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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The nation faces challenges such as crime, security, and racism, and the need for a culture of safety, avoiding racist conduct, and being aware of racist language and negative consequences. The importance of avoiding racist language and being a part of the country is emphasized, along with the need to avoid racist language and avoid culture. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding flaunting one's wealth and creating a "roach" to prevent "anybody from eating something." They also discuss the history of Islam and the link between religion and social conscious conscience, and emphasize the need to start thinking in this direction and finding ways to be a part of the country.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milan Viva La Mulana Viva la vida de la vida kitabi. Well actually at about a Shariati

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a MOBA do false foldover let him initiate on rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem kontum Hara Mateen aqui, Jacqueline

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de Marana bill Murphy, wattana hona Anil Mancha, Sara Kala will azim My dear respected elders and brothers. We begin by praising Almighty Allah for all the favors Allah has bestowed upon us. And we send solicitations upon our beloved Navy aquariums that Allahu alayhi wa sallam. The topic that we have at hand is some of the challenges that are facing us here in our country. And there is no doubt whatsoever when we look at a situation. In our country, there are many challenges, many aspects with regard to concern. But on one hand, we know that crime has become quite widespread, and people do not feel safe, even while they are in their own homes, despite elaborate security arrangements. So

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we have people who have created great amount and spend great amount on security. But despite that, they do not feel comfortable, they do not feel secure as you are supposed to feel in the privacy and in the realms of your own personal homes. Then, of course, we look at the country, by and large, what do we find, we find a situation where many times there are protests, which recently had erupted, which erupted and went into violent protests which led to the loss of life and led to the loss of property of many people. And it is something that, you know, we read on the newspaper, I'm not going to go elaborate. It is something that we see with regard to what is happening. The

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unemployment rate in South Africa is something that goes into millions, according to a last figure something like 6.7 million people in South Africa and employment, something like 29%. Officially, unofficially, it might be even more than that. And these are the type of situations that we find in our country, the ruling party, we have to say that has a record of fighting against injustice and oppression. Unfortunately, corruption has become endemic within the ruling party. And while it has sound principles, it has a good constitution, it has a record it has a good history, the set situation is members of the ruling party are more concerned with regard to fighting with one another

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and jostling for power for the sake of monetary gains, that is the reality with regard to what is happening in our country. But however, all of this call for introspection, what do we do in this situation? What are the what are the options that are there with regard to us in the present situations, we need to introspect many times we hear from Allah and many times we see whenever there is a situation of concern whenever there is violent protests in the country, you will hear from the allama from the members and you will hear many Allah organizations telling you turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, this is not something that we must take lightly. And many times you

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and I we take things for granted and we sometimes even make a sort of, you know, look at it lightheartedly or we start you know, sometimes even making insane statements that are not supposed to be safe this statement. Why do why do why do LMR tell us to turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in all situations, whenever there is difficulty one of the reasons is there is always a core relationship between halaqaat and situations and our our morals and our deeds. It is so clear cut anyone who has read the Holy Quran will clearly see that there is a correlation. We are not forming any judgments, but there is a correlation between what is happening. happenings and our

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deeds. xrl fosatu Phil burry well Barbie Marchesa but at NUS corruption has appeared in the heavens and earth because of the doings of humankind. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us Womack and Allah who you want to feed him, Well, McCann Allahumma Isaiah humo Mr. foon Allah anger and Ross will never come upon you come upon the mutt Oh prophet of Almighty Allah when you are amongst the oma womankind Allahu wa ma ma ma homea star fare una luz en will never come upon people when they are turning towards Almighty Allah, Allah and they will never come upon people when they are seeking the forgiveness and seeking the help of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when what am I tell us turn

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towards Almighty Allah in situations like that? There is a lot of wisdom which comes from Quranic injunctions which comes from the Quranic view. So that is one of the aspects that we have to turn towards Almighty Allah but on a practical level, we have to

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Much more than that. And one of the things that we have to do, which is so important for us is to avoid racist conduct. It's so important for us that we always bear this in mind when we look at our Sharia and we look at our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam. It was our beloved nebia Kareem saw Ceylon wood gave this revolutionary message, long before it was trendy, long before the united nations have resolutions with regard to it. Or long before, you know there is this whole particular aspect of speaking against against apartheid, or against race racism. Long before that it was our beloved nemea Kareem saw Selim, who taught humanity and who taught the world with regard to

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his revolutionary message. And in the football video, what did he say? La Familia harabedian Allah Hi, Jamie and Jamie in Arabic and there is no superiority of the Arab over the non Arab or vice versa. Or there is no superiority of the white over the black or the black over the white, except on the base of taqwa. All of you start off in an equal footing, every human being start to have an equal footing. And if anyone searches ahead, if anyone goes ahead, he doesn't go ahead on the basis of his ethnicity. I come from this village, he doesn't come go ahead on the basis of his tribe, he doesn't go ahead or he searches ahead on the basis of the color of his skin. If anyone searches

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ahead, it's on the basis of his conduct and His righteousness, no other ways, no other aspects. And it is very, very sad. If we start generalizing with regard to matters that are happening in our country, we as Muslims throughout the world, we are the victims of generalization. We are the victims of generalization. So if a small group of people who out of desperation or other reasons go and do something, the entire Muslim community in the world has to suffer the consequences with regard to it. So we are the victims of general generalization, it will be very safe that we becomes amongst those who generalize with regard to matters. We have to stay away from racist conduct. And

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we have to stay away from racist language. One of the one of the definitions of backbiting, not one of the dish and definitely the prime definition of backbiting which nebbia Kareem saw silom was asked when he was said you know when he asked the people to you know what is he but you know what is rebirth. So, let me occur him sort of Lavalle wasallam said that you must make mention and relate something about people that if they come to know about it, they would dislike that particular type of speaking about them in such a manner if we have to relate to any group of people or we have to relate to any individual in a way that if they come to know that you are relating or speaking to

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them in that manner, and they dislike it according to the definition of Nivea cream sauce to them you are committing backbiting when our beloved navia creme de la la wa sallam, you know when, in the time of the conquest of Makkah, after the conquest of Makkah, you know the conquest of Makkah happened in early morning. It was a time of Tsar when me occur himself Salaam toalhas ability allowed an op lol get up in the roof of the Kaaba and called as an

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perhaps it has never happened again in Islamic history are very seldom that a person has got up in the roof of the Kaaba and called out the Azzam and when the people of Arabia upon whom they were still, you know vestiges of racial superiority and racial prejudice, they saw this many of them said, We are happy that our father passed away before this day. They didn't have to see such an occasion where a person a black Abyssinian saved his sir coming on top of the carbine is given the call of Assam when a cream sauce lamb came to hear about it, he called the people and said, Oh people what what is this aspects of racist conduct and language I'm hearing? We're learning Hanukkah

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confirming coffee woman commitment. Now as far as believers are concerned, there are only two categories. As far as Muslims are concerned, there's only two categories righteousness simply Right. Right. Yes, good and evil, there is no other considerations. Those who are good, they are honored in the eyes of Almighty Allah irrespective of the ethnic backgrounds or the the color of the skin, they are honorable, and those who do evil irrespective of the you know, background, they are evil, they are not honored in the eyes of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala irrespective of their racial background or the color of their skin or the ethnic or tribal background. We are amongst the people

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when Islam has given us such strong feelings and such strong taleem and education on this particular matter. It is essential that we avoid any type of racist conduct, in our in our mindset in our attitude in our language. The second thing that we have to do here is such an important point is stay away from the flaunting of your wealth, stay away from extravagance and literally the Holy Quran says in the libertarian

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We have one of those extravagant there are the brothers of shaytan. It is not wrong for you to utilize your wealth for the sake of your own comfort, there's nothing wrong with regard to it. Allah subhanho wa Taala in the 20th superar of the Holy Quran in surah cosas Allah tala makes mentioned with regard to the good of this material wealth. What does he FEMA attack? Hello Darryl ashira. Seek with the wealth Allah has given you seek accurate, don't only seek your comfort. What does he FEMA attack along with data, see what Allah has given you with regard to wealth? Seek what seek what that well, Darryl ashira will attend Santa ceiba camino dunia. Don't forget your share of this material

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world. Don't forget your share of making yourself utilizing your wealth for the sake of your own comfort and needs nothing wrong with regard to it. But open flaunting of wealth. What does he do? Our alumni have told us it creates and it makes the people who are poor feel deprived. It created it creates distress. It arouses bitterness. It arouses bitterness, definitely a cream sauce alum. Toad has a Mojave Jebel when he was going towards Yemen, or was yakata not in Nevada law. He leads to Bill Montana in Omaha stay away from a very ostentatious way of living. The servants of Allah are not given to an ostentatious way of living, to calling speaking about this creating button a button

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as I said, move data. Chemotherapy was money came many years back to South Africa. And in one talk, I was with him. And he related one amazing incident. He said when I was small, they grew up in the village of diomande. So they were not you know, they were people who grew up and they were born in Durban moved into kiss up and move to a few move to the case of went away to Pakistan at the age of five, five or six. So in the early years, he grew up in Diovan because that was his father's home village. So he said that once we were invited to a very great alum by the name of Manas said as Dr. Hussain shahzeb. He was known as Mia sub. So he said after we had you know eaten we as young people

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who said we will make it much we will take away the the you know the table and we will clear the tablecloth. So, Mia sub said Do you know how to clear the tablecloth and said what is it to clear the tablecloth we will take the plates and we will clean up and he said What will you do? He said we will take the fruit that we have the peels of the fruit we will take it and we will put in the dustbin. So do you know what one essential SAP told him? He said, don't take out those peels and put it in the local dustbin. So he said why he said the people of our community can't afford fruits. When they see the peels of the fruit, they will feel hurt.

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Take that take this fruits and the peels of the fruit wrap it up and going through it at a distance so that people don't feel bitterness, and then don't feel deprived because they can't afford it. Stay away from flaunting of your wealth where you create an arouse bitterness, and you create a sense of depravity amongst the people who cannot afford it. This is what we are supposed to do. And very importantly,

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brothers we are we are we are going to live in this country. How many how many percentage of the people who are there who can afford to go out and go and make themselves and go abroad to go in, you know, go and stay somewhere else. 2% 3% How many people majority 5% 95% of the people who are Muslims here are going to stay in this country. Now if you are going to stay in this country, you have to make yourself you have to make and play your role with regard to making this place the best of places so that you can live together with harmony with the people who around you. And that is an aspect that we have to keep in mind. So if you are going to stay here in this country, what do you

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do? You can only speak about the problems. I mean, you can only speak about the situation that is in this country. What is your role in being amongst those who create a solution to the problems? When you look at our our DNA, our DNA our never made mentioned that you always look at the problems. Islam has taught us that you must be solution oriented, you can talk about the problems till the cows come home, start talking about the solutions. What is your What is your effort? And what is your role in creating a solution to the problems that are facing the country? And then when we look at Islamic history, we find enough solutions we find that Muslims have found themselves in similar

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type of situations. What do they do? The first thing Yes, we have to create an environment for ourself and our children in which we remain steadfast upon the deed we cannot compromise on our Deen. You have to make arrangements with regard to the steadfastness of Deen for yourself and your family members never take this to be likely. It was Hazzard jacoba Lee Salatu was Salam. O Allah Allah says in the first part of the Holy Quran, I'm kuntum shuhada is Hydra jacoba

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mode, where you present when jacoba Salatu. Salam was in the final moments of his life when he was under, you know about to depart from this world. What did he do is Heather is Cordelia Penny Mata Poonam embody All My Children who are you gonna worship after I pass away?

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Who are you gonna worship after I pass away? I asked you this question who is asking this question my dear respected brothers, and maybe of Allah, whose father was an epi of Allah. As a documentary salons father was his alkalyn salaam. His grandfather was Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa sallam.

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His son is Yusuf alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, and he is asking his children who are you going to worship after I pass away?

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What is the state of your Eman going to be? With we are going to remain in this country it is essential for us to make the necessary steps to see that human remains in our children. That's one. The second thing is whenever we look at history, whenever Muslims had come in any place, there was one aspect that was formant and dominant in the way, they always kept a good relationship of kindness, sympathy, and helping the people the local people of the land in which they remained. Whenever they kept to that Allah Allah kept them steadfast and Allah Allah kept that kept them in that land, whenever they left that Allah subhanho wa Taala expel them from that land. When the

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Muslims came into Spain, go and look at the history. You know, the rodrick, whose daughter was abused by the king of Spain called the Muslims to help him. They came into Spain, they were welcomed by the locals. Because the Muslims came with a different mindset into Spain. They came with a mindset that we are going to help the people of Spain who had underwent a great amount of oppression and injustice from the rulers of that particular time. Muslims were welcomed, they were welcomed for 800 years. That day, they started in a way where the local people, when they turned away, were not worried about the local people they got involved in their own wealth in their own squabbles of

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power. Then what happened the very same people who welcome there many centuries back those very same people, expel them and kill them.

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As if it was money I gave a talk recently in in UK and I last night, I took the very same transcript of his talk and I I wrote it down I said let me share that with people. As a student of Dean says Mufti Taqi whose money it is necessary to know the psychology, social social culture of the local people whom you are living with, they problems they mentality, they thought and work to remedy the end to provide solutions with regard to a particular type of difficulties. When are we going to start doing that it has been the history of Muslims whenever they went

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you know, I recently there was a brother who came here from Sri Lanka Maulana Fazal, he was someone who was a good he said, manana, we were so well established in silica. We had everything that you could ever think of. We had, you know, freedom of religion, we had everything. Then a right wing group started creating enmity and hostility against the Muslims in the national press. We answer one, there's another particular type of situation that came our visibility, which we took pride in in Sri Lanka became a problem for us. They started saying you are cultural invaders in this land, you are not part of this land, you bring about things from other other countries, and you keep your

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own particular state, you are not loyal to the land in which you are living in. He said, everything changed to such an extent that we had to make fatwas that don't dress in a manner that you are, you are so visible that people look upon you in a in a in a way that is suspicious.

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When are we going to be able to sit? And remember there is a strong link to this. I'm trying to show you that. When are we going to be a part of this solution and only took a when are we going to be I know that sometimes we can say that yet the problem is so big we don't have we don't have the means to be able to provide solutions. But at least start thinking in that direction. Start playing your role. There is such a strong link. There is such a strong link in Islam, between our Deen and a social conscious conscience. There is such a strong link or at least the UK will be deemed Have you seen those who deny religion? Have you seen those who deny religion? Now you and I our understanding

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of religion, maybe the next if we would have felt maybe the next it is those who deny religion who do not read namaz who do not read Salah who do not make Zika What did Allah Allah says, for their legal team to Allah Tamil miskeen it is those who repel the orphans and we do not encourage the feeding of the poor. There are 6.7 million people who are unemployed in this country. Have we thought about it

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have we given it a thought?

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They are, according to one set 870 million people in this world every day go and sleep hungry. 870 million people go and sleep hungry every day. Sahaba said when nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam came from Mecca to Medina. And when he came, you know, when he came into Medina people want to do and listen. People like a buildability salam, who has read in the scriptures in the last interview of Allah will come and he will migrate. Right? People like that. All of them as at salmaan efrc, who was looking and he had searched for the last prophet and someone told him go to Medina, the last prophet of Allah will come there. So when Kareem saw Selim came to Medina, where everyone

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was very keen to listen, What is his name? He who has migrated from Mecca to Medina, what is going to tell them? Those Sahaba who went to listen to him saw slum said, when we came to listen to him, saw Selim, his first talk, his first message, yeah, you were nervous, of Shu Salam. Mo Tom was single or ham was soluable layli, oneness when he said who agenda be salam, O people, spread the Salam amongst you spread peace amongst people.

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Keep good with your relatives, feed the poor, feed the poor, and keep yourself also steadfast upon Dean rizzolatti. In the early hours of the morning when people are sleeping, Allah will keep you peaceful year, Allah will put you into genda

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maybe you can you can see right we don't have the means to be able to do so. At least have kindness and compassion to the people who are going through difficulty Marana Scalia has suggested no money matters he lolly. He makes mentioned he said, I used to see my father My father was a very great Muslim manana. Manzano Money Matters he lolly, he came to South Africa, I think, in the 1968, or 769, varnamo did, and I read some of his, you know, his travels when he was here, he gave very valuable lessons and wisdom to the people of South Africa. He said, My father used to have an amazing thing I used to see about him, he used to say he used to leave home. And amongst the family

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members, he used to smile, he used to be happy, he used to be cheerful. When he left the home, I used to see him the moment he got onto the streets of the country. All of a sudden, I could see that there was a change in his facial expressions. I saw that he was said, he was like, worried he was anxious. So So one day I asked him, I said, Oh, my father, I see when you leave the house, you are cheerful, you are happy. And then when you go on the streets, I see all of a sudden you are full of anxiety full of anxiousness, you are sad, what is the reason? He said, when I go and I see the problems of the people, of course, at the time and maybe today also, they still a great amount of

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poverty in India. When I look at the poverty of the people, I look at the people who are sitting as beggars on the streets, you know, I feel hurt with regard to the situation. And then I in that particular situation, I changed my facial expressions change. I feel I feel, you know, ashamed that I can help them. The most I can do is to make dua, and every person I see in difficulty I make dua for them, who will open up his way for him. Allah granted prosperity in this world in the after. What what what what life is those people who are staying on the streets? What lies do they have? What life Do they have, they've got no family to go back to, they got no shelter to go back to have

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we ever given it some thought that only you can help them to the extent of giving them any shelter, country the spare a smile to them, Congress make a door for them, Allah they are unemployed you Allah give them some sort of

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Allah give them some sort of happiness.

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When when are we going to be part of the solution, rather than always complaining with regard to the aspect of and this is, remember, in a in an in a when you are together in an entire togetherness, you rise together or you fall together? There is no way you can be in in an ice in an island of prosperity in a sea of poverty. Either you rising together or you're going to fall together. One day the disgruntlement of the people who are in poverty are going to come and impact upon you. Therefore we have this beautiful saying that when Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed you with something. Don't make your fences longer, make your tables longer.

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Don't make your faces long fences longer to stay away from the people make your tables longer to be able to interact with the people to help to the best of your ability to the best of your extent. That is what something was established. You see when our beloved nebia cream sauce let me let me conclude with this. You know we can go and give many other when our beloved Nivea cream sauce silom started off his message. When he started off giving the message of Islam What did he say? What did he tell the people on the amount of suffer? Oh people if I have to tell you that there is an army behind me. Would you agree Would you accept me

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What I'm saying? Would you accept in what I'm saying that there is an army behind me? What did they say? They said, Yeah, oh Muhammad, we have still spent 40 years of our life with you. We have never ever heard you speaking lies. If you have to tell us that there's an army behind this mountain that is waiting to take us. We will we will accept what you are saying. After he established his credentials as a person of honesty, a person of integrity, a person of kindness and compassion. A person who was truthful, then maybe aquarium saw slim said Hulu La ilaha illAllah tofu. Oh people, c'est la ilaha illa Allah you will be successful.

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If you want to make an impact. First, start establishing establishing your credential as people of integrity. People have honesty. And of course we know about the corruption that is endemic in our country. In every particular type of problem there is an opportunity here is an opportunity for us to rise above the muck of corruption to rise above the muck of what is happening with this honesty and this integrity and a whole lot of problems. Now, there is an opportunity for you to rise above the muck to be able to show what our beloved Navy saw silom established. establish your credentials as a person who is who's honest, who's a man of integrity, a man of kindness and men of compassion,

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then inshallah you will be part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem. And Islam has always come to be part of the solution, not to be part of the problem. May Allah give us a topic of minimal

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