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We’ll be talking about San bernardino and the 3rd shooter, along with the increase in hate crimes and where do Muslims stand amongst the over 180,000 killings in America that have happened since 9/11 with Prof. Omer M. Mozaffar

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Welcome to the D show. We have a lot to talk about today. You know, there's been over 180,000 plus murders since 911. Americans killing Americans, how many of those have been Muslims? We're going to be talking about that. And this year alone, over 356, mass killings, shootings, two of those again link back to somebody who calls himself a Muslim. And where's the third shooter? A San Bernardino police have confirmed that indeed, it was three shooters that they saw three men with what appeared to be long rifles, you're certain that you saw three men? Yeah, it looks like they're calling. Yeah, white, where I was at right here. We've seen three white men in military fatigues. All this and more

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this on this week's show of the D show. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back. This.

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Welcome back to the D show. Professor, how are you? Pleased to be with you. So I'm Nicole Wallace. Professor Omar, it's great to have you on the show. Great to be here.

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There's a lot of crazy things going on. In and it's very sad. You know, we're hearing that things are just constantly developing. We're gonna get right straight into it. I obviously we have no sympathy, nor do we sympathize with people who hurt innocent people. It's very clear in Islam. I mean, this is something that anyone who reads the, you know, idiots book to understanding Islam can figure this one out. But recently, there was this out of the 300 I believe, 56 mass shootings this year.

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Even one is too many. Yeah. And I want to take you now to because this goes to the one of those from the 356. That's linked to it. From the news reports. Many people are just wondering what happened here. I'm going to ask you about that after we watched this clip. Let's do it. Alright. San Bernardino. Police have confirmed that indeed it was three shooters, and that they have indeed left in a black SUV before it was a little bit unclear whether it was one, two or three shooters. The police are saying that yes, it was three shooters. But the reason they believe that there are three individuals is because witnesses told police that they saw three men with what appeared to be long

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rifles, leaving that scene. It was I just thought three dress exactly the same. You're certain that you saw three men? Yeah. It looks like they're calling. Yeah. White.

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They looked like they were athletic bills. And

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they appear to be tall. You're certain that you saw three men? Yeah, it looks like their skin color is white.

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They looked like they were athletic bills. And

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they they appear to be tall. When we were I was at right here. We've seen three white men in military fatigues.

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Taking off what were they driving?

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You think that they might have been the shooter? Yeah. The way they were driving? Yeah. And it just doesn't make sense for for these two, to be able to act like some kind of Bonnie and Clyde are something it's just ridiculous that it doesn't add up. Witnesses told police that they saw three men with what appeared to be long rifles. Leaving that scene, there's there's a lot of disconnects. And there's a lot of unknowns. And there's a lot of things that quite frankly, don't add up or seem implausible where I was at right here. We've seen three white men in military fatigues. Okay, we got to see. I mean, this is a major media now reporting as it's actually happening, the witnesses are

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coming out. Now we know I mean, usually in these government buildings and these institutions, there's cameras all over the place. I don't know if there was that institution, but open and shut it for us is I mean, it's pretty clear. Again, we don't sympathize with anybody who's has such extreme ideology. Islam doesn't teach it preach it, there's no discussion about it. But obviously if these witnesses are saying, look, we saw a brown skin you know,

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you know, a man with a woman with the job scarf, whatever the case, she was about, I think 90 to 100 pounds.

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They're saying three, white, athletic tall. There's a disparaging here. Well, I mean, what do you have to say? What are your comments on it? So

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first, it's open investigation. Right?

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And, and we have to wait to see how things play out. You did make this point that there must be cameras, right? And so the cameras would be investigated to see. All right, who was on the scene, how many people? Right?

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What we should then do is explore all the different options

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without intruding upon the investigations, like those reporters did, who went into into the, the alleged shooters house and and just ransacked the entire apartment, you know, for the sake of ratings. So on the one hand, there is still this big question. If there were three shooters, as different people have said in the clip that you showed a San Bernardino police have confirmed that indeed, it was three shooters that they saw three men with what appeared to be long rifles, you're certain that you saw three men? Yeah, it looks like they're getting called. Yeah, white, where I was at right here. We've seen those three white men in military fatigues. That means there's a third

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shooter on the loose right now, from the perspective of law enforcement, they're also watching all this. And they're also well aware of that. And they're also going to be calculated in terms of what they share with us. Right. But the bottom line is that it raises a question.

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On the flip side, suppose p3, people thought that they saw three shooters, and it was just these two, then it raises a different set of really hard questions. What is it that could compel

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a father or especially a mother to to abandon their baby?

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I mean, the bottom line is that this this whole event, as well as what people have witnessed, as well as what is the official story, raises a lot of very, very tough questions that have to be addressed. You definitely have to be really sick and arranged. I mean, you've you've actually been studying Islam, your professor of Islamic University, you teach it I said, someone who just picks up the Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam. I mean, it's pretty clear in Islam, the do's and don'ts and what will win you pleasure of the Creator and paradise. You do not have a one. This is a one way ticket to the Hellfire doing something like this. So leaving your child I mean, I just it's for

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many, it's it's like, what would caught you there? Islam doesn't teach you this. What do you think? Well, I've been working for for some time, and what is now called countering violent extremism, or accounting, countering targeted violence. And I've had the opportunity to talk to some people who had already gotten in trouble. And there are a few common factors that are easy to identify after the fact one is, is just a deep amount of anger.

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The anger could be related to what's happening with Muslims in the world, more often it's related to something is happening to a person in a person's house. Another common issue is a very, very simplistic understanding of very complex issues. And so our Deen our religions, very, very simple in terms of what is hot on what is halal, right.

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But in terms of applying those passages that speak about violence, that speak about fighting, there are a number of passages that are part of the book, they are the truth. And but you can't just haphazardly try to implement them. Right? And also very simplistic understanding of how the world works. There is a mistaken notion that, okay, I can just go shoot this and then I've done a victory for God. But even if we look at 911 what caught my eye is more than 1300 architects and engineers examine the evidence about buildings seventh collapse, and disagree with the official report issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. I certainly am much more open minded about it

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than I was. And it is because of the involvement of the non 11 families and all these engineers and architects. You are about to hear from architect of 23 years, Richard Gage, AIA member of the American Institute of Architects and founder of architects and engineers for 911 truth.

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Now, there are more than 1500 architects and engineers who say that it could not have been brought down by office fires. They are backed by 911 family members who are calling for an independent, unbiased investigation and a family member trying to find out the answers to the murder of 3000 plus people.

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The bottom line is that it needs to be investigated properly.

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Please look at architects and engineers, people all around the world scientists, all around the world are questioning this. And there's some deep deep explaining to do.

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It took some kind of consciousness racing on my part before I was willing to look at the possibilities. And really, you need to go where the evidence leads. As an engineer, and I have three degrees in engineering. I signed that petition for architects and engineers for 911 truth some time ago, because the American people absolutely need the truth of 911. Look at the evidence. In fact, I'll say this very categorically, any reasonable person who looks at the evidence that's been brought forward, has got to come away with the feeling that something has to be done, a real investigation has to be put forward.

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We will never heal this country will never ever, ever forget that day. We have to manage a new investigation. I want justice here.

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If we have Muslims, who are who would be destroying these buildings in America, what was the end result? iraq gets obliterated, Afghanistan gets obliterated, and its justification for this gigantic, so called war on terror, right? third issue is a type of romanticism where people believe that they are superheroes, that they can come in and save the day. And

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what I've just described for you seems to be consistent in in many of these, these young people. But what I've also described for you is I think every other teenager, right? And so the way I framed this this problem of people who are attracted to what is today ISIS, what was yesterday al Qaeda and tomorrow who knows what it'll be

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some people to to deal with their their angst, they go to drugs, some people go to boyfriend, girlfriend, some people go to other bad habits or bad crowd. And now there's this crop of people who go to this in, in the Muslim community, but go to go to the American South and those people go to to, you know, white supremacist militias.

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The hard part's figuring out who's the one who's going to go in that direction. But nevertheless, a point that I make to many people, is that okay, ISIS exists today, if there is an Islamic connection, why didn't ISIS exist 100 years ago, that Islam is the cause. And the point being that Islam is somewhere in there, or what people want to call Islamism there somewhere. But so is geopolitics. Right? You have the former military Chief, who's saying that the Iraq War was a failure. I mean, and he talks about that the point I want to focus here is that, that that helped create ISIS. And many of the generals and people in authority are saying that, you know, this, this

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was something like you're saying, talking about geopolitical, and

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actually, this is this was the vacuum effect, meaning the best group to look at in recent history to get a sense of ISIS today. Or what ISIS is supposed to be today is to go back to Cambodia and Vietnam a few decades ago, and look at this group called the familiar ruse. There's a whole Oscar winning movie about it called The Killing Fields, and what was taking place there. We, the United States, were fighting the Soviets. And one of the grounds for that fight was Southeast Asia. And when people left, you had the Hummer Roos, who came in who are hardcore communists, and they're wiping everyone out by today's language by the sword there is killing everybody their way. ISIS is

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very much as far as we know, something very similar to that. And eventually they themselves were wiped out. And then of course, in in Muslim history, we have the Hawaii cottage, which were these groups of ultra militant literalists who were even foreshadowed by the prophet peace be upon him and who who committed violence against the beloved companions and the family of the Prophet peace be upon him, may God be pleased with them. But the point is that these groups don't exist in a vacuum. They exist in an environment where some people go in and take advantage and other people. They have no clue of what better to do. Yeah, we're gonna take a break going off that there's also right now

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media I mean, it's not you haven't even heard of these but they're doing an ethnic cleansing right now in the Central African Republic. Have you heard of these? A little bit? Yeah, yeah, but you don't hear about it. They're killing 1000s I mean, 1000s of people you don't hear about this stuff. We're gonna take a break and put things when we come back into perspective give you some facts, not fiction. You've heard the stereo the saying not all How does it go? Not all Muslims are terrorists brought tears are Muslim. We're gonna let the numbers speak Okay. We'll be right back. Candidates show Professor Omar don't go anywhere. Right back has nothing to do with my profit.

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He's just stuck. But it doesn't make any sense. That's not the message he sent. That's not what he meant. That's not why he came. So you can claim as much as you want to. But I assure you, the men I follow was not the same

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siano woman who forbade the cutting down of a plan, who even spoke against those who had an ad. So why is it that I simply can't understand how we claim to follow the same man.

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I mean, I know a man forbade us from harming the innocent, saying he who does so would not only be prohibited from Paradise, but he would not even smell it said. So please tell me how what you're doing has anything to do with the message that he sent. This is the man who forbade us from even scaring cattle with a nice, saying, You have no right to let the animal twice. And when he was asked for advice, he'd reply, don't get angry, don't get angry, don't get angry, repeating it thrice. Please subscribe to the show, follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the D show now, when I had started we had talked about just this year alone. So we put things in perspective, because the media is making it seem like the only people that are crazy out there the Muslims, right. And we know that a Muslim is simply one who submits to the will of God. Any peaceful person who submits to one God, the same God that Jesus Moses, Abraham, called peace be upon them all, who they call people to submit. That's the one God in a Muslim. It's an accident, you can't be one who submits to the role of God trying to please God and you killing some people doesn't work. But now let's I wanted to share with our audience, the numbers, you know, they don't lie you

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you had just in this country alone, 356 mass murders that have happened, two of those one is just too many. Right? You had from 1980 to 2005, you had the FBI data report showing that now from all these years that only 6% had any links to Islam 94% were people who had nothing to do with Islam. Then you had the Euro poll from 2006 to 2000. And said, again, putting things in perspective 1% link back to anything with Islam. 100 get this Professor 180,000 Americans killed by other Americans since 911. And only 30 I think is rounded, close to 40. were Muslim, right?

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What do you when you hear these when people see that when you put this in perspective, people don't usually see these numbers. Right. But now when when when they see them? I mean, what do you what do you take when you hear this? Well, because I'm already familiar with these numbers. And because I'm a Muslim grew up in America, the numbers are more surprising just because of how many people are getting killed in America. Right.

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Killing is not part of our conversation, protecting ourselves from getting killed as part of our conversation. But that's because of handgun violence that's taking place by anybody. Right? I think there are a few points that have to be brought to our attention. One is that, by and large, Islam is determined for violence, rather than a contributor to violence. No doubt there are people who believe that committing violence is the Islamic way. And it's hard to find a person who is like that, unless they've already gotten caught. Right. The other issue, the bigger issue for us, as Muslims in America is to figure out how do we respond to all this? So what you're doing right now is

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a very good step to show that the facts don't line up. And the big question is, where do we go from here? If we look at the history of Islam in America, not only do we find that we're not violent, we find that we are part of the whole growth and development of America. You and I are here in Chicago. Sears Tower, which is now called the Willis Tower, the john Hancock building were designed by the Muslim, the most famous boxer of the mall was a Muslim, right?

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Even one of the most famous jazz musicians, I mean, this is off the topic and john Coltrane, he was a Muslim. And the point that I'm making is that what we have to do as Muslims is not only show how important we are in Building America, I mean, consider how many physicians in Chicago or how many cab drivers in Chicago are Muslim, and then take that model, and then figure out how to fix these problems in society. While people are blaming us while people are throwing rocks at us. Our approach should be that we will continue to feed them and we will continue to build this country because this is our home. That is very much what we find in the tradition of Islam throughout history going back

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to the Prophet

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be upon him. And from part one and part two Empire, taking what is great about a nation and then figure out how to make it even better. I want to take you to a clip. So, again, very disturbing to hear, get your take on, more good people had concealed carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they before they go off.

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Yeah, it's a that was a statement by the the current president of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell, Jr, the son of Jerry Falwell was passed away.

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And I mean, people are always pointing fingers at how Islam is being misused. Christianity is what's being misused, Christianity is being used to convince people to to arm themselves and be ready to kill if needed, and show me where that is in the Gospels. In, in in Christianity, it's definitely not there. And in the Islamic narrative on Jesus peace be upon him. And it's definitely out there in the Christian narrative and Jesus, but you have people who who believe that that is not only the American way, but the Christian way. And I think as a Muslim, I'm offended for Christianity that that's happening. And to take this point a step further. What is it that's motivating this?

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I think what's motivating This is some very deep, deep fear. That why would somebody armed themselves, they're afraid of something. It's not macho, to be able to kill someone it's the Prophet peace be upon was reported to tell the tell us that the strong is not the one who can knock someone down the strongest The one who can control himself. And, and you and I, as Muslims in society have to figure out how to cure this fear that's taking place, it's leading people to behave in the most ridiculous ways. I think that you know, people

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such as the Farwell, gentlemen,

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who would probably fall under the latest numbers, the the study that was done, and again, these are the day the data is showing by a homeland security report that the greatest threat to America is the domestic threat on far right radicals. I mean, they did a get another study, and they showed that 50% of Republicans say dismantle the Constitution, and make the Christian *tier. Have you heard these numbers I've heard, I don't recall the numbers. 57% of Republicans, according to a new poll, say dismantle the Constitution. We need Christianity as our national religion, religion. Now this might come as a shock to you because you are seeing are seeing it now. I mean, this is the reports.

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Here again, we are we're living in Chicago, my father, he was walking out of fudger prayer early in the morning in Orland Park. He didn't notice this until I was on the news. But while he was walking out, somebody shot at the dome of the mosque, and that later on that day, in the local shopping mall, the cars were plastered with ads for the KKK. kkk is a far bigger threat in Chicago than then than ISIS. This is Orland Park here in Chicago, this happened when this happened. March of I think 2015 or 14, I believe.

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Yeah. And so we do have to be honest about where the problems are. And and we can't get ourselves distracted from from all these other things that the news wants to talk about, because it'll get ratings. And you and I have the responsibility for fixing it. I mean, I used to tell people when we say again, that's another hype that's created around the word Chitty Chitty as obviously I said, Christian, should he because that's what they want to implement. Should he obviously came to protect life? So anytime you see like being taken something in just No, no. Should he is the 10 commandments, whatever the prophets brought, that's just a law of God and His power to preserve

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life. Yeah, I intentionally didn't use the word Sharia just like I don't use the word jihad in those ways, because I just find a repulsive because this is a sacred, uplifting

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concept. And even if people want to misuse it, I think it's inappropriate. Yeah, we're gonna take a break. We'll be right back with more here on the D show. We'll be right back. So what is it that we still don't understand when we claim to follow Islam yet we fail to follow this man. I mean, I know a man who was so caring and compassionate, who said that there is a reward in serving old things that are adamant. In other words, everything that breeds whether it be the animals, the trees, and every single human being, I mean, if a law called him I

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mean, how dare you call him anything else that contravenes? See this is a man who said that the Muslim was he who is soft, simple and lenient. A man who taught us himself to be cautious from falling into extremism. See, he was never given two choices except he chose that which was easy.

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Easiest, not for himself, but for his people in that convenience. siano, a man who advocated for the freedom of the slaves, a man who taught us that the Muslim is the one from whom the people are saying, not only from his hands, but even from the words that he says,

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See, this is a man who would never mock mimic nor ridicu. Nor would he ever publicly rebuke an individual. This is the man I follow. So forgive me if this sounds unusual, but the man I know was so much more handsome. So beautiful. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the Dean's show with Professor Omar,

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tell us I'm going to take you to another I like this statement. It talks about Listen to this. This is

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Mr. Johnson from the Secretary of Homeland Security talking about give the Muslims a larger platform, take it away. I'm asking them to partner with community leaders in the Muslim community to give them a larger platform for their message to give them a larger platform and a larger microphone for the counter message. Wow, did you hear that? I mean, they're given ISIS, my guest

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colonial meek was on the show. And he said something really, I mean, that carries a lot of weight. So he said that the

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the media today is like almost recruiting fryston, you know, constantly giving them the platform. But you see what the the gentleman said? What do you think? So I'll give you a positive and a negative a positive is that the Council of Islamic organizations Chicago actually said this to Homeland Security and to the FBI, that you're using these methods of entrapment, you're using these these very inappropriate, unethical methods? Why don't you work with us because we know the community and we care about the community. And we don't want our young people to get in trouble. And so we have been working with them to figure out how to how to cure some of the things that would

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lead to these problems. The negative is that it also puts the burden of responsibility on us to find to seek out criminals. And the point being that looking at the the stats that you that you that you provided, within the Muslim community or within American society, so called Islamic radicalization is a tiny problem. You'd look at the media, you think it's the biggest problem in the world. And and so, yes, we as Muslims should be responsible for our own communities, and we are, but the negative is that we have a bigger problem of Muslims leaving Islam we have a bigger problem of domestic violence, we have a bigger problem that's just within the Muslim community. But in terms of Greater

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Chicago society or American society, the problem of violence in Chicago, the problem hunger in Chicago, is much, much more of a priority as far as I'm concerned than so called Islamic radicalization. Yeah, yeah. I mean, if you give us the platform, let's say, for example, I mean, they put the deen show on one of these major networks. And let us get the message out, right. One of the probably the only Islamic talk shows in America. So I mean, 100 I mean, so now, or bringing on people like yourself, people are out there, the leaders in the community, and let them speak on what Islam is and what Islam isn't. And let us have that platform. I mean, I think that's great, what

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he's saying instead of just promoting pumping up ISIS, like as if they represent Islam, and that's all the people are seeing it.

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24 seven, and then the average layman thinks that this is these are the, you know, Muslims, the boogeyman coming to get you it's like kkk being pumped up all day and night as if this represents Christianity. Yeah. And if the KKK was getting covered, it would get a lot more membership. And then building upon what you're saying, we start with speaking about what Islam is, and what isn't. And then as you and I live, what Islam is and isn't, then we will see not only a change in how people look at Muslims, but we will see a change in society because we'll be doing our job. Where I live in Chicago, I live in the south side of Chicago and my wife and I, we often say that as far as Muslims

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are concerned, we live in the safest neighborhood in all of Chicago. It's almost entirely African American. And the history of Islam in the African American community, regardless of issues of problematic theology. The history of Islam in the afro American community is that it's something that presented itself as something that's improving the lives of people that's improving society. And so if people understand that to be what Islam is, then everyone is going to love it, even if they don't become Muslim. I mean, nobody bullying is an epidemic today. Yeah, amongst kids, but I think we're seeing it with adults now. I mean, you see Muslims, who are the most of you look, the

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numbers don't lie, some of the most peaceful, the most charitable, the most hospitable people in the world. And would you say now with all of this Islamophobia rising, I mean, instead of coming up to your neighbor and talking to him and say, Look, I heard this stuff on the news. Can you tell me about Islam? Do you really believe talk let's open up so people are I mean, doing some Heaney is demonic. Take

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things. I mean, this is bullying. And worse than that, what do you think? Yeah.

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The fuel of bullying is anger. And one of the most frightening chapters in the Quran comes at the very end. It's about this gentleman, Abu lahab, who was named that the father of the flame, because he had a fiery temper, and he even looked like he was always angry. And anger destroys that surah speaks about how his anger destroyed himself just destroyed his his his wife, because she was feeling with fire and, and he's one of the few people spoken of in the Quran is going straight to paradise. And so we have to figure out how to cure this anger that's taking place. And I'm suggesting that the fuel of this anger is just fear. And if a person can reach a point that they are

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comfortable, that God will take care of them, no matter what struggles they get hit that will cure much of the fears you're talking about. He went straight to the what to the hellfire. Oh, yeah. Tell us shake. Do you think now look with all what's going on. I mean, there's got to be light at, you know, these women out there who are just trying to follow the way of Jesus mother, Mary modesty, they're trying to be a good noble character. And they're not talking about leaving their babies behind and doing some crazy for that demonic thing. That will actually be a straight one way ticket to the hellfire. I mean, this is something that Islam does not condone, it condemns it, with no, no

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ambiguity there. I mean, but now they're being harassed. You see all these reports, you know,

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is there a light at the end of the tunnel? When someone's like, you know, what do we do? So in the short term, a person has to keep him or herself safe, right? It's a reality that people are getting harassed, people are getting assaulted. And we keep hearing these stories that people are actually getting killed. So it's a real problem. People have to keep themselves themselves safe. In terms of long term, there were even points where the prophets peace be upon them said when is the help of God coming in. And an important point here is that we all know that the help of God is coming. And we also know guaranteed from God, that he's never going to give us anything we can't handle. So the

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point we have to do is first turn back to God, and remind ourselves that, alright, there's chaos in the world, and chaos is going to happen. My job is to keep moving forward, and things will change. Let's end off on a good note, I heard a story. And before you get into that, I think open houses are just a phenomenal way to make the human connection me and my good friend, Dr. Serbia, we were hosting at we were at a Masjid a mosque. And the commander was there the mayor came, we had community leaders from other churches, they came in, priests was there and they got to ask questions. And we were we got to express with them share with them what Islam is about what it's not

00:32:36--> 00:33:12

about, they got it was they got to ask questions. It was amazing. You know, they laughed, they were just with positive feedback. I think every machinist should be inviting their neighbors to come in not to be kind of just excluded and just you know, disconnected. What do you think about that? Yeah, I think the during prayer time the mall should be full. outside a prayer time, the mall should potentially be empty, not because everyone's at home, but because everyone's out building connections, building relationships, and building their community. And can building society to make our society wherever we are, whether we're in Chicago, or New York, or Karachi or, or even in

00:33:12--> 00:33:48

Rhodesia, what have you that the point is that we are building and we're building through connections, give us this, you know, I even I mean, I'm telling you, people who had who were the worst enemies, yeah, to Islam. They became people who started to love it. There's so many examples of this once the human connection was made. And then once they really saw what Islam is about, you have one of those stories Tell us about that. I've got I've got plenty of stories. One is a friend or student of mine, who 911 he was a college student when 911 happened, he wanted blood he wanted Muslim blood, super ultra far right winger. That was September of 2001. He started learning about

00:33:48--> 00:34:11

Islam started studying Islam in May 2002, he became Muslim. And I can give you plenty of examples like that, that the point for us is that you can't ever give up hope and God which means you can't give up hope. Yeah, we don't even give up hope. And these people are bullying. Our heart is open. I mean, Islam is open to everybody and listen to that good. No, thank you. God bless you. Thank you.

00:34:13--> 00:34:53

And thank you for tuning in. We've covered a lot in this episode of the D show put things in perspective. I mean, just one as the Quran says killing one innocent being is as if you killed the entire humanity saving One is if you save the entire humanity, there's no religious book out there. That makes this point very clear. And a messenger who was sent as a mercy to all of mankind who prohibited the killing of innocent men, women, children, people in places of worship, and this is one of the first crimes that is going to be people are going to be accountable for when they have innocent blood on their hands. So no Muslim who is truly submitting to the Creator of the heavens

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

and earth, the same God that Jesus worship because you can't be a Muslim unless you love and revere Jesus and all the messages of the Creator sent

00:35:00--> 00:35:21

calling people to worship the Creator, not the creation and to be on the highest level, the highest summit of best manners and character, to be best to your neighbors, to be a asset to society, making the world that we live in a better place, not spreading corruption and hate to the world. And we put things in perspective that 356

00:35:22--> 00:36:06

mass shootings have happened just this year alone, more than the number of day just one is horrific enough. And then we asked like, what's going on? We have no sympathy for anyone who takes one innocent life who hurts innocent people. Now we're asking a question. Where's the tall, athletic? I mean, they asked, this is what the witnesses were saying, we got to go ahead and discuss this. And we talked about the 180,000 plus murders that have happened since 911. And a handful of those have been perpetrated by those again, who are Muslim, but look at it in its perspective. And then we talked about the data reports from the FBI, Homeland Security, Europa 1%, link back to anybody of

00:36:06--> 00:36:13

terrorism, with Islam, and also the 94% nothing to do

00:36:15--> 00:36:41

with being a Muslim or Islam. So it's very clear the numbers don't lie there. Their Muslims are the most peaceful, hospitable people today. But we're being bullied. You have a lot of people out there now who are taking this opportunity to have this agenda to try to go ahead and the famous Islam and Muslims, but humanity, people of consciousness need to come up and many are our brothers in humanity,

00:36:42--> 00:37:23

who are striving towards peace towards a better tomorrow need to come up and condemn these acts. This bullying, this terrorism that's happening towards Muslims who are law abiding citizens, who are working towards establishing peace in their lives, peace with their Creator, and peace with humanity. Who don't we're not talking about hurting anybody taking innocent life. No way. Anybody who reads a simple book like a creek complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam will tell you that. So at the end of the day, you've gotten to see things in perspective, no sympathy for anyone who hurts innocent people. And many of these things are political, geopolitical, have nothing to do

00:37:23--> 00:37:47

with the teachings of Islam. And the good people out there, the people whose hearts are alive, can see this, and we need more people like that to step up, to rise up and to condemn these acts. These kkk types to have more in common with the ISIS in the days you're out there spreading this hate. Don't stand for it, condemn it, be a voice against it, and let's work together to make

00:37:48--> 00:38:01

this community this world. This place that we live in a place of peace and harmony by creating this understanding so we can live together as brothers and sisters in humanity. We'll see you next time.

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