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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history and impact of Islam in South Africa, including the rise of Islam in the late 1800s and the deification of wealth and position. The transcript also touches on the deification of deification and protecting one's Islam while sitting, as well as the deification of deification and the importance of protecting one's Islam while sitting. The segment ends with a reference to a woman named Emma who was deactivated by the deification of her deification.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah YAHWAH wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala Devi Avada a mother to follow the villa Umina shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem here

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where you submit Akadama como said Allah Allah Zeum.

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My dear respected elders and brothers.

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From time to time we speak about great personalities of the past with the intention of being inspired and motivated by the exemplary lifestyle and the exemplary achievements. Today I want to speak about a Sahabi who is amongst the Ashara MOBA Shara. And perhaps I would not be wrong in saying out of all the Ashara MOBA Shara. He is the one that perhaps we know the least about. He is salaried. It is surreal. It is alien to the Ultra. A very remarkable human being. Maybe a Kareem saw some sent 10 People gave them glad tidings of Jannah and one of them was stayed hidden, he said, and he was amongst the ashtray MOBA Shara. His father was a very remarkable human being Zaid evening,

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Omar evening who failed his father and Hatha the father of humara. The alta mohatta was his uncle. So say dibny. Zaid was the cousin of humara Viola that I know and later on, he got married to the sister of Amara via Lutheran home. So he became the brother in law humara the Allahu Terrano I'm locked in for work 10 Sahaba kebari Me Ambien kurta, or AHJ mages Azim Shahzad khirbat Baron about Karneval Carnevale Oh, who ashrama mashallah mistaken as let's say dibny Sadie, on keyworded Zaidan eight Max Max Zeus Shan quality. He was a very amazing human being. Let me tell you why he was amazing. Zeytinburnu Omar Ibni no fail.

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He used to criticize the Quraysh about the idol worshipping. He used to say what you are doing he is wrong.

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And he should say that we are supposed to follow

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the deen of Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam and this what you are doing is not the way of Hassan Ibrahim Alayhi salaatu wa Salaam. One of the things that he used to do was he used to tell them one day he was in a gathering where maybe a cream sauce and a mask. And maybe a cream sauce them didn't at that time didn't have prophethood but maybe a cream sauce lamb never used to eat the meat that used to be slaughtered in the name of the idols. So now we saw some stood away from it. And say even Omar even knew Phil also stood away from it. And he told the people he said, you know you slaughtering an animal. The animal was brought up by Allah. It was fed with grain that came from

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Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and yet you go and slaughter it in the name of your idols. How can you do so? Therefore nine the Holy Quran in the a two part of the Holy Quran tell us for Kurumi Marzuki Ross moolah he is he In Kuntum Aya to him in him anyways you slaughter in the name of Allah if you are believers. We can't eat animals which are not slaughtered in the name of Almighty Allah it is haram.

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So this is what he realized before being before the time of Islam said how can you slaughter animals which are not in the name of Islam? Right. So anyway, yes, ADB O'Meara, it may fail, just say the music quality, on on a mushrik in case some shifts in care on kerkia or concave, far, far facet, a chi ki Madame McKee. Now one of the things that he used to do was when he used to see people going too slow, you know, bury their daughters alive. He used to when approached them and said how can you bury your daughters alive? If you can look after these daughters and if you can look after them, I will look after them.

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And you used to take them and look after the daughters. They after when they used to get off Ah, he used to tell them if you want to. I will give them back to you but if you don't want them I will continue looking after them.

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The skin you imagine that to look after someone who is oppressed, it's a natural human phenomenon. Even before Islam, this person had that conscience, that righteousness that he couldn't bear. Someone burying their daughters alive and used to say Don't bury your daughter's eye our look after them. If ever we ever situation after Islam, our Islam is supposed to further develop the situation. If you see someone in difficulty, you see someone who is not looked after Queen try and help them. This is the least that you can do with your email this person before bringing before Islam he used to do this. So imagine or no more rude but Chiaki is in the GI zinter Here Bachata where jinko xinda

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xinda Their goal kiya jata on qualidade security taking up Mary Hawala corridor up in Kolkata, Nakuru mancha Johanna, dig, dig Volcarona this is something that is so amazing. Now this was the father of Sadie's eight so he was looking for the truth. While looking for the truth. He went to Sham all the time sham was the markers of religion, it was the markers of religion, so he went to Sham and he said let me go and find the truth. So there the people there told him were you coming for the truth to Sham? Up was McKellar Zhao nebbia through salmon and aqua data have

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you happening? So he went to Sham he went to Syria to find out the truth. And when he went to go and find out the truth they told him what are you coming to find out the truth year? Go to Mackay McCallum as a last name you often lie supposed to come go and find him there. On his way he was attacked. And on his deathbed he made a Jeep dua, he made a DWAI he said Oh Allah, I could not be upon the truth, but do not deprive my son that time said in his aid was just born to not deprive my son from being upon the truth. Let him bring a man upon the truth.

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And his son became amongst the ashtray MOBA, SHA, Allah ma have written the power of the dua of the parent. Now via Karim saw selamat said three people's doors are not rejected. To add Bok duart Miyota will miss a while it ain't good. We're up never check out man. Say dibny Zaid was amongst those who may do what Almighty Allah Allah I'm not going to see the last prophet of Almighty Allah I came I went to Sham to go and search for the truth. And they told me to go back to Makkah, I'm coming back to Makkah, I'm going to lose my life but don't deprive my son from becoming a muslim. Let him bring him on. Allah Tala except it is. Therefore the dua of the of the world today on the

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Brothers is very, very important. We must make dua for our children on a regular basis. Rabbana habla Minas Virgina want to react in our Kurata you know via cream sola while he was still in a letter says the battle rap man, the pious bonds gonna fall mighty Allah, they make dua for the parents and they make dua for the children, they make dua for the spouses and the dua of the parent is very seldom rejected Allah subhanho wa Taala as a smarter the Allahu Taala says I saw Sahid Zeytinburnu Omar even in a no fail the father of Satanism, sitting on the Kaaba and telling the people of Makkah or people of Makkah, you are supposed to follow you are supposed to follow the deen

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of Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam. You are not following. I am perhaps one of the very few in Makkah, who is following the deen of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, he passed away. He is some way to ask maybe a cream sauce cinnamon, Yara Sula. What is going to happen to my father? Will hockey Talaash Madame de hacer la guanica karma karma karma Zhao kyuki NaVi Haskins, Aman ki Ahmed Kawakita Shamcey Ottoway in kinda Kalwa on Hornet Murthy a walkie talkie e Allah marry beta co HOXA Maharana Karna receita Raha

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or Islam kitec a while he didn't get wha but check your hochma Behati zyada mafia now, in this particular way, Hadith Maha it comes in a hadith that say decide when asked Nebia cream sauce lumea Rasulullah what is going to happen to my father? He didn't bring a man he died before Islam, but he was upon the deen of Ibrahim alayhis salam Do you know what maybe a cream sauce them said? Maybe a cream sauce Lim said on the day of Tiamat when the people will come under the prophets. Under the prophets. Your father will come alone as one moment.

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Your father will come alone is one moment

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One moment and many times when I will say this hummed cake had me hyperkinetic Yakuza we are one what can we do? This one man one man will come as one but

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whatever you can do is one person don't say I am one What can I do? Jakob Kirche de Goya Krishna push the Queen do whatever you can. Someone one day asked and said we are so small

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we are so small we are so insignificant. What can we do? So someone replied and said, Go and sleep in a room with a mosquito

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could sleep in a room with a mosquito and then say how small is a mosquito what can you do? It will make you sleep that one small mosquito. You are one you can do much going do whatever you want. This one men

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himself said he will appear before natal on the day of karma is one on one. He will give go alone as one Ahmed SubhanAllah. So this was a father of sidedness aid. So according to the his dua when the reoccurring saw Salah announced his prophethood so he didn't his aid became a Muslim at the age of 12.

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One of the the very first people to accept Islam so he didn't say then he got married to Fatima the Allah Tala Anna, the sister who Medina Fatah. Right now they were they were the amongst the foremost to accept Islam, the first amongst the foremost couples who accept Islam. Now you would recall and everyone knows this incident. Maria loutra, who sets out to kill them via cream sauce. And as he is going right immediately, Abdullah looking at the determination of Emirati Allah said, over Where are you going? You look very determined. Today I'm going to kill Muhammad. I'm going to assassinate Muhammad, he has caused differences in our community, and I'm going to kill him. So no, I am when he

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saw the determination. He was a Muslim, but he was still not didn't make mention with regard to it. He said, Why are you worried about Muhammad going take care of your own family? So he said, What do you mean? He said your sister and brother in law have accepted Islam? So Omar, are they allowed to turn his anger away from the vehicle himself, Sullivan went to the house of his sister. And when he gave her body the earth reveal now Tron who was teaching Islam to Fatima and Sadie when he said, he heard the memory, and he knocked on the door, and they allowed him and the moment he came, he started beating.

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He started beating his sister, and he started beating this very sad, he said, who was one of the ashtray Mashallah. And while beating them up, his sister was also after all, the sister of Omar. And she said, Omar, you can beat us up to one. We have accepted accepted Islam, and we will not turn away from Islam. You can do whatever you want. If you are Omar, and you got your own determination for the sake of battle, we also your same family, we got our determination for the sake of Huck.

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When you saw the bleeding face of his,

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his sister, he could not bear it anymore. So he said, Tell me what you were reading. They said no, we can't read make you really go make boo. allowed to know when to make resume. And when he went to make those who they gave him the Quran, he read the first page of surah Taha and when he came to the verse in nanny, and Allahu La ilaha illa anaphor about me, I am Allah, don't worship anyone besides me, I am your Creator, worship only one Allah subhanho wa Taala

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as a woman whose whole life changed over the years, he was an amazing person. He was determined, whatever He took upon himself, he was determined upon that, when he was on battle, he was determined upon Barton, when he became on hockey became determined, and is completely, you know, steadfast upon Huck. He said, Take me to Muhammad.

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I want to accept Islam. He is Islam was the result of the determination and the sacrifice of his sister, and the very same person who we are talking about the brother in law, so he didn't he said, viola, they became the means of his Islam.

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Now was incubated assayed subsidiary Islam cabal Karneval meseta on henna, Ana, Omar key Ben Fatima said nokia nokia. Yeah, he would do notae Joma Viola with Ron Okay, Islam lanica suberb burner. They were the ones who became the means the moment humara the Alta Who said I'm going to accept Islam, kebab roti Ultra No, because of Amara the Ultron was anger with hidden away in one part of the house. He came out and said Mubarak to you Omar. Congratulations be upon your Omar Nebia Kareem saw Selim just used to make dua Allah He

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Islam help Islam through the mean of amarinth nipa sham Abu Jamal or Marina Hatha Allah Allah has accepted this Dr. europea.

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So Marathi Allah Tala became a Muslim because of the steady Sadie please aid now stereotypies aid amongst his very great qualities one of his qualities, my dear respected brothers was his sacrifice, and he was a Mujahid admin. He was a person who used to strive and he used to, you know, be in the forefront with regard to all the battles that took place in the time of maybe a Kareem Salah Salem, and the earlier Caliph caliphate. In every battle, he took part except the Battle of bada. And why that battle of butter he didn't take part because maybe occurring sauce lamb sent him to scout, where the parade shoe attacking the Muslim trade caravans, so he was on a scouting mission, and he

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didn't take part in the Battle of butter. But when he returned, maybe a cream sauce from counted him amongst those who took part in the Battle of butter. He used to be amongst those who used to be the first to attack in every better. He used to surround our beloved creme Salado cinnamon. He used to be very, very brave in the battle Frank. So what a majority or worker NEMA Balcatta used to be the first to attack well, and of course, you must keep in mind that Muslims are always outnumbered. So in him being amongst the first to attack in the beginning stages of Islam, he used to have exceptional courage. And that continued even in a time of the Sahaba CrownBet one hula hit in the

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Battle of Yarmouk under, you know, the Battle of Yarmouk was a very famous battle. So that time, Muslims are 20 24,000 in number the enemy 140 440 150,004 or five times the number of that of the Muslims. So, during the course of the battle, he told Abu Zubaydah Ibni Jarrah, who was the commander of Abu Zubaydah, I am determined today I'm going to be martyred. I am determined today I want to get I want to sacrifice my life for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. For the sake of deal, I'm going to meet our beloved Livia cream sauce alum, that if I'm going to meet nivia, Kareem saw selama tell me what message I must give. What message of yours I must give. So Aveda Edna

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Gerardo the ultimo set an amazing thing. He says sorry, if you are martyred, go and give me a cream sauce lamb salaams and tell the reoccurring saw Selim, whatever maybe acronym SOS told us and He promised us we have seen it coming through and what didn't we saw some promise you will conquer the Roman Empire, you will conquer the Persian Empire. We saw the Promise of Allah Tala coming through. We are seeing this we are fighting against empires. And Allah Allah is giving us victory Subhan Allah. But Allah Tala didn't understand that He must die in that particular battle. So he continued, and then he was amongst those who was in the forefront of the conquest of Damascus. So when he

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conquered Damascus, he was among the main people. So O'Meara the Allahu Ron who made him the leader of Damascus. When only up Nebuchadnezzar Jenga year mukana Keisha Bedelia, he was Mujahideen Jin Kahakai damask fatawa or has an alma Ravi Ala Moana Hoon on Ko dimished ka Amira, Benaiah or Maka rokeya. Now a person who his whole life has been in the in the battlefield, he used to say that he used to say this very amazing thing with regard to the better. He used to say to be covered in dust in the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is better than all the good deeds, even if you get the the life of a sudden Valley salatu salam to be covered in dust in the path of Almighty Allah

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subhanho wa Taala is greater than all good deeds. So the person who has been in the battlefield, he became the Amir of Damascus. Now that time, out of all the places that the Muslims conquered, Damascus was the foremost in terms of civilization.

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They had a very glorious civilization, beautiful buildings that people used to dress very well. So when you know, Sadie, please he saw this for a while he was Amir he couldn't bear it. So you wrote tomorrow, the ultra this life of luxuries was not for me. But the time you read this letter, this letter reaches you. I'm leaving my position and I'm coming back to Madina. Munawwara here Mazzone Osaka.

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Yeah, Aramco is in the game with Sony or Santa. Others can we imagine a person just completely today for we we compete for wealth and luxury, we compete for positions. All this is happening in South Africa all the fitna is because of everyone wanting wealth, everyone wanting positions. Yeah, men hated positions and he threw it away and said, I don't want to become the leader. What is all this luxury? I'm not used to this luxury. He came back to Madina Munawwara

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Now we have to keep in mind, there is nothing wrong in us achieving wealth, accumulating wealth but for the right reasons. But accumulating and wanting wealth is not the objective. Allah Tala says in the Holy Quran fella to whom Allah Allah to whom in nama you read Allah holy you asked him on behalf in hierarchy dunya don't ever admire the wealth and children of other people who are on button. How many times when I will do it, look at how the non Muslims are living. Look at how the people who have battled a living Allah says don't be taken aback by the wealth and the children. Allah Tala wishes to punish them because of that.

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Allah is not giving them as much as a favor Allah is punishing them because of that. If you get wealth in the right way, what happened? hamdulillah but if you get it in the wrong way, would that is not an AMA. It is not a favor. It isn't.

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How do we explain this today, this kidnapping that is happening today in our communities, all because of love for wealth. For the sake of love for wealth, you can go in take a small, innocent child and put it through such trauma. Here now why why do you love Well, so much? I mean, our Sahaba showed the head welding they rejected it. We don't want the zindagi we want the zindagi we want a life of Islam. We want the life of Hockin truth. If only we can understand this brothers, and on this particular is not a time for me to speak. But brothers each and every one must make dua and let us protect us and protect our children. Protect the children of each and every one for people to go

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through this trauma isn't Azzam and we can sit back and say we can't do anything about it. Come us come to autocorrect let us try and think of ways to be able to stop it.

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How long do we just sit back and be amongst those who just accept us? At least let us make dua every morning everyone must make dua for the children. This millerhill Idealia guru mice Misha Allah for summer every morning three times three times in the evening Yakubu seven times blow upon your children and your grandchildren and let Allah protect them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala let us think of ways and means to put a stop to this how maybe a little I would put it in our minds how to do it. So as a Sadie Museo de Altano rejected the Emirate of Damascus, he came home and in the sun 51 Hijiri. He passed away and he is buried in Madina Munawwara he showed us that the most important

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thing is human. The most important thing is our deen in terms of Allah Hyun soo can help the dean of Almighty Allah Allah Allah will help you.

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Help the deen of Allah Allah Allah.

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and let us make Dwight enjoy this beautiful words. Allah mahfuz Nabeel Islamia Emma was made with Islam, Emma was Nabeel Islam Iraqi. Allah protect us upon Islam while sitting when sleeping while standing. Allah give us Deen because there is no greater than our deen well through the Awana

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