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We’ll be talking the clear verses and putting them up against the ambiguous bible verses and let you be the judge

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Please be with you. Welcome to the deen show. Subscribe if you haven't already, I often think seriously how I can communicate the importance of talking about serious issues like we talked about on the D show. And I, I tend to want to communicate to the people this importance, and in different ways of just thinking of us in life being on a, on a long journey via a train a plane. And at one point, this journey is going to end. And that's the journey of life. So while we're here, the intellectual people, the sincere people, they know not that there's got to be more to life, there's got to be a true purpose. And they believe that design indicates the designer, and he's best to tell

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us what this purpose is. So that's what we talk about on the D show really serious issues. And what we're going to be discussing today is between the two monotheistic religions, Islam, which is the fastest growing religion out there, and more people are coming to it each and every day, because they see the evidence adds up. It's logical, as rational. And then we have Christianity. And many people take this mighty messenger, as a god, next to God. So we're going to be in this episode, looking at the evidence that they use. So we can come to know is this something that adds up or doesn't, so we're going to be taking the clear verses that prove that he was indeed a messenger and

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his Islamic viewpoint, the one that really makes sense to a lot of people. That's why people come to us, and then the doubtful versus the ambiguous verses that people want to use to prove that he is God Almighty, or the literal Son of God. So if you're one of those that tuned in, and you're really are confused about this matter, we're going to look to unconfuse you in this episode of the D show. So you continue continue on with this very important journey.

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Here on the D show, we'll be right back.

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Back here on the dean show, saw Michael, please be with you. Why do you

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see him I'll just call you imraan. Because I was thinking of my dear brother, who you know, and I know How's he doing pretty good is my my teacher. So definitely think he'll be watching, we could send him salaams show said I might not let him run now. Now I opened up the show. And a lot of times, we know the serious nature of this topic. And I had made an example of life thinking about it as if you're on a journey, you're on this train, and the train won't rise sooner or later is going to end you're gonna have to get off the train, this life will end. And some people are just into all the different entertainment, mental laziness, whatever it is, all religions are the same. I'm just

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going to fight then you end up making up your own religion, atheists, you know, they try to deny gab and internally, they really deep down believe in God, but then they also end up making up their own superstitions and religions. And why do you say what do you say to people to even get them to this step to thinking and reflecting over the importance so they can get to, you know, examining the different religions that are making the claim that they have the truth, Mashallah, as a very important subject that, you know, how do we bring people first is even to start thinking about about religion, or right religion, or wrong religion or no religion. The first and foremost most important

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thing is see, we are not here in this world by our choice. No one asked us before bringing us here. So someone else has actually placed us here, so that someone else is the one who is running the show for us. And we need to know what he wants from us. If not, then it's almost like, you know, we have a mobile phone. If it doesn't work, what do we do? We dump it, we destroy it. Similarly, we may be destroyed as well, if we do not fulfill the purpose of our creation. So first and foremost, it's a very important thing, every person to be asked is the purpose of life. Why are we here? and by whom are we here? Whoever has placed us here has the right to dictate our life and regulate it. And the

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one who created us, the manufacturer, the producer, would tell us the best way to live and lead this life. Now, I'm sure the people who are tuning in now they hopefully, they've gotten to that point. They've gone through many of the superficial things had the material things it's not bringing joy and happiness in one's life. So now they're like maybe on that quest, there's some confusion now.

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The monotheism monotheistic religions, you would say the top would you say the top three would be or the top two is a subset of Christianity. So now they've looked at all the other religions pantheism it doesn't

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Makes sense, you know Hinduism, all these other 1000s of Gods whatnot, they came to Islam and Christianity yet. Okay, but now we go on into divide. You know we believe that Jesus was a mighty messenger who is sent by God calling the people to worship God but he never claimed to be God. So people from their upbringing many day were taught, they just go with the flow. They slide in church on Sundays and praise Jesus and God and Trinity and it's all confusing. We're here to set the record straight to click to on

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unclear things. Sure. So let's start off

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with some of the clear verses that's that, that are clear from the Bible show that substantiate also the Muslim claim that Jesus was not God sent by God but he was indeed a servant, a messenger of God, shall we go through that? Does that qualify? First and foremost, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran in surah, Allah Matsuda number three animals 64 how to relax, initiate honor Jim Kolya Alan keytab the ILO electorate in Sabah in banana Habana calm Allah Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says, say to the people of the book, especially referring to the Jews and the Christians come to common terms as between us and you. And the first common term that Allah subhanaw taala speaks about

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is Allah, Allah, Allah Allah that we worship none but the true God. So this is what is the command of Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, and which is further reiterated in the concept of God, in a nutshell in the Quran, which is suitable EClass as they say, the touchstone of theology in the Quran, which is Surah number 112 is number one, which says, who will say He is Allah, the One and Only now when we go back to the Bible and see the statements in the Bible, made by Jesus Himself, or the previous prophets, or the the general context in the Bible. So let us see some of the verses. There's a verse in the Bible in the Old Testament said by Moses, peace be upon him in Book of

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Deuteronomy, chapter six, verse four, where he says, Shema Yisrael, Adonai eloheinu, otherwise a HUD, here, O Israel, the Lord our God, is one Lord. Now, amazingly the same is repeated by Jesus peace be upon him in the New Testament, where he says, and Gospel of Mark chapter 12, verse 29, Shema Yisrael, Adonai eloheinu, Adonai, Hear, O Israel, the Lord, our God, is one Lord.

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Now, these two verses are setting this the tone straight. The concept is there is only one God. And if you go in the Old Testament, all the previous prophets, including Moses, peace be upon him, had never ever been spoken of a duel, or a triune. God, doesn't that mean? That it was never part of the plan? To have a double, a duel, or a Triune God by the Almighty, or the concept of Trinity ever? did Moses ever understand Trinity? No, it was never there. Rather, God said in the Old Testament, in Book of Deuteronomy, chapter five, verse seven to nine, Book of Exodus, chapter number three of chapter number 20, verses three to five. He said that I'm a jealous God and there will never be a

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second God. Book of Isaiah chapter number 43, verse 11, Book of Isaiah chapter number 45, was number five, Book of Isaiah chapter number 46. or seven, nine, he says that I am the only God, I am the only Savior, there is no one else besides me. So God is making it absolute clearly there is only one God. So let us see now what Jesus peace be upon him has to say to his people, he says further to his people after saying that there is only one God. He says, In Gospel of Matthew chapter number 19, verses 16 and 17. To the person who comes to him and says, Good Master, he says, He replies to him, and he says, There is none good except one, that is God. He's not even taking the small title like

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good for himself. He's differentiating himself from God. He goes further and he says, if you want to enter Paradise, if you want to enter into life, into eternal life, keep the commandments. He's not saying you have to believe in me as God never did. He say, one more verse, gospel of john, chapter five, verse 30, he makes it absolutely crystal clear that he's never any part of divineness. He says, I can have my own self do nothing. As I hear I judge, and my judgment is just because I seek not my will, but the will of the Father who has sent me. So we covered three now here, O Israel, the Lord that God is one our God your God, this is what so he's beings he's separating himself from from

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the divine is one divine. Yes. So that makes sense. So and then some of the second Matthew 19 1617, Matthew 19, Chapter 19, verse 16, and this is in every version of the free version of the way it hasn't changed yet. Yeah. And then the third one is the the one where he says, I can do nothing by myself. So when someone says, I can do nothing by myself, at least he isn't God, at least is in God because you say, I can do nothing about myself. God is someone by any definition of the world, someone who can do everything by himself. And if Jesus says, I can do nothing about myself, that really clearly clarifies that he's claiming I'm not God, that's deep. I can't do nothing except what

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God Almighty gives me the permission to do he's saying it is clear it's there, and what we have of the Bible left, we're gonna go ahead and take a break and come back we cover three, we'll get some more some clever these are pretty cool.

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straightforward yet. Okay, we'll be right back with more in today's show. Don't go anywhere. Please subscribe to the show, follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on The Daily Show, and we're talking about one of the mightiest messengers and and again, I know that this can be a very sensitive topic for some people. But notice, we're not ridiculing Jesus, when I'm mocking him drawing funny pictures of him like many people do. We think that's a great disrespect to this mighty messenger. And you can actually go to the Hellfire, if you deny that he was a messenger sent by the Creator according to Islamic teachings. Yeah, right. It's an article of faith to believe to love him. So we love him dearly. But we only say of him what he said of himself what God said of him that he was a servant, a messenger of God. And he never claimed to be

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God. Yeah, that's right. So we're talking about the clear verses you mentioned three. Yeah. And will tell us about a few more. Yes, not exactly. Already. The other word is gospel of john chapter 17 verse three, where Jesus is not this is the remember this is the word which resembles what the Islamic creed as well, you know, Laila Illallah, Muhammad Rasul Allah. So Jesus says in gospel of john chapter 17, verse three, he says, and this is life eternal, that you might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent. So what Jesus is saying is, this is the purpose is saying, that you got to know the only true God and Jesus, thou whom have sent, which means La Ilaha

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Illa, Allah, as Muhammad Rasulullah, he's saying, Isa, Allah is saying there is you have to know the true God, and you got to know me, the prophet of God has been sent by God. So it's again differentiating himself from the divinity of God. He's not saying, the purpose of your life is to know me the only true God. Now, he's saying your purpose of life is to know him the only true God and Jesus Christ, the one whom have been sent by God. So this is another clear words where Jesus actually separates himself from the divinity of God. So if you're sending someone away, you're not the same, not the same person. And all these are possible and the same language is using the Bible

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in the Old Testament for previous prophets, Moses sent by God David sent by God, Jesus similarly sent by God, I think people if they don't want to just be stuck on cultural norms or their family's traditions following their ancestor, their grandfather's blindly this makes sense. True. It is that makes it most people when you ask them, Do you believe if Jesus was God, or sent by God, they'll instinctively he was sent by God. But then when they look back, oh, that's not the teachings of my pastor at church, and they'll go back to what you know, they were brought up blindly believing.

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Let's go and go ahead, we'll go further. Oh, there's one more interesting verse Gospel of Matthew chapter 26, verse 39, where it mentions that he walked further, that is Jesus, and you fall on his face, and pray to God. Now see, this falling on the face is the character of a servant, which is done with all the previous prophets. So Jesus takes the same position, he fell on his face, and he prayed to God, unless he is a servant of God, he wouldn't do that. Moreover, in the Bible, in the king, James Version, and other versions RSV as well, Jesus is mentioned in the book of Acts, chapter three, verse 20, and 26, as servant Jesus. So the word servant and son in the Greek is synonyms to

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each other. So every single place in the Bible you see son, go back to the book of Acts, chapter three, verse 26, the Greek word used there, which is translated as servant is the same Greek word. So what happens is servant and Sal son, is just the same synonym in the Bible, which means Jesus is servant of God and seven of God is never gone. Now, isn't it that also he's referred to as the Son of Man, what is it when you say Son of Man, like what at times? Yeah, exactly. You know, in the Bible, if you go through it, initially, Jesus was referred at three times as only son of man. And then he is referred as Son of God. So all of this really adds up a lot that you know, if Jesus is

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son of man, ask anyone is Jesus Son of Man, the whole world, including Muslims and Christians both agree, he's not Son of man. So you ask the question, why is he referred as son of man, they say it is a metaphor. It is a title of respect, exactly. Son of Man is also a title in the Bible. It is not literal. It is simply metaphor. And if you go and look at the Bible, in the first verse is the Gospel of Luke chapter three, verse 38. God says, Adam is the Son of God. So if Adam is son of God, what makes Jesus so different Son of God would be also a metaphor, someone close to God, yes, a servant, a servant of God, exactly. That because that is the only sense that you can extract from it

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because according to the Bible, there are many people who are called as Son of God, David is referred as the firstborn.

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David is also referred as the Begotten Son of God, according to the book of Psalms. Yeah. So all of this gives a very clear picture that God is not referring to anyone as his own son. Rather, he's referring to them as metaphor, a title Son of God, meaning the good servants of God. Take it easy right now. Some people probably

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can if you want to argue and debate some you can do that all day and night. But I think the first thing people should do is dig deep in their heart and start you know, if things start making sense. And then over here you're resisting it because maybe you just, you know, stubbornly want to just hold on to what you've been taught for your whole life. I think you cannot go wrong with deep down inside asking the creator say God Almighty these guys are you tuned in right now that's a sign show. Ask God Almighty directly guide me if this is the truth here guide me to it. But one key thing is only asking God alone. True. Exactly. And this is what exactly the teaching of all the previous

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prophets. did Moses ever tell his congregation, his students, his disciples to worship to someone else other than God? Now? He said, God asked God, all the previous prophets did the same. How could it suddenly change the time of Jesus, rather, Jesus Himself is falling on his face, praying to God, he's put on the cross, he cries out to God, Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. All we are saying is just call the same God, whom Jesus called that Shabbat, no intermediaries direct dial up. Is there any other clear? So there's one more was that I just wanted to perform book facts, chapter two, verse 22, Jesus is his to His disciples, He says, Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God, in the

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midst of you doing wonders and miracles and fulfilling the science. Now this, again, is a clear text, Jesus is saying Jesus, a man approved of God. It's not the other way around God made man No, it's a man approved of God. That's again, the sign of a prophet of God. Well, so we covered how many was at so I think total six to seven now six to seven. So we got and these are pretty straightforward and clear. Oh, man, this is x what backs to 22 chapter two, verse 22. He's saying, Man, we get a man, a man of God approved by God. Yes. And not God became man. Now he's saying a man approve the God.

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We have, you know, some, some people will say, Look, why did he have to come like showing off that he's God? And it's like, undercover guy. But you know, you make this example of if the President can you go ahead and we'll see exactly, you know, if someone's if I say I'm the president of a, you know, Prime Minister of Australia, you would say, Okay, are you or are you not? And if you see, I never claimed to be prime minister. Whereas Tony Abbott, the current Prime Minister of Australia claims to be the Prime Minister. Obviously, he is the prime minister, not me, because I don't even claim so. So similarly, with Jesus, Jesus is not even claiming I am God. But God in the Bible is

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claiming I am God, Yahoo, or ello, or Allah. And he's never saying, I am God. So how could you throw the title on him when he has never claimed, but the other one is claiming, and he himself is worshiping to him. And this is our salvation. I mean, he'd have to come up straightforward. That's what we always say. There is not any, there is no clear, unambiguous statement, you'd have to if he's got a look, I am the one who

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believe in me my resurrection my blood, otherwise, you're going to hell Exactly. If there are two prime people claiming to be prime ministers, one of them does not claim. And one claims, then obviously, the one who's not claiming has to be given the benefit of doubt there that is not the Prime Minister because he himself is not claiming. And there is not a single unequivocal statement in the entire Bible, where Jesus said, I am God or very said, worship me. That is really a very powerful evidence to see for. And we've seen when you initially opened up, you quoted some clear verses where God Almighty is identified, I am God, your God, don't take any other gods besides. And

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he said, I'm jealous. God even says in the Bible, in the Old Testament book of Isaiah, chapter 45, verse five and book of Deuteronomy, chapter five, verse seven to nine, he says, I'm a jealous God, meaning if you have another one, taken as God or you worship Him, that's it. That's the end of your relationship with God, before we go to break. I think you also you mentioned this one, where was it into Deuteronomy or Exodus where God Almighty saying, thou shall have no other gods except the one God. This is like the Kalam Ozeki Exodus, chapter 20, verse 35, very straight like there is no image of God that will make any image of God God is only one there is no one besides Him. It's so powerful

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and so close to the ties with Islam, that you actually realize here now that this is Islam is only the continuation of the true teachings of Christ. And it says, You should worship no one in the heavens, so no angels, okay? people worship no angels, nothing on the earth and beyond the earth. And Jesus was even in the water, even in the water and don't make any graven image of any likeness of anything. heavens above on the earth or beneath the earth. That's it. That's, that's clear. I think we did we did justice to the clear verses from the Bible. Now we're going to come back with some of the ambiguous verses that people use that can be interpreted that way this way. We'll put

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them in their proper context. Here on the D show, don't go anywhere. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the D show now what do we say you you got to be earnestly inside your heart yourself asking your maker The one who made you guide me guide me if these guys are honest

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guide me towards the truth. That's it clear, make it simple. And you can again, come from a Christian background. We're not trying to disparage on anybody. I'm not trying to intentionally upset or hurt anybody. We're just trying to make this truth very apparent in which it is and clear. We talked about the clear verses. Now let's get into some of the other verses that people will use to justify to him he was gone. Yeah, let's start with one throw at you. I think a very popular one is john 157. Yep, yep. First john five, seven. Yes, yes. Can you go ahead and see, first of all, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran in surah, Nisa, surah, number four animal 171. While at APU

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thalassa, do not say Trinity. So God is actually clearly kind of commanding keep away from this concept of Trinity, which is not the right one. So let us see now what the Bible says about this. And this is actually used as a proof by those Christians who claim to be following Jesus, and Jesus, and they believe that Jesus is God. So this is mentioned in the in the, in the Bible, in the King James Version, the first episode of john, chapter five, verse seven, just you mentioned, it reads, in the heaven, there are three that bear witness, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and these three are not three, but one. So this is the words that a Christian is generally taught in the

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church. And he picks up this one as the proof that God is,

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is three in one. Now, point number one, this words of three in one was never found in the Old Testament. So Moses and all the previous prophets for 1000s of years, were not aware at all of the concept of Trinity that there is a three in one God at ever, they never mentioned a Triune God. Second point, this worse has now been in the new versions, the Revised Standard Version, the New Revised Standard Version, the American Standard Version, and the nav has been removed completely. And it has been mentioned in the preface that this is this, what these verses that were removed, what corruption concoction In addition, in the Bible, the ones who removed it were 32, great

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scholars of highest eminence in the Christian world, backed by 52 denominations. So it was not a Muslim work. It was not an anti christian work, it was the work of the top Christian scholars. Now what happens here is, why did they remove the words they said, because we could not find it in the original text, the original manuscript, the original scripture.

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So when it is removed, there is no words which is actually talking about three in one God, there is not a single word now, which says three in one. So if the word is removed, which was the basis by the Christian scholars, and it gives a proof that there is no other evidence to even think right now that there is a three in one God, so when the reverse is removed by the Christian scholars, I in you, as lame people as lay people have got no option other than to agree that this is not part of Bible and this is not the belief of Christianity. And this is by what is it like 3282 eminent scholars and scholars of Christian backed by 52 denominations, so no one's objecting to it.

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Everyone's agreed This was does not belong to the Bible. It was thrown out it was thrown out Okay, so let's go they have only come closer to what Allah said in the Quran in Surah Nisa surah, number four animal 171 while at the Buddha thalassa do not say Trinity so there is no more verses in the Bible of Trinity there at all. Now, just before you go on for the people who've heard the the name of Allah, the first time Jesus in Aramaic he will call on God by Allah ha, yes, very so we're talking about like language Yes, and Jehovah would simply yehovah would simply mean the everliving God this is the same creator we're talking about. Yes, so Jehovah is the Jay Jay added is a Jay

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added as an American I heard the woman that walked in America they said don't do j walking here and you can find so j is has a j walking in the Bible at times for some reason let's keep it away. The actual name is Yahoo a yada yada if you go to the Arabic name of Allah is Yeah, hi yah, yah, yah, ha you either way. So you have the Arabic Er, yeah, that Yeah, in Hebrew is Yeah, so yeah, yeah. How you Yahoo a, it's the same word. And we both have the means the ever living. So Arabic and Hebrew, our sister languages, nouns are very similar in the, you know, pronunciation. Hallelujah. Yeah, Allahu, exactly. So he just just arrived back. How could they be so many similarities? It can be

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made up all the signs, according to exactly. Just matching with every name of God in Islam. It cannot be a coincidence, the same God the one God, let's go to another. This other words. Now this is a very powerful verse. Every Christian general you asked him is Jesus God, they say yes. And you asked him the proof. JOHN, one one. JOHN, gospel of john chapter one, verse one, the verse reads, In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. So now here, let me read it again to just make it clear, break it down into three parts, In the beginning was the Word.

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The second is the Word was with God. And the third is the Word was God. So what the Christian claims here is the word in the Bible here refers to Jesus and

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God is obviously the father according to the Bible. So if you now change it, the word with Jesus, we'll see what it sounds like. This is what the Christian claims in the beginning was Jesus. Jesus was with God. And Jesus was God, saying, say, pleases God, according to the Bible. Now, how do we respond to this? First and foremost, this statement, john, one one is not spoken by john is not even spoken by Jesus. JOHN did not say this is what Jesus said, rather, the history historical facts prove that this verse was actually a statement made by the Phillips of Alexandria, long before even Jesus came on Earth. So it was the predominant words amongst the Greeks, they those who believe in

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polytheism. So they said this statement, it is not a statement of Jesus. Point number two, let's allow the difference. You know, let Okay, let's say for the sake of argument, it was the statement of the gospel of john, made by john. So he said in the beginning was the word no word in the Bible has two meanings. Word is Jesus. And word also means the Word of God is the Bible. They call it, the Word of God. So it's not Jesus, but it's Word of God. It's a word that in Word of God, similarly, if you translate that as a word of God, there's no problem. This is that word was Jesus, okay? Even if that was Jesus, God that is coming twice in this was in the beginning was the Word, the Word was

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with God, and the Word was God. The second God is a different God to the first God. In that words, the first God is hotels, in the Greek, the second God, God is non theist. Non theist means someone from God, who to us means true God, and the same. God, which is a small God is used in the Bible, by Jesus to other people, as well, in Book of Exodus, chapter seven, verse one, where Jesus said, you all are gods, and that Gods has to be the small God. Similarly, here it is a small God is small God would mean someone from God or a prophet of God. So now let's read it again. Turn the small God into prophet of God. In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was prophet of God.

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Makes sense. It makes more sense. Yes, we cover to we're almost out of time yet. Last one, we only got time for one more, one more. Okay, so what we the other one that we can cover is the US gospel of john chapter three, verse 16. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. So they see Jesus his begotten son. Now this is yes, it is there in King James Version, I agree. But in the Revised Standard Version, and the New International Version, the word the word, the title be gotten is removed from Jesus. So if God is removed, Jesus is son of God. Everyone is son of God, according to the Bible. Read the book of Psalms chapter two, verse seven, it says,

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that David is Begotten Son of God. So if David is forgotten, and Jesus is bigger than then what's the big difference? Rather, Jesus being forgotten has been removed from the Bible further. So it leaves everyone as a son of God, according to the Bible. Anyone who does the work of God is son of God. Adam is son of God, David is son of God, Solomon, his son of God. The previous prophets are sons of God. Bible even says, sons and daughters of God in Book of Genesis. So just shows that Bible has a language, Son of God, I come to America, all the oldies, the old uncle's called me, was him, my son, does not mean I'm his literal son. It only means a metaphor or respect. So God is saying,

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Son of God, which refers to servant of God in the Bible. Thank you very much. You're out of time, we had a lot more than we can cover. But we got to go, we gave people a nice little taste test of clear versus ambiguous. And it's really clear that Jesus was sent by God calling the people to worship the Creator, not the creation. Exactly. Yes. That's that's the message. That's the message. Well, as I think what you just I'll just repeat that. Pray to that one God, seek help from that one, God is usually guide you to the right path. Beautiful. Thank you so much. And I think that was pretty clear. We had the clear verses that are straightforward. You don't need to be a rocket scientist,

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you don't need to be a Bible scholar is straightforward. Here. You see, they're kind of ambiguous, but when they put in their context, again, is straightforward. And we would agree that Jesus indeed he was the way the truth and the light. That's right at his time, he was a messenger sent by God, in the depths of darkness, people weren't. So he was guiding people to the light, what's the like the knowledge of God, the guidance from God, this will set you on a path to get to God to get to his paradise to his pleasure, Moses, at his time, he was the way the truth in the light. Mohammed is the last and final messenger sent to mankind, a prophet that Jesus talked about he was coming, and he

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never also called people to worship Him. Nor did Jesus know that Moses no to Abraham, Abraham, he wasn't a Jew or a Christian, but he was one who submitted himself entirely to the will of God. And this is what Jesus called you to do also, and Mohammed being the last and final messenger. These were the best of creation. They were messengers of God teaching us how to get the pleasure of god how to get to paradise, how to avoid a Hellfire, and it starts with you earnestly. Understanding that this life will end like that plane ride that train ride and at the end, don't wait.

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