the mother of a family first of all, became a grandmother of course afterwards.

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So when I talk to you about an objective that a family my every family must have, so heinola and it may be only 10% of Muslim families have an objective for their family. You know, there's a difference. As I said, you can getting married and getting married was an objective. I'm getting married to this woman because I have this in mind when I get married. I want to do this with my family. This is where I want to be in five years time with his wife and the family in sha Allah that Allah Allah is going to give to me. And this is where I want to be in 10 1520 years time with this fact.

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And if we have these objectives, then we work towards these objectives as a family again,

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will find that the magnetism that was there at the beginning of the marriage,

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the love and affection, and the togetherness and the wanting to be together, that we act 20 years ago will remain day

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because we work as a family.

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But what happens today

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as parents we have objectives for individual children, that child has become that their child has become that their child has become that and must have enough money to see to that one's wading into this one's education and to build a house for them. It's up to them.

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But we never sit down as a family. We never sit down as a mother or father and say we are The Addams Family sorry items

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or we are whatever family what is our objective in life Allah has given us a 70 What can we do

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for allows for hamdullah as a family.

00:19:39 --> 00:19:44

That is what Ali Imran surah Emraan teaches us.

00:19:46 --> 00:19:49

Now this family of Emraan as I say to you,

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has a very deep history.

00:19:54 --> 00:19:59

It comes from there from the family of Nabil de una de Sulaiman Halima salatu salam

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Mr. rod and his wife

00:20:11 --> 00:20:14

had only one single daughter, that one daughter.

00:20:16 --> 00:20:21

And she was met in a desert area, the Korea eventually became a nit

00:20:23 --> 00:20:26

that no other children. In fact, they couldn't add more children.

00:20:27 --> 00:20:37

Because when they manage their daughter to zaccaria, he was already old. You can imagine now they were they were the parents. So they were old. They don't there was old.

00:20:38 --> 00:20:40

And Zachary was old.

00:20:42 --> 00:20:46

But she wanted to have another child, I'll tell you why.

00:20:48 --> 00:20:50

And allow to Angela says

00:20:51 --> 00:20:54

that these families from Nabisco, llevan,

00:20:55 --> 00:20:57

maybe the hood,

00:21:00 --> 00:21:04

nobody's a courier, all these families, these great prophetic families.

00:21:06 --> 00:21:07

They were all connected.

00:21:09 --> 00:21:19

But the connection was not so much in the blood. But the connection was in the commitment to change the world and make it a better place that was determined.

00:21:22 --> 00:21:24

So to all the young men and young women,

00:21:26 --> 00:21:30

if you come from a family, that is a good family,

00:21:31 --> 00:21:33

a family of standing,

00:21:34 --> 00:21:38

then you should commit yourself never to be smudge the name of your family.

00:21:40 --> 00:21:46

Always try and uphold the name of your family, the good name of your family. And we'll see why.

00:21:48 --> 00:21:49

Do not do haram

00:21:50 --> 00:21:52

Do not be disobedient to your parents.

00:21:54 --> 00:21:56

Do not turn away from Alibaba,

00:21:57 --> 00:22:23

and so forth and so on. And try and keep the name of your family the highest because very important, you will see the Baraka that allows one of the gifts to families who look after each other, who have values. And we know this some families, they say, we will our family will never do that. This never happens in our family. These are the values that we that has been handed down in our family since time immemorial.

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young men and young women when you're going to get married,

00:22:33 --> 00:22:35

when you have an intention of marrying someone,

00:22:37 --> 00:22:42

then choose a good family for your children to get married.

00:22:46 --> 00:22:48

Today we have separated

00:22:51 --> 00:23:09

the future wives and husbands of our children to only that particular person, we say well, maybe that's Python, or maybe maybe that's I don't know, maybe that's how it should be, but shouldn't be. Because you're not only marrying that girl or that boy, you marrying the family of that girl that

00:23:14 --> 00:23:15

those of us are married for a long time.

00:23:17 --> 00:23:30

You marry the family, you don't marry the girl. Because many times we will we asked her son while getting married to that girl. This is what she's a good girl, she's makes a lot she does this, she does that, you know she's, etc, etc, etc.

00:23:32 --> 00:23:33

But if you look at the family,

00:23:35 --> 00:23:41

he doesn't concur with what you would want for your child. But he wants her she's a good person.

00:23:42 --> 00:23:50

You know, and you say, Well, you know, because your son will have a degree of, of influence over will change and so forth and so on.

00:23:52 --> 00:23:53

But the Sharia tells us

00:23:54 --> 00:23:58

that one of the requirements in Abu hanifa is very set on this kind of requirement,

00:24:00 --> 00:24:06

which he calls the judge that you shouldn't marry your social equals

00:24:08 --> 00:24:16

him Abu hanifa says that one of the requirements of marriage is that a girl should marry her social equal.

00:24:17 --> 00:24:28

A man can marry anybody. But why because she will bring the girl up to his level up to his status. But a girl Abu hanifa must marry within a social

00:24:29 --> 00:24:31

media social equal, very important.

00:24:33 --> 00:24:34


00:24:35 --> 00:24:38

the family of Ireland and Ron comes from that kind of family.

00:24:41 --> 00:24:54

And they protected this family so much so that because of the protection of the family and the principles the family had Allah subhanho wa Taala names, the third surah in the Quran after this family.

00:24:56 --> 00:24:59

Not just not just for nothing, Allah

00:25:00 --> 00:25:03

status to such a level. And Imran was not a prophet.

00:25:04 --> 00:25:13

His wife was not a prophet member. This is an ordinary, poor family that allows while they were good family, but they were not a prophetic family.

00:25:15 --> 00:25:20

And Milan was not a prophet annamma Ron was it also the family of the Prophet Imran, which is the founder of Amazon

00:25:21 --> 00:25:22

about his wife.

00:25:26 --> 00:25:32

Why? Because of the wife, because the wife has an objective for this family.

00:25:33 --> 00:25:35

And this family was not a rich family.

00:25:36 --> 00:25:38

It was an ordinary family.

00:25:39 --> 00:25:42

It wasn't a family at a big bank balance.

00:25:43 --> 00:25:47

It was a family that had a big balance by Allah subhanaw taala.

00:25:50 --> 00:26:03

From what the family had done from the beginning, the parents and from the payments down that bolt up this great balance well last part a lot of fathers the grandfathers great grandfather's that check their balance balance

00:26:04 --> 00:26:09

and so allows why not raise his status to run the situation for us. And lastly,

00:26:12 --> 00:26:18

when we look at verse 34, into the Imran we found Dylan starts to mention them.

00:26:19 --> 00:26:21

What does Allah say in the last

00:26:24 --> 00:26:29

one uhand will Allah Ibrahima, Marana Alana,

00:26:31 --> 00:26:39

and again, I want you to listen to the verse. Because sometimes you know, we don't we read, we recite the Quran we don't read,

00:26:40 --> 00:26:42

have been talking like this for the last.

00:26:44 --> 00:26:45

I mean, maybe 40 years.

00:26:47 --> 00:26:49

Maybe one person has listened to what I said.

00:26:52 --> 00:26:55

To read the Quran, yes, you must recycle.

00:26:57 --> 00:27:01

But recycle is Baraka reading is for improving your life and getting the junk.

00:27:03 --> 00:27:18

So, Allah says in the last allies chosen, who are de mano Adam, why Libra him. But Allah says, the family of Ibrahim

00:27:20 --> 00:27:26

and the family of Emraan above all the nations of the world. Why does all of

00:27:27 --> 00:27:32

our revenue only Adam and no, not the family of Adam and the family of

00:27:33 --> 00:27:37

Allah mentions the family of Ibrahim and the family of Emraan

00:27:42 --> 00:27:50

I what I'm trying to say to my dear brothers and sisters is that the words of the Quran was chosen by you created the universe.

00:27:51 --> 00:27:56

Every word in the Quran has a spectacular meaning

00:27:58 --> 00:27:59

and a spectacular background

00:28:01 --> 00:28:18

and teaches the world in Super Han Allah that brains The family was a hood was bagger was Mohammed with new with Risa every, everything in the Quran is like a like a blinding light. If you look at it, and you understand it and you read it with understanding.

00:28:19 --> 00:28:33

So Allah says, I chose no hanada but I chose the family of Ebrahim and the family of emra. Because allowes Mountain is telling us that the family is so important, the family is very, very important.

00:28:34 --> 00:28:40

That's why Allah doesn't mention the family of Adam, why not? Because they are children of Adam that will have the path.

00:28:44 --> 00:28:47

Family of children of Adam, there will be no

00:28:54 --> 00:28:55

son of Adam kill this

00:28:57 --> 00:28:57


00:28:59 --> 00:29:04

great prophets handle by one of his sons when he and his wife Wayne State,

00:29:05 --> 00:29:16

which means the family wasn't kept to that level of status which a lot of demands, but are Ebrahim the family of Ibrahim, who was the family of Ebrahim

00:29:18 --> 00:29:23

me Rahim is Hark, smile

00:29:33 --> 00:29:39

Yaqoob and then was the famous, famous prophet surah of the Quran is named after him.

00:29:41 --> 00:29:48

Yusuf so you find the whole, the whole family of Ibrahim, maintain the status as a family.

00:29:50 --> 00:29:56

Maintain the goodness of family, how important is for the whole family to keep the goodness within the family

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

then allow for other means

00:30:00 --> 00:30:01

Admiralty maritime law.

00:30:03 --> 00:30:23

So, this tells us the important job that mothers and fathers have to inculcate into the children principles of your family. And I said this over and over to you. I said, you must tell your children that this family will not do this this this

00:30:25 --> 00:30:30

my father lay down principles for us, these are the things you're not going to do. These are the things we don't do.

00:30:33 --> 00:30:34

We don't deal in Riba.

00:30:36 --> 00:30:40

We don't get married on a Thursday night

00:30:43 --> 00:30:58

for being a four saying something which is But you see, we don't implement this in your minds if your children and make it a law and a principle that sticks in the mind of yours. You can't just assume no, no, we don't have * before marriage.

00:31:03 --> 00:31:05

How many of you have told your children that

00:31:07 --> 00:31:14

how many of you have told your children sitting around the breakfast table to say, this family doesn't have * before marriage?

00:31:15 --> 00:31:22

This family all the marriages that we have should have been decided we will be Hello, all the children Samuel Gala.

00:31:28 --> 00:31:28

This is

00:31:30 --> 00:31:35

the status which allows for housing that gives to that kind of family Allah mentioned them as families in the Quran.

00:31:37 --> 00:32:03

And even the prophets Allah mentions them as singular prophets because some of the family members minister they're not to blame for it. But Allah giving us a message as families You know, when you do sociology when you said he's a challenging University, one of the things he teaches about the the basic unit of society which is the family and they tell you when this family goes society goes, and this is what allows for understanding to tell us here

00:32:04 --> 00:32:10

what all the sociologists can tell us is that these this this is very important for us as a family.

00:32:12 --> 00:32:16

So as I say to you, this surah Imran was revealed in Medina

00:32:18 --> 00:32:20

started at the Battle of buzzer

00:32:21 --> 00:32:24

went right through before or heard and afterward.

00:32:28 --> 00:32:39

But we're not dealing with that part of the of the surah. About the failures of hood and the coming of the people Christians I'm Nigerian to discuss the status of an ISA within me so lawless Allah

00:32:42 --> 00:32:49

suffice it to say to you in one sentence, then when I was reading this, I say to myself, yeah, the

00:32:52 --> 00:32:53

when you look at

00:32:54 --> 00:32:56

the Medical birth of Rizal, salaam

00:32:58 --> 00:33:00

then the Christians tell us that

00:33:03 --> 00:33:06

he was such a big miracle that we make him a God

00:33:08 --> 00:33:14

that he was not born. He was born without a father that but it's the wrong end of the stick.

00:33:16 --> 00:33:27

He was born because Allah wanted him to be born like that, not because he wanted to be born like that. He had no power to have himself be born without a father.

00:33:28 --> 00:33:36

But that's what the Christians think that he had to. He had a power by himself to make himself be born without a father, but he was alone.

00:33:38 --> 00:33:45

Therefore the person to be praised and raised is Allah Subhana Allah because Allah subhanaw taala made it possible

00:33:46 --> 00:33:54

so what then was the head of a what was the objective of the grandmother visa Elisa salon allows father Bensinger in the Quran?

00:33:57 --> 00:34:01

And doesn't mention asthmas name adventures only her name so Imperato hombre

00:34:02 --> 00:34:03

she had

00:34:04 --> 00:34:07

one objective her objective was Palestine

00:34:10 --> 00:34:15

Listen, I'm saying to you that the greatest and glory of the Quran

00:34:17 --> 00:34:20

can only be understood if we read the Quran will understand.

00:34:21 --> 00:34:27

And of course if we learn the Quran would understand if we try to make an effort to come to lectures on the Torah

00:34:31 --> 00:34:33

that's another story I talked about for 40 years.

00:34:34 --> 00:34:37

So what about Palestine?

00:34:38 --> 00:34:40

What objective Did you have about Palestine?

00:34:42 --> 00:34:52

At the time when she lived with her husband, and I'm Iran, and Abby Zakaria and so forth and so on. The Romans that conquered Palestine

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

and what did they do? They forced the people to relinquish

00:35:00 --> 00:35:00


00:35:02 --> 00:35:05

the deen of Allah subhanaw taala brought by masala salatu salam.

00:35:09 --> 00:35:18

In fact, they not only forced him to leave the deen they forced them by having them eaten by lions and tigers, as you know, in the arena's.

00:35:19 --> 00:35:24

They were thrown to the Tigers and the lions, the believers, if they didn't want to convert

00:35:26 --> 00:35:40

to the Roman legion was really which was a legion of was an era of idol worships idol worshipping, because you know, they the God of love, I think his name is Eros, God of beauty god of this god of that all kinds of gods.

00:35:47 --> 00:35:48

We are not far from there.

00:35:51 --> 00:35:53

I just said the other day somebody was saying them.

00:35:54 --> 00:35:57

Here, his son is in Baltimore, someone

00:35:58 --> 00:36:00

new is saying there's a climate, spatial one

00:36:01 --> 00:36:08

spatial climate, which people go to that specializes in getting your son out of jail.

00:36:14 --> 00:36:30

Not all of them are that expertise. Only some of them will exempt others again, our doctors, you go there and they will kill you of us. It's kind of funny check idol worshipping sin today.

00:36:33 --> 00:36:36

So, the Romans then

00:36:38 --> 00:36:45

at subjugated Palestine, in abroad they face the emperor of course have also got to be worshipped.

00:36:47 --> 00:36:49

So people are forced to leave their faith.

00:36:52 --> 00:37:02

And you never hear the Christians talk about this. What do they say? It is the Muslims and Islam that forced people to become Muslim. It was Islam that is played by this world.

00:37:03 --> 00:37:09

And yet, the Quran is the only religious books that has the following sentence in the book.

00:37:12 --> 00:37:13

Like rafidhi,

00:37:14 --> 00:37:18

not to be found in the Bible not to be found no, no other book.

00:37:19 --> 00:37:26

No as a divinely revealed book as this verse, there shall be no compulsion in religion.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:31

Nobody must be compelled to accept religion, any religion

00:37:33 --> 00:37:34


00:37:43 --> 00:37:44

the wife of a moron

00:37:46 --> 00:37:47

saw the situation

00:37:48 --> 00:37:56

that her town Palestine country was being converted from a land of to Hades To a land of shake.

00:38:01 --> 00:38:03

People's aqidah was being changed.

00:38:06 --> 00:38:10

And she wanted to do something about it.

00:38:12 --> 00:38:13

As a grandmother

00:38:15 --> 00:38:18

of a grandmother v Sally Certosa.

00:38:21 --> 00:38:22

But she was old

00:38:24 --> 00:38:39

color of the Nirvana woman. He was Tyler shaver. husband was old and he said, oh my lord. My wife wants to have another child. My hair's totally grim and old man. My bones are old. Everything about me is old. He was in his 90s.

00:38:42 --> 00:38:49

But she had this intention. She had this Nia she wanted to do something for Palestine.

00:38:51 --> 00:39:00

So what do we want to do for Palestine? What do we say? We want to give what to Palestine? Money, bullets, tanks, planes.

00:39:03 --> 00:39:09

We want to send armies there, when you get on the plane and go there and fight on the side of the Palestinians.

00:39:15 --> 00:39:16

What did she want to do?

00:39:18 --> 00:39:23

she said to herself, I want to raise a nation

00:39:27 --> 00:39:30

that will stand up against the Romans and defeat them.

00:39:31 --> 00:39:42

I want to raise a nation that we committed to our laws of how to read and change the world by loving a loss and be committed to a loss.

00:39:52 --> 00:39:57

And what did she want? She wanted a child. She wanted to give birth to a child.

00:39:59 --> 00:40:00

She wanted to give

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

Word to a child that she intended

00:40:04 --> 00:40:05

to change the world.

00:40:07 --> 00:40:08


00:40:09 --> 00:40:11

who are pregnant mothers who are going to have children

00:40:14 --> 00:40:21

or us as fathers who have us think about that kind of Subhanallah sacrifice, that Allah has given us a child

00:40:24 --> 00:40:25

that will change the world.

00:40:27 --> 00:40:31

They will dedicate their child to the surface of a low spot without

00:40:36 --> 00:40:37

a difficult decision to make.

00:40:41 --> 00:40:42


00:40:51 --> 00:40:53


00:40:54 --> 00:40:56

she found that she was pregnant.

00:41:01 --> 00:41:05

She found that despite their age, despite their husbands as she became pregnant,

00:41:08 --> 00:41:12

allows accepted law already accepted.

00:41:14 --> 00:41:17

One conversation shared with a lost pilot

00:41:23 --> 00:41:24

and that's why they

00:41:25 --> 00:41:27

say that sometimes

00:41:30 --> 00:41:36

a small thing becomes big in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala because of your intention

00:41:37 --> 00:41:46

and something big that you intend becomes small in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala because of your small intention, you want to do something but your intention is well maybe maybe not.

00:41:50 --> 00:41:54

So she came with his intention

00:41:56 --> 00:41:59

to have this child who will change the world

00:42:02 --> 00:42:04

just as nabriva EMR is a Salaam

00:42:06 --> 00:42:12

we no longer listen to him Ibrahim mayco intention that the world will come to this desert

00:42:13 --> 00:42:18

they will bring the best food to this desert the best food to this desert

00:42:20 --> 00:42:23

all the wealth of the world will come to this desert will come to Makkah

00:42:26 --> 00:42:30

yeah allows a possible there's not even water here.

00:42:31 --> 00:42:35

The water sometimes doesn't need unless it make either

00:42:37 --> 00:42:42

make your knee and make it and call the people for Hutch. Yeah to Gary Johnson.

00:42:43 --> 00:42:56

Oh Allah Khalid Armenia Tina Khalifa genomic Allah says, Don't worry, you just go make your intention to do what you have to do. What you want to do to attract the people to Makkah.

00:42:57 --> 00:43:01

It Alex it is intention. Tommy soprano.

00:43:03 --> 00:43:04

It seemed hopeless

00:43:06 --> 00:43:23

at that time, but because the intention was so strong so Pinilla last month now, today they just I just wanted a photo of somebody sent it to me of the train is going to go for 220 minutes from Jeddah to Kamikaze it's going to be operational. So

00:43:25 --> 00:43:28

that was part of the neoliberal email system.

00:43:36 --> 00:43:37


00:43:38 --> 00:43:41

a lot of SWOT analysis that I've been in order to she said oh my lord

00:43:45 --> 00:43:53

I dedicate to you Murphy botany what is in my in my warm baja run?

00:43:54 --> 00:43:59

I dedicate what is in my room to your service

00:44:03 --> 00:44:04

for Taco Bell meaning

00:44:05 --> 00:44:06

accepted from me

00:44:08 --> 00:44:14

in the contest, similarly, without all hearing they all know me as a DR likes it all the doors

00:44:16 --> 00:44:22

and unless his Fatah Kabbalah, Baba Boolean Hassan, Allah says Allah accepted

00:44:26 --> 00:44:36

with a very good acceptance wholeheartedly allows acceptance. But what happened? Because what did she want? She wanted a big song, the songs and will lead

00:44:38 --> 00:44:46

will leave the room of the time against the Romans and expel them from Palestine. But what happened for Lama data

00:44:47 --> 00:44:48

in Nevada?

00:44:50 --> 00:44:55

When she gave birth, she looked and she said, y'all know but this is a girl.

00:44:57 --> 00:44:58

This is a girl Yama.

00:44:59 --> 00:44:59

You guys

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

mean go.

00:45:05 --> 00:45:09

Like sometimes you know we ask for something and we get something different. We say

00:45:10 --> 00:45:13

I want to go for Hodgman. I'm only going for Amara, you know?

00:45:16 --> 00:45:18

Or ascertain rain Allah gave me today.

00:45:23 --> 00:45:27

So you go, work now what law Allah.

00:45:29 --> 00:45:31

And Allah says, Allah knows why you gave birth to a girl.

00:45:32 --> 00:45:43

When he says that God who can answer because boys are not like ghosts. Allah says she's I know. Allah says I'm a lie. You know, a girl is not a boy and a boy is not a girl. They're different.

00:45:47 --> 00:45:50

They're different objectives, different roles in life.

00:46:02 --> 00:46:04

But why did Allah give it a go?

00:46:06 --> 00:46:06


00:46:08 --> 00:46:10

Maybe a prophet,

00:46:11 --> 00:46:12

Allah gave it a go.

00:46:13 --> 00:46:17

And what did she give to the girl? She named the girl Maria.

00:46:19 --> 00:46:24

And he was he was this old lady with a girl She also loved to change the world and now loves it ago.

00:46:27 --> 00:46:35

Like people can't have children, and then they wait and wait. And in Allah gives him a child. And what did they want? They wanted a boy.

00:46:37 --> 00:46:55

And Allah gives them a car. And they have no other children. So hon Allah and sometimes it disappointed. Don't be disappointed. Because the time for what has to come and arrived here allows rather than a new in giving her a boy at that time wasn't the right time for a boy.

00:46:57 --> 00:47:03

The Society was not the right for to give birth to a boy that will change the world at that time.

00:47:05 --> 00:47:13

So the Divine Wisdom, decided Allah decided that I'm going to give you a girl now who will give birth to

00:47:15 --> 00:47:18

resolve Allah, who will change the world?

00:47:26 --> 00:47:31

And what do we say about girls? Why don't we Why? Why is it that sometimes people are disappointed when they give birth to girls?

00:47:33 --> 00:47:34

What's about my name?

00:47:37 --> 00:47:40

If I don't have a boy, what about my name, Lau Lola

00:47:41 --> 00:47:47

who is they will be there until the end of time, who will come back the end of time

00:47:52 --> 00:47:58

is Alice's on his name will be there from the time that he was born until the time of the end of the year.

00:48:00 --> 00:48:01

So what do you want?

00:48:03 --> 00:48:06

Subhanallah Look, look, look at the Divine Wisdom of our laws.

00:48:09 --> 00:48:14

And because the NEA intention was so great that our laws vonleh given

00:48:15 --> 00:48:19

his birth itself to be a miracle to mankind.

00:48:29 --> 00:48:29


00:48:33 --> 00:48:35

the message to the mothers

00:48:37 --> 00:48:42

in fact, if 10% of Muslims in the world, for Muslims in our community

00:48:46 --> 00:48:48

should have this kind of family

00:48:51 --> 00:48:58

gathering where we speak about the objectives of your family what is what would be the goal of your family as a family?

00:48:59 --> 00:49:16

A family what what what a lot of founders tend to say to us here in Imran that this woman the grandmother of Isa Salaam was her husband sat down and decided that this is what they want to do.

00:49:20 --> 00:49:24

And what they want to do is they want to do it for our lifestyles of the sick

00:49:31 --> 00:49:32

not looking at you and thinking to myself

00:49:35 --> 00:49:36

so what do we ask a lot?

00:49:38 --> 00:49:45

Yes, we have an example. Ask allows antologia to children that is born we dedicate them to the surface of a loss pinata.

00:49:47 --> 00:49:48

So what do we do?

00:49:49 --> 00:49:52

We think Oh Na moxa Nicola molana

00:49:53 --> 00:49:59

she has a saying you must be good. Good objectives. first objective neither first child next child must be even if it's a good

00:50:00 --> 00:50:00

Humans become

00:50:05 --> 00:50:13

the mother the the grandmother visa didn't ask Allah subhanaw taala for the molana. Or for the chef of Ramallah.

00:50:15 --> 00:50:25

She asked a loss of 100 tala. She wanted to address in her community, the needs of her What were the needs of the greatest needs in our community.

00:50:28 --> 00:50:34

Fortunately, the greatest needs of our community is not mobile. And so check three maps, they seem to create more problems than anything else,

00:50:37 --> 00:50:38

including myself.

00:50:41 --> 00:50:45

So a family needs to look at the society in which he loves not living in the Middle East, like we live.

00:50:48 --> 00:51:24

We live in the Middle East, or we can talk about ISIS and the Saudis and Yemenis and Syrians and, and and whatever. We don't live here. As if we don't live in Cape Town, as if Hi, Lita is not the on our doorstep, as it is no longer no Nihongo. We seem to live in some very, very Islamic state that in the making some way in in in Iraq, Osama hoping for some halifa, to fall from the sky one day and to come with a yellow Swan and to read the world of all the Americans in sha Allah.

00:51:28 --> 00:51:42

Allah telling us look at the problems in your community, get your family together and make an objective to solve some of the problems in your community. That which faces your community.

00:51:45 --> 00:51:54

those problems they faces them, they have to deal with it over there. Even if we want to deal with it. We can't deal with it. How do we deal with the problems in Yemen?

00:51:59 --> 00:52:01

But how many of us ever discuss

00:52:02 --> 00:52:09

the problems? Here? You go to any Muslim family today, or any discussion group, but when we talk about

00:52:10 --> 00:52:17

Oh, man. Oh, what are the Saudis doing? Oh, what about this? Oh, what about Syria?

00:52:20 --> 00:52:28

So what Ali Imran is telling us what Allah song is telling us, all Muslims of the world, concentrate on your own communities.

00:52:31 --> 00:52:33

And use your own family

00:52:35 --> 00:52:51

to read some objective and set objectives, which is realistic, even if you collect five random man from your own children, and make an intention that this man is going to be used for something good in the community, or as people do is the rich people, they start a trust for the community.

00:52:53 --> 00:52:56

But every family has to do something.

00:52:57 --> 00:53:14

We have to have some input into the resolution of the issues that we see in our community. So now last time, they'll guide us in Sharla and make us get closer to the Quran to understand and to learn the lessons that Alzheimer teaches us in shukran salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

107 The blessed mothers 17 April 2015

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