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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of public holiday, the day of reconciliation, and companionship is highlighted in these segments. forgiveness is emphasized as a right to which one is entitled to, but it is also a rite of passage. Conscious forgiveness is an option for those who caused harm to themselves and others, and it is an option for those who caused harm to themselves. The use of forgiveness as a rite of passage is also discussed, and the importance of bringing together issues and making a positive impact is emphasized. The segment ends with a request for participants to participate in a future video and a lesson on not losing faith in oneself and not trusting anyone.
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Before we start I will just make a humble request if there's any space that is in front of you please fill in that space because our common law come forward one time

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah Azza

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wa Jalla if we buy the Potala T was salat wa salam O Allah.

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He wouldn't want to sleep while he was happy was the limiter Sleeman kathira

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Covina Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem waynebow if at any minute Minato fastly obey No sir Hello

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my dear respected elders and brothers.

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Today as we are aware in our country, we have a public holiday which is entitled The day of reconciliation. So, I felt that given the name and the reason why there is this

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day of public holiday, I will speak on the subject. Together with that we are also aware of the critical situation in Syria and inshallah we will touch upon that also in sha Allah. Firstly, the aspect that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has made us social beings. Allah subhana wa Taala has made us creatures who need

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to interact with one another and to be able to have companionship with one another. This is such a need

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that even add Emily Salatu was Salam in Jana Adam la Salatu was Salam in Jana was in Jenna, paradise, all limits all favors, but even they he required companionship, and he asked Allah Allah grant me a companion to give me companionship. This is such a need of humankind. As masala had Kadena Jamelia to see Manasa Casa hombu siko Caribbean Caribbean or Allah subhanho wa Taala in Santo coopersmith Mila Julian or musala here in San kisara him or he is the rue de sa Chiara Melissa to a Salaam Jana, those Metallica uno Nabi Allah Allah said wa monkey Allah Jonathan mo Jacqui Sharif, Sharif Nana Kwame musavat Kalia Queen, Queen aqui kwena Quito so Allah subhanho wa Taala has made

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this a reality that we need someone to be easy to interact to have companionship with. Now one of the drawbacks with regard to companionship is one of the drawbacks why we need companionship we need interaction, we are social beings. One of the drawbacks is that from time to time, you are going to have difference of opinion. From time to time you're going to have disputes from time to time you are going to have arguments, this is a reality. Like while companionship and interaction is necessary. This is also a reality that from time to time, you are going to have difference of opinion disputes as humans. How do you deal with this? How do you deal with it? After Smith? Jeff

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busaba durata they can make knocks on your head cap as Mick Jagger out and as Lou Kasama became number two he preaches to sam kista rossana by how do we deal with this? What am I have written? The first aspect with regard to arguments in dispute is to walk away from an argument. Stay away from arguments. Don't get involved in arguments as far as possible.

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As far as possible, don't get involved in an argument. When the time comes. You feel that there is yeah if I'm going to go there is going to be arguments walk away from it. In a family situation. You have to attend certain type of things you know that there is tension rising. The conversation is moving in a direction that is not good. Walk away from the other

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Humans walk away from places of arguments and dispute a line the Quran has told us what he thought about booja hironaka who said that when the ignorant engage you in argument, don't get involved in that argument. Carlos Salama say Peace be upon you. You're on your way beyond my way and move away from them. This is what the Quran salamati is Jaeger Akiva? Was it

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just a prank Italia? Kj MacPro? jata. Corsica was a challenge. Oh, I'll give you an example of how to stay away from an argument. And sometimes people can provoke you. Shy Smile Shaheed Rama colalillo, one of our great scholars. One day he was giving a talk and during the course of his talk, someone abused him. Someone abused him in such a manner and said that you are an illegitimate child. I don't want to use the English word with regard to it, or to make it up harami you are an illegitimate child, shy smell shade Rahmatullah instead of being provoked. What did he reply? He said, I've never heard sooner you have heard the wrong. The evidence for my parents nikka still

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alive, go and ask them.

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Marry Valentin Kanika go up, took me to the jacuzzi puja. I'm not an illegitimate child, my parents nikka has been witnessed by someone and that nikka the witnesses are still alive when asked. So as far as possible, we don't get involved in an argument. We don't bring ourselves down to the level of people who abused us, many times people who are abused, they reflect the inner self rather than they reflect you. So the first aspect with regard to whenever we find ourself in a situation, then we stay in walk away from an argument as far as possible. The second aspect of what Allah has taught us is, consider unilateral withdrawal.

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When there is an argument there is a dispute consider unilateral withdrawal this move away from there. It's difficult, but it is extremely rewarding. Nivea cream sauce alum has spoken highly about the person who walks away from an argument. And this hadith should always be in our mind when we talk about the aspect of interaction and the aspect of arguments disputes. And as a moon debating fee versatil Jenna lemon takamura.

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It is an additional Buddhahood that may be occurring. While he was so limited. I guarantee a house in the middle of Jenna for a person who walks away from an argument while he's correct. I guarantee a house in the middle of Jannah. For a person who walks away from an argument while he is correct, Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant him such a great reward, sometimes consider unilock withdrawn because in that there is it's not a matter of sometimes of right and wrong Allah tala will decide who is right and wrong. Sometimes you are withdrawing because of the reward Allah has promised you not to bring further stress upon yourself. So it's an option that sometimes we choose not to ignore,

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but there are many benefits with regard to it. Sometimes another option that you can use with regard to this method is when these disputes and arguments is led to compromise, this is also another option that we have to deal with, in terms of how to deal with an argument in dispute. And a letter in the Holy Quran has referred to this option by saying was sold Ohio

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compromise his hair, it is good, what is compromise, compromise means you give and take. So, you have a particular you are to feel you are entitled to something, but you take less than what you are entitled to for the sake of a compromise and for the sake of reaching an agreement. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention of soul and compromise is something that is good, it is one option that you could also consider, right. So this is now all the aspects of it talking about reconciliation, in terms of how to this how to bring about an end to disputes and arguments how to deal with your arguments and disputes and difference of opinion. Then of course, one of the other

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aspects sometimes is you should consider this as an option that you forgive the party who have wronged someone has done you wrong, you feel you are entitled with regard to the wrong that he has done you are entitled to something but you forego that and let me give you the definition of forgiveness which is very important. Forgiveness is a right to which you are entitled to

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have Hey Joe, up

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lekan up master Tito, Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah says Sahaba hustle

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So he said right that you are entitled to, but you forego it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala for the sake of gaining rewards from Almighty Allah subhana wa tada

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tato jonita angrezi mokai mebo scalea genetica zamin home johaug

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giedre Cuba hamartia Yeah, bossa nova dreams also Natasha was at michelia Janet casamino johaug Quixote when

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I was a teenager, so this aspect is very important. Now forgiveness is a rite which I intend to look at how Allah has made mention of it in the Quran, we're just say here to say here to Mithra someone has done you wrong, you are entitled to do that much wrong. In that sense, he has taken your 100 grand you can go and take back his undergrad.

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He has done you something you are entitled to, to bring about equality with regard to what he has done to you. But for men alpha Lucha for Hydra who Allah but he who forgives and reconciles his utter and reward is with Allah tala. Taku acabo de taqwa. And if you forgive, it is closer towards taqwa. And there are many examples with regard to it. So this aspect, how to forgive increased time brothers, we need all these aspects because we fight so much. And Latin America's mouth with regard to whether it be parents and children, whether it be husband and wife, whether it be people in the community say Masjid all the time, today, we are hearing more of this truth than ever before. So

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they say this husband and wife are one day fighting. So when they were fighting, they were going on they had to go to a function, they had to go to some important function. So they were driving, but at the same time, they were not communicating with one another, they will not speak into one another. And many times you'll find that when the husband and wife are not speaking to another small child which or he becomes the intermediary mother will tell him he said, Go to ask your father if he wants to eat or not. When as your father if he wants to eat or not. The father will say whatever you want to say I'm not in a mood of eating no your mother wants to know that I don't want to eat now

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they were sitting in a world waiting and they were arguing. So they will procross by you know a group of donkeys that were there.

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So, as they cross this group of donkeys that they were there, the husband said relative of yours

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relative of yours. So the wife said yes my in laws.

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Today we find this aspects all the time equity. So you know now how do we do forgiveness is also an option. And this is an option which Allah subhana wa tada nebby chose. When Kareem Sam came to MCI, MCI Rama, in front of him were people who had done the most worse of things that could have ever been done to a human being. They had been the ones who had thrown phones on the path of our beloved navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They were responsible for chewing and mutilating the body of his uncle.

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There were those who are responsible for the death of our beloved Nivea cream sauce from his daughter. What great type of persecution and oppression did not meet our beloved nivia cream sauce. They placed him testings upon his body on his back while he was in siesta and ruku all of that they did. And when our beloved maybe a cream sauce alum had full control to do whatever he wants with them. And maybe a cream sauce alum found them in front of them. And he asked them, What do you expect? What do you feel? How should I treat you on how I'm going to teach you? They said we expect kindness and compassion from such a great human being. Let me occur himself. Sam said, Let the three

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ballet pumilio go I have forgiven you. There is no reproach your fellow. Allah forgive you, I have forgiven you. There were certain people who are exempted from the general amnesty. And this Give me an example of maybe occurring sausage forgiveness. One of them was

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those who had been responsible for taking the life of people. They were exempted from this amnesty, something that's African government should have perhaps heeded. So in this particular aspect, they were exempted. But even then one of them who was exempted was

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because he had been the cause of the killing and the taking of the life of few people. One of them was the daughter of our beloved Libya cream sauce from that he injured her to such an extent that she fell down from the camera. She aborted the child that she was getting. And then later on that particular wound was the result and resulted to her losing her life after a while, but found himself in a moment of privacy and he went to me and said, Oh Muhammad, I know that you are kind I know you are compassionate. I have done this wrong. I know that I have done wrong. I am remorseful and regretful and forgive me, let me a cream sauce him despite the fact that he was exempt from the

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amnesty via cream sauce. Oh, forgive him.

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The one who was responsible for his own daughter's death. This is what our beloved

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has done. This is what we should try and aspire towards. But of course bear in mind, it's a rite that you are entitled to. If you choose that route, no one can blame you. But if you do it, Allah subhanho wa Taala will reward you. It is more closer towards taqwa. It is more closer towards piety. many examples in my Maliki Anasazi Allahu anhu was was punished by the ruler and the leader of his time, right because he differed on a masala on an issue. And he was told that he must be then afterwards a punishment must be he was must be put on an animal He must be paraded in front of people that he had gone against the halifa. Right. This was so called his dishonouring. But people

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as they saw Maliki, Anna's coming they started becoming very agitated. And they rent towards him out of respect and honor. And the halifa had to undo what he had done thinking that he is going to this honor Mr. Malik Malik Rahim Allah as he was going insane. Oh people remember I'm Malika bananas. Those who know me know me those who don't know me. Bear in mind I'm Malika bananas Rahim Allah May Allah Allah Felice cover was more. And remember, no one must do anything with regard to this person, the wherever has done me wrong, I have forgiven him. So this is another aspect. And a very important point, my dear respect for others is to bring surah amongst people. You know, disputes are no

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ordinary matter. As far as possible, we should reconcile. As a community we should bring people together. disputes are no ordinary matter. Allah says Well, I

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don't dispute with one another Allah, Allah will take away your strength. Allah will make you weak, Allah will make you cowards. This is individually and collectively, individually also you will become weak, your family will become weak, your community will become weaker, the weaker inshallah Allah he was. The one day was coming to tell the people with regard to the precise night he was coming to tell the people the precise night of labor through color. And then he saw two people fighting because of that aplicaci Rahmatullah Lee writes that maybe a cream sauce lamb so two people fighting because of that Allah tala lifted that elemental the day of

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you said because of two people fighting Allah subhanho wa Taala deprive the Ummah of the blessing, the other wisdom that's a different matter. But this is what actually happens with regard to when the is fighting, as it Luqman, Allah Allah has made mention of his own surah and he he has given such beautiful advice one of his advice was may look Cyril Mira yesterday Mustafa, he who gets involved in fights, he will either sway people or people will sway so don't get involved in arguments because either you're gonna scare people or someone is going to sway you.

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Geography yah, yah.

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to Smith Dodo to Hana this man Oksana to buy

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this particular aspect now, what do you do as far as possible reconcile? Look at this hadith of Libya, Karim. Allah will not be open. Be honest the literature taka milele wasa Amina hora, should I not tell you about a situation about a tea? Which is even better than namaz better than Rosa better than charity? balaia surah la jasola tell us what is that? Maybe a cream sauce himself Elisa who that will

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bring people together? reconcile people. As we come to hear about an argument between someone who can put a matchday

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we can add to it. We add fuel to the fire, maybe a cream sauce Adam told us exactly the opposite with regard to a yummy was Aqua sama Novato, Jos de la Rosa setka semirara, Petra, loco de Dr. Demian sulaco. Local booth located in Sumatra, yet namaz Rosa's attacks me better than himself because fighting and disputes el hanifa it shaves off, it was dry, it shaves off and I don't say it shaves off the hair. It didn't proper bartending. It finishes off your deal. Mr. Murthy allowed me to say walk one mile to go and visit a sick person. Walk one mile to go and visit a sick person. Walk two miles to go and visit a person for the sake of Allah. Walk three miles to bring soon

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amongst people go the extra mile to bring people together. go the extra mile

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maratea LaDonna saatva Macaca Monica de Marchi, Jada Kelly eight mil cello. And Nike was the logo say Milliken killer Dr. mutulu lickin, global remians Sula, tyrannically to

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go the extra mile, maybe a cream sauce on the occasion in his

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Matter of fact when he was sick towards the end of his life, let me tell you this Aslam came to know about an argument in a dispute that was in Cuba, Libya, Kareem saw some in the difficult situation maybe a cream sauce, we went to a mixer and it was towards the end of his life. And then we saw some was not well, and in his return, maybe a cream sauce lamb got late avocado, tomato, no red and perform the Salah. The shows the importance of making sure amongst people to bring people together. So on this day of reconciliation, mighty respect brothers, we have made mentioned with regard to some of the points of how we are social beings, we have made mentioned with regard to this

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particular aspect of sometimes has been social beans. We also get involved in disputes and arguments. How do we deal with disputes and arguments? This is not a complete aspect with regard to it is not a complete, you know, talk on all the aspects but at least some of the points it does give us just to show you the importance of Sula, maybe acronym saw silom went to the Treaty of Arabia with 1400 people. And afterwards maybe a cream salsa made peace in two years time maybe a cream sauce enter into matava 10,000 people. This is the benefit of Sula and reconsideration in peace. So my last monitor give us a topic of understanding. Brothers we also aware that in this last few days,

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the aspect in Hannibal Aleppo has been very, very serious. absolutely critical. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for the people there in 2011 in the city of Daraa people because of the oppressive condition, they rose up against the rule of the time, Bashar Assad. And over the years, what has actually happened 300,000 people, according to some estimates have lost their life. Some 9 million people are in refugee camps are 9 million people. Sometimes when we read the stats, it doesn't register. We wonder what has happened to us in terms of feeling out for people. Have we become so desensitized that we don't worry with regard to what is happening? We just read stats. He

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doesn't register. I wonder whether the feelings of brotherhood is the left? They are chilling murderers, defilement of woman executions of innocent woman and children this is happening on a regular basis. here Allah Mazel Monica Hoon ki Kima penokee South Park pany civica manomaya who mama dummy dummy Philistine or aashka hallak may or may or Xiaomi Yella Kalyani firma this thrill of Russia, Iran and acid have brought about such great zoom in oppression upon the people that may Allah subhanho wa Taala deal with them appropriately. And in this particular regard, whatever we need to do we need to be doing my dear respective brothers, Joseph Willem Bashar Al Asad Russo,

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Iranian Alicia who Suzanne massamba chipper, or by his heart in Palo Alto Daya Cusco, Decker us manby Escobar, Cusco Dr. Usman B Ashbery, mother, Tanya Susan, Islami, Malik, beta Masha,

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Masha de la Kalia electronica sun pharma xalapa allones animoca, we must make dua that Allah subhanho wa Taala brings about the relief from the oppression for the people of Sham Allah what difficulty they are going through when you find you know, human being violated, children been executed in the streets, he Allah make it easy for them. Yeah, whatever we can do in terms of dwell, we should do at least I would request for records of Nuffield that much we can do today inshallah, will everyone do that also inshallah, that has made was it and whatever we can do whatever was Roy voice, you can you can raise, raise the voice materials because they are people who are collecting

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in terms of helping the people that Jemison Alma is also busy collecting whatever you can do with regard to helping the people there, please do a do that. So in this way we make dua that Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for the people of Allah and make it easy for the people of Shama, another aspect that I would just like to conclude with today's public ordinary so maybe I can accommodate another two three minutes. I would like to comment on something and not only comment on what has actually happened, but to take a very great lesson. We know that recently there was a person who had passed on in a train in a in a airplane crash for the Junaid Jamshed and we know that

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there was just an amazing outpouring of grief for him. We make dua that Allah subhanho wa Taala fill his cover was more under elevated status May Allah make it easy for all the other passengers were also lost their lives. May Allah tala elevate the status May Allah forgive them also, the point is not so much speaking about the incident. The hair crash, he has a personality he's dying, although there was such a great janazah that took place that one off

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The great alliums of Pakistan. monometallic, Jamil. When he spoke about the genocide, he saw the great film of people coming there. So he said, Bahrain se wala hota Hey, Jean Casey janaza Brenda siwalik sh

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sh o Pasha hookah. Jana, Xavi been a lotta How fortunate are these people are people like this, that we have such a great throng of people coming to the janazah we don't find the genesis of Kings also in such a way. The point is, what was it that made the people turn towards him? What made people turn towards him and I would just like to give everyone this lesson today. One is for yourself. Never, ever feel that I cannot change. Never, ever feel that the circumstances are beyond me to change. Never, ever feel that with regard to your children. never feel that with regard to anyone. Don't lose hope on anyone.

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Our past might be tainted. Our future is spotless. No one here, no matter how much Guna you have committed, no one year has committed any Guna and sell the next two minutes. No one. Our past might be full of sense. Our future is spotless. We still got an opportunity to change our life. Yes, an opportunity of a person who was a rock star. He was a person who was one of the greatest musician women in terms of stats, you know, BBC and Times magazine that said that his songs were the third most popular in human history. And then he changed his life. He had a beard, he passed away when his last supper was in the path of Allah talking about Allah subhanho wa Taala which reminds me that

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during the course of narrating his life story, once when I heard it from him, he said that during the course one day someone told him that go out in the path of Allah go and speak to people. So he said, I'm a rock star. I'm a musician, whatever I got to do to to tell people to come in the path of Allah, the person who was making his skill, who was telling him Come on the right path. He said today by Bray Paul mud bolo Junaid. Don't make tall claims today. Don't make tall trains. Hard to Hazara loco gana sooner I yakata

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up Hazara loco Bianca, today you are, you are singing songs to 1000s of people, if not millions, who knows if Allah will change your life? One day you will be given a ban of greatness to 1000s of people. And that is exactly what happened. A person who was singing songs to other people, and law changes his life. He goes out in the path of Allah, he dies in the course of being in the path of Allah and look at what a janazah he leaves behind that 1000s of people and millions of people come to pay tribute to him. It's a very great lesson. Don't lose. Don't lose faith in yourself. And don't lose faith in anyone. Don't judge anyone can bring about a change

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