The Harms of backbiting

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The Holy Spirit is essential in protecting against evil behavior and stopping evil behavior. The discussion touches on the negative impact of speakinger's actions on others' lives, including false accusations and bribery. The importance of protecting one's own rights and avoiding backbiting is emphasized, along with providing a framework for forgiveness. The discussion also touches on the negative impact of speakinger's actions on others' lives, including false accusations and bribery.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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salat wa salam O Allah Allah NaVi Avada mavado favela Jimenez shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. While at the Justice who have the BA to combat Are you HIPAA hadoken, a coolala Mahaffey. He made an offer Korea tomo set up Allah will ozium

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My dear respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us many favors. One of the favors and that Allah has granted us is the power to speak the tongue. Allah tala has given this such a great emphasis that ally in the Holy Quran has made mention of this favor together with the Holy Quran. Our rock man and lemuel Quran calaca live in Sun Allah holobiont. I have given you Quran and I have given you the power of speech. But this is a dual sword. It has benefit and it has harms. It has many great benefits. Through the tongue, we can do so many great things. We recite the kalama we declare our Islam with a tongue and we give good advice with a tongue. There are so many things

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we make sicker mother tongue, we read tilawat with the Holy Quran with a tongue. But yet, this very same tongue if it is abused, it becomes the means of many, many sins. Most of the sins that are committed today are owing due to the indiscretion of the tongue. Nubia, Kareem sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith that most of the people that will go to jahannam

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most of the people that will go to jahannam will be owing to the sins that are committed with the tongue. Most of the people in one Hadith maybe a cream sauce in one day explain that whatever you say you will be held accountable. So Martigny Jabba the Allahu taala who said the hula will be held accountable for what we say. So nebia Kareem saw some said Omaha I thought that you are very intelligent that we saw Islam slightly rebuke as it was, and said, Oh, most of the people that will go face long into jahannam what they face is first into jahannam will be because of the sins that are committed with the tongue. Yet despite all of this, we are very very unmindful of the tongue and

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amongst the Guna and sons, one of the sons that he is one of the greatest in terms of that which is committed, what that tongue is that of backbiting that obviously but and that is some of the things that I will very briefly make mention with regard to in today's talk zubaan and attallah keyboard but

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they can use a sad sad ache but our empty hand behind Islam hammers enhance a punch near one and Roxanne say but snake eat and kindergarten or dismiss m sub says he had an axon da wahiba 10 sub says yada no Sunday was he But now what is vivid Nivea cream salsa Monday as the Sahaba uttered Runa Melissa, do you know what is ribbon? So this is Allah what a line is this? Who knows best? What is ribbon? Nivea cream sauce, some said Vic ruca A haka. Bhima Yatra a beautiful explanation and what a beautiful definition that nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that rebirth is to say something about your next Muslim brother or your next Muslim person in his absence, that if he comes

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to know you said such and such a thing, he would dislike it. That is ribbit. So Sahaba said he understood Allah, what happens if what we are saying is true? If what we are saying is true, then

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you know, many times you and I, we said, you say something bad about someone. And we say don't speak bad about someone who said, What's wrong, it's true. Or even sometimes what we say I'm prepared to tell him on his face can tell him on his face, don't say behind his back, because the moment you will speak behind his back that it is Hibbert. So if you say that I can say it in front of him, I'm gonna say it in front of him, but the moment you say behind his back, and if it is true, then it is rebirth. And then the vehicle himself said if it is not true, then that is slander. Then you accusing the person which is perhaps even more greater and greater in some, then he but now if you

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look at that particular definition, it is something that most of us somewhere along the line, we are all involved in it may Allah Allah forgive us.

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And we are Latella protect us to he is yes he bought haircare cheese rebored Hadees caribou say hey kisi ki baat Amen. Whiskey PJ Koi booty bath zabadani torpor tahiry torpor yeah he shot

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he has he been cha Hagen was such chum

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salmon me enemies awesome cool check it out okay here we're gonna be a cream sauce on setup hit of liberty I got a section here too.

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So, this is the aspect with regard to Reaper This is a definition and in this definition What am I have written that it is not only speaking you can sometimes say something bad or you can do something bad about someone even by a Shara even by by indicating or even sometimes by making certain signs as it I shall be allowed to run on one occasion, she referred to one of the other wives of our beloved nebia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And she said, She's very short. She is very short. nebia Kareem saw Selim came to know about it now via Kareem Sal slim told Ayesha, Ayesha, you have done such an egg that if it is mixed with the ocean, it will change the cause and

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the nature of the ocean, that is also wrong for you to make some things in an indication way towards someone with regard to something even by a shadow even by indication. And he doesn't like it and it is bad. That is also he but therefore the Olimar have made mentioned that the vbet is whether you speak bad about a person about his appearance, about his conduct, about his family, about his mode of transportation If he doesn't, like for example, you say he's driving a Katara he's driving a car and he doesn't like it. That is also HIPAA. And there are sound reasons and that didn't make you the the guardian of other people's life. What are you worried about other people's life? What about your

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own life? So all of that is in the definition of a zipper and someone has crudely put it rebut ish sharing opinion of other people's lives. It is sharing opinion about other people's lives. And even amongst the definition of agreement is to listen to rebut I'll miss Tammy Oh

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been oh come on come to listen to him but is also you get the same Guna and some of the one who is uttering it.

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It is made mentioned that amongst our pious people, there was many people who used to be very, very zero very

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stay away from it. maimone it nice car never ever used to beg, bite anyone. And if anyone did bite it in front of him, he used to tell him stop. If he didn't stop he used to get up and walk away. And you know, what is the result of rebirth? Now, Mohamed el erian is one of our very, very great scholars. So Muhammad

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Ali say that I got very greatly involved in debt

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mechanism and I became involved in debt. Then afterwards I realized why I got involved in debt. He said 40 years before I told someone roofless all you bankrupt person. Because of that, after 40 years, I got involved in debt

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to speak dead about someone. This is the result and what's his situation with regard to it? Khurana Majid man in the Quran, Allah said are you Hippo

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Mahaffey, he made some *ery that is, in the Quran, Allah has likened it to eat the flesh of your dead brother, first, who would like to eat the flesh, flesh of a human being, that also the flesh of someone who has died, that also of your brother, Allah, Allah, Allah said

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he made and for crypto, and in a Hadith, nobody occurring sauce limited Allah v but to Asha Dominus, Xena, Reba. Reba is even more words than Xena. Quran Majeed, man appname motorbike a ghost connect him with the Quran or Hadith Pac Man who says Xena says

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they can after all of that, there are very few people who remain aloof and stay away from labor. It was Kate nazjatar and Roxanne Kay Bower Jude. He added port Ahmed save Chan Nova Chen Nagi was a butcher where there are very few people who stay away from him. May Allah subhanho wa Taala save us and amongst there are many sound reasons why Islam has told us to stay away from it. Make Misaki to afford maketo Muhammad even he didn't care about me for Maya k mu j Guna. Capita him GSK

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Pooja waqia torina job yeah Charlie Sal Bella many actual score yamu fluss

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Whiskey PJ is just a mere charisma.

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So this is the harm that comes upon us because of rebirth. Now why? What are the reasons? What are the reasons that people become a why Islam has taken such a strong stance against him but let us look at it. One of it is what are the reasons why do you partake? Why do you speak about someone? Now what if you look at the reasons with regard to speaking bad about someone, you will find every one of those reasons are evil. Either you regard yourself superior to him. You only speak that about someone because you think you are better than him. And Allah Allah says Allah

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don't regard yourself better than another person Allah knows who is more pious Yoruba, Hibbard maybe stem of tala hotaki

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kisi or say or just give

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or receive Allah tala capita. So that is also wrong. Sometimes people is because of anger sometimes because of jealousy. So the first is of is that one of the reasons why Islam has taken such a strong stance against rebirth is whatever the reasons behind it, all of them are evil. So together with whether the harm in the sense of speaking bad about someone, the reasons behind it are also evil. That's one The second thing is Allah has not made you the guardian of other people's Amala

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mama and tala him which

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Allah says Allah has not made you the guardian of other people's Guna and since here you are not going to answer on behalf of other people, you are going to answer about your own sons, a G party we are more worried about the sins of other people than our own sense. But if you happen to have our partners

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everyone is more worried hot wrong that person is doing you are not worried about your own room. Allah is gonna ask you about your room. Allah is not gonna ask you about the room other people are doing. So the second reason why Allah tala is told us to stay away from Tibetan backbiting is Allah didn't make you the guardian of other people's Amal. Allah hasn't made with a garden of other people's wrongs. Allah has made you the guardian of your own deeds and that is something that we have to worry yeah Islam me put my

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heart here just keep the seabird super sneaky tell kinky hair Islam, or postMessage aka Kalani upward do strokey harm your upper neck and neck run even higher. Apple and Atlantic is he does Reiki american eagle and the human eye. Here appname.

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Do smoky I

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mean who studied Islam and Margarita Humala, Jani amongst the beauty of a person's Islam is he stay away from those things that does not concern him. Other people's Amal do not concern you? What are you worried about other people's family? And if for example, you want to do something that is beneficial, then go and give him advice. Don't speak behind his back the way someone had said, If you see any fault in me, don't go and tell someone else. He can't go and rectify it. Tell me I can rectify it by telling someone else What are you going to benefit? You speaking bad about my faults in front of someone else? He's not going to suppose to rectify my fault. Rather come and tell me. So

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that's the second reason why. Thirdly, how do we deal with a faulty imperfection of other people? Islam has told us to protect another poor person's honor not to defile and violating Nubia. Kareem salsa said in a hadith intermediate, whoever protects the visit of another person Allah will protect is that on the day, we have a protector respected one of another person's, Allah will protect his visit and respect. So the third thing The reason why is if you see someone's fault, you protect his you don't violate the sanctity. You don't violate his respect. And you rather guide rather than vilify, don't look at the mistakes of other people with a finger of accusation. Look at the mistakes

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of other people with a finger of compassion. How can I save him from that particular? That's the third. The fourth thing is those who are indulging backbiting are hiding their own perfection and harming others. backbiting is an attempt of someone who is incapable of doing that than himself. And lastly, let me say that recognize that nobody is perfect. Everyone has got some everyone has got false by talking bad about the false. What great thing are you doing? So these are five reasons amongst others, that Islam has told us to stay away from backbiting. I will just conclude with one very important thing. You know, one day someone went to a very great, pious person. And he told him

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I bet bite at someone. How can I make Toba Maliki ckt Bucky mcheza tobasco Escobar mfsa Toba is different. But he said you know what you do? Tomorrow you cut a chicken. You cut the chicken and you d feather it and when you come to me you

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Take their feathers and you allow the feathers to spread far and wide. You take the feathers, you defended the chicken and you allow the feathers to go and spread far and wide. And they after you come to me tomorrow, I will give you the reply to how you can make Toba with regard to get biting someone.

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So he did that. And the next day when he came, the chef told him, the haleem told him he said, Go and fetch all those feathers now. He said, Well, I'm gonna go and fetch that feathers. You told me how much D feather it Animas allow it to spread. Animals allow the wind to take it, I allowed it to take it. We are going to go and fetch your feathers Botanica hochelaga. We are going to take it. He said you asked me to make Toba from backbiting, going take it back from every person. Were that bad thing you spoke about that person when weight is gone? Bring it back. If you can't bring it back, how are you going to make Toba?

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If you can't bring it back? How are you going to make Toba? That is why our alumni have told us that when we make dwarf ourselves, we must make dua for the people whom we have wronged. We must not only make dua for forgiveness for ourselves, we must make dua for the forgiveness of those people whom we are wrong. That maybe perhaps because of that, Allah will forgive us. So May Allah Allah keep us away from here, but it is one of the greatest sins. But despite being such a great sin, we do not stay away from it. May Allah Allah give us a topic of staying away from it.

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