Ahsan Hanif – Lessons from the People of the Cave

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and use of Islam, including its use as a means of protecting one's religion and avoiding persecution. It also touches on the importance of showing strong belief in Islam for a winning argument and the use of light to indicate sleep and behavior. The transcript uses various examples and references to describe the history of Islam, including the creation of Islam, the recording of the holy eye, and the need for more knowledge and passion for the holy eye. The speakers encourage viewers to read the translation of its meanings and try to derive lessons from it.
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in the hamdulillah Allah, Muhammad who want to start you know who want to stop Pharaoh, when that rubella even showed orian fusina woman sejati are Molina Maria de la who Fela

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Fela hardy Allah wa shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa hola Shadi color, WA shadow and Nana, Nana Muhammad and Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira Yeah, you Halina Armando Taka la haka to party. Wala tomahto nyla, one to Muslim on yohannes Torah bakuman Levy, holla Takumi nafsa wahida wahala paramahansa jaha Baba thermen humare jalankan casiano manisa Allah Allah de Luna b1 or harm in Allah hochanda la cumbre de ba yeah yo holla Xena hamanaka Allah wa

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All Poland said either useless Allah Kumar Amala como uno back home miltary la hora, sola

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fosun alima. I'm about to find now Stockwell How do you think he tabula E to Allah. Wa Pharaoh Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Michel ohmori matassa to ha Hakuna Matata timbira. We're collaborating mala, Mala Mala Latina now, from the Sooners of the splashy day of Friday, is to recite surah Torah.

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And the recitation of Surah tolka. Half is because the surah deals with many of the trials that we will face in our lives, the trials of believing in Islam and standing up for your faith, the trials of well, the trials of power, the trials of knowledge, and so on and so forth. And here is the first of those stories that are large social mentions within surah two calf, after whom the surah is named, those people of the cave that I want to discuss in today's hotbar and today's hotbar is addressed to the younger members of our community, our younger brothers and sisters. But even though it is addressed to them, as is the beauty and the eloquence of the Quran, there are still lessons

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for all of us to extrapolate from these stories of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the story of the people of the cave, a group of young men, if you look at the Rahim Allahu taala, he mentioned in his tafsir that these young men they lived in a time in a time when the people, the vast majority of them were worshipping other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. They were upon shock and disbelief, and they had idols that they would worship, and they would prostrate to them and they would sacrifice to them. And they wouldn't make dua to these idols besides Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the leader of those people of that community in that time, was known to be a tyrant King, an

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oppressor and he didn't take anyone changing his religion didn't accept anyone differing with him, especially when it came to the beliefs that he held and the religion that he was upon. He below can see Rahim Allah mentions that his group of young men, seven in number as is mentioned in the Quran, these seven young men didn't know one another. They were individuals from different parts of the city, from different families. They weren't friends, they weren't brothers. They weren't relatives. They weren't colleagues. They were just seven individual young men. Those young men, even though they lived at a time when the people were upon shirk, they were upon their fitrah. And they

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understood and they realized that their people the shift that they were upon was wrong. And the fact that they were worshipping other than Allah was not what Allah azza wa jal wanted from them. And so they came to the realization of towhead, that Allah azza wa jal alone, is deserving of all worship. And so even you can feel Rahim Allah mentions and eration seventh, until those seven young men will sit in together, all of those other people are upon show. Imagine living in a society where the vast majority of people are not only upon shirk, but the vast majority of them are enemies to those who oppose that way of life. We by the grace of Allah azza wa jal in the city number in the 10s of

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1000s. In this Masjid alone, there's a few 1000 of us. Imagine if they were only seven of you, seven of you that lived in a city or a community. But not only that, there are seven of you. But those people around you are enemies to you, and they will persecute you, and torture you for your beliefs. So those seven young men, they sat under the tree, and one of them spoken, he said, that we all know that we're sitting here for one reason, we've all sat here for the same reason, but to form amongst us is brave enough to speak and mentioned this reason. So after some time, one of them, he built up his courage. And he said, I came here, because I don't believe in the shift that my people are upon.

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I believe that we will should worship Allah and Allah alone. And then the other six concurred and they agree. And so those seven people agreed that they would worship Allah alone, together. This is now when they become a unit, a community amongst themselves. And so they agreed that they would worship Allah, but they will do so on the outskirts of their town, so that the people wouldn't see them. Because if they saw them, and they knew what they were up to, they would persecute them for their beliefs. So they would go every so often to the outskirts of the town, and they would worship Allah. But Allah azza wa jal didn't want these seven young men just to worship Allah and to die in

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that way, Allah so we're just wanted to make their lives a lesson for us today. He wanted us to know about through the Quran.

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So Allah azza wa jal decreed that after some time, a group of people would walk past them, as one day they were worshipping Allah azza wa jal. And they would see what these people were upon, that they would worshiping in a way that was alien and foreign to them. They were worshipping their gods and their idols in the way that they were accustomed to. This was some new form of religion. And so they took this straight to the tyrant King. And they told him that these group of young men have changed your religion. They've come with a new religion, a new act of worship, they claim that all of these gods that you worship of false gods, and that you should worship Allah alone. And so the

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kingdom, the ruler of that time, known for his cherone, and his oppression, is injustice. He called the seven young men together. And this is where a large though gel begins the story in Surah. To gather all of this before, it is just information so that you can arrive at this point within the Quran. Why? Because Allah azza wa jal mentions here, the stance that they took, the first lesson that we take from the story of the people of the cave, is that as Muslims, we are tried within our religion, we face challenges and obstacles, and especially our younger brothers and sisters, going through school, going through college, going through university, they have challenges that they

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face, sometimes on a daily basis. And when those challenges come to them, they have a choice. Either they can be proud of their religion, and they can remain steadfast, and they can have honor, in the beliefs that they hold, knowing that their religion is the religion that Allah azza wa jal chose for them. Or they can shy away. Just as these young men also had the choice, they could have gone to that King and stood in front of him. And they could have said that you're mistaken. Or these people what they think they saw was a mistake. Where upon your gods were upon that shark, we still believe in that our of fear of their own lives and their own religion, not because they really believed so

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but out of fear of persecution, or they could be fun, and they could stand up, and they could call those people to a large so agenda. And Allah subhanho wa Taala makes a point in Surah tolka, half of mentioning that these young men were young, in the home feature to our man will be robbing him was he dinar, houda. These were a group of young men. They were old. They were people who had decades upon decades of experience. They were young men, men who at that time, normally in the age, men, women and men during that age, normally they're busy with the dunya they're busy enjoying life, they have so many different hopes and ambitions and dreams. But Allah azza wa jal mentions that they were

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a group of young men, when they believed in Allah, Allah increase them in guidance. And that is the first method of salvation. That when you have strong belief in Allah, and your Eman in Allah is strong, and your reliance and trust upon Allah is strong, and your certainty in the promise of Allah is strong. Then Allah azza wa jal comes to your aid. He makes your affairs easy for you, and the challenges that you face. Allah azza wa jal helps you to overcome them. They believed in the Lord, so we increase them in guidance. So they stood in front of the tyrant King, with the choice that they could make either of shying away or of staying steadfast and preaching to those people. So they

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chose to remain steadfast in the face of that King, with his known tyranny and oppression in the face of his army, and the wolf at his command with them in the face of all of those people in their community, their family, their friends, their neighbors, the people that they grew up with. All of those people were upon that choke, and they disliked anyone who came with something different, but they remain frame they remain firm. What about the nyla kulu be him in power mufa Paulo rabona buscema wa T will. Allah azza wa jal says that we cause their hearts to remain firm, when they stood meaning in front of their king and those people and they said that our Lord is the Lord of the

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heavens and the earth landed in Dune he, we will never call upon a god besides Him. Luck isn't Shut up. For if we do so, then indeed it is a grave form of speech. They had that strength of a man to stand in front of those people and know that Allah azza wa jal was with them. And if Allah azza wa jal is with someone and is helping someone and is aiding someone, then it doesn't matter. They worship besides Allah, they can't speak. They can't talk. They can't eat, they can't drink. They can't defend themselves. What types of gods are these? Why don't you bring us some clear proof from an older man woman man if Tara and Allah He kahibah and who is more open

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than the one was quite lies to Allah azza wa jal. So the thing of that time was so overcome by the power of their speech, by the evidence is that they were using that he was succumbed. And he allowed them to leave his court and his palace. But when these group of young men left, they came to the realization that it was only a matter of time, before he asked them to return, before he persecuted them for their beliefs, before he tortured them, and perhaps even killed them. So they decided that they would leave that town, they would boycott their community, and they would go and seek shelter in a cave. Why? So that things would come down, so that the issue would cool down, and then they

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would be able to take the next steps, they will be able to leave. And so they went with this intention, why they're attached to

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a Buddha in law firm.

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When you leave them and that we say worship besides Allah, then head towards the cave, seek shelter in the cave, you're unsure Allah kamaboko. marotti your Lord will place mercy before you while you're here, you come in empty, committed fucka. And he will make your affair gentle for you, these people as they entered into the cave, their hope was in the mercy of Allah, they hope was in the gentleness and kindness of the Lord and creator subhanahu wa taala. And this gives us a sense of optimism that even in the most difficult of times, these young men are running, not just because they go on holiday, not because they have nothing better to do. They're running out of fear for

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their lives, out of fear of persecution and torture. It's even so as they enter into that cave, they're not they're fearing the oppression of their people. They're not they're fearing the tyranny that may approach them, but rather they are hopeful in the mercy of Allah azza wa jal, that sense of optimism that we find also throughout the stories of the prophets of Allah, that even in the most difficult of circumstances, they still had that hope in the mercy of Allah azza wa jal, despite the odds being stacked against them, they still had the hope that Allah azza wa jal would come to the aid. And Allah subhanho wa Taala does not dismiss the hopes of the believers. This group of young

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men entered with the intention of seeking shelter for a short period of time in that cave. And they entered with the hope that Allah azza wa jal would make their affairs easy for them. So Allah subhanho wa Taala responded in a way that was beyond their imagination in a way that would become a miracle not only for them, and the people that lived at that time, but it would serve as a miracle of alaris that were general throughout the ages. Until today, we still read about the story of these young men, these young men, men, prophets of Allah, they weren't messengers of Allah. They didn't receive revelation, no angels came to them with an army. These were a group of young men, simply by

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the strength of their Eman and their taqwa, Allah azza wa jal gave them an amazing miracle. So what is that miracle? They came into this cave, and Allah azza wa jal decreed that they would sleep for over three centuries. for 300 years, they would lay asleep, but Allah azza wa jal tells us just tell us that they slept for 300 years. He tells us how the universe came to the aid, how Allah subhanho wa Taala caused the sun and other things from amongst the universe to come to the aid of these young men. Why because when the Lord so gentle, wants to help his believing slaves, Allah subhana wa Taala doesn't need to send an army. He doesn't need to do anything. He's just simply issues a command B,

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and it is and everything in the heavens and the earth. It is a slave to Allah. It is from the creation of Allah. What Torah shamsur either tala

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and caffee him that in the mean. What is our Robert

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Schimmel we're home FIFA jawatan min Allah azza wa jal says that as those group of young men lay within the cave, and as they fell asleep, thinking that they were only going to rest for a short while, Allah azza wa jal decree that they would sleep for 300 years, but in that time, a lot would change. So Allah azza wa jal preserved their bodies, preserve them in such a way that after three centuries when they woke up, they felt as if they had only just gone to sleep. Imagine you go to sleep last night and you wake up. If you wake up maybe two or three hours later than your normal time you feel groggy, you know that you've overstepped, you understand that there's something wrong,

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your body doesn't feel the way that it normally does. These people they stopped for over 300 years. But Allah preserved them in such a way that when they woke up, they found that they just gone to sleep. So a lot of soldier use the sun so that the sunlight would strike their bodies and today, we know from

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Modern science and medicine that we need sunlight as humans. In order for our bodies to continue to function, the sunlight would come within the cave and it will touch their bodies. Allah azza wa jal says What a powerful womb report, you will think that they were awake, even though they were asleep. Some other scholars have seen they say that the meaning of this is that they would sleep with their eyes open or with one eye open, and then you would alternate between their eyes. And this is a defense mechanism in the animal kingdom where animals sleep with an eye open and one eye closed as a means of warning of predators. But today, we also know that our eyes need to blink in order for the

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moistness of our eyes to continue. Allah azza wa jal also mentions one local label him that tells him in a way that Shimon, we cause them into in their sleep to turn from right and left. Because if you're asleep for a long time, your body needs to move in order for the blood to continue to circulate so that gravity doesn't pull the blood down, so that you can when you wake up, continue to use your body. And that's why you often go to sleep in one position, you wake up in another, all of these signs don't alert so we just gave them so that he would preserve their sleep. And Allah azza wa jal says, Valley come in IR Tila, this is from the signs of Allah Miyan de la hufa who will

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looked at whosoever Allah decreases guided then he is truly guided when you're the little felon tells you the Allahu Walia murshida and as for the ones that alarm skylines, then you will never find for them a guide nor a helper. So Allah azza wa jal preserved their sleep for 300 years, Allah subhanho wa Taala preserved their sleep not only that prolonged so john also mentions that along with them, there was a dog that accompany them. We'll call it boom basit on there it bill was seen at the mouth of the cave, there was a dog that also stepped for 300 years. Some of the scholars of Tafseer they say that as these young men were leaving from the court of the king, and they were

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traveling towards the cave, they came across a farm and there was a dog on that farm. And it just simply followed the interferon a member in the story and sort of recap Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that these people they slept for over three centuries, and a large social in two verses he speaks about the way that he preserved them. And the way that the universe the creation of Allah came to their aid in the way that there was that they were preserved. And then Allah azza wa jal mentions that they were resurrected that they awoke after three centuries. And often within the stories of the Quran, we find that Allah subhanho wa Taala in certain places, goes into explicit

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detail, but in other places, he skips large portions of the story. And the reason for this is because the law is so general only mentioned is what is important in the Quran only mentions what is relevant in the Quran. Well, we can derive benefits from what we can benefit from within the stories of the Quran. The stories of the Quran, watch there to give us information. They're not just there for something that you're meant to read, to take enjoyment from. It is more precious than this. No Quran is so that you can take from its wisdoms, and its lessons. And so they woke up after three centuries. worker vaniqa birth now, Leah TESSA lubaina home. And thus we caused them to awake after

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three centuries so that they may question one another. When they woke up, their hair wasn't long as it would be normally after three centuries, their nails hadn't grown the length of three centuries, when they woke up and they saw one another. They had a question fall apart, you know mean who can live with them? So one form amongst them he said, How long have we slept for knows that something is slightly off, doesn't really understand how long he slept for pallulah this young man Oh, bye bye biome. So in response, they said, we've slept for a day, or part of the day, 300 years of sleep, and they think that they just woken up as if they've slept for a day or part of the day. But part of the

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preservation of that sleep is not just that their body, their hair, their nails will be preserved in that sleep. But part of the preservation was also that when they woke up, they would wake up with the same feeling of terror and fear in which they went to sleep. three centuries have passed, the climate has changed. The geography has changed. The terrain has changed. Those people that they went to sleep, those people have died, their children have come and died. The next generation has probably come and died. But those people those seven young men, when they wake up, they still have that same feeling of terror, that same feeling of fear. So they say the power commander movie man

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with your Lord, Allah has more knowledge as to how long you slept. We have more important issues to worry about. For Bertha.

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Hi, I'm Harvey, in El Medina, we need food. Because they think they've stopped for a day, they wake up with that same feeling of hunger, we need food. So let one of you take this money and let him go back to the city for a young daughter had to come back and let him bring us copper, I'ma let him bring the most purest of food, even in this time of fear, even in this time of necessity, even in this time of terror, when they feel that they're going to be killed, and they're going to be persecuted. They don't just say grab the first thing that you find and bring it back. But rather bring back the purest of food. Some of the scholars said the most halaal of food. Why? Because those

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people were on schilke their food was sacrificed to other than Allah to the idols and their gods. They didn't just want any food. They were people of excellence, people who had a strong connection to Allah. And so they wanted the purest of food for the tea can be reached the min, let them bring some of this food back to us, while you're Turlock buff, and let them be gentle, be quiet, be secretive, when you should be kombucha and let no one know what you're up to. Why in the home, he yelled, hardware Aleykum your resume Oh, come on you are you do comfy me Let him because if those people learn where you are, they will stone you to death. Or they will make you apostate from your

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religion will unto flee who even Avada and then you will never be successful. Going back in that same state of fear. One of them leaves the Group of Seven. And he goes back to the town. Even Kathy rahimullah says that when he bought some food, and he gave the money to the store owner, he saw this money and it was a different type of currency, three generations or three centuries later that the people were using. And so he wasn't accustomed to this currency. So he took it to the next person in the market. And that person also didn't recognize the currency. And so they went to the third person and like this slowly but surely the people came to know that this young man was from a different

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time, a different place wasn't someone that they were familiar with. And so he was forced to tell those people his story, thinking that he was caught, and he took him back to the group of other young men. And so the seven were discovered, after three centuries of sleep, Allah azza wa jal mentions that they were discovered, they were discovered so that the people would know the promise of Allah is true. Look at vaniqa earthern early him, Leah alemu de la Huck, that the people should know that the promise of Allah is true. The promise of Allah that He helps an age his believers, the promise of Allah, that he makes gentle the affairs of those who have a man in him the promise of

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Allah that Allah azza wa jal shows His mercy upon the people of taqwa, the promise of Allah, then we have certainty that Allah azza wa jal will give victory to the believers. And so Allah azza wa jal wanted the people to know that his promise was true, were unnecessary, attalla raffia and that there is no doubt in the Day of Judgment, just as Allah was able to put these people to sleep for over three centuries, and then awake them and Allah azza wa jal was able to do this with the utmost ease. Likewise, Allah azza wa jal will resurrect all of the people from Adam until the very last person that lives and we will all stand in front of Allah for the accounting. The story, my dear brothers

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and sisters in Islam is one of the stories that we are supposed to recite on a weekly basis. But it's not just a story that you read in the Quran that you just pass over. It is a story that has many, many lessons that we can derive from it. I've only scratched the surface. And so the message from the hook but today, and especially for our younger brothers and sisters, is to go back today to the story of the people of the cave in Surah, through gaff and to read the translation of its meanings and to try to derive its lessons and to understand what Allah azza wa jal wants us to take from benefit from the story as colossal Hana huhtala, that he makes a strong in a man that Allah

00:29:08 --> 00:29:39

azza wa jal makes not only a strong in a man but our families and our children and the younger members of our community, that a large soldier shows His mercy upon us and makes our affairs easy and gentle for us as colossal panatela that he safeguards us from the traps of shapen and that he protects us and our families and our community from harm. And that Allah subhanho wa Taala showers us with His blessings that Allah azza wa jal forgives us for our sins and enters us into Jannah Subhan Allah because tamoxifen was Salam ala Celine hamdulillah.

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still wanted, you know, the muscle

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stretching heroes, made sure that there was in front of your complete

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Allah Hawkman

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I'm from donella mineral me on Rahmani Raheem, Mani kiyomi Dean he can our Buddha he kindness 13 indiano sin all upon mustafi team CNR on novena unarmed entirely him one unit more barely him one on long me.

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Me and

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so be a beacon

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the follow up often so we're on the call I had one lady of origin mono * who was

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so noble and he or campaigner turn in llama sha Allah in

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one year silcone

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further killed in the coma say that como mi Sha.

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Sha lovey Aslan. Koba

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Muto fee

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for the Athena Harmon

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Wada smell xmodem me focus on better 01

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in life is Sophie.

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Sophie Brahim, Hema wamu

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sum Yamaha Neiman hamidah

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Alhamdulillah bitnami in a rush man in washi team Monica who me being the cannibal Don't worry conus during the last sale on most of the team, see it on levena untidily him while you're in law behind he won a lot more Nein Nein,

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Taka howdy thalassia Ordo Hawaii oma even Harsha Amina tone nasally toasts Lana on Hani to spa mi nine in

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lezana houbara in Amman, Bonnie, learn awesome you know your name in Johor Mojo Hawaii. Lisa are you how long Wi Fi Jun 18

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Tesla ofI love Wi Fi.

00:34:27 --> 00:34:39

Fi hustle room mobile for a club mobile. One Amaya pomos forefather was on Rb yoma birth author

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in an EBD k for holding account we're in a summer e k for Wolfie aren't enough Elan g Bernie k found also event well Ian honorably gave us all the hunt. Further give in nama Tom Woods

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Good. Let's start early him the Messiah played in

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Taiwan law,

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fair new arrival law and either been born in La Nina.

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Thumb in Alena hisa.

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semirara Allahu neeman hamidah

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Long hookman

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh the weekly Saturday lecture will take place after the McGregor prayer and will be on the life of Mr. McCall to be by Chef akima mode. This week's Friday lecture is unfortunately canceled. The sisters coffee morning resumes this coming Thursday from 10 to 12. That will be holding a quiz to all those wishing to participate this week. This week's sisters Friday circle is on the evil eye and how to seek protection from it. I will be taking place at 515 in

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