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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The United States has a culture where people are encouraged to take care of their deeds and make commitments, including emphasis on sex and categories like sex. The culture includes threatening language and phrases like "will" and "will" used to describe actions and promises. The short span of time between civilizations and the creation of the entire world is important, and individuals need accountability to avoid negative consequences and avoid rewarded behavior. accountability is necessary to make deeds easy and make accountability quick to avoid negative consequences.
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wa Salatu was Salam wa salam ala Nabi Avada Amudha do photo Villa Himalaya shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem familia Madami scholar Latina Pharaoh era OMA I'm a scholar the rotting Shabri set up kala hula Zeum, my dear respected elders and brothers

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in our deen in our religion, these great emphasis upon accountability that we are going to have to bear the consequences of our deed and we are going to answer with regard to the choices and with regard to the deeds that we do in this world.

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As an Amara Viola with Ron who is reported to have said how civil enforcer can Kabbalah and to Hassan take account of your deeds before Allah Tala take account of your deeds and weigh your deeds before your deeds are weighed. But Allah subhana wa Tada. It is made mentioned by one of our great scholars may Moon bin Mohan Rahmatullah Allah who said that a Matata person who fears Allah is more severe in taking account of his deeds, then a tyrant ruler

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and a stingy spouse. And we all know that the stingy spouse will take a sense and account where did you spend his money? Where do you go and take this money in even more than that a mata ki takes account of his deeds. In our history, there was a very great scholar by the name of Bula Harris been asserted. His name was Imam mohe sebi. His whole name was remarkable Huseby because he used to emphasize in his practice, and in his speech, with regard to taking account of your deeds, Mrs. Sharia

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jawab the he or Maha Sabha per Bozarth Yaga. Kepner Armelle Amal Kumar me up Maha Sabha chroma key Allah Tala Whiskey Bar Ms. Savall karega Kiama Cayden as a Roma Viola Huhtala Andrew formata taky Allah ke hisab learnership la Abner Maha Saba Kuru. So take stock in account of your deeds. Now there are various emphasis with regard to what type and categories and forms of accountability align the Holy Quran in surah Majda says, You have Larina Harmon who our fall below code or you who believe.

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Take account and fulfill your commitments, your agreements, your words, your promises. Why? In Surah Nisa, il in Karna mas Allah, Allah will question you, allow will question you about your commitments. And now will question you about your your promises. Allah will question you with regard to the agreements that you made. As culture you know, ajeeb Samana we make, we give our tongue and then we cut our tongue. We give our word we go against our word. We make promises we go against our promises. We make agreements we go against our agreements, Allah Tala tells us in the economy, escuela Yamamori cheese Neha Jo apne archaea, Julep nawada Kim was kibarim A Kiama, Cayden Savall

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hoga and now will question you with regard to your commitments and your promises and your agreements. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran tells us in Surah Bani Israel in summer our bizarro world Fuad kulula karna Anoma school up, you're seeing, you're hearing your thoughts, who's kibarim a savant hoga will question you on the Day of cabinet up cabinet George updateable appname Yes, Jo apne suna or Jobson to Escobar ma Allah Tala Sol Karenga cockney, katika ki applicare. Suna, Allah will question you with regard to each and every aspect of what you see. Look at the word Karna I'm Huma schoola. Allah will question you on the Day of cabinet. Then Allah

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subhanho wa Taala makes mentioned all our numbers, all our favors Allah Tala gives us Allah will question us on the Day of karma Surah Takashima Hassan mulatos Aluna

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Yo Ma Ethan and in Him. Jo coach namah Tia LaTonya Cody M Allah Tala Jo cuccia. Media, Husqvarna Ms. L or hisab hoga. This is a very amazing, you know, verse is an incident behind it. Maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. One day he went out of his house when it was very, you know, normally a time when people in Arabia never used to go out. It was right at the time of Tallulah because in the very hot Arabian summer, that time people used to rest because used to be very hot and people used to rest. So let me carry himself slim came out of his house. Uber karate Altana came out of his house. Maria Lautner came out of his house, all three met and they said why have we come out? They

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asked one another, they said bookkeeper Jessie I'm Nick Labneh. Garcia because of hunger, we came out of our houses. So he said no one had hot food in the house. Let us go to the house of abou a human sorry. He was known to be very hospitable. Who may Amanda was on CAGR. poncha when they came to his house, he became very happy Nebia Karim Salah while he was salam came Abubakar came over came. So he had a small limb and he cut death and he told his wife you got flour make some bread make some roti and while they were doing that he presented before Nivea cream sauce, three types of schedule right one is root up fresh schedule. One is Tamara which is dry Kajol which many times you

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bring from Mecca, Medina and one is Busara. When you go to the date market, you see something that is half right, half dry, that is known as boosa. So he put three types of food in front of Nivea cream salsa and whatever he says to them like and then by that time after they set, the food got ready. And then before Nivea cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ate Nivea cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Go and give Fatima She hasn't eaten for three days. Three days she hasn't eaten? Yeah, Allah. Then Nemea Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam after they ate Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cried that we saw Salaam and Roni Roni?

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Er And we saw so many caca Busan what Tama rune well Ruta Boone hope

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Allah gave you three types of Cadore Allah gave you a meat Allah gave you bread and then we saw some started crying and then the resource number eight this is who scape RMS Allah Allah hoga Kiama

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Allah will question you about these favors on the day of chaos.

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We eat we don't even worry what we are eating can be Allah Tala cucurbit a kurta we never even think Allah. Allah wa salam said Allah will question you about what to eat on the day of care but

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my dear respected brothers This is a sense of accountability that Islam has taught us. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala will question us about our deeds whatever we do that's why I retired from a Yamaha miss call as a rotten Hydra Euro. Whatever letter good you do, I will sit in front of you. Whatever evil you do an iota of evil an atom of evil. You will see it in front of you on the Day of karma after Amal Kibera he Sam Ogaki Yama kiddin joku Champney Husqvarna saga Surah Zilla zalmi Allah subhanho wa Taala formata K ry Kibera burpee apne buddy. Yeah check him was Apple's co somni Power gay and gamma Cayden. Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says in Surah Kahf Molly huddle kita la Johar.

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The RO salvia. What are cabbie Ratan Illa Arsa when human being sees his deeds on the day of Tiamat in front of him, he sees his good deeds, his evil deeds, his minor deities Matix What will he say? Molly huddle Kitabi Casa he saba.

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What type of hisab is La Russa? Hera wala Kabira it cheese coloratura. It has not left anything it has not left anything small. It has not left anything minor. It has not left anything major in Lhasa sub Allah Tala Naja Macaca everything Allah subhanho wa Taala has gathered it. That is our hisab that is going to take place with regard to each and every aspect of our life. My dear respective brothers, this is a reality we will not be able to get away with it. We think that this world is the only world we can do whatever we want and there is no accountability. No there is going to be accountability.

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And you know in the inner core in the Hadith Nivea cream sauce tell tells us the first deed Allah will question you about on the day of Jar Kiama will be Salah our Luma you heard she will be here

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Abdul Malik Yamato salud, salud kibarim A sub SIP Del Sol haga the first thing Allah will question you about the day of Yama did you perform your Salah

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right and this this jawab the he in this accountability and answering for our deeds My dear respected brothers understand this is not only a

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requirement of Deen

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an aspect of our aqidah and we find that in for example in Emanuel for son one of it will yo me haha Harmon to be at work to be able to meet our free will yo Milaca so we believe in the day of accountability is not only an aqidah it's a logical end it is a necessity it's a logical necessity Kiama Kahuna yourself. Yes sir Dinis name, bulky Achlys irata. Let me give you two quick examples with regard to Allah Tala in the Holy Quran tells us that whatever Allah created for us, you see this accountability. Sometimes you make a joke with regard to it. That is the time of you know, end of the financial year the accountant is going to see that we do a proper account for for SAS for the

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income tax. And they say accountant is he who solves a problem you didn't know you had an accountant is a person who solves a you a problem you didn't know you have in a way you don't understand. That's an accountant. More than that. Allah is gonna take question about our deeds on the day of karma. And this is not only a religious requirement, it is a logical requirement that we give you two reasons why it's a logical requirement. One is look at Allah Tala in the Holy Quran. Allah Allah says that he has created the entire universe for human being whether the Haleakala chromaffin, average EMEA and Latin America in ATCO in some Kalia LaTonya Medaka the entire Guyana entire world,

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everything is better for our benefit one way or the other callicoon Marfil are the Jamia now look at our our life our life is how much 7080 years if someone comes to 7075 we said good innings.

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Now that is our reality

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and look at our life in our when we are small many times it goes away in play when we are young all the time we are taking pride in our achievements in our strength in our pride in our ego when we become old then we are aches and pains we can't do what we had previously done and we take pride that way Allah Tala in the Holy Quran and other places we take pride in our children in our wealth. Now can you imagine that Allah Tala create the entire universe for that 7080 years of your life?

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Did Allah Allah create the entire universe and everything the whole system of Allah Tala for 7080 years of your life, the short span of our life, makes the year after a logical necessity

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that Allah Tala couldn't have created the entire world only for 7080 years. Allah Allah created it because you are going to live another life and you are going to give hisab for your life and then Allah is going to give you Jonathan Jana forever.

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So that is the short span of our life in this world, makes the year after a necessity and necessity. And the word Grupo was it. I said. yokel. omae tuna La La Mancha Maya tepat musty Omen Giovanni Komai to oppose the flow Tommy Bahama Ganga Maya to Persia he's so much ki Puri isms in the Garnica by

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our whole life is that Allah Tala created this entire universe a little bit of our life. That means that there is a greater existence and that is accurate. Another logical example or maybe bought you know, so much nicotine we see in this world. Many times people who do evil they get away with murder. Literally they getting away with murder in South Africa. They kill people they extort people, they kidnap people are many of them are Muslims Eliyahu Billa,

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Musa Manaka Nam Casa de a kidnap people, etc. And they get away with it. They make money. They live in a parent life of comfort. I use the word parent very, very deliberately because I don't think Allah Tala gives them Chenin sukoon Allah will never give them time quality and Allah will never give them comfort in this world, but they do it they get away with it. And sometimes a pious person trying to live a life of honesty, life live a life of piety, live a life of righteousness, and he finds it difficulty on every corner.

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Now, this

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goes against that this it does not be fit Allah Tala has attribute of justice how can people who do evil get away with it scot free? How do people who do righteous deeds they do not get rewarded? So Allah Tala says there has to comedy

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Joe Logam copy data kilo Baraka around is in the giggles or genetica comm career skill set you know when Casimba goes out to eat so we'll set it

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to go demons zoo Ligeia

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you Allah Tala in South Formica

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and look at our law put it in the Holy Quran. Yesterday llama well bossy one lady in Harmon who Amanu Solly hottie what Elmo see. kalila Mata karoon those who do righteous deeds and those who do evil deeds, they are not equal. Don't you think about it, when you think about it, a financial Muslim in a call Muslimeen care musalman Maciejewski maravilhosa time can a person who do righteous deeds the equal to a person who is doing evil? Think about it. When you think about it, what will you come to the conclusion in sir Attallah Dr. Lurie Buffy, Ha, that day has to come.

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Allah Allah will reward those who do good deeds. And Allah Tala will punish those who do evil deeds. You see, Dean is a Rodney Achlys

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the day of chiamata Naomasa yo Hona here, it has to happen. That is why and let me conclude with this. How the Sahaba and maybe a Kareem SallAllahu Sallam used to worry about masala maybe occurring saucer one day Sahaba came and said jasola you becoming old Nivea cream sauce and said Surah our Mo Salah and Surah Hood is in surah waqia has made me old in this is all mentioned of accurate as a homeowner the ultimate one day went out for cash. And don't forget she saw a woman who was who was very, very angry. She had no food. And when she had no food, she said

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May Allah destroy Amuro coming in over. We are hungry and he isn't taken care of us.

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So Omar said How was Omar know about your hunger? So she said if Omar doesn't know about our hunger or Ameerul Momineen Kibana Why did you become an Ameerul Momineen Why did you become our leader? Omar went to the bathroom, picked up a sack of flour, put it on his back. He served in a slum said oh Omar will pick it up. What did Omar said will you pick up my burden on the day of Cavite chiamata Maris apps Salka job app to get your mail.

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Look at that aspect of worrying about accountability as a female Hanifah Rahmatullah li Kibera Melaka that one might hold night he cried, reading this ayat for me YAML Miss Carla

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Miyamoto Miss Carla gelatin Almighty been who takes account of each and every aspect of our deed, save Noman from the fire of the day of karma. Brothers In conclusion, we all have to worry about accountability. We all have to worry about how we are going to give account of our deeds because that is a reality. And wherever and whatever you do, you will have to answer for it on the day of karma. May Allah make it easy. May Allah make our deeds such that inshallah we will be rewarded and may Allah Allah keep us away from doing things that will lead towards a very frightening or punishment and therefore we must constantly make this to Allah Maha Sydney Isabey Sera, Allah make

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our account and our deeds and our accountability easy and do deeds that will lead to our accountability becoming easy while through our knowledge of the law.

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