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The history and characteristics of Islam are discussed, including the importance of accepting payment for one's time and not wanting to waste it. The success of Islam in the United States is also highlighted, along with the importance of avoiding waste and enhancing one's life. The segment emphasizes the need to be mindful of one's spending and avoiding waste, as well as learning to be moderate and avoiding nothing unusual during the holiday season. The importance of taking a break from one's routine and avoiding anything unusual is also emphasized.

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al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was salam wa ala Mallanna Viva La Mulana una una de la kita Baraka Tommy was

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to be

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for Canada when learning how

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to work anabaena Danica,

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respected elders and brothers, the way Allah subhanho wa Taala has made Jabra le Salatu was Salam superior to all the angels via cream sauce alum superior to all humanity and all the Ambien mo Salatu was salam, the Quran superior to all other books and all other scriptures. I will walk into the Allahu taala superior to all other companions and people from this ummah, some of the most superior month Allah has made Juma the day of Friday, the most superior day in the week dischargeability Salatu Salam katama Malaika para hamara nebby Kota Mamma mia para Quran ko kita kita para hacer Abu Bakar ko Sahaba per facilite and Atlanta tumaco Bhatia Dino Cooper facilite dm

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in the Yeoman jumua to save

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the day of Juma is the king and the leader of all other days. Yes.

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And there are many benefits with regard to this. What are the benefits with regard to the day of Juma navia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in one Hadith and the via cream sauce Allah says in the midst of a yummy comio mal Juma the best day of the week is the day of Juma Orpheus, Allah Allah who is on this day that Allah subhanho wa Taala creator Rahmani salatu wa sallam.

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And on that day, the day of Juma the blessed day of Juma Allah subhanho wa Taala took his life off enough haha. And on this particular day, well the day of the Yama take place Tiamat

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will be too much he couldn't do my yoga, Armani salat wa salam colada petechiae manita or chiamata to mahyco hoga facce Romina sala de la therefore people recite much the road upon me on Joomla because nobody saw slim said famous salata como mal Giamatti Marula Talia because your Salat upon me You're the road upon me would be presented in front of me and will be given in front of me. So, these are aspects with regard to Joomla that we should always keep in mind. Jamaica Nam Hema Jamia

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moonta share or bakery which is Aqua Aqua karna jacana. Here, Jamaica societa. One of the great aspects of Jamaica, which we also find in the name of Juma is to bring disparate and things from different parts bringing them together is one of the great things of Juma. So Allah subhanho wa Taala took the different sand and the different mud from the different parts of the world. The way Nebula cream sauce me said in a Hadith, put it together and gather it together. And Krieger Adam Allah salatu wa salam, it was a true Juma then Allah subhanho wa Taala for example, Tiamat will take place on Juma the same aspect bringing disparate and different things together from Ghana in Dhaka

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Jamia honest, Leo Miller a puppy, Oh Allah you are the one who brings things together on the day of karma. Allah will bring people from from the beginning of humanity when where you could have been where and people will be buried in different parts of the world. And now we'll bring them together. It will be as a day of July. In this particular day today we find people have come from different backgrounds people have come from their work, people have come from business people have come from the school people have come from universities, people have come from different backgrounds, and they have come together Joomla

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Joomla cannot imagine Jamia keshawn here, Montecito victory which is aka jamatkhana. Joshua demolays salat wa salam pajama jamocha pajama. Hey, Jenna, Yama Juma.

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Agha Sakurajima querque Allah tala Madani Gemma kurinji Rahmani Allah tala sakamaki i. So this is an aspect with regard to you know Juma another aspect with regard to Juma Allah tala said there is a time in Juma which Allah subhanho wa Taala has kept in which Allah accepts the two hours of people. So, sometimes you know when your do are is a dead time which coincides with a time in which Allah accepts your your dollars will be accepted Juma makes

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it very hard. Just May Allah tala ne ga manga Allah tala wasco Kolkata Allah tala was quota for Marathi. So this is another aspect with regard to Juma the reason why I'm making mention with regard to it is for us to always remember that Joomla will always be as Muslims associated with blessedness and no matter what other things that happen in there and not did not prevent us from doing other things in Juma

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who deity Sarah to fantasy ruler they were with a woman father in law when the Juma is finished fantasy ruler go into the earth. What a woman fontanella go and seek the bounty of Almighty Allah seek the grace of Almighty Allah Juma Safari Xiao Zhao Allah tala Velasco Quran to

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better have good karma. This doesn't mean that it Juma you do nothing you only set it means that that Juma is a time when you spend more time in remembering Allah. And you remember the blessedness and the virtue that is the day of blessedness which no other day can compete with. However, there is another connotation that has come upon Juma, especially the last Friday of November, and that is Black Friday, Black Friday broke Saturday.

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So Black Friday broke Saturday. So this is another aspect with regard to Joomla which has become popular in recent years. It's purely a business marketing concept, which has no pronounced connection with any religion or religious practice. It's got nothing to do with religion, it's purely a marketing thing, it's purely a marketing gimmick, people will say get rid of your stock, whatever reason it is it has become popular status in the United States of America has now become popular and recent stats had shown that one of the countries in which it is most popular in South Africa, South Africa everything becomes popular. Nevertheless, whatever it is, it is one of the

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things that has become as such, because it is a purely marketing concept. And it has got nothing to do with religion, it is permissible for a person to take part in the specials that are on offer and going by so if there is something that is very cheap compared to other days, there is nothing wrong in you What am I have said is permissible for you to go and buy those things is permissible for you to go and go into the same but in there there are certain things that we have to keep in mind, which will make mention of Yeah, and that is Yeah, as Marcus said he is he is like gay or spoke at a Black Friday. Yes. fairly certain.

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He heard him say Muslims say subsequent Alekna here is Liana Monica hechos muscle Monaco xmega Selena to stay, they can change the supermodel Martinez, Natalia, we have to keep in mind certain things. One of the things that Allah is part of our existence on this earth for us to buy, sell and consume. Ramallah qumola Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah has made well the means of your existence What's the meaning of the means of existence to the means of wealth you are going to sell you are going to buy without it. How are you going to exist in this world? As a Tamiya Pena Angelina Merida tamina sama, Allah is gonna send a desperate time, Allah is gonna send a tablecloth from the earth,

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from the heavens to come and give you your food, you are going to have to make some hummus you have to make some Amal you have to make some effort, so through the means of this wealth, so you have to you know, wealth, wealth, kihira theory, the changing exchanging of wealth, will becomes the means of your consumption and the means of your existence, something which Allah Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah qiyamah. So we need to consume to survive, we need to do business to survive. However, today consumption has evolved. Very important point. consumption has evolved from survival, to an almost ecstasy of amassing indulging and consuming

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today buying

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and consuming is no more because of survival. Today, it is become an aspect of pride. It is an aspect of consumption.

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For the sake of consumption, and although Islam does not advocate poverty as a way of life, let me take you back. Allah is not made Haram. What Allah the beautiful thing is Allah has made Allah in Allah jameelah equal Jamal, Allah is beautiful he loves beauty. So for you to wear good clothes with a bit take a nice car nothing wrong with regard to it mentioned is made that amongst the grandsons of our beloved Nivea cream sauce from Hassan Hassan Hussain, who used to dress very, very particularly, and they used to be very distinctive in the dressing. When people used to see them people used to comment on a dressing that Look what a beautiful way to addressing it is made

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mentioned that as Hussein he allowed us to dye his beard was a type of leave that he used to dye his beard was so to wear good things. So Islam does not advocate that a person must live in poverty. A person must live in torn and tattered clothes to be occurring. So Allahu Allah wa sallam saw a person one day, very very torn and tattered clothes jsap caracara tsunami cream sauce unknown cuckoo Deanna Chai chatted, maybe a cream sauce I don't want to give him something. And he said Yasuda I've got enough metal pasta. mala Maldonado. Maybe Karina you miss creamy cream sauce from Satan Allah.

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Allah when he gives you something Allah love to see it. Don't dress like a dagger, when Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you doesn't mean you must be proud, doesn't mean you must be arrogant. But you know, Islam doesn't advocate poverty. However, today consumerism has become one of the defining characteristics of modern society, very high level of material consumption usually proves disappointing. Many of the goods and services we use, or we buy, or we feel we need to have, has little to do to enhance the quality of our life. It is not as if you are going to buy the Samsung S 10 or the latest iPhone, you are going to become happy, or you are going to become closer towards

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Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. He's got nothing to do to enhance the quality of your life, to enhance the happiness of your life, or to enhance the objective of your life. If you have it, you can use it if you feel that he's going to give you benefit, nothing wrong. But be careful with regard to make it in a means of happiness. Or be careful with regard to thinking that you know enhance the quality of your life, it will not do so. And sometimes it has a disproportionate impact on our environment, and our attitude. All of a sudden, we think that I've got this phone and better than another person.

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I bought his iPhone, I got some Samsung S 11. Therefore I'm better than a person who got a Nokia. Nokia used to be also once upon a time, a person once a DCT had a Nokia and he left it in his coat pocket. And he lifted his cover after many years he remember that was in a pocket coat pocket, he went to see there was still two bars of the battery left.

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This culture is even then fueled by seductive advertising. That tells you that it entices consumers into believing that true happiness and fulfillment is only by hoarding, consuming and amassing and having all this latest gadgets. So USB, you ain't seen nothing yet until you go to a particular place or buy your first until you go and drink a particular drink all the time making you feel Why do you see on the advertising boards, you see that when you got a phone you are happy, you are laughing. That means without the phone you are not laughing? It gives you the impression that if you have it, you will be happy. the fashion industry stirs stirs up desires, desires, in anxieties in

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people to possess the new in all of this has an impact upon us we want to consume, and we want to consume more we want to buy, we've got things that are good, but we want to buy something new. We have to be in that in line with the Joneses. Now just bear in mind, I just want to give you a to show you what it is there was a recent article

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that was written in one of the Gulf

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at the middle eastern newspapers. When I read it, I made a note of it. I typed it in the very same phone that I'm talking about. But what I wrote I typed it and I kept it. It says the left over food per person in Saudi Arabia is 250 kgs, which equates to $14 billion

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and amount that exceeds the total budget of many poor Muslim countries. Let me repeat this again. The left over food in Saudi Arabia equates to $14 billion annually.

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14 billion people who have been to mercy people

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I mean, it takes so much with regard to the plate and then they only eat one portion of it, and the rest of it is thrown away. This is what has happened with regard to our insatiable desire with regard to consumption. And that is not only Saudi Arabia, the article goes on to say the food waste in Turkey during the month of Ramadan is equivalent to that of the entire year.

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That is, this is what has happened to our mindset of consumption and consumption by more and more, even if you need it, or if you don't need it. Islam has taught us with regard to our spending, when larina Poonam userinfo, Adam Jaco to Waka anabaena gallica Tama when you spend, don't be extravagant. Don't be miserly. Let your spending be in between. Accra Jacqueline Mariana Ravi St. Arcana. This is what Islam has taught us. The careful with regard to excess of, you know, extravagance, Allah does not live in the hula bull Muslim field. Allah does not like those who are extravagant in the spending, and those who buy things that are not necessary in the mobile arena,

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can we afford a shotgun, they are the brothers of shaytan they are they are committing.

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So Allah subhana wa Taala warns us to do we buy things that we don't need. With money, we don't have to impress people we don't know.

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So, be careful with regard to our spending, by all means, if you feel that there is something that is beneficial, that you need, go and buy it if it is normally cheaper than on other days, nothing wrong is going to do so. But be careful the seat way that you don't get caught up in the consumption attitude that is throughout the world by according to your needs by maybe perhaps when before you go you make a note I want to buy this in this and keep to that. So that's one one aspect that we have to keep in mind. The other aspect is learn to learn to build some aspect of Cannot you know cannot is contentment cannot

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cannot is something that will never get destroyed. Your wealth can and will be destroyed. cannot just a chisako or fasea naturally occurring sauce alumnae or Islam knows Cooper porta viar toe cannot str Karna cannot means learn to learn with a certain degree of contentment. Don't always go towards that which is very high and be very ambitious with regard to your needs.

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One day Nivea cream sauce from Abu Dhabi, a Latino booger, what is wealth? What is prosperity? And what is sadness? I mean, what is prosperity and what is you know, poverty? So, I was about to say prosperity is having lots of wealth and poverty is having little bit of wealth. So let me occurrence awesome Sarah, what are you talking cannot and where prosperity is got more to do with the heart than to do with the amount that we have. Lisa and cattle are well attended enough in enough real prosperity is the prosperity of the heart. So the elements told us to have a certain degree of contentment and then another aspect is how much is enough? How much is enough?

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So you know, you feel that I got this particular perfume I was get another perfume. I must get another one. And how much is enough knowledge to go into honey? There is no no any point if you don't learn to curve it. If you don't learn to curb your desires, it will never ever get saturated. Let me say famous how many times kicking him out I'm not gonna do any man.

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Though. Parkin Molina Garuda Sana Sana to work Agha honey Massoud or la hora. If a person has two values of goal, he will not be happy. Leftover salad is what bring the third value of gold and cream sauce from said lambda dough for

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only the sale of the cover is going to set to eat the greed of humankind until that set of the cover doesn't come upon Him He will never ever be satiated. So therefore it is important that we so the first thing is learn to be moderate in your spending. Thirdly, curb your desires and your greed because there is no endpoint with regard to it. If you don't curve it, there will be no endpoint with regard to it. Learn to a certain degree was cannot and contentment and then a way very important stay away from unnecessary debt.

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By far Maha charisma doesn't know.

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Currency abdulah stay away from debt. Nadia Grimshaw, slim used to make dua for protection against debt.

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The same of lukeman that debt is a humiliation in the day and a worry at night. You won't get a more truer statement, maybe occurrence of some corrosive phenomena. Now why must you go and take

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cameras and go in ask for people because of something that is not necessary. And this particular aspect of Taurus has become such an you know, such an aspect, unbridled and reckless consumption will in all likelihood lead to debt. The situation of our debt in our country is terrifying. One expert it said we are in the midst of a debt tsunami consumers or as much as 75% of their salary goes to creditors 75% of your salary goes to Canada only 23 point 42 percentage of South Africans have any money left at the end of the month. Only 23% of South Africans have money left at the end of the month. Otherwise 76% of broke Alhamdulillah you know you go to the ATM No matter how much you

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tune in it will give you assumptions now what inshallah, inshallah Allah has given me the Berkut Nevertheless, this is a of 19 million active credit consumers, over half have impaired credit records. So in between this, be very careful with regard to how you spend, don't go and take unnecessary debt with the intention of consumption. And then important point which align the Quran has made mention

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kissy kissy Kemal para hacer cantigas and nadeshiko Don't ever look at envy was what Allah has given someone else what

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a llama Madonna.

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Don't cast your eyes with envy at what Allah has given someone else Allah has given him enough to feed to test him. Allah is not giving him necessary to press him or allies happy with him Allah has given him to test him and you are becoming envious with regard. So by this particular blackfriday keep these things in mind. As I made mention with regard to it, be moderate in your spending at all times blackfriday or, you know broke Saturday, whatever it is, that's the second thing learn to breathe a certain degree of contentment. Always curb your greed is known endpoint in greed if you don't curve it, and don't ever look with envy at what Allah has given someone else. It is one of the

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things that leads us towards reckless consumption. And in conclusion, let me just say one important I think, towards the end of the month, we are coming to December. December is amazing in South Africa. If you want to do work, you can do work everyone is in a mode of holiday mode. We call it the silly season. We call it the festive season. Now bear in mind that there is nothing wrong with it, as it literally allows you to see minds get tired as bodies get tired. So refresh the mind with something trivial. I would allow us to say that, you know, I I relaxed my mind with something trivial. Go to a holiday go for a sake of holiday take a break from your normal routine, so that I

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can become more stronger in remembering Allah. I can become more stronger when I come back to my routine. There is nothing wrong in doing these particular aspects. But remember, one very important thing, we take a break from our routine.

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We don't take a break from D.

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We take a break from our routine. I'm updating her rosca. Pura Jana was scheduled her teammate Amitabha Osaka tequila was meant to die to the tiki bar or Jarrah Hungarian AFRICOM. dhindsa kootenay Namaste teeny, so bear these things in mind, that always remember true pleasure does not lie in exotic holidays or be in the in the in the beach. Again, nothing wrong for the sake of relaxation, through pleasure lies in the pleasure and the happiness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah decree ly

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in the remembrance of Allah our hearts find contentment also in this we need to have moderation miana Ravi iaca Casa for in the Casa to this unique human to come stay away from excessive laughter. Excessive laughter deadens the heart. What does it mean stay away from excessive entertainment that takes you away from your purpose of life? Sure, by all means, go there are various reasons why people go for holidays. Sometimes they go to see Islamic sites. Sometimes we will see to learn from history who will see roofing or defense okay.

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Sometimes you go for relaxation, to make your you know your body that has become tired. You go and take a break so that you can come back and feeling more refreshed. Nothing wrong with that. But bear in mind, there is no truth. There is no holiday from the compulsions of our deal. And always keep in mind the modular path with regard to it. May Allah give us a trophy. tofik have always been upon the moderate pass and upon being the right pass who has to go down