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My audible

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smart man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad want to add yourself ah, main. So I'm gonna come to all of you on apologies for the late start trying to come to terms with the new time. And just again, apologies who kind of stopped stopped this last few lectures between low cheating and work commitments, it's been a bit a bit difficult on my side keeping you to us, Inshallah, and we will hang it up. Today we are back and continuing our series. So before we begin, it's been a bit of a gap of any questions. Before we recap where we left off, and then we can continue on any questions anybody has?

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Okay, so the

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last week, for the last lecture, we spoke about substances coming into three types, we have those substances, which are Purifiers, which basically liquid water, we have substances, which are deemed impure or nudges. And there's a list of them, it's a list of 10 items. And then everything else besides those, those two lists are called follow. Sorry. And they appeal, meaning that they are spiritually clean, but they are. You can't purify yourself with it, meaning you can't do perform voodoo, or any ritual or purification, where those substances, we did ask what happens if you mix these liquids together? What happens? And again, when we talk about purification, most of the times

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it's liquid, not so much in solids and gas. So garoun Initially, like we asked, if you were to we know Eugene is a magic, it's much better. If I were to urinate in a glass of water. Can I use that water? Even when say no? If a urinate in a pool? Can I throw in the ocean? Can I use the ocean water for we do it? Yes. What about a pool wipe off? I'm not sure. So it depends on how much water if what we call in the Sharia, a little water, a small amount of water a small quantity of water, we call it anything less than two colors. So this the Arabic term in colors is a measurement of water. So to have two colors or more is a lot. If you have two colors of water, and you were to add an asset into

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it, and then adjust it doesn't affect the color smell or taste of the water in the water remains pure. If of course any of those characteristics change the it is impure. However, if you have less than two colors, you have a little amount of water and any impurity is added to it. Even if it has no effect on the color no effect on the taste of the smell, then that water is no longer tolerable you can no longer use it for powder.

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Is that clear to everybody?

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Okay, we then went through a list of what things are not just most of these things will be common knowledge the most of us and we will assume a such human or animal X excretions

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Like neutrino experiment, so whether it comes from a human or animal, any excretions or nudges, so if it's on your body it needs to be removed before you can perform Salah blood. Even though there is a distinction between types of blood for our purposes to keep it simple blood, whether it's from a human or from an animal is the 90s You shouldn't performing Salah with blood on your comments, maybe is muddy and ready all types of discharge that exits from the private part both for male and the female will arise. So, any liquids that is released from the private parts, due to arousal is the in which alleges, we see all types of milk that exists

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a human or an animal that is not lawful for consumption, local concern, all types are more except that so Omak that exists an animal that from an animal that cannot be eaten, that can be consumed is not just so obviously the the only milk which is not magic is human milk. And the milk of animals that we can eat milk that can be consumed, basically, pass and discharge of wounds vomit. Is the images, dead animals little complicated here, an animal if it is dead,

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you have to first ask, is it a land animal or a waterborne animal, if it's a water based animal, it's never notice. A water based animal can never ever be noticed. So they're all in the shelter. So when we even when we talk about Nigeria, we're only talking about land based animals, a land based animal,

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if it is dead,

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and you cannot eat it, then it is not just so an animal that is dead, that hasn't been slaughtered properly would be nice is an animal that is dead, that even if you slaughter it properly, you can't eat it like a tiger you slaughter it, you could burn the tiger you so can eat it, it's not just the carcass is nice, but an animal that is dead and has been slaughtered properly and you can eat it, then it is it is halal. So a dead sheep that has been stolen. So you, you cut a sheep, you know, you slaughter the sheep carbine, you lift that chop a piece of him in the fridge, and then you take it out and you know some of him some of those, you know some of the fat or whatever came on your

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clothes, it's fine because you've slaughtered it. It's permissible. Insects also not deem necessary if you have a mosquito or fly and it sits on you while you're performing Salah and you, you know you sweat the mosquito and the body of the mosquito the ant is on your clouds. That's not magic. So insects are deemed not to be noticed insects are generally deemed not to be not just dogs and pigs. The entire dog an entire pig is deemed najis living or dead. So this is this is very so to make the distinction. For example, if you're performing Salah and your cat sat next to you while you're performing salah, no problem, the cat licked you while you're performing Salah no problem. Of course

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if the cat urinated on you, that's a problem because you didn't notice. However, if the dog sits next to you and licks you, this is a problem. Okay? Because the saliva of the dog is not just and certainly a pig. Then number nine, which we skipped over and it's gonna we're going to talk more about it now is Alcohol Alcohol has been historically deemed by the Muslims as being notice as being dirty. And if any alcohol is on your clothes, you need to remove it before you perform Surah Now one might say but hold on. So many of our

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you know sanitizers

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perfumes have alcohol in it does it mean that all our Salah when we used to come to the masjid mela particulars primer during the COVID times we used to come into the masjid we sanitize our hands? The alcohol was on our skin? Because inside that sanitizer there is these these type of alcohol if you drink it potentially could intoxicate you. So does this make you miss it mean that we've been performing? So now with Natasha and us and if it's haram? So this has been a it's a debate that will give us an understanding of how Islam the academics when I want you to the answer is not important. What's important is how the scholars go about discussing this issue. So

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as I said before, you need to always remember in this area of in fic, you need to ask who must prove who upon whom is the burden of evidence.

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Is it up to me to prove alcohol is not nudges? Or is up to the other party to prove these nudges? Upon whom is it and I asked him the floor? Who should prove should I prove it is pure? Or should the other party prove its nudges?

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Online guys

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somebody from online, please

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send I want to shift. I think it's all the other

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person to prove

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to prove that it is not just Okay, so you saying you need to prove to me it's not us we take it as it's pure, and you need to prove otherwise alcohol.

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Okay, does anyone have a different view?

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Okay, so wait, yeah.

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Intention based, you know, like if I didn't cough syrup

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Oh my god. So basis does intentional play into remember we're not talking about sin or punishment, you won't be punished for urinating, but it doesn't change the fact that it's nudges.

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So whether you you intentionally urinate or urinate by accident, that's not the point. The point is, is the substance itself matches so. So, in this in this discussion intention makes no there's no point of intention, the intention of the product. So the product intention is for you not to swamp is or deplete yourself or whatever that is. Okay, so obeyed says,

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if you use the same product can be used for purposes of intoxicating EU. And that same product can be used for other purposes. So if you are using it for intoxication purposes, then it's nudges. And if it's used for non intoxicating purposes, not nudges. No, this we talking about here is this. So the substance as a tick box next to it, it's not just yes or no. Irrespective of how it gets used, irrespective of the intention, in its in its essence into nature, it's deemed to be nudges. That's the So long story short, it is not intention based. It's not just whether you use it for good or for bad. It's nudges. So the system says,

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Hold on, it's not for us to prove that it is nudges. Oh, we don't have to prove it that is pure, you must prove that it is nudges. And that is correct. Because the default is that everything is deemed to be pure. The standard we discover a new substance, it would be deemed to be it is pure, by default. Only if we prove it otherwise, does it become nudges. So we say to those who say alcohol is nudges. You can perform Salah with perfume and we say okay, you bring me evidence way does it say that alcohol is nudges? Who told you it's nudges? Wow, this is Allah says. Allah says in the Quran yeah you Alladhina amanu Oh, you will believe in Alhambra Valley intoxicants while may zero and

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gambling while unsolvable and to to a sacrifice on stone altars, while Islam and using divining arrows fortune telling riches it is nice it is filthy does not just mean I'm gonna shape on it is dirty from the works of shaytaan fudge Anywho. So avoid these things and I like them to figure out that you may be successful. So Allah says that intoxicants and gambling and slaughtering on altars to Gods other than Allah and to do to Fortune Tao, all these analogies, so all these religions, they're all dirty, so work away. So it's defilement Leola called Hammer bridges.

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And that is the standard definition and the reason why most of them are knives I've said hammer is nudges. And if hammer is on your clothing, it is haram to perform Salah until you remove it that if Hummer is mixed with water that water becomes najis and so on and so forth.

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Who agrees with this argument from the classical view of the scholars and who has a contrary opinion?

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So the sister will say that you know, the guys who say it's not just you need to prove and bring evidence. Is this evidence strong enough for your liking?

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Just a

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mob shave, I was just distracted somewhere.

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No, so okay.

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No problem.

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No problems. So

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you said you said that the person who is arguing for to prove to say alcohol is not just they must bring the proof right?

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That's what you say. So he says okay, here's my proof. My proof is in the Quran. Allah says yeah, oh you believe that will intoxicants and gambling and slaughtering on altars other than Allah other than for Allah sake, and to Fortune Tao is religious. It is that is it is dirty. Today. Allah says Hamid is nudges.

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Are you happy with others evidence to prove alcohol is necessary?

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I didn't catch what she was saying while I was distracted, I just remembered an a previous lecture, which I noted very well, as she mentioned, the default is said everything is pure. Did she speak about it now? Yes. Okay. So we said everything is the default that everything is pure. And anyone who wants to, you know account for something as nudges, you must bring the evidence

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So the one who called something nudges the one who makes something that is they need to provide the evidence. And so we say to those people who say Hamid is nudges, sanitizers nudges perfume is nudges, we say you bring your evidence show us away when a visa Salam o Allah said so, and they bring this ayah Surah Majda verse number 90, Allah says really Hummer is right is Regis it is filthy. So Allah said it. So on that basis, alcohol is not just because they have evidence. Now, if you read the if the counter to that argument, the counter to this argument is Allah says, alcohol, gambling, sloth, the altars upon which animals are slotted for Gods other than Allah the actual

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place and the arrows which are used for fortune telling is not this is religious is dirty. So one might also if a person Gamble's he throws the dice, does he does he become nudges? Is the dice nudges? Are the cards nudges? Who said no, we don't mean it is not just it means it's evil, it is sinful. Fortune telling is not magic, in the sense that if you if you picked up an otoscope, that you know, you now have to perform muscle, we say no, what is meant is it is from the evil actions of shaytan, it is sinful. That is what the ayah means the religious here mean sinful, not notice. Because if you use if you use this idea, to make hammer, notice the new magis from a physical 30.

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Since then you must use the same formation gambling, and the same for sacrificing for anyone other than Allah, and fortune telling of all types, all of that will become filthy, you must, you must wash it, no one washes gambling, you can't wash gambling away, you can wash the dice and purify it. And so

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the view is that this is should not be used to make alcohol nudges because that's not the purpose of the IRA. And so just to summarize, most of the scholars have deemed historically, look how many is dirty. And so if it falls in your clothing, and it's not just modern day scholars have said no actually alcohol in itself, it it has an element of purification, you can actually wash the flow and will sanitize it and it removes it actually removes bacteria, it removes dirt you know, before you take an injection, they first swab you what rubs some, you know that like some material on you that has alcohol on it, because it actually removes certain dirty substances, harmful substances. So what

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is meant is the drinking of alcohol is haram. That's what this idea is meaning the alcohol it is tiring to drink it is haram and to sell it and all those kinds of things. And so the argument here that alcohol is nudges, is the classical view, but can be relooked at in modern times. Anyway,

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the next question is

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dogs, let's talk about dogs, people own dogs. And these are all discussion that are permissible. I'm going to talk about the permissibility of owning dogs or not owning dogs. Someone asked a similar question. On what basis is, is it that dogs are not this way? Do you get this you need to bring evidence? Well, yeah, it's clear evidence that our resources when a dog drinks out of a bowl belong to in your view, he must wash it seven times. So if you have a, a bowl A Bucky and the dog eats from it, before you use that bowl, again, you must wash it seven times. Another another version that says when a dog drinks water in a bowl that belongs to you, you must wash that container seven times. And

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one of them is with sand. So six times with water and one time with sand.

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That is why many of the Sahaba or many of the so hot the scholars have said the most urgent is the most dirty of dirty things, is the saliva of a dog. Because if a pig urinates in a bowl, you don't need to wash it seven times just wash it one time, no problem. But if a dog licks licks it, so obviously there's a lot of we know now we know subhanaw Now we know that in the saliva of dogs, many times there is a virus called dogs can have rabies. And you know, this is perhaps one of these, you know, rabies one of those diseases that there is no cure if you have it, you know, it's treated to let you know there is no cure when you go mad. You know, it's one of the read up on rabies. And so

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we know that the science behind it that is very dangerous. The saliva of the dog potentially can be quite dangerous, and therefore from our Sharia perspective than a visa Salam recommended or advise commanded that if a dog licks your utensils, you should wash it seven times. And then also Subhanallah one can imagine if any of you own dogs, for a dog to lick you any part of your

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Adi is extremely bad. Now Islam is not against dogs, you can't hurt dogs. You can't mistreat them It's good you're allowed to own them for specific purposes of hunting and protection, but you should not have the dogs lick you or lick your clothes or lick the utensils you eat from that is not permissible the saliva is not just the union of course it's not just one might ask whatever they eat so I can protect me from them licking me or urinating on me but what about the the for the he gets all over the place? So if you have a cat for example, every way you sit this kitty you know, so this is another masala is the heat of the dog niches.

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And in reality as we said Nigel CASA is about witness. It's about liquid and so in sha Allah Most likely the ear of the dog is not notice the foot of the dog is a Nigerian so if you know a dog brushed up against you and some of the stuck on your clothes, you could still perform salah, but of course it is safer to not have

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a dog fur on the clothing of your Salah where you perform salah or where you come from salah. Okay, the moving Nigel. So how do I so let's say a dog

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you know, my you know, the baby urinated on my clothes, the cat

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defecated on the on the floor? How do I remove the energizer? How do I remove the so the impurities they need to get it out of it?

00:21:32--> 00:22:15

Very technical, the vast majority of the scholars, the majority of the scholars have said that removing Nigeria is an act of worship. It's an act of ibadah. So there's a physical component where you actually have to remove the the Natasha, all traces of IQ must be removed the color of it, the smell of it was removed. And you need to use water, liquid water to remove to remove it to purify it, because it's an act of a ritual of removing the Jassa. The minority view, which is a view of the Hanafi madhhab and makes a lot of sense. They said no, you don't have to use water. If you if you remove the digester, through dry cleaning, for example, or you use chemicals to remove it. So long

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as the digester is gone. That's the whole point. There's no reason to, to use special kinds of you don't have to use a ritual. It's not an act of worship, it is just getting it out of the dirt. Again, like we simplify it.

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The baby pees on your clothes. Is it magic? Absolutely. Notice. So now you take the clothes. And how do I remove it? Well, one view is you just make sure the stain of the pee and the smell of the pee is gone. Whatever you do, you can dry clean it. You can you know if you put water with soap in it, so you have soapy water and you wash the clothes. So obviously after use the soapy water, the clouds, the Naja is removed. Great, fantastic. The majority of the scholars will say that close is still not clean. So why no no, just say they say that you have not used pure water. The water you use is not pure because it's mixed with it's mixed with soap, you need to remove the majesta which

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you've done good, but then you must also wash it rinse it with pure water. Now let's edit it and sing with pure water. They say that is a ritual of Nevada. Now that's the view of the Shafi madhhab the Maliki madhhab, humbly mother, the Hanafi madhhab, and you'll get this the heart of the matter is a lot more historically has been a lot more

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what do you call it, you know, they would look at the the the the purpose base, they would be they would look at what is the objective. And so the objective is to remove the nature. So that's the purpose and so long as you remove it, it's gone. If you use water, you use soap water, you use hand end use whatever it is, so long as the data is gone, it's clean. And that makes a lot of sense. Otherwise, every time you clean your flow you must use off the your mop that and washed it you need to use a layer or a bit of clean water that has no soap in it to wash it to make it pure from a Sharia perspective. Is everybody understanding this was a bit complicated now.

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Anyone understanding it?

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You don't understand it? Yes.

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Yes, I do.

00:24:29--> 00:24:34

Okay, so what would you agree with you do you have the Shafi mother with 100 on this one

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I would agree with a

00:24:42--> 00:24:49

happy mother if you say it makes sense. So so if you if someone like you know say the dog

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urinated on you, and you take it to the dry cleaner and they just use a powder to clean it, no water

00:25:00--> 00:25:00

Is it fine

00:25:06--> 00:25:08

okay, you must use Shiota

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Well, that's that's your, that depends. It depends on the on the on the, on the your you see this this is we and this is why once you get into the detail, you realize why we have different metal hip and why we have different schools of thought and Alhamdulillah it's permissible to have different views. Both have the arguments, the majority of scholars will say, look at what the instance of the dog one wash would have been enough to get rid of all the impurities, you know, you lick the dog lick the bowl, you washed it one time, it's all gone. Why must you wash it seven times. So they'll say you see these ritual is an act of worship isn't like a Ibadah to this thing. Where's the hunt?

00:25:48--> 00:25:57

Have you seen them so long as the the objective was to get it out of the jar? So it's fine. So in insha Allah

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as I said, my view and you shouldn't just follow blindly but my view is again I also agree with the Hanafis on this one, that so long as the Naja is removed inshallah it's fine. Otherwise you're going to have to wash everything with water after you've removed the adjuster. Okay. Moving on to insurance something a little easier. This whole first section very technical very complicated was to make you understand what substances are the different types of substances and how do we remove them and if not, Jazza Naja is upon your clothes or on your your area. How do you remove it? Now we are talking about voodoo. So we said before you perform Salah you need to purify yourself. So yes,

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purifying your cloth is good. purifying the area you perform Salah is good, but you yourself have to be purified to before you perform salah. Why are you about to stand before the Lord of the universe? You're not the state you're not about to stand before Allah subhanaw taala and before you approach Allah before you speak to Allah, there is an etiquette a decorum there is a procedure. And so Allah Subhan doesn't want you to dress up in fancy clothing. Allah doesn't want it's not for only for the rich, our doesn't want you to have all kinds of makeup or perfume. Allah wants you to be clean. You mustn't be in a dirty state when you stand before him. The first command and this is trivia for

00:27:24--> 00:27:46

anyone. What is the first command Allah gave Nabi Musa, the first command Allah gave nobody Musa was they remove your shoes come when Allah spoke to me Musa from the burning wish, Allah said oh Musa, you are in a very holy place, take your shoes off, because he shoes who are probably covered in that Elijah. So you're about to, you're about to speak to me about to speak to Allah, you need to be in a purified state. So we do.

00:27:48--> 00:28:28

There'll be some some says the God of the believer on the day of Kiama that will cover all the will cover to the places where the water ablution reaches you. The things that will shine on the day of Kiana are those areas that we perform we do in fact, this OMA will shine compared to other nations on the def camera. Because of our we do with only people that five times a day, you'll wash your arms, you wash your feet, you wash your face, you will rub your head. So on the dev cam and sha Allah, it will be quite clear who the amount of enemies are Salem is because of the the Voodoo that they perform, my ummah will be called in the Day of Resurrection where they lamps and faces shining

00:28:28--> 00:28:52

from the trace of voodoo. So whoever among you can increase the area of His radiance should do so. So what does it mean increase, it doesn't mean that if you must perform will do up until your ankles, you wash all the way to your needs. Now that's wasteful. It means perform as much we do as you can, whenever you break you do take a new one, always be in the state of voodoo. It's a good sunnah, if possible to be regularly in the state of voodoo just to be in the sight of voodoo is an act of worship.

00:28:54--> 00:29:34

Anyone who further studies all Hadith about the importance of voodoo, anyone who performance will do and performance will do excellently you make sure you do it properly. His sins will fall off his body, even coming out from under his nails and other Hadith. It's like if you shake a branch, the way the leaves fall down, that's how you sons fall off. When you're performing looser. Just imagine while you were, you know, during the day you looked at haram, you listened to haram, you spoke haram all the kinds of haram things you did, they perform voodoo, and as you're watching that some is falling away it is being removed. Now again, think of in terms of Nigerian purification as we

00:29:34--> 00:29:49

perform a sin as we do sin, those stains are on our body, those stains on our soul, and then you perform we do and those stains fall off us those sins fall away from us. Alhamdulillah dissolve in the water and they disappear Alhamdulillah and

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

as you know so this is the beauty of voodoo, just to add on the importance of voodoo. Allah does not describe how to pronounce Allah in the Quran. Allah doesn't say it

00:30:00--> 00:30:09

You recite this and you do that then you perform recall but he describes in detail how to perform voodoo Subhanallah so it shows you the importance of of voodoo

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within our our religion.

00:30:14--> 00:30:34

Now getting back to those are all virtues and benefits and nice things, so nothing too thick. Let's get back to thick. So we said the reason why we talking about voodoo why we're talking about Hodge we're talking about Zakah we're talking about fasting why are we talking about voodoo obeyed why are we talking about voodoo

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because some is one of the five pillars

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correct? We're not actually talking about we were talking about salah why are we doing what Salah because that's the first thing you become Muslim Islam from scratch. I accept that Islam is the way of life I want to be a Muslim Where do I sign up? What do I do with it now first thing you need to do brother after the Kanima is you must make Salah said okay, I'm gonna rush to the I'm gonna go to the masjid make sense. Before you make Salah we need each other for Moodle because you can't do we do can't perform Salah without wudu now on the way this river is it okay great. Before I make salah I need to perform we do okay, you're going to show me at home with me says Hold on. Is there

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anything else that requires me to obey? Is there anything else any other act of worship? That requires you

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reading the Quran

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okay, very good. So ladies paying attention so remember we said the guy asked you okay before you perform Salah you need to perform with this is why because you're approaching Allah and you need to purify yourself so this is okay so every time I do anybody I must perform with you before I play soccer so before I put the money in the towel I was performed with there was no you don't need you don't need to do to play soccer.

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Okay, when I'm fasting in Ramadan, can I force myself to do it? Yes, you can force what you do. You sleep during the day you don't have to do but you're fasting. So obey reminds us that for

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for certain activities you do need to do. So there's only three things in the whole Sharia. You don't have to worry about only three things one needs to be in the state of purification to do these acts of worship. Number one is Salah, any type of Salah whether it's compulsory or optional, whether it is in Jannah with Salone you will have to be in the state of voodoo to perform salah. Number two when you perform tawaf you have to be in wudu you have to have we do to perform the off, the off requires will do so around the Kaaba, when you come whether you're performing the LA formula, or for hij you have to have we do for every toe off. And when you touch the Quran, the must have not

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recite, you can read you can recite from memory, you can read from a distance. So let's say I you know, you're sitting in the class and this Quran on the board you can recite it you can read it no problem, you can listen to it without you do no problem, but you cannot touch the most half without voodoo. And for each one of these again these evidences and we won't go into all the evidences around around the evidence of the law evidence of touching the Quran. That's beyond our scope inshallah. But now let's talk about voodoo. How do you perform voodoo, and within this and as I said, Allah mentions in the Quran in surah Ada, verse number six, Allah describes how you perform

00:33:37--> 00:34:25

voodoo, and he gives a detailed summary of voodoo and in that there's going to be a number of questions. So it was Francis. Yeah, you will Adina Amman Oh, those of you who have Iman or believers either come to Minnesota before you when you stand up for Salah folk see to first wash your face. Well, Sue would you have come watch wash your face? Well ADEA come and wash your hands. It LMR off up to your elbows. One subtle, b2c come and rub with and I'm reading like literally translating up and rub with your head. Your heads? Well, why don't you like them and your feet? It'll gabbing to your ankles. Okay, just stop the we just stop on that. So Allah says, Oh, you believe when you stand

00:34:25--> 00:34:34

for Salah, wash your faces and your hands to the elbows. Wipe over your heads wipe with your heads and your feet to the ankles. Okay, we stopped it

00:34:35--> 00:34:43

from this have any for those of us who have performed voodoo our whole life? What's what what is odd about this? What do we find strange about this?

00:34:44--> 00:34:45

This verse

00:34:46--> 00:34:48

is this how you perform we do

00:34:52--> 00:34:53


00:34:54--> 00:34:58

is the nose the mouth me too?

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

us in between as well as performing we do and not doing according to the Quran

00:35:06--> 00:35:08

yeah Allah we're not following the Quran

00:35:11--> 00:35:54

Alright, so we know it so someone will tell you now hold on, then a visa Salam, he obviously you obviously performed with you and from his sunnah from his wudu we see a few extra things. And so when we looked at the way that visa salaam performed, who he always started by washing his hands first. Now, not to understand why he washed his hands first, let's say in the past, you didn't have a tap, you had a bucket of water. Right? And now your hands are full of grease full of dust full of sand, and you put your hand in the bucket of water to wash your face. What did we learn just a few minutes ago, if water is mixed with something which is

00:35:55--> 00:36:00

not pure or mixed with anything else, and the color of the water changes, can you still perform voodoo with it?

00:36:04--> 00:36:07

If you add sorry, go ahead. No, no, you can't.

00:36:10--> 00:36:45

Exactly. You can't perform we do with water that has changed. It's been contaminated. So that me so Salem, out of his wisdom, he says before you put your hand in the bucket of water, first wash your hands. So we wash our hands first in following the Sunnah, although we say it's not compulsory, if you don't stop by washing your hands because your hands already clean. There's nothing on it. It's fine, miserable, but you'll get rewarded for washing your hands. Also, when I'm sure obeyed when you wash your face, you wash it three times. Yes, you do.

00:36:46--> 00:37:30

The iron doesn't say three times it just says wash your face one time. So that is also something from the sooner than Ibiza Salaam. When he washed his face, he washed three times. And so one time is compulsory. Two times is good three times the Sunnah four times is better. We don't do four times it's a waste. So we follow the Sunnah, in that we wash our face. We also see that Ibiza salaam when he performed Moodle, he washed his hands to the wrists first. Then he rents his mouth and his nose out he put water in his mouth goggles and spit it out and He sniffed water up his nose and he blew it out. This is not in the iron. And so many of the bathtubs have said it is part of the sunnah to

00:37:30--> 00:38:10

wash the mouth and the nose will have some other tendencies while it's part of the face. Some others have said no, no, no, the mouth and the nose is compulsory, you don't have a choice, you must wash your mouth and nose, it's part of the face. So the definition of face includes the mouth and the nose. For our purposes we will say that the hands the mouth and the nose is optional. Whereas the entire face from your off the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin from the left ear to the right ear, that circle is your face and that needs to be washed at least one time to have we do then Allah says and your hands to the elbows and wash your hands up until the elbows and this

00:38:10--> 00:38:22

includes the elbow so if you wash and you stop at the elbow you have not performed well do you need to wash all the way including the elbow. And then Allah says and a wipe overweights now what happened here?

00:38:23--> 00:38:29

The verb changed from wash to wipe from wash to wipe

00:38:31--> 00:38:34

in Cape Town How do you wipe you it's in Cape Town

00:38:38--> 00:38:41

okay down how do people wipe the IDS when they perform we do

00:38:43--> 00:38:44


00:38:46--> 00:38:46


00:38:48--> 00:38:56

terabytes is young Captain we like our hands and our weight and we wipe the forehead and the front of your look at the front of your head.

00:38:58--> 00:39:03

That is not going to be Sonam perform with you. And it's not how the I described performing with

00:39:05--> 00:39:40

the isas you need to wipe over your head, wipe over your head your entire it must be wiped with a wet or damp hand. And that's how there'll be some perform will then be solemn. And we know very clearly when he wiped his head, his hands were wet and he did this he wiped over his head completely and brought it forward or the back of his neck and he did one time and that's it. And the ears as well. He He wiped in the inside of his ears. Now one now this is how the nervous and that's the sunnah to wipe your entire head.

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

The question is, is it enough to wipe just the front part of your head and this is a very deep technical discussion, which is the Shafi Maga is well known for and all revolves around this bar. If you so I was one servo and wipe be through cecum one servo

00:40:00--> 00:40:22

means wipe. goosey comb means your heads so wipe your heads, this is extra bar Allah put in the ground and wipe with your heads. Some scholars have said that bar means wipe your entire head. The Shafi method says no, the bar means a part of your head a portion of your head, that BA is to say who so

00:40:23--> 00:40:35

in the Shafee interpretation, the IR reads like this, and a wife a part of your head, the rest of the Masters know the ISIS and wipe all your head, all of your head or wipe your head.

00:40:37--> 00:40:41

Do we want to know why the difference of opinion you won't understand why.

00:40:44--> 00:41:02

Shafi argument is, Allah added the before reason, if you took it away, once the whole row cecum once once the whole row second, if you recited the ayah and wipe your heads, it would imply all of your head. So if you add the bar and you still wipe all of you even using the bias of no use the bias extra.

00:41:03--> 00:41:07

But you understand that? Yeah, if you took the bar away,

00:41:08--> 00:41:11

and you read and wipe your heads,

00:41:12--> 00:41:15

the meaning would be wipe your entire head, right?

00:41:17--> 00:41:25

Yes. And wipe your heads if Allah didn't put the body, because if you read the rest of the first part and wipe you off and wash your face,

00:41:26--> 00:41:29

it's understood, wash your entire face. Great.

00:41:30--> 00:41:47

Are you with me? Oh, wait. So I'll get into the bar, and we wash our entire face. So if you took the bar away, you would wipe your entire head. So by adding the bar, it must mean something different. This is the Shafi argument by adding the bar

00:41:48--> 00:42:33

he didn't add the bar in front of his face or hands or feet. And we wash our full face our full hands and our full feet. So the bar must imply less a portion of that we get that a part of and he gives him I'm sure if he gives evidences in other parts of the Quran. way this bar is used to mean a portion of so for example Nabi Musa alayhis salam, he grabbed me out of his head when he was very angry with him when he came back and he found the people worshipping an idol you lifted me out only charge and then I'll be moving beyond said my brother Don't grab beer be ROTC be classy, the put the body don't grab a part of my head. Now even agrees that we most of them grab the whole head of

00:42:33--> 00:43:14

Nabilone he grabbed the front part of it. So now I'm sure if he says this bar means rub a portion meaning the front part of your head the rest of the scholarship now, from the Sunnah, from our understanding, you're wiping tie it nonetheless. Perhaps the Shafi method is correct, the compulsory part is to rub the front but the sunnah to wipe your entire head. So inshallah we conclude with this for your benefit and for my own benefit. It is best it is recommended that you wipe your entire head from the front to the back. And this is the sunnah to do Inshallah, and may Allah reward you in that will continue next week with Nila. Are there any questions?

00:43:17--> 00:43:18

Any questions?

00:43:19--> 00:43:19

Oh *.

00:43:21--> 00:43:22

If I might just ask.

00:43:23--> 00:43:25

Maybe at the next okay

00:43:29--> 00:43:30

sorry, just

00:43:32--> 00:43:34

if we touch the Quran, yes, I noticed the

00:43:36--> 00:44:20

tip. Top topic. Yeah. But I've heard someone else say that it is not necessarily I just although I always have water when I touch it, I would like to know. Yeah, you need to do touch. Okay, that's a question for in fact with with this, I think we need to change the the name of this course is no longer from scratch. That's quite deep stuff we moving on now. But what I want for everyone, if you have a question like this, do the research and we discuss it next week. That's the best way we learn. So this is the Hafsa you go and Google does touching the Quran require wood, you know, and let's see what the scholars say read up and see what you come up with. And we'll discuss it next

00:44:20--> 00:44:23

week. Chicken so much good question. Any other questions?

00:44:25--> 00:44:59

Yes is another one from Michelle, okay. Because it's going to fix myself although I am going with a Muslim insha Allah to go homework. And someone said to me, it's actually not necessary. It's not that necessary to have a bathroom. But I prefer to go on the safe side. And I'll do some research on that is well, okay, traveling so so the issue of traveling with with or without the Muharram to deep another deep conversation and deep topic, but not

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

Within the scope of the hara, but inshallah we can discuss it next week as well inshallah

00:45:05--> 00:45:06

Okay, does

00:45:07--> 00:45:09

anyone last comments before we conclude?

00:45:13--> 00:45:21

Just like a clip, and we'll continue Jalan next week. You can so much for Salah Salem Mohammed Ali, salaam Celine Amin Soleimani to come work library data