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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Wa Salatu was Salam ala Ramadan Amelia Radha and I'm Alana de abajo. Who will mentor by the Almighty he will detail about that with me. When actually at about

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a month before he left I'm gonna share Tony with genius today who I Naniwa him was something come out of milk, circle love asking

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my dear respected scholars and elders, brothers, mothers and sisters, we begin by placing one mighty Allah ascending salutations upon our beloved Libya Karim nice and Allah Allah Allah, He will send them these in an indeed a great honor for me more than the audience to be part of this program. And I'm just going to give the introduction few points I will mention, the main speakers will come after me. Shut down, Sam said that everyone came to listen to him on Hamdulillah I can't met his enthusiasm. I can't met his humor, and I can't match his style. No, I can't do what more shoutouts so inshallah the people will come of this career bomb, my colleague in the Julian and he will give

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inclusive postman they will be the main speakers. So I'm just, you know, a few words. In terms of introduction. I must also say Carrie Zafer, Allah subhanho wa Taala reward you for your beautiful recitation. You know, normally the medical doctors always tell us how many times people many of the sickness for example, if your parents are diabetic, more than likely you will also be diabetic. It comes medical sickness is hereditary. So, I wonder even with regard to the recitation of the Quran is it like that carries up in the whole family the south memory is known for the recitation even with regard to the Hotronix family for example. So maybe it comes with that particular aspect that

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lineage is such that it always continuing we are not gonna make it continue in the succeeding generations also, Inshallah, we'll make dua Inshallah, to three points I want to make mention with regard to our get together first thesis that please no doubt whatsoever had is a very unique body. You know, every every body is unique, right? However, your heart is something that is absolutely so special.

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For one example, I will give you is this, that in the Holy Quran, you don't find a surah on any one of the four pillars.

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Right? So you don't have Surah, two SATA. You don't have Surah, two second, you don't have solid to solid, but we have started to hatch.

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Another very amazing point someone brought it up and when we were in touch, one friend of mines and we were together in Hajji came from UK. And he said, Just look at this example. Normally, when we give the example of the five pillars of Islam, Guney or Islam, Allah seems to always say that the central pillar is the man. And then you have the four pillars. The four pillars is solid socket hedging, so, but it says, look at that in a in an area or in a period of a 40 year lifespan of yours. So you've got 40 years of lifespan, and then below the four pillars, how they are how they keeping the building up, how they keeping Islam up. So, salad in 40 years, how many salad you have

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to read, to keep that one pillar of Islam steadfast and one pillar of salad how many salad in 40 years, you have to perform to keep that one's pillar strong.

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And for example, in in song in 40 years 1200s Rosa, you have to keep in a period of 40 years model exam more or less, give you an example. And is occurred once a year becomes poorer. So in a period of 40 years, 15 years, we're not valid or at least according to the other mazahub in which we have to give 1440 or 25 times we have to give the cup of tea that polo stone,

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but had to keep their polo strong once in a lifetime 10 Polo has to be kept strong once in your lifetime one oven. Can you imagine the real good aspect of Hajra how important it is. So, that is one aspect for us to understand that how important Hutch is the second point I want to make mention of and I want to keep it brief, he says that you know the relationship between the people who go for it is something special. Now we don't want to do it in the in the negative sense. There are certain people who talk about it in a negative sense, Hadji bison hydrovane sometimes is very good also, but also

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another dimension. But this aspect of friendship and relationship

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which is based on righteousness based on a good deed is uniquely special in our religion.

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It is so special that Allah Tala has made mention of this relationship which is based on righteousness.

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And just to give you the comparison for you that you're anti Saha, you may have feel remarkable enough he will only he'll be beside him but he will beneath on the day of Yamato closest people because of the office and the situation of Tiamat they will free from you. Even your parents and your brothers will flee from you on the Day of cabinet. But I'm in love with your mother in love whom he died in a room.

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But to friends,

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is an exception.

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Friendship based on righteousness, friendship base, where the friend leads you towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is an exception. Allah Allah says friends will be enemies to one another in level 13 Except the friendship based on Taqwa.

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That friendship will help you even in the afterlife.

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That friendship which is based on tech one will help you even in the effort and who is a real friend

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in the Hadith, Nabil Karim sorcerer Messiah whose company must keep

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and via cribstone Since it killed the company of the one, that when you are in this company, you remember Allah. He reminds you of Allah, that friendship is a very special friendship and the friendship that comes about because of hedges because of that. There's no other worldly motives that friendship come with. We made such together we were minute together, we were most terrified together, we had an experience of being in a all star hotel, emotionally for no five star seven star all star hotel. So we had that experience that experiences what not based on what the motive is based on mindlessness to help us in the Haftarah process. And someone has very briefly said a true

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friend is one who steps will now we will never relate. Friendship would step in because it's the very antithesis of friendship. For someone so beautifully said, a true friend stabs you from the front. It will save you from the back.

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He sees something wrong in you will tell you you are doing wrong. You are not performing Salah you are doing this wrong. A true friend stabs you from the front.

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So this relate this coming together which I really we saw people after Sudan or getting gathering together. It's that type of friendship, maintain that friendship, value that friendship based on righteousness and see to it that you keep the look of that friendship on the basis of righteousness.

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The third point I would like to make mention is the aspect of renewal. Now there is no doubt whatsoever

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that enhanced is an aspect of renewal, the renewal of our Eman the renewal of our priorities of life, there's gonna be a cream sauce from said that a person had to live abroad Raisa Bucha cellulose Jana, and a person when it comes back from Haji Raja, aka Yomi wanted to Oh ComiCon he is like the one who has just his mother had just given birth to him. It's a process of renewal. Now, the process of renewal is something that Allah and reoccurring sawston has made mention of.

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So in one Hadith, the reoccurring source from said, your iman gets worn out the way your clothes get worn out

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and renew your image, the way you renew your clothes. So the way you renew and get new clothes. So you get different every every week to prepare to buy a new jacket, you just give an example. Or after a few years ago we renew our clothes and then we saw some sales we knew your email and then maybe sauce them one day Sahaba you said to renew your Eman Keifa How do we do so?

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No jet did do a marina before Allah ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, renew your iman by constantly mentioning La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah by constantly reciting the Kadima, Subhan Allah, so this aspect of Hajj and renewal is very important. And part of that is when we come back, we try to change our life. When am I have written your week? depends upon how you spend your Joomla

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how you spend your time one, it has a very great impact upon the spirituality of your entire week. And you're hatched

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upon how you spend your hands, it has an impact upon your whole life.

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So, therefore, we find in Surah Juma Surah Kahf read circa one Juma it still is a north of the next neck Juma and beyond. So, how you spend your drama, it has an impact upon your whole week and how you spend your heart has an impact upon your whole life. So, in the third, the second or the third thing which have been mentioned, as renewal, so, through the means of how we supposed to make our life better, we're supposed to change our priorities. We are supposed to come closer towards Almighty Allah, we are supposed to perform our standard what Jamaat we are supposed to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala we are supposed to stay away from sin that is one of the signs of an

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accepted hygiene. But the fourth thing I would like to make mention is is to comment

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you know, this is very important remain steadfast upon the commands of Allah Tala

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nivia, cream sauce, drums, you know, one day Sahaba came, and when they came, they said Yasunaga Your beard is becoming white. So maybe a cream sauce to them said shady bunny would Surah who has made me Oh,

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so llama didn't leave anything to chance a look at the old school old which is the IET which the resource them was referring to that made me old and unanimously by and large unanimously look at that of series they will say that I had was the lady come up to me, remain steadfast support what Allah has commanded through

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no matter what you do, no matter the circumstances, to commands of Allah you must adhere to irrespective of the circumstances. So that is the samosa said that was the ayat and we saw some was referring to that made me Oh,

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and what is what is one day someone came into the Rasulillah give me advice and keep it very brief. So the via cream sauce himself who happen to be left with Mr. can say I believe in Allah remain steadfast. So we have to remain steadfast not only performing Salat, in which afterwards,

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and we are living in an instant age, we want everything instantly.

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We want everything instant instant coffee instant this instant that there was once upon a time you had you know, the computers were 286 and 38675486, and five and six and titanium. I don't even know which one all of them. Neither person as a computer that 20 years ago was regarded to be the height of technology. Someone has a computer which is 10 years old. They say you got a dinosaur.

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That's how it is. Now sister karma doesn't come of doing things instantly once a once or go for Hajj, and I will do things and I will become pious. Or if I can manage them. I'll go for overriding Ramadan and I will become pious again, is the common means not insulin, not everything that just happens instantly. It requires constant effort every day.

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It's not going to hatch and then my reading five time Namaste. It's not going for O'Meara and then for having a feeling of spirituality. It's not having the fear of Allah Tala only when you go over our Hajj, it is a constant effort every day for a man to be less mustard him. We want everything you know, they say that once upon a time, there was an incident that made mention of a humorous incident. They say a person came from the village. Now nowadays, you know, you we used to come from Western State a very backward like, you know, a place that is not like very technologically smart, you know, and we grew up we stayed in a what they call a plus champion. You were plus Japanese came

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from Walmart. And so when we came to the when we came to Java, we came in see the lights. Okay, look at the lights here. We don't see the law. But nowadays, you get shopping malls everywhere now. I went to a Walmart go to shopping malls, big shopping, what's your safety like how it is over? But can you imagine a person one day when he was in a rural area came to the town. So when he came to the town, the cousins took him around. So when they took him around, you know they they said Alright, come on, we'll take you to the shopping mall. So he came to the shopping mall, he came to one of the aisles. He saw their milk powder. He said what is this? Milk powder? We don't know about

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milk powder. We only know about the true milk you get from the cow. Right? When you get this milk powder. What is it? Put liquid powder pour water it becomes milk. So he's scratching his head. Now he's thinking what is this? And that's it. So soup powder, say what is this? Put liberabit powder put what they become. So how can I understand this? When we make soup in the rural villages, you have to boil the bones and you have to boil everything and then only it becomes soup. But you can imagine when you went to the next aisle, he got a shock of his life. He saw baby powder.

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The Audi dead baby cover from

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milk and

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this thing was what I did. So

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by this statement is not something that you do once in a while is the common means every day I must be steadfast. And lastly I will make mention the last viewpoint. You know one of the beauties of how genetic teaches you submission and submission is the essence of our deen well Manasa Medina minimun Osama wotja Who's deen is better than the one who submits to Allah Tala and in the way you learn submission in height you don't learn anywhere else. You just learn submission in the way you don't learn anywhere submit to Allah that is your deen So on the Day of Arafah which is perhaps the most pleasant day in the in that year, you want to eat salad on time because you feel I mean on the place

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that they are measuring them as on time like for example in Ramadan we try to read them as on time. So our effort I must try to read numbers on time and that time when you come on Margarita we want to read numbers on time to comment the sun Hulu am I upset even if you come to Moose deliver mcrypt I don't read number three a mother replied with we shall tell you why because it is Dean who submit when Allah Tala tells you to read them as on time you read numbers on time when Allah Tala tells you not to read numbers on time read numbers and another time you do it that is Dean Dean is not your emotions. Dean is not fulfilling your passions Dean is it above Allah Tala

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another example we go between hugs we go between suffer Marwan right. Why you go suffer Marwa Allah Tala like the action of Hydra. She ran between suffer miroir because there was no water. Right? And she went there was no water so she was uneasy. Now when you will be doing some former

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What do you do? Every 100 meters is water.

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Every 100 meters they put water in but why are you doing

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Imams Asami has made mention of this point. And he made mention of people with regard to me. He said If Allah if anytime shaytan were to put it in your mind when you're making Ramy when he bribery salat wa salam belta cheatin then

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he's socially done. We don't see shaytan but we belt. So Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah the right. He says anytime shaytan were to put that into your mind that your Brymer in Salem saw shaytan and he was felting I don't see shaytan Why Am I guilty? He saved Pelc with great enthusiasm because nothing breaks the back of shaytan more than the believer doing something solely because of submission

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solely because Allah Tala told him even if he can understand and fathom the reason.

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So the quick lesson we learn. So I made mentioned with regard to a few things, one is the relationship which is built on what valuate Secondly, the aspect of his comment what was the meaning of his comment? Thirdly, the lesson of hedge submission. May Allah give you an idle topic?

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May Allah

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