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East London Mosque Feb 2022

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We have we

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have the level salatu salam ala Rasulillah while he was on being a woman why that

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Salam Alikum everyone hamdulillah today is the 11th of Egypt.

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And in preparation for Ramadan Allah has blessed us myself to worship Hassan and Chef Ridhwan and have with Abdullah Omar, we heading to London for the Quran revision day which is being held by the Quran project and hosted by a splendid Masjid

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in East London Hamdulillah we have over 155 who have registered to hand in the Quran on that day, and over 50 teachers from the UK will be listening to the Quran. And this particular program

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has roots in Saudi Arabia. And over there it's known as your will Him we will ingest the day of him have high aspirations and the day of ingest the day of completing great things whereby they dedicate a day and a half come to the masjid and they hang in there.

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So there's a few categories in sha Allah that will be

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facilitated tomorrow for the five Jews 1010 Jews 15 this year and then the whole 30 Jews will be some students special by handing in the entire Quran the program starts at 6:30am When I say tomorrow, I mean Sunday you probably be watching this after

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6:30am to 9pm. So please make dua that Allah makes this journey a success for us and everyone who was driving into London for this particular program.

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Shangri La

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today's the 12th of Rajab

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5:50am. Don't happy about Bella

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and I in

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East London heading towards Whitechapel masjid

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for Fajr Fajr is at 6am and then at 6:30am. The Quran revision day begins until

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people finish their portions but the program itself finishes at 9pm be late at night. It was Panatela make it a success

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and make us from the family of Allah Quran in the hereafter. As he has made us from the family of Quran in this world today I mean you.

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Mashallah, to vertical I have my students with me, what's your name? Salam Ali. My name is

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Ari Kusama Muhammad Yunus. MashAllah de vaca Allah Muhammad Yunus is going to be in sha Allah trying to complete the whole Quran today.

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By heart mashallah, we starting now at 630

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May Allah subhanaw taala grant in the class at least Snia tech

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homogenous read for the sake of Allah taka taka Nanolab SMIL I will be delighted to share Banerjee

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the learning leadership

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or be assembled in Europe they mean roughly roughly memory kills Dini can outwardly again stay in India not zero for almost nothing he was wrongfully diary him

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the early

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spring learning Wafi me early

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are you looking for

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a shot lucky fairly happy with Unity okay? Are you feeling

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mashallah then 15 Mashallah ready to start the next half? Token Allah mashallah, we started at 6:30am 6:30am 11:40am So canal I will be left

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He was sitting

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school how

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many King

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was was up

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today we experienced it together so you taught me something. So I would like to discuss this

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Today I will be your student he will be the teacher

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and ask him as he gathered us here with his book that he got