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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala anNabi Avada Ahmadi for the villa emunah shaytani R rajim. Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, will call Joe I'll help who was a Huckleberry Finn in Alberta, Canada who called Sarah kala who was him. My dear respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanahu wa Tada from the very inception of time. Let Allah has created two forces simultaneously in this world. Allah Tala has created truth and falsehood, vice and virtue good and bad. And human being has to deal with these two forces. There are sound reasons why Allah Tala has created both these forces. Sometimes a person might say that why didn't Allah Tala only trade proof only good and there was no vise and there was

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no evil. Now this is not the topic for today. But suffice to say that in Arabic There is a saying a che or to aura phobias, daddy ha. Something is recognized by its opposite, you come to realize the value of light. By Debian darkness if there was no darkness, you would not have been able to value light, you would never have able to see the benefit of light. So someone is gratefully put it in this way that I have learned silence from the talkative I have learned tolerance from the intolerant. I have learned kindness from those who are cruel and unkind. Yet I remain ungrateful to these teachers. So sometimes the reason why Allah Tala has created is we realize the value by its

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opposite. Suffice to say that Allah Tala has created both these things in the world and we all search for truth. And we all want to be on truth. But there are certain salient features of the truth. And there are certain features also about battling falsehood, which we need to know to be able to chat our way in gaining the truth and staying away from falsehood. I would like today in the brief talk try and make mention of the salient features of truth and hack and those of battle and falsehood so that we can be closer to the truth and stay away from falsehood. Two or three of them would be in a general sense, and one or two of them would be with regard to the present situation in

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Gaza in particular. Firstly, the first point I will make mentioned inshallah are five points. The first point is we are living in a world where there is a certain moral or immoral philosophy, which has been carefully developed, which has become in many ways the dominant philosophy of the secular, liberal secular world, it is called Moral relativism, and anyone who has read will come to have come through this, it suggests right and wrong, good and bad, vice and virtue are relative concepts. And it has been put in this way, there is no normative moral principles, which are instincts intrinsically valid, or universally obliging, they call it situation ethics. And they put it in such

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a way that right and wrong truth and falsehood are like beauty, they are in the eyes of the beholder. And sometimes they use certain complexities of modern life, to be able to enforce and strengthen the argument. Like for example, they will say, Would you tell the whereabouts of your friend to a would pee murderer. Someone wants to murder your friend, and he comes in as you as your friend, you don't tell him you have committed and you have spoken a lie. You tell him you have become an accomplice to murder. So they triumphantly say they have to You see, there is no complete right and wrong. It all depends upon the situation you find yourself. But despite that, humanity,

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hungers for a sense of right and wrong and all of us know that. Many times a person will come to an argument say tell me what is right and wrong. Don't give me long winded explanations. So we all want a sense of right and wrong truth and falsehood, some absolute moral values. Looking at all of this that you find today we thank Allah Tada for the beautiful moral landscape. Islam has given us it has made things certainly very clear, this is right, this is wrong. And these things are such that they provide stability and security to our moral order. They provide absolute moral values. absolute right and wrong truth with a capital T. That no one no alim, no scholar, no Maulana, no person can

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change, it will always remain like that. interests will always be

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haram, no matter how much the financial situation of the world becomes interest driven, immorality will always be wrong, irrespective if it becomes a norm. And this is something that we have to thank Allah subhanho wa Taala and then Allah subhanho wa Taala furthermore has given us in the life of our beloved maybe a cream sauce Selim a perfect example, which offers guidance, guidance for the complexities of moral of our alpha, our life. Islam avoids the pitfalls of offering few boys gout, principles for our moral life, which which find its way in a showcase rather than real life. So the first thing with regard to truth and falsehood, yes, there is something with it is known as truth

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with a capital T. And we reject the default philosophy that has been developed carefully developed, which is known as moral relativism. The second thing with regard to truth by its very nature, by its very definition, it requires an uphill struggle. It requires sacrifice, self control, patience, perseverance, obedience and submission to Allah subhanho wa taala. And it at times requires giving up instant satisfaction for the sake of eternal success and set satisfaction. We've seen many times we see it in Rosa, we see it in fast, what do you do, you give up instant satisfaction for the sake of a greater good for the sake of a reward. So that is the reality with regard to truth. Truth will

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always and hack will always require a sacrifice. we ever think that he will be able to gain the truth, and he will be upon without any sacrifice is living in a fool's paradise. This has been very beautifully explained in a long Hadith in Jameel Tirmidhi. The via cream saucer him said, when Allah Tala created heaven and hell, when Allah Tala created Janet and Jahannam Allah Tala Tala similarly salat wa salam, go and see the beauty which I prepared in Jannah and go and see the punishment of mines which I prepared and which I've created in El Chile salat wa salam when and he came back and said Allah, you have created Jana so beautifully and you have created it so great. There is no one

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whom you have created who will not desire and seek Jana and oh Allah you have created hell in such a way. He's no one whom we have created, that will want will want to stay away will not want to stay away from Jana. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala surrounded Janet and Jana with certain things. And he told us you're gonna heal. Now go and see Janet and Johanna, and zebra lists that was Sam came back, and he said, Oh Allah. Now I'm afraid if people would be able to gain Jana. And now I'm afraid whether people will be able to save themselves from the fire of Jana. And then the words of the Hadith, it concludes with his beautiful words Huji batil Jannette will bill McCurry for Houjicha in

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Nairobi, Sha. Allah has surrounded Jana with toil and effort and Allah is surrounded Jana, with the fulfillment of your desires with apparent ease. So if you want to be unhappy, you have to make a struggle struggle against your ego. You have to make a struggle against your knifes and your desires. Follow your desires because

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as I said earlier, the Allah I don't know one day was asked, Oh Ali, tell us how is it to gain Jana? So a little the Allah to know said very easy. Put your one foot upon your desires, the next step is to not trample upon your desires and go into gender. So the second point with regard to truth and falsehood, which is important for us to understand is, truth requires effort through three requires sacrifice, falsehood doesn't require much, just follow your desires, follow your evil impulse which Allah has created. The third thing with regard to truth and falsehood which is very important is that while Truth will eventually triumph, as Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran in the verse

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which I've recited, as an introduction to the stock, we're culture and Haku was a hackle battle. Say unto the people who profited off Almighty Allah, Huck has come. Culture al Huck was the hackle battle and battle has evaporated and has disappeared and has been destroyed. In Alba tilaka Anna's a hookah bottle and falsehood is a vanishing act. It is determined I mean, Allah Tala is determined to destroy falsehood, but sometimes you will not see it apparently. Nabil Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he conquered Makkah, and as he was destroying the idols which were in, in the Kaaba and Baitullah nebbia Kareem saw slim took his walking stick, and as he hid and even some summery whites,

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he didn't he

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When break, he just indicated the walking stick towards the idols it broke and he read this iron puja and how cool was the hackleburg in Alberta conyza hookah that has come and battle has been eradicated battle is eradicating thing, it is something that will be demolished. But in the meanwhile many times it will be that false will have great fun, ridiculing truth.

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Therefore, truth will always attract people with foresight, determination, who have the sight on the final outcome. Sometimes you won't see the impact of India in this world. Sometimes you will see people who are untruth, who have been defeated. And you will see people are poor who are on falsehood. They are having an apparent good material life, they are having the luxuries of life. They are seeming to be dominant, but doesn't mean in any way. That truth is wrong, or falsehood is victorious, we will see it in the final outcome. Therefore, you have to be persevere. You have to have perseverance. You have to be steadfast. In the meanwhile, sometimes you will be ridiculous. And

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if you ever want to understand this, look at the beautiful verse which Allah subhanho wa Taala has spoken about in Surah Moto 15 In Alladhina Arjuna mocha numina Lilina Ahmed, who yet Harpoon, the criminals, those who are on falsehood, they mock it the people who are on truth, were either Maru be him yet ha ha Mazoon. When they pass by them, they wing the eyes and they look down upon them, what scorn and mock, were even colorvu Illa. Allah will forgive him, when they go to their own people, their own group, they even more further without whom, and when they speak to their own particular group of falsehood.

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The different alliances you see in the world today, the Western powers when they say to the people amongst them in the heart, Allah Allah God Loon, these people who are on the Islamist, in the Hala Kowloon, they are on the wrong path. In the Howlite Mr. Silva Lim half is in for your melody and harmony, mineral prefer here the Hakuna but on the day of Tiamat the people who are believers they will mock it the disbelievers so yeah, in this world you will find at times there will be situations where the people who are on falsehood, they will have a good laugh, and they will mock the people of truth. Therefore, truth requires people of determination and people of courage and people of

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steadfastness. And let me just say with regard to this, that in the CDC, the poorer the person who laughs last laughs The best or sometimes you know, you say you know jokingly, the one who laughs last, he has only got the joke last. But Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention with regard to it. Therefore, when you are on truth, he has been prepared to be called different names. But we will remain steadfast. For it will be the most ridiculous thing to lead leave the straight path for fear of being ridiculous. The most laughable Act would be to trade truth or falsehood for fear of being laughed and mocked at and the craziest deed would be to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala knowingly

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for fear of being called crazy. The fourth thing and this is now more towards the present situation. Many times Allah subhanho wa Taala will give falsehood, a certain degree of authority and elegance which they carry, which you will see and many times you will find truth will be materially weak. It not always, there are situations in history for example, where truth has been dominant. In the time of Solomon Ali salat wa salam who had a kingdom that never has never been matched, our beloved maybe a crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam towards the end of his time, not also in the beginning, because in the beginning of our beloved, maybe saw some strife, there was weakness, there was a certain degree

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of helplessness as I will go on to explain. So therefore, you will find certain times in our history, where falsehood has been given dominance. They have that arrogance, which they show and very beautifully it has been explained in the Quran in the form of Mussolini. Salatu was Salam in crown and out of 30 chapters in the Holy Quran, Allah Tala has made mention of this incident in 20 chapters out of the 30. And then you see the words of your own the attitude of Iran, which of course we all know is unfortunate. And look at these statements and compare it to the statements that you find today upon the with regard to the people of falsehood, in the frown, Allah Phil.

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Phil own was elegant and he had dominance on Earth. Which Allah Allah ha she and do you know what she did? What founded he created people in groups

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He made them into groups. And today we find the same thing that the people who are in power and dominance they make people into groups, which Allah Allah Shia, and Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mentioned yesterday for me home Thai for the men whom you that be who abna whom you're studying is one of the strategies of your own was

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to Abner Alladhina amanu Ma, killed the children

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killed the children. Two thirds of the people who have killed in the Gaza children book to Abner Alladhina amanu. Ma, Pharaoh and said kill the children of the believers was UniSA home and leave the woman for let them give birth to more children. So that we can continue to see for all was in a situation he needed slaves. He needed the working force, but yet at the same time, he was told that someone from Bani Israel is going to overtake and overthrow you. So what did he do? He started killing the children. And then when he was told that the working force is going to be destroyed, he said okay, kill the children on one year, and then another year do not kill them. So look at the

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strategy of your own. Allah Tala gave him power and authority. That doesn't mean he wasn't tough. Remember this, sometimes Allah Allah gives fullsuit Certain agreed, you know a certain degree of dominance, but look at the way they have the arrogance. So one of two things with regard to fit on from the Quran I will make mention of one other of your own who phaco me, Kala Jaco and SLE multple Misra, what have you learned how to teach the mentality of Allah to epsilon unafraid woman has a lady who am I when when I occurred to you will be oh people don't you see the beautiful civilization of Egypt that I have? And this river Nile running through Egypt? Am I better?

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Am I better? Or Mussolini salat wa salam is better when are you tired? Have you been Musa had a stuttering he could not articulate himself fanola wilty early he asked Vera to mean the hub. If he was upon right why didn't he have wealth? Where's his gold? Where's his silver?

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Today you find that people who are unhappy you know the people who are unhappy they you find see they might not have the resources but the people who are on Patreon have this and they take pride in it and say look we have more than what you have. Therefore equating and thinking that because we are more successful we are more worthy of being followed that is not the way heart and battle works then look another place how your own made mentioned with regard to the inner harmony, Lhasa Irani, you read Ernie au Raja Kuma Pharaoh own was very good in changing the narrative. So what he told he told the people he told his people in the hedonic these two people Musa and Harun, you read Ania you

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reach out to Muhammad Ali Kuma. They wish to take you out of your homeland.

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Well, you have arbitrary tactical muestra. And they want they are jealous of your way of life.

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Now look at this, what he was doing. He didn't make mention of he enslave the people of Bani Israel. He gives the children wholesale massacre with regard to the children, and what is his telling his own people? These are the people who are seeking to take you out of your homeland because they can see your success.

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Can you see the similarities? Therefore, we need to be very, very clear with regard to truth and falsehood. And even if there is an apparent setback, it doesn't deter us with regard to our truth. It doesn't deter us with regard to the fact that Allah Tala has created a truth. And even if the setbacks and even if these challenges with regard to this truth, it doesn't mean that we are ever going to be compromising on the truth. And then the last point that I will make an hour maybe elaborate a bit more on that is the truth and falsehood has got nothing to do with worldly victory or failure.

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truth and falsehood has got nothing to do with victory, worldly victory or failure. Sometimes they could be a situation, that you are on truth, but you have a worldly setback. And sometimes they could be that you are completely on falsehood. And materially, and in the wall, or in parts of the world, you have victory. And let me give you a beautiful example with regard to it. That there was a setback in Wuhan. Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Sahaba suffered a setback. There was a defeat in the wall. But yet, isn't it not amazing? That Despite the setback, despite the challenges

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in the VA, Kareem saw some say say you do shahada Hamza, the leader of the martyrs on the day of Tiamat will be Hamza

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and from which better did he come from a better English name? Yeah. Kareem saw Salam and the Sahaba did not gain victory. They were defeated, but yet never occurred himself. Some said he will be the leader of the Masters on the day of calamities successful. There is no doubt with regard to his success, despite the fact that he was defeated. And he was martyred in a battle against the forces of battle against the Forster forces of falsehood. And after this, you know after the setback of what I want you to just look at how Allah Tala addressed the believers, how he addressed himself Salam, you know, it's something amazing. Yes, we all know what is truth and falsehood. The Sahaba in

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Libya cream sauce Salam was on truth, but they were defeated. And how did Allah subhanahu wa taala consoled them and sympathize with them after the defeat after the setback, which gives us great amount of lessons. Firstly, the first thing that Allah Allah says Allah, Allahu, Allahu Allah, Allah has forgiven you. Now of course, we all know that the set setback in what anyone who knows history happened because of a misunderstanding Sahaba left a post that may be occurring so Salam told them not to leave. So what did Allah Tala tell them first Allah has forgiven you, for we don't look for faults in the Muslim ummah at the time of setback. We don't look for faults in the Muslim ummah at

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the time of setback. I am surprised that people who have the courage as if they have ye from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that what is happening there is a punishment of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Did Allah Allah give you a revelation? And in the same paper who had What did Allah Tala tell the Sahaba ALLAH has forgiven you? That doesn't mean you must not introspect and look at the words in fact isn't almost five rupees four or five rupees Allah Tala in the fourth chapter, only deals with a setback of 400. And ALLATRA says, pull to Mannahatta. You ask, why did the setback take and why did it happen? Who I mean in the unforeseen Look at yourself. Introspection

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in any situation is necessary, but Allah has forgiven you. Then look at what Allah Allah says, What after you know, what doesn't know. Don't lose heart. Don't do don't be despondent, who am tumble alone, you would be successful if you are believers. So 111 I look at this verse and says to Hannah, what a great verse at the time of setback at the time of the setback for the people of Gaza, and for all of us who are feeling the pain. This is such a great verse. Don't lose heart. Don't be despondent, you would be victorious. If you are believers, not only was there a consolation, there was also a goal and a vision to work towards.

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Don't be despondent, don't lose, lose heart, be true believers, Allah will grant you victory. So there was consternation, they were sympathizing, and yet at the same time, there is a vision for you to look towards. Then Allah Allah says, he says from Calhoun, for cut myself, no matter who may throw, if you have been wounded, the very nature of the war is they've also been wounded. They are suffering psychological scars,

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the enemy are still suffering. Yes, there might be a greater scale happening with us at the moment. But if you have been wounded, they've also been wounded. What Tilka Yamanaka we do have a nurse and these are the days that we rotate, rotate amongst people. Sometimes there will be victory, sometimes they will be setback. Don't be deterred by that. Don't make your decisions based on that. And perhaps one of the greatest lesson of this when I read this verse, you know, I shudder and I try I'm gonna try my utmost to put it in the most respectable terms. Why Muhammad, Allah Rasool Muhammad, Rasul Allah Almighty Allah God Khaled mentality he Russell before him they were other prophets and

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messengers for imata Oh Patil in color to Allah aka become a force we know that in a battle of what the cry when in the Mohammed and khidmat Muhammad has been killed the Sahaba found it very difficult after them so much so that some people they lost and they became disheartened and they said what is the use of fighting after the Muhammad Salah what he was selling was passed on and maybe occurring saucer with great difficulty got up on the mountain he said oh people are my companions come towards me. Allah Tala on this after the better revealed this verse. If Mohammed dies or even as the other Billa even if he was to be killed in CalOptima, Allah our copy come are you going to turn against

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Let me put it this way. Even if in a better Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were to be heavily martyred and Allah Tala had his wisdom that he wasn't martyred. Right. But even if he were to be, then to not lose faith, he

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them to to not turn against your religion, then to remain steadfast on your future.

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If the Muhammad was to remark that you don't lose faith, and you do not become despondent, then we will say the same thing. Even if the children who have been killed pains and hurts us, we will not become despondent and you will never even have an iota of doubt with regard to the truthfulness of our religion.

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It's such a great lesson. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala then gave them such great great tidings. When at the Kuru Lima youth trophy Sevilla yam what, but here what I can Dr. Sharon, do not ever see the people who have passed on in the path of Almighty Allah they have they did. They are alive, but you can perceive they live, they live their livelihood, how they live their life. Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said in one Hadith, Allah Allah on the day of Tiamat in Jana will tell the matter. Tell me what you want you sacrifice your life in my post. Tell me what you want that I can give it back to you. I can reward you whatever you want. And you will see when now you

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gave us, Jana, you gave us everything. What else can we want? We don't want anything else we have rewarded us sufficiently. And when Allah will insist the matter we'll see what Allah if you want to give us something,

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send us back to the earth. And let us sacrifice our life once again in your path.

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Let us sacrifice our life once again in your path, the joy we got in sacrificing our life in your path. Give us the joy again. My dear respected elders and brothers, we can go on making mention of these types of things in their worst weakness in the time of no resources there was this, let me a cream sauce to them and I will just conclude with us. Maybe a crimson pass by a family which is very well known in our history, the family of Yasser right, the family of Yassir, who have been persecuted because they were poor. They were helpless. So the people in the the the tyrants of the Quraysh they targeted and for prosecution, they whipped them mercilessly. There was a woman by the

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name was the NIRA. She was worried so much that she became blind woman who used to work before he accepted Islam. And then he used to put his work away and said, I am stopping to beat you not because I have pity upon you because I'm tired now. I can't be to further when she became blind. They said Latin Musa made her blind. She came to the resource limited resource limited dua for her. Her eyesight was restored, and the way they change the narrative. They said Muhammad's magic brought back her eyesight, the resources passed by them. Can you imagine they'd be so slim couldn't do anything? Because nobody saw Saddam was weak. And they were being persecuted solely because he

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brought him on upon the Vietnamese awesome. He passed by them. What did he say?

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Is true.

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For a number we'd

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have seven or February of yesterday. He asked his wife was sumiya about jelly he told you and pierced her with a spear in her mantra and she passed away and the resource them told them is beruwala acid or family of acid have southern for intermodal accumulation, our meeting places

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so we must be very clear my dear respected brothers I've just made mention of four or five salient points of truth and falsehood. Let us all strive to be on the path of truth even and despite the challenges may Allah give us a topic.

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Begin with