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5 Easy Good Deeds that the reward is similar to Hajj

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam O Allah wa alayhi wa sallam rubbish roughly said recently unreliable over the 10 min miss me of Coco de Amira bellemeade aloha Marina and houska Hopkin was looking at Nava wearing all along that I didn't and half Gohan was looking at tea bath, wedding and vasila Basilan was looking he never, Ola shows truth is truth and give us the ability to follow it and show

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people miss the end and people miss the piano and the trophy, right? Everyone went through that whole tournament on depression. Now in handling now when we got to this critical time where we feel like our man needs to be recharged. Allah subhanaw taala gifted us with these glorious blessing days in which rewards are multiplied and magnified and sins are forgiven in sha Allah.

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The days in which Allah subhanaw taala has preferred over all other days were allotted Pattaya gives us another chance to get closer to him to worship him to seek His forgiveness, and to try to make up for our shortcomings. He So pentathol has blessed us with these days which are the most beloved days to him. subhanho wa Taala where deeds are multiplied and magnified these days that are so great, that Allah Pat, Allah Himself swears by them, well, fudge. Well, I am in Nash, by the dawn and by the 10 nights even Cathy have said that the 10 nights are referring to the 10 days of the hedgehog, and this was also the opinion that was held by it.

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Fletcher says In fact, Halle Berry, the most apparent reason for the 10 days of the hedger being distinguished in excellence is due to the assembly of the greatest acts of worship in this period. What are they? The Sala these are the days where you pray and write the cm? We're going to talk about that. The charity right and a night What do we do we do a sacrifice had the only time of the year where what people can perform hajj, and in no other period of the year? Can we combine all of these good deeds. So that was why even hajat rahimullah said that these days are the most blessed days. So had some kind of luck.

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about all those who can't go to hedge? And what if I tell you that he told us that we can do things to get similar reward? Yes, a similar war to that of the Hajaj insha Allah?

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How is that you may ask? And sha Allah, I'm going to tell you but before we talk about the five easy good deeds that the prophet SAW Sam told us about that we can do to get the reward like that of head to Nomura, there is a prerequisite.

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There is a prerequisite.

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I want you to imagine that it's the day of judgment. And you're so as

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partners with him, except for the person in whose heart There's hatred, or resentment against their Muslim brother or sister, it will be said, put both of them off until they're reconciled.

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I know it's hard.

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I know it's so hard to forgive those people who hurt you. Believe me. I know. I know so much that I actually wrote an article about it. You could read it on my website, the power of forgiveness, so much so that I actually created a full class called redemption. How to heal yourself with the power of forgiveness. I know it's hard, but you know what?

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Because it's hard. The reward is what forgiveness from a London

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allows Pattaya says in the Quran surah number 24 ayah number 22. For those who are taking notes, certain notes,

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let them part in an overlook. Would you not like this, Allah should forgive you. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful

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to him and he notices. He doesn't do anything extra. So he was so confused. So he went to the man He's like, Listen, I came to spend some days with you because the prophets is on for three days in a row said that. You're a person that

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But I don't see you doing anything special, I really don't see that you're doing anything special anything extra.

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And the man said, my deeds are nothing more than what you saw. But the only thing that I do is that I don't hold any grudges against my Muslim brother or sister. And I don't envy anyone for the bounties that Alas, Pat Allah has granted them. And then it's an honor said, this is a difficult quality to obtain. And this is what granted you that high rank.

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So let's take a minute right now to forgive those people who hurt us, not because they necessarily deserve it. But because we want

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because we want to be forgiven. Because each and every one of us has done something that we wished it Allah will forgive, right? We all know what our sins are. None of us know each other sins. But we know that each one of us has done something that we really wish that a load friggin, let's forgive right now, so that our deeds can be presented to a law. Let's forgive ourselves for a law not for the person who hurt us, not because they deserved it. So that a lot and forgive us be pleased with us so that Allah could reward us for it. And so that inshallah we can be in Jenna. So take some time out today and really think deeply about those people who have hurt you. And tell Allah Allah I

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forgive them for your sake. I forgive them your Allah so that you can forgive me, I forgive them that Allah so that you can accept my good deeds so that they're not thrown back right at me. I forgive them. Yeah, Allah so that you can grant me Jenna, and you'll see how much peace you will find.

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You know, I read this quote, once it's an amazing quote.

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Holding on to a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

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Because, okay, you're so angry at that person. Is that affecting them?

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Who is it affecting yourself? You know, if you go on my website and you see the article, there are so many physical ill effects of holding on to grudges physical,

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your heart, your blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, your thyroid gland, your adrenal glands. Why? Because adrenal glands do what when you're stressed out, they secrete hormones. And imagine that chronic stressor of you always thinking about what that person that hurts you that go, that go for yourself, not for them.

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And remember,

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that we believe in the Day of Judgment, and we believe that nobody who harmed us is getting away with it. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala will be the one who will,

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who will judge them, and they will punish them for what they did to you. Maybe you might forget in 10 years what they did, but Alan never forgets everything is written. So in sha Allah, let's take some time out today. And really, truly forgive everyone who's heard us for the sake of Allah.

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Now, let's go back to our five easy good deeds that insha Allah equal very word of hedge. Now let me make a disclaimer. equaling in reward of hedge does not take away the obligation of going for hedge, right? So it doesn't mean that when you do this, it replaces the obligation of hedge of the five pillars of Islam, right? Okay, this is just to get great reward Bismillah Oh, and by the way, I've made for you all this beautiful sheet that you can download on my website and print that has all the things and a checklist so that you can check it off, put it on your frigerator and everyday check off what you're doing for the 10 days of the hedgehog.

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This has been left So number one, purify your intentions and make them very sincere.

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How am I going to get hedged by pure intentions? Listen to this. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the likeliness of this nation is like that a for different types of people, I'm only going to tell you about the first two types because at the time, number one, a person Allah subhanaw taala gives them wealth and knowledge. So he or she acts according to their knowledge with regards to their wealth, spending it as it should be spent in the pleasure of their Lord, meaning they have knowledge, but they also have wealth. You know, heads this year is very expensive. So panela packages are starting at 10,000. Were what five years ago, they used to be three 4000.

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So we don't have the wealth to go to hedge. But look what the prophet says I'm said. He said that the person who has the wealth and the knowledge of the person they have wealth

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have the knowledge they go for hedging. They spend the $15,000 on the hedge package. The prophet SAW Some said, This person is in the most excellent station, they're the highest type of person they use their wealth and their knowledge to please a lot.

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But where does the intention come in, look at the second type of person after sunset, and the second type of person is a person who Allah spot that gives knowledge, but doesn't give them wealth.

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So that person says, If I had the wealth like that person, I would do that to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, they will be equal in reward. Allahu Akbar.

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hamdulillah my mom's going to Hajj I can't go to Hajj, I read this hadith and and go yo la.

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I would be like

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another headies it was narrated in Mojave, by NSF nomadic rhodiola. And when

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he said we were coming back from the Battle of the brook, when the prophet SAW sent him said, there are people who we left behind in Medina, they didn't come with us. But they accompanied us in spirit. In their intention, they wish they could have came with us, but they couldn't.

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The prophet SAW Some said

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they got the reward for every path we went through in every Valley we went through and every mountain we climb, because they remained back for a valid excuse. Now, we all have different reasons why we couldn't make it for hedge.

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For some of us, it might be financial. For some of us, it might be our children or our husband. For some of us, it might be a debt. For some of us, it might be an illness. But guess what, in short life, we keep our hearts attached to hedge, and we keep our sincere pure intentions that we really wished we could have gone. We'll be like those people. The one that the professor Sam said had the knowledge but didn't have the means are like these Sahaba who they wish they could have gone out to the Battle of the book. But they couldn't because they didn't have the means. So in sha Allah let's do that. Let's have a sincere intention. Let's wish and long for going to Hajj and in sha Allah,

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we're gonna get that reward you know, the scholars used to say, to add lemon Nia, for in the Nia of love women and men learn how to have pure sincere intentions because a pure sincere good intention can be greater or better than action Can someone please close that door? Does that glow haven.

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So that was number one having a pure and sincere intention. Number two, praying budget in the masjid, making Vicar and Dora until sunrise. The Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whoever plays fudger in congregation and then sits remembering Allah subhanaw taala until the sun rises and then prays to the cat will have their award like that of head and the umbra. And the prophet SAW Sam says in full in full and full

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tomatometer like a complete hedge because you know some people they go to hedge and they don't get anything right. Because what they hit people they get angry, they curse. They do something that they're not supposed to do while they're in Iran like cut their nails or their hair or have a

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look to it right now. Make that intention.

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Don't wait because she will always tell you to delay don't ever delay. And what are you going to do while you're waiting? So you pray phi j and you sit in your beautiful a seed clean Masjid

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and you recite Quran

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because we all know the Hadith of the Prophet Sal Sal and whoever recites a letter from the book of Allah, He will be credited with a good deed and a good deed gets 10 folds of the reward. And they do not say that Elif Lam meme is one letter but

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we received inquiries and and we were so excited. This is our chance. This is a chance to do that again in sha Allah. So Allah let's try and let's have that intention. What else can we do while we're sitting waiting for the sunrise? Make Vicky. The prophets awesome said there are no other days that are as great as these days in the sight of Allah. Nor are any good deeds more beloved to Allah than those days.

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In these 10 days or 10 days of the hedger, so increase the profit some is telling you these are the best days. Let me tell you what you need to do increase into Helene La ilaha illAllah entecavir Allah Akbar into need and handed in. So make Vicar and you know, the beautiful thing about the good

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is you could do it at any time in any place, you know, even Ahmad de la Eindhoven, Abu huraira de la and who they used to go out in the marketplace during the first 10 days of the hedger and they used to recite to be at the summit Vicar in the market. First because the most hated of places is the market to a lowest catala second, because imagine what everyone's busy with this dunya thinking

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at any time while you're cooking just Suppan alone. hamdulillah Elana Lola quarry, so, make the girl What else can we do while we're waiting for the sunrise make? The prophet SAW Sam said the best dryer is the dryer and the day of alpha and alpha is the ninth day of the hedger. The prophet SAW Sam said there is no day that Alice petals three more people from the fire than on the day of arafah allier the love wind we used to advise the people to say, Oh Allah free my neck from the fire on the day of alpha. So let's make lots and lots of diet. And let's make that Allah subhanaw taala. You know, he blesses us and He forgives us. Let's make dua for our brothers and sisters. Because we know

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the Hadith, right? Whoever makes doc for someone else, the angels say and need and to use something better. So let's make lots of drama. And so we have to wait until the sun rises and wait 15 minutes. So let's say if sunrise is a 702 wait until 720 and then you pray your tutor cat in sha Allah, and you'll get the reward of had endowment in sha Allah. Number three, what's the third way we can get the reward of Hajj in sha Allah is the vicar after Salah they can after so long, really? Let me tell you this Hadith, the poor immigrants came to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam and they said, Yeah, Rasul Allah, the wealthy have gone with the highest ranks and the lasting bliss. He asked, How is

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that? So they were complaining, they're like yada Silla, you know, these rich people. They're beating us. They're getting the highest ranks. And the practices have said, How is that? And they said, Yeah, rasulillah they offer us a lot of the same way. We offer Salah they pray like us, and they fast the same way we fast. But because they're wealthy, they're able to perform Hajj. And they're O'Meara, and they're able to go out to jihad, and they're able to spend in charity, but we can't because we're poor, and jasola they're able to free slaves, and we can't because we don't have any money. And the prophet SAW Sam said, listen to this, shall I not teach you of something with

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which you may overtake those who surpassed you? And with which you will suppress those who will come after you.

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And that no one will excel you unless they do what you do?

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And they said yes, you're so low, please tell us and he said, You should recite, to speak sapan Allah tech ubia Allahu Akbar to Hamid and hamdulillah 33 times after eat salah and you will surpass them, Allahu Akbar.

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That takes about three minutes. So panela three minutes to make these too severe. And in sha Allah, you will surpass those who make Hajin ombre and go for Jihad and free slaves on the Day of Judgment. And we can do that what after every salon five times a day for the rest of our lives.

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You know,

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when I read these, I had these you know, I have a class in a workshop called easy good deeds. My favorite thing to teach. Every time I read this a hadith.

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It's like Alice begging us to go to gym. He's giving us the simplest things that we can do to get these great huge rewards out of His love and His care for us because he's truly doesn't want to punish us, gives us something three minutes and we get this great rewards.

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So number four, what's the fourth thing that we can do to ensure Allah get our reward like that I've had

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prayer in the masjid. The prophet SAW Sam said, If any one of you goes out from their house, after performing will do

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for the prescribed prayer and congregation

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his reward will be like that of one who goes for Hajj pilgrimage after wearing a hat on and another headies and he who goes out to say the mid morning that don't have prayer, and takes that trouble for his purpose, meaning, instead of praying that home, they take that extra travel and they go to the masjid will take their award like that person who performs ombre.

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And a prayer followed by a prayer with no worldly talk in between will be recorded and I lean and lean is the high level of Gemini.

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So if you just spend let's say for example, between Madrid, and Asia in the masjid without talking to people just reciting a prayer to a prayer, your prayer will be rated and written in the Henley you.

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So, in another hedis,

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whoever walks walks to perform an obligatory prayer and congregation It is like that in terms of reward to hedge and whoever walks to perform a voluntary prayer is like a volunteer your own right in terms of reward and this hadith is hacernos narrated by Ronnie. So imagine, yeah, Allah How lucky are those who live near to the masjid and they're able to make will do in their home and walk. And if you can't park in front of someone's house that you know, can walk in sha Allah, Allah knows your intention. Okay, and last but not least number five. I think you all know this one. We talked about it. It's our weekly motivation, learn or teach in the masjid. The prophet SAW Sam said Whoever goes

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to the masjid not desiring except to learn or teach what is good has the reward of a pilgrim was completed their head had decent it's about Ronnie, and handler we also always want discuss the many many rewards and virtues of coming to the masjid to seek knowledge. So inshallah I'm not going to spend some time on that. So those are five easy good deeds that we can do every day in sha Allah to get the reward like that of Hajj and Umrah and now I would like to share with you five more easy good deeds that we can do during these blessing days and every day is to maximize our reward and elevate our status in Jenin sha Allah

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because what did we say? We said 10 good deeds right? So number six, salaam Doha

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let's revive the Sunnah of salata Doha prayer, which is made after sunrise about 30 minutes and before the whole about 30 minutes. And the profit center needs to pray sometimes to the cat sometimes for a cat and sometimes atra cat. Why do ha there's so many virtues but I'm going to share with you two. Number one, it's a charity for every joint in your body. The prophet SAW Samson, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, when you get up in the morning charity is due from every one of your joints. Imagine every joint a sadhaka is due it's the right upon your body to give silica on your joints.

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There is charity in every Suppan Allah, there's charity and every Allahu Akbar, there's charity in every Alhamdulillah there's charity in every man in Allah. And there is charity in enjoining good and forbidding evil, and the to the cat of the heart equal all of that in reward

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spinalis Yes.

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Yes. After, after

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Doha and Iraq is essentially as the same.

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Another head Ethan this heavy. I love it. Because I told you guys I love ahead the frequency right? loves talking to us, right? Look, last contest isn't the headies glitzy son of Adam performed four records for me in the beginning of the day meaning to her and it will suffice you for the rest of the day. Imagine Allah sufficing you for the rest of your day, by taking five minutes out to pray for God.

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So in sha Allah, let's pray we'll have

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number seven. Let's build for ourselves houses and Jenna, the prophet SAW Sam said he who observes 12 records of the voluntary sun in a house will be built for them in paradise. How do you pray these two before five J. Four before the hook, two after the hook, two after Megadeth and two after a shot

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12 the 12 Shannon's that know often the ones that the Prophet says I'm used to pray right before and after his five. If you pray these a house will be built for you in general. Imagine

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The bus of days you get 10 houses and in

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10 houses in general, what more can we want? What else number eight, fasting the nine days not the 10 days because we can't fast on the 10th day which is

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fasting the nine days, especially the day of arafah. The ninth day, the prophet SAW Sam says, the reward of every good deed of a person is multiplied from 10 to 700.

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But a loss of Paradise says the reward of observing Psalm is different from any other good deed. sown fasting is for me, and I alone will give its reward. The fasting person, the person who observes fasting abstains from food and drink only for my sake, the fasting person has two Joyce occasions, one at the time of breaking their fast and another at the time, when they meet the rub. Imagine you're going to be happy when you meet a lust.

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Surely the breath of one who's fasting is better smelling to a law than the fragrance of misc.

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So fasting is something that Allah rewards we have no idea what that reward is. It's so great that we can't comprehend that Alas, patho says I will reward you for it.

00:26:20--> 00:26:38

And another heady, every person who fasts just one day for the sake of Allah will take their face farther from the Hellfire, the distance that will be covered in 70 years. Imagine you will be 70 years away from the Hellfire for every one day. So imagine fasting the nine days.

00:26:39--> 00:26:48

And if you can't fast all nine days, at least try to fast Monday and Thursday, at least try to fast that they have out of

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the professor said about the de vida, would you not be content with the fact that Allah Subhana Allah will expect for you your sins for the year before and the year after two years of sins forgiven. So Let's all make our intentions from right now that we're going to fast these days so that even if something happens, and we can't we get the reward, because we know the Hadith, right of the prophet SAW said land, he said that if someone intends to do a good deed, and they do it, they get to rewards. But if they intend to do a good deed, but something stops them, they get the reward. Analysts will make your intention in sha Allah right now. sha Allah yada, I'm going to fast these 10

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days and he's nine days excuse me nine days. And if I get sick Allah, Allah knows, if I get you know that time of the month where I can't fast, Allah knows if something happens and I forget, Allah knows. So make your intention in sha Allah. Number nine sadaqa charity, we all know the virtues of giving sadaqa so let's try to give a silica every day even if it's just the dollar because the lust Pattaya knows our intention, right? The Prophet says Sam said to free yourself to save yourself from the fire even with a half of a date.

00:28:06--> 00:28:34

So nobody here can't afford to give a half of a date. Right? So let's try to maybe find an orphan that we can sponsor feed someone who's hungry. handler there's so many organizations, you know, and it's so easy to get stuck right now you can just go online right? And so panela we forget about these little things that are charities like what like smiling, smiling in the face of your Muslim sister is a subaqua

00:28:36--> 00:28:38

shaking hands your Sims

00:28:39--> 00:28:44

panela so sadaqa is such an easy thing that we can do.

00:28:46--> 00:29:23

Right? A good word is subaqua the prophecy says that a good word is solid. Why not send a good word you know yesterday, a sister texted me to tell me she she's like someone like I was thinking about you. I just wanted to see how you're doing. Good words, something sweet took me 10 seconds to text me. It made my day. You don't know what the person could be going through what that good word can do. Right? prophet SAW Some said that a person will say good word for the pleasure of Allah. They know they don't really think about it. They just seeking pleasure from Allah. And that good word will elevate their status. 70 degrees in gender.

00:29:25--> 00:29:33

Good words, charity. Last but not least, is a good day number 10 help someone in need.

00:29:34--> 00:29:59

The prophet SAW Sam said the most beloved people according to Allah is He who brings most benefit and the most beloved deeds according to Allah Subhana Allah is that you bring happiness to a fellow Muslim, or you relieve him or her of distress, or you pay off his or her debt, or you stray away hunger from him or her. It is more beloved to me.

00:30:00--> 00:30:22

That I walk with my brother in his time of need. Then I stay secluded in etiquette in my Masjid for a month. Who of us can go to Medina and make Attica for a month, not leave the masjid and only worship Allah only read quarter and only make law and declare for a whole month.

00:30:24--> 00:30:49

Imagine helping someone in their need is better than empty calf in the profits mustard for a month, I'm going to just continue this hadith. Whoever holds back his anger against someone, Allah will cover his faults. And whoever suppresses his fury while being able to execute it. Allah will fill his heart with satisfaction on the Day of Judgment.

00:30:53--> 00:31:13

Whoever walks with his brother in need until he establishes that need for him, Allah will establish his feet firmly on the day when all feet shall slip. Indeed bad character ruins deeds just as vinegar ruins honey. So that's a warning from the Prophet Sal said

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don't go doing all of these good deeds and ruining ruining them by having bad character. By being mean, right? By giving people attitude, don't ruin your good deeds.

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So, inshallah, just a reminder, I want you all to go on the website under Resources, you'll see the hedger, 10, easy, good deeds, print this out, print it out for your family members, tell them about it. And then every day you could check off which ones you do in sha Allah, this is just a reminder to keep it for yourself in sha Allah. And then don't come on the day of aid, and throw away all of your good deeds. Don't do that sisters, Vice for myself, first and foremost, don't let the day of aid come and forget

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all the good deeds and forget that that's one of the 10 days.

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Don't Don't waste it on something that's not worth it. That advices from myself, first and foremost. And I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala that he gives us the life to live and witness these blessings 10 days and be miserable. And I asked Allah cansada he makes it easy for us to do all of these actions and be nearby. Let me ask Allah to Canada He grants us sincerity and all that we do. I ask Allah to forgive all of our sins, I ask Allah Subhana Allah to relieve all of our hardships and our anxieties and our sorrows, because only he so panatela knows what each and every one of us is going through. I asked Allah palletizer alleviate our suffering and the suffering of all the Muslims around the world

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yet Allah as a last path to guide us and to guide our families and to guide our loved ones and to guide all the Muslims to all that he loves. And to protect us from the evil whispers of shapeless and our own knifes. I ask Allah Subhana Allah on this blessed day, in his blesseth house, that he gathered us in the highest level of gender with the prophet SAW sent him the same way that he gathered us here. And you know beyond I mean 100 gallon and handed I had a bad I mean or sallallahu Sallam Allah so you know how Medina and Musa who said Now does that al Qaeda and in sha Allah.

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I believe we will have class next week. But then the week after we'll be there at a break so we won't have class. inshallah, next week we'll be doing a name of Allah and inshallah next week it will be from the days of the legend sha Allah. So remember your great rewards and remember their word of coming to the masjid so in sha Allah I'll see you all next week does that lol Hey, Ron panicle of morbihan vignesh here to enter in and stuff that are going to do really rely on the shape on the regime stuff minor hammer loss incentive happy hosts Illa Nabina Muhammad Ali had you it was sort of happy