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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala via Raja Amalga do follow the villa Umina shaytani R rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. What are three in Santa Fe?

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Said a colloquialism. My dear respected elders and brothers in the ayat which I recited Allah subhanahu wa taala takes an oath on time.

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And this tells us the importance of time in our Sharia.

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says Allah subhanho wa Taala has taken an oath on times and Allah dalla takes an oath on something which is valuable. Allah darlin is the money or what kicker some guy here she says Kia met Amir and dasa hota hai caves Kia Mia Kia Heiki Allah Dona Ana was ki Kasam cayenne. And of course there are various reasons one that Allah has taken an oath one time.

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Hello, Imam Hassan Bastille Rahmatullah Ali has mentioned that one day he was wondering, Why did Allah Allah take an oath on time? While he was thinking about it, he went into the bazaar. He went into the marketplaces, he saw a person selling ice, and that person was telling people Earhardt, Romania to Bora, Somali. Oh, people have mercy on the one who's merchandise is melting away. Nowadays, you get ice, they put it in a freezer, that time they had no freezers. So they told him buy ice from us. Otherwise there'll be nothing you know, it will melt away. So then Imam Hassan bustle Rahmatullah Lee said, I realized why Allah is taking an oath on time. That through the means,

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once our life is like a block of ice, it is melting away every second, once it is gone, you will never ever get it again. No matter how much you regret, higher to confess to forgotten NAMA, Madonna Epsom minha, interpersonal behaviors up the Arabic poet it said, life is a series of breaths. One breath is gone, it is gone till the day of chiamata you will never ever get it again. Now today, we find a very amazing thing. It's something for us to think that we've got so many different gadgets to save time. We got all the different gadgets to save time. Believe you know bellezza Manimal Johnny Mehrotra, we already work Yakata they used to grind their own Murcia. They used to grind

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their own thing they used to make their own attire they used to make their own flour they own roti, etc. Nowadays, you got Magimix first you used to go before you go somewhere used to go and, you know, see the maps, how was I go there today, you got Google Maps, so you don't even have to worry where you are supposed to go. The sad part is with all these time saving gadgets, if we count it after the time, we are supposed to spend with all those AI time saving gadgets. And we come to the end of the equation. What all the time we have spent how we have made our life better.

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With all those things that we have managed to save times how we made our life better. How are we able to leave a legacy the way our elders have left a legacy? Go and look at what they have left behind and look at what we are left, leaving behind with all our time saving gadgets. The reality is we don't value time the way the Sharia has told us to value time in English Jesus saying Time is money. Now, there is some truth in it that if you spend time correctly utilizing it to income to get income you will make some money, but it is very misplaced type of understanding. It is like a child saying time is sweets. Time is chocolates. For him the most important thing in his life is sweets

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and chocolates. So he feels that the only thing I can use my time correctly is to use it to eat sweets and chocolates. What will the elders tell him and kiss in Adana, kebab Korea time to hand our chocolate and time sweeter? Yeah or it was a Burger King company. Now, the same thing is with regard to time is money. By saying time is money, what we have done is that we have made we have equated time the most important thing that we can do with time is to earn money.

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But for us time is even more than that. And of course, if time is money, the way someone has said very beautifully made a statement if time is money, I got to work Milan or Metropass time here to Malka

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if time is money and I got time Where is money? So time is beyond money. Time is more important than money. Time is life. Our entire success and failure depends

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upon the proper utilization of our time, you use our time correctly productively in a positive way. It is a means of success. If you fail to use the time correctly, then you will find that your entire life, this world and in the face of failure, this is a reality with regard to him. Imam Hassan busty Rahmatullah used to say Sahaba value time more than golden silver Kima mastery Prasad Busey Rahmatullah Lika kala K Sahaba. Dollard says Jada working

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there's a very interesting book written by Chef Abdul Fatah who's one of our great scholars of the past few decades, he wrote a Kitab on how the Allama used to how they used to preserve and how they used to value time in that is one beautiful statement of his, he used to say, time is like a sword.

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Time is like a sword. Either, either it slays you or you slay it, either TimeSlips slays you or you slayed, if at times you know slays you you won't be able to do anything that is good. And if you slow the time, you will be able to do many things which are beneficial. And if you utilize your time in something positive, you will benefit otherwise, if you don't use your time in something productive, naturally you will use your time in something that is negative time management is one of the great things of our situation, history timecode and mere dinner or up know what cookies Terrassa is tamale Karna there are certain causes point this whole two three days causes of time management.

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I see the best time management we can get is from the personality who Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran says look at Canada confy Rasul Allah He who swore to

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Nabil Karim sallahu wa salam, sir burka Khoisan one a year KISTER as a time Koopa Hamid STEAMID correct. Now, what we find from the time of our beloved Libya cream sauce to them, He was meticulous in his timing. There is so much baraka and blessing in the time of our beloved nubby sorcerer, to be a cream sauce to them in a short span of time. 23 years of number one, did what people in centuries cannot do. Last week in the Sierra church. I spoke about the year of delegations. The knife here after injury is armed with food. They say the 110 delegations came to visit nebbia cream sauce

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in one year and within 10 delegations and maybe a cream sauce dealt with them every one effectively. How is supposed to deal with him? Maybe Kareem saw Selim plan his day prior, prior, prioritize his tasks, kept his word speech brief, concise, productive, and comprehensive. Located was often the vehicle himself for every occasion, maybe a dream saw slim headed to dua, what does it mean, for every action, he had a plan. When he went into the bathroom, he knew what to automate. When he came out to the bathroom, he knew what to automate. When he started eating, he knew what to automate. That means he had a productive life. What did maybe a cream sauce from theta teachers with regard to

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you know planning, one of the things that maybe a cream sauce alum taught us start early. Start your day early time management Sibella year K Super gently shrew correct? Now this is something that is a very great weakness. I studied in Pakistan Bucha per day, people before 1011 o'clock they don't start maybe a cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may do or Allahumma barik lumati fee boo Korea or will not give blessings to my ummah in the beginning of the day.

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Did cashew rumor Allah Karim Sal slim that dwell for my Kia hamari is superkids shrewd shrewd man Jana Baraka de or hamburger Keota or cut me I'm sorry. We are slipping. Start your day early Nebia cream sauce lemon said man Selena super happy Giamatti for whoever even Matilda he who reads his Pajara salat wa Jamaat he is under the protection of Allah Tala one Hadith I read many years ago yesterday I was trying to find like couldn't because of you know his, you know, let me cream sauce live on one occasion said whoever the first thing in the morning gets out of his house for Salah. He gets up with the plague of Allah and whoever for the first thing in the morning gets out of his

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house for the sake of dunya he goes out to the flavor of shaytan

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the first thing if you get out of your house in the morning is for the sake of Salah you are with a flavor of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So SIP SIP palate start off early, you will see a little I will give baraka maybe a cream sauce some

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Life was start early, after he shot normally. Maybe after him saw Selim never used to sleep late, very literally used to speak to the family and he used to sleep early, sleep early, get up early, early to bed early to rise is a sign of a healthy mind makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Where do we learn from these types of things? The big three sources have taught us that many many years ago. Then the best thing by invest your time in remembering Allah.

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There is nothing better in terms of your time than remembering Allah. You see, we use return on investment. Today every one would you say how much investment do I get? 8% 10% 12% No. Nowadays people are looking for the best. The best return on investment is to spend in remembering how much time you spend doesn't mean you must only spend in remembering Allah Allah is kept up as needs. We have to go out for this. We have to do other things. But the best return on investment is to remember Allah subhana wa Tada MA in the community further. Allah Heba for whatever you deposit with Allah subhanho wa Taala will remain forever. And whatever you spend in the dunya is going to be

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destroyed in Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah will never allow your investment which you invest with Allah Tala to go for waste, build your build your day around salah.

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apne put it up in a poorer or cut palestra say I was complained corruptly Demco salud que ma DataMan or salad killed Gilman, plan your day around salad. We make our day around our salad. We give priority to our salad we give priority to anybody and we plan our day around our salad not vice versa. We do everything else and then in between we slip in Salah we plan our lay around Salah Nebia Karim saw Selim was asked to live in Masuda be allowed to ask ya rasool Allah, what is the most important deed subsea homcom kiya

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Salah apne time bar up network put in a salad, Canada la marina Kitab Amour porta ultricies kitty salon is determined by Allah on his proper time you put the Nick assay again, we don't know where this thing comes from that hamari our timekeeper meaning, so, you tell someone that you know this you have to come at 10 o'clock if he comes up past 11 o'clock is it time and

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time again you one hour late and you say time for

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that is not time. This is what incident which I read I heard from one you know and from India you said one day in Mumbai station now is looking at data. There used to be a time that you know the trees always used to be delayed. So one day all of a sudden everyone was very happy time. Train type of idea Date Time datatype everyone was happy to take take him on time. But Bhattacharya can keep rate

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it was yesterday. So this is a situation that we find ourselves this whole particularly amongst our Alma I've seen one on Abdullah Padre Rahmatullah. So Baba and on time, so you know, meticulous, when you are told him, I'm coming to fetch you at 10 o'clock by quarter to 10. One I was ready, and used to face up and now, two minutes late. Why are people not coming on time? So the first thing better start on time. Second thing is stop wasting time.

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Today, we waste time, we don't know how to say, you know, there was a statistics. And today if you go into Google detail, and you say three, record everything, they got all the states, but a sketch doesn't make us better in terms of practice. Two and a half hours daily people spend on social media. In America, the ratio is even more. I was hearing a talk yesterday, in America. Every day, people spend five hours a day on social media and TV and throughout the world. The states is two and a half hours. And this is a reality. We are wasting our time. Therefore we don't see we don't seem to make anything out of our time. And look at look at our odema Imam nawawi Rahmatullah Ali passed

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away in early 40s. He was only 40 odd years when he passed away. But today, up till now, everyone remembers Imam there will be people who saw the

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millions of guitars have been shipped

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out of the habit of

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Subhanallah when what is such a legacy that he left behind? He passed away in the early 40s Because he

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was living in a small village wrote 1200 books in his life guide from the fear of the Holy Quran to small, you know, small bleakness? Well, I'm the product publications in his lifetime

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Stop wasting time. Stop wasting time the third thing is hastily in doing good deeds don't procrastinate. Procrastination is the thief of time how many times we have read it today one of the you know says we know we one of the reasons for procrastination is waiting for the perfect time waiting for the pug his sub c sub scoots say you got top Mysuru karanga you to Annie one in Haney that perfect time will never come. You have to stop the all accomplishments all great things have only started and have only been accomplished after you have started something new certainly waiting for the ideal time to come. Perfect moment perfect environment that will never come start off. You

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will see Allah subhanaw taala gives you Baraka so stop procrastination. You know, tomorrow is a mythical land. We're all motivations and achievement is stored called Coca Cola. Nothing happens tomorrow. Things happen today. Nebia Kareem said Allahu Allah was set up on one occasion to Cuba, Libya cream sauce lemon rush from the masjid now maybe a cream sauce slim normally after every startup used to sit for a while. One day all of a sudden number one maybe seller seller made Salah Salem rushed away Sahaba also taken a bath the other soon afterwards he came to Kerala what happened? Just look at the answer. In my mind in my salon, the thought came I have got some gold

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dinars in my house

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and I'm afraid that my death must come while I still have this gold dinars in my possession.

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I'm guessing that Allah cannabic pass dinar How can I give an answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala immediately after I said maybe a cream sauce and went home took those golden hours into the stability

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stop procrastination in one Hadith maybe a cream sauce him and said but they will be hammered. You know hasten towards going dude good deeds before seven things overtake you. Helton says Runa illa fakra munsiyari Oh, O'Meara Matsuda are you waiting for poverty to come? Where you will not be able to do things? Are you waiting for prosperity, which makes you corrupt? Because many times wealth makes us corrupt. So we got wealth instead of using that wealth to make more things productive, that wealth makes us you know, become more corrupt, or you're waiting for a disease and illness to take over you, then you won't be able to do things, you know, and they used to be one mystery of ours,

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you know, such near May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant him Jana. So we used to play tennis one time. So many times in this tennis, you know, one day you know used to run towards the ball and because of all he couldn't get there. So you should say a very famous thing. My mind was there, my body wasn't there.

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My mind was the I wanted to get there but my old age I couldn't get there. So you waiting for sickness to come, then are you going to do it? Or are you waiting for your old age to come when you lose your memory or sudden death which will overtake you or the channel will come or the hour will come and the Hour will be the most grievous and the most butter. So stay stay away from them. And then amongst things with regard to time energy on or the time of others, if we are given someone a time, part of valuing time is to honor the time of others. That is why Nebia Karim saw salams sermon was brief, concise, powerful and comprehensive. But honoring the time of others, we own our own

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time. And lastly, let me say be prioritize and be consistent. That Jihad Patna there are many things that you are supposed to do, which is priority, say take things with regard to prioritize your time, what is more, more important that only you look at that which is more important, and have a consistent, you know, basis, have a schedule with regard to your time, sometimes it won't be a situation where you give and take. And sometimes you go against that particular type of schedule. But as far as possible, prioritize your time and be consistent with regard to your planning a lot of our questions with regard to time. Before I make mention of that, let me say, you know, this is one

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beautiful statement that you see from time to time. It's on Google, and it is everywhere the paradox of time. And it's got some very beautiful statements. You know, there are 10 and there is a version five different people have said that they have written it and no one knows what the doctor who actually has written but it's so beautiful. The better paradox of time in history is that today we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers is thriving. You will meet someone they particular analysis our shorter tempers is at 30% of our marriages ending because I disputed that I said we can be so good. But just in our situation. We have taller buildings, shorter tempers, wider freeways,

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but narrower viewpoints

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Do we spend more but we have less, we buy more, but we enjoy less. We have bigger homes, smaller families. Previously we have smaller homes. We have bigger families. Now we have bigger homes, smaller families, more conveniences, less time. We have more degrees lessons. We have more degrees lessons, more knowledge, less judgment, more experts, and more problems. More with medicines but less wellness. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduce our values. We talk too much. We love to sell them. We hate too often. We've learned how to make a living, but we have not learned how to make a life. We have added years to our life, not life to us. Let alone the Holy Quran says our Maya

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roofie Metallica, Allah will question you on the Day of karma. Did I not give you a whole life? What did you do? What did Africa What did you do in the life I've given you? Brothers fail do each and every moment. Use it to do something productive. Use it to come closer towards Almighty Allah create a legacy for your family for yourself, for your community, because life and time is the three commandment. Thou one