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The speaker discusses the negative impact of actions of the Prophet Muhammad on people's lives and their beliefs, including his actions during the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation

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And hamdulillah you're wondering what struck

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me about the Amara, do follow

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me Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, whatever that you know what that has

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to add on, go to mini surf Allah will

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respect the Rama elders and brothers. We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala, sending salutations upon our beloved Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But others one of the objectives of the sermon that we give, the time of drummer is manifold, sometimes to educate, inspire, motivate, sometimes also to clarify misconceptions, and also to take into account the emotions of people. And of course, to take into account the weakness of people. Today, we are living in a time where there is a general feeling of weakness, helplessness, a feeling of anger, sometimes a feeling of a certain degree of frustration over what is happening in Gaza, and seeing what is happening for our Muslim

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brothers and sisters and Mehrotra Grammys. And I think in this particular regard, I would like to address this issue, but not speaking directly on the issue because I'm sure the Obama in the themes of the past

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have discussed the oppression, the injustice and every foot way, but I would like to look at it from a broader scale. And that is, one aspect that we have to keep in mind is that from our religious teachings, we deduce

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that ultimate success for a believer is not dependent upon material victory in this world. ultimate success is not dependent upon material victory in this world. And failure in a similar manner, is sometimes a person can be a failure, even if he materially and from the worldly perspective, you might be regarded as successful. So Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran enough to says, For me, your Cardinal feel sorry for you.

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For so for naughty I turn Azima whoever strives and fights in the path of Almighty Allah, whether he be killed, whether he'd be martyred, or whether he achieved victory, he will be rewarded but Allah, now look at the verse, whether he is killed, whether he is martyred, whether he achieved victory is still successful. So even if he achieved martyrdom, and he does not gain success, he is still successful. One of the most revealing and one of the most amazing verses in this regard is your own the federal when whistling salat wa salam came unto him and he told him our cinema Anna when he was trying to send with me what the police who are oppressive and you are killing

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and do not oppress them. So what did fear own turn around and tell his people color your home? Alexa live will come Misra, what are the three main tactics operatic zone? What is Musa salat wa salam O my people calling you towards? Don't you see the river of Nile? And instead he will commit? Don't you see I have control over Mr. Egypt. And this river and I am Anna Pharaoh men. Who am I here will be followed up with the Holy Spirit to me. Am I successful? Am I better? Who is Mussolini salaam better who can't even articulate himself and he doesn't have wealth. Can you imagine that that particular definition of success, that success is upon material victory and material success. That

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was the way of fear out of the way of the believer. So in this regard, we have to keep this in mind. And one instance that I would like to make mention of today is to give you an example of how the Prophet of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala you know dealt with set gets dealt with challenges. And while I have drawn certain lessons which I've enumerated, I need to give a background. And the background with regard to it is a battle of the reoccurring salatu salam after defeating declaration but then they sweat to take revenge. They come to attack Medina and they came outside Medina in the in the plains of Wuhan near the counterpart I'm going to cut it very very short just to give you a

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background to be able to learn the lessons from the onwards and Nebia cream sauce from colder Sahaba and just adapt time maybe a cream sauce from season three and India three maybe a cream sauce from sees a cow has been slaughtered. And in that it is a reference that

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Many Sahaba will be martyred. The reoccurring sauce you know in Libya Kareem Salah when he was salam waves he sought and after waving he sought a portion of it is broken, which refers to the fact that many companions will be martyred. He against wave the sword and it is time it is restored, which gives the indication after the martyrdom they will be good that will come out of the battle, even if he's a setback so in America himself from called a Sahaba to a mashallah to a consultation. What do we do now via Karim saw Salam is in trying to the view that we must stay in Medina and defend Medina let them come to attack they have come to attack let them come to attack us. They can go because

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they will be regarded in deemed as a failure. Once you they come to attack us in Medina. We know the Andes in the streets of Medina, we will be able to defend ourselves, we will be able to take them into nooks and crannies and we will be able to kill them and we will be able to win the battle it will be better for us to fight a defense of war. The younger companion said the other Sula. Why do you deprive us of being able to fight for the cause of Islam? Many of them did not take part in the battle over them because of its circumstances. They said Yeah, Rasul Allah wants to go and fight with them. We will show you our bravery. We also want to fight for the second cause of Islam. Nebia

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Karim is awesome seeing the enthusiasm, maybe a cream sauce now exceeds to it. And maybe a cream sauce when goes into the room. And maybe a cream sauce number comes up comes out with two suits of armor to invite the better. Two suits of armor. I'm going to I'm going to make mention with regard to it. Furthermore, with regard to it, he didn't come up and said we are going to rely upon dua, he got himself ready. The younger companion said Jana Shula, perhaps we have emphasized the phone was something that was not according to your view, go back to your view, and maybe a cream sauce them said no, once we have made a decision, we will go by the decision. May Allah subhanaw taala give us

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victory in that America Kiva successful. We have made a decision we are not held back from our decision. It is one of the great strengths of a leader that he is prepared to listen to people. He is not rejecting his viewpoint. He is prepared to even even despite his own views, be able to take another view which is accordance with what people have said the reoccurring source will make the decision maybe a cream sauce from sets out. And of course the incident is a long incident. I'm just gonna make mention of it as a background and then look upon what are the lessons that we learned from here. Then maybe a cream sauce from goes to hypocrites pull out the enemies or 3000 Maybe a

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cream sauce from start off with 1300 of the hypocrites on the eve of the battle. They move away and they portray the Muslim ummah. It has always been the way of the hypocrites that at the time in the Ummah is indeed they betray the Ummah, they said, the Ummah in the back. This has always been the way of the one Africa is nothing new. Plus, maybe a cream saucer wants to have to deal with it. Maybe a cream sauce from them comes in the first thing that we can install slumberous he surveys the plane, he surveys, the battles the battlefield, he realizes these are very important mountain, that in this particular mountain, if I don't protect this mountain, the enemies could come from that

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particular value. And he could, they could come and attack the Muslims and we would be you know, in a very difficult situation. He plays 50 artists there and he say you don't move him yet no matter what the circumstances, even if you are gaining victory. Even if we are in a setback, you do not leave the spouse but maybe a cream sauce and what is the point that I would like to make his nebbia Kareem salsa never went into a battle only rely on a four Almighty Allah without taking into account strategy for adopting the means. Maybe I can install swim himself or to sell suits of our maybe extreme salsa, I mean, every better. Maybe I can insert Allahu alayhi wa sallam adopted the means

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with the with regard to that particular battle. They often maybe a cream sauce. And when we all know the incident, initially because of the bravery of great Sahaba. Like I said, I'm sorry, Allah who thought it was a very big one. Muslims were on the verge of victory. And the enemy were fleeing the battery. There's a time the Sahaba who were in that very important place. They played such an important role. Maybe a cream sauce limit placed them. They were expert arches, they had actually negated the strength of the courage which was in the cavalry, which was in the holster, but they couldn't play a role in the battle because the arches which were driving them back. So those

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particular arches that actually paved the way for victory. And when they saw the manifestation of the victory they felt and there was a misunderstanding, perhaps Walla Walla, what actually happened because of that misunderstanding, they left the post, Taliban whatever they allow to do so an opportunity came from the back and attack the Muslims because the year was exposed, and what was on the verge of victory turned into a setback. So

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when they attack the Muslims from the behind from the rear, they attack the Muslims and the people who are fleeing so that they came back and the Muslims was sandwiched in between they came in Armia May Allah Tala spaces be upon him through a stone in the direction of maybe occurring saw Salam maybe occurring saw slum was bruised, maybe I can use our systems to teeth were also you know taken and maybe a cream sauce them was extremely wounded to this extent that the word went around who had in NA Muhammad and kulpmont Muhammad has died. This was a tremendous blow for the Sahaba they left for a vehicle is awesome. The love for the vehicle himself slept inspired and motivated them. Many

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of them last up, many of them went to Madina, Munawwara May Allah Tala reward many of the other Sahaba they came around our beloved maybe a cream sauce from when we can install some sodas, maybe a cream sauce from you know got up on higher ground. And he says oh people, oh my companions come to my aid. And I'm still alive. This inspired, motivated the Companions, they came around maybe occurred in South Salem, and that became the focus of the veteran. And when that became the focus of the battle, you know, the Sahaba EComm showed great amount of bravery in protecting the vehicle himself alone instead of on one occasion when maybe a consortium was there. One wave of attack after

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attack came to try and kill the reoccurring source and maybe a cream sauce himself, who will protect me who will look after this wave of tech, than happy to do that. Seven times went to the protection of nebbia cream sauce to such an extent his entire arm was paralyzed in protecting the life of our beloved resources. So in that particular way, we all know that as an Hamza Duncan of our beloved cream saucer was martyred and his body was mutilated. Something that when we attack him, so awesome, so insulated body after the battle, maybe a crimson Muslim cried so much that the Sahaba and companions who around Libya can install Saddam, they also started crying. This is a battle this is

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the background after that almost a quarter supera or almost five rules and that Allah revealed with regard to the situation about what it is revealing. It gives us so many lessons with regard to our present situation that we see in Gaza. Wow, did Allah subhanho wa Taala and what did he tell you? And what lessons did he give to the Companions after that?

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First lesson call to

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you ask why did this happen? Who I mean in the unforeseen? It happened look into your own self. Whenever there is a setback, whenever these challenges, it is one of the cardinal principles with regard to our teachings that we introspect. Why is this happening? Is it our weakness, it is something that we should have done differently. So the first thing that we

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introspect, the second thing Allah Allah consoling them, when Allah, Allah subhanahu wa taala has forgiven you. Okay, it seemed that there was that you did not completely comply with the instructions of our beloved Nebia trim sauce. Go Allah subhanho wa Taala has forgiven you. So when people are in difficulty, people are in setback, you don't put salt into the wounds. Allah subhanho wa Taala consoled them? Yeah, we find people saying that this is an Arab upon the people. How do you find that nobody is doing so Salam and look at our Latella report to them. They were in a setback, they were hurting. What did Allah subhanaw taala tell them well, Allah Allah, Allah Allah has given

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you the third thing Allah subhanho wa Taala you know told them what you want to win

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don't lose heart, don't grieve, you will be victorious keep you are believers. So they again, not only did Allah Tala announced a forgiveness, what if Allah Allah, Allah, Allah gave them come from Allah, Allah told them, Don't be despondent, don't grieve, you would be victorious if you are believers. Not only did he consoled them, not only did he give them words of encouragement, not only to tell them not to become despondent, he also gave them something to work towards. You will be victorious if you are true believers, become true believers for Allah subhanho wa Taala can help you and drum to victory. The fourth thing, Allah subhanho wa Taala told them into Cullotta Allah Horner

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for a gnome Yamanaka, Mata and the moon, that good and bad days rotate amongst people, sometimes these victories sometimes there is defeat, sometimes there is happiness, sometimes they sadness, it happens in everyone's life, individually and collectively. If you have been wounded, then they have also been wounded the way you have been wounded. And look at the whole situation that is happening. Yes, we have been wounded, perhaps to a greater number, but they have also been wounded. They are also fighting the psychological scars of such a, you know such a fright that have come upon them such a type of despondency that have come upon them that they have never, ever seen.

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such type of despondency are such such a type of psychological scars that has come because of the believers attacking them. So if you have been wounded they have also been wounded. Look at our luck Allah says Subhan Allah tells

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us these are the days that we return rotate amongst people who sometimes they will be victory sometimes there will be setbacks. So this is the fourth you know the fourth thing that we have maintenance, then Allah subhanaw taala further tells us look at the beautiful way Allah Tala has addressed a setback okay him in the B in cattle, ma Oribi unica theory for ma holy ma servo. Can many prophets of the past who went into battle and they will have suffered setbacks. They suffered defeats, but they were never despondent over what came upon them. What what did they used to do when there was the feet from a foreigner cold room in Cairo when he was defeated Mittwoch Almighty Allah

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from Manaphy Leonard and Obinna Well, Eastern alpha and alpha Molina, who will not forgive our shortcomings, flippin Alpha Fluvanna what is dropping off your head keep us steadfast and one Sunnah COVID Catherine and help us against the disbelievers. So the first thing that we made mention was the bias or the the of the past, they do not lose hope. Then the fourth thing, which is very, very interesting, you see when I was Soufiane, Kane, and he tried to put salt into the wounds with regard to the defeat and setback. And he said a phenom Muhammad, he stood up on the battle of the mountain of who had his Muhammad alive amongst you.

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And so let me start listening to the Saba don't reply. Then he said afina Abu Bakr is Abu Bakr amongst a few now Omar is Umar amongst you.

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So Omar couldn't bear it when he said he said yes we are your Allah Tala has preserved as long conversation takes place. One of the things that I would like to highlight, he told Abu Sufian said, You defeated us in butter, we defeated when the things have become a humble vain and our banal things that we put and maybe a creamy sauce from

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whom or reply to him. Things are not equal. Cut learner, Phil Jana

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things are not equal. The people who have died in our side, they are on the right side of history, they are going to Jana, the people who are died in your side, they are designed to go to jahannam because they're on battle in Portsmouth. They're on the wrong side of history.

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Subhanallah the people who died they are in Jannah. Do you know the reward of a person who dies in the path of Allah, without the order removed or a piece of work? Don't say a person who has died in the path of Allah said he is he's dead, he is alive but he cannot perceive his life. Maybe a Khadeem saw some I said in the Hadith, that Allah Tala will ask the math on the day of karma, I want to reward you tell me how should I reward you? And he would have given us everything? What more can we ask? And you will see eventually when Allah willing sister will see the joy we got when we sacrificed our life in the path of Allah send us deck that we can get the joy again.

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This is the situation. So this these are the situation that we have to keep in mind. Then, of course, at that particular time, what if it was revealed, which is such a great lesson, many respected weathers because maybe a cream sauce from the room or when that maybe a cream sauce had passed on. So at that particular time the Sahaba fell down, and they felt a little bit despondent and Allah revealed this verse, WA Muhammad, Allah Rasool Muhammad Rasul Allah Almighty, Allah got a follow up mean company who saw that many times they were prophets of the past of a murder or quoted in CalOptima identical, if he is killed by the enemies, or he dies, are you going to turn away from

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your deep progress this morning, put your time between Sunette as far as I was thinking about what I was going to say, and one verse verse came into my mind and I thought, I will share it with you today. That even if the prophet was martyred, you must not be coming to speaking.

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Even if the prophet was not if you don't pick up respondents, and you don't become an assistant with regard to your deal, you still remain steadfast upon your deal. If the Prophet was martyred, you don't lose and you don't, you don't become despondent and you cannot ask questions with regard to God. If we see people who are killing women and children, when we feel despondent.

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If the Prophet was martyred and Allah says, Are you going to turn away from religion with his motto? We don't become despondent. We believe in the supremacy of our faith. We believe in the Supra

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couldn't bear and these type of things victory and failure will come upon us. multicolor medallion you have a nasty does it make one one iota of difference to our faith in Allah subhanho wa taala. And of course it happened to be another vehicle. This weakness and helplessness

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We feel sometimes it happened in the time of Nokia cream sauce. Let me give you an example. Let me a cream sauce lemon, he was weak in Makkah,

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the people who are bringing him on the phone or via cream sauce. They were being persecuted by the Pharaohs of the time.

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And in particular, the family of acid and they will be killed. And they were I mean, they will be persecuted. So mayor of Yamato the first matter about Jehovah took a spear into her metruff and martyred her maybe a cream sauce we'll be seeing that these are the people

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who because of belief in me, they are going through this and I can do nothing to help them physically I can do nothing to help them. What did he say? He went to them one day he passed by the set is Bureau

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whole family of

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patients for in gender,

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your refuge and your body's gender. He also felt that particular weakness but what it is saying is

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we have have had patients the NIRA was an ordinary woman. She was a slave woman. They used to beat up Umar used to beat up to such an extent that after beating up he used to stop beating, and he used to say I'm not stopping because have mercy upon you. I'm stopping because I'm tired. Because of the beatings she became blind, right. And the companies of Abuja, Nigeria, Abuja, Allen said, you have overdid it.

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Like how some of the Western countries you know, did not look perhaps you have overdid it. They don't say it's wrong. It is not maybe we have already received one or two statements to try to placate people.

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So they also told him perhaps you have overdid it. And he said no. Latin Rosa, made her blind.

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She was when

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she stood up for the stick and said nothing you said no control over me. Allah Tala restored her I said. And ago Joel said, the magic of Muhammad has restored

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the magic of Muhammad. These are some of the points that Allah Tala gave us with regard to the setback that what, what a great lesson we have to respect the brothers. So let us take these particular type of lessons and inculcate it. Eventually, ultimate success is upon the believers for the believers as Allah Tala repeatedly tells us and may Allah Tala give us a trophy, just two more announcement that I would just like to make, it has come to our attention that in our particular region, there are provocations that happen and Muslims have been targeted and persecuted and harassed. Remember one thing my dear respected whether this cause is a just cause. It's a moral

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cause. You must always hold the moral high ground, to not get into the provocation. There is an attempt made to get us into provocation, because the narrative on the ground is turning against us. So now they are building making provocations when we look at Palestine is a just cause, even sallahu Diem Rahmatullahi when he conquered Palestine, he always used the high moral ground, even when Richard, the King of England, who he was fighting became ill. So that would descend in fruit surrounding sending medication, we must always hold the high moral ground, we must take our precaution, we must take the necessary details with regard to taking up with the authorities.

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There's a different method. But don't get into the provocation. Don't reach to that particular lowest common denominator, hold the whole high moral ground because this is a just cost. And lastly,

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this is a weekend what we have to vote on legislation, thinking rather than Rama counselor selecting According a formal system that you must register to vote, we are not saying that everything is correct, and neither do we agree upon the aspect that we are in the country is ideal situation. But it is our responsibility in our situation, to play our role for the betterment of the country for the betterment of the people of the country, to keep the country of production and to lead the country with regard to the ills and the difficulties that are claiming and to play a constructive role as Muslims have always played in our history to pick up on the city, walk through that one