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AI: Summary © The founder of Ali Hooda discusses the importance of finding small children to rest assured and creating a platform for them to learn from each other. They are working with TV channels to produce educational videos and creating a culture where children are learning from each other. The speakers emphasize the need to teach children violence and the importance of protecting intellectual property, while also creating a more enjoyable learning process for parents. The challenges of producing content for children, particularly in the entertainment industry, are discussed, along with the need for parents to be responsible and letting children know about the program.
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Salam aleikum. How are you guys doing? Welcome back to the deen show. And I'm with the founder of Ali Hooda. maruf.

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How are you, brother?

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God, hi, how you been?

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Oh, busy, busy

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building something for the small ones and just keeps us excited. You're coming in from Denmark, right? Yes, we are based in Denmark.

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Many parents fall in that pitfall the trap. And kids are running around, you know, the lot of times, the mothers have such a mate, they're the engineers of the house, you know, the homemakers. And sometimes, you know, you just want to get a peace of mind. And you just put the kids down. And you might find something that you think is innocent. And little lo and behold, you know, the kids are spending hours. And those hours just keep adding up. And it's almost like a, you know, like a an education all around just, if you add up all the amount of time and a true story the other day I was, you know, I looked up and I saw one of these cartoons, I just stopped for a minute to see like,

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what what, what's this all about? Because we know that there's, there's messages in many of these in one of them that I noticed this is a real situation. I'm watching and I saw the the that it was like some worm, some you know, it looks cute and funny and whatnot. And then the the girl in the cartoon, the girl worm, she got mad. And she said, she said something along the lines of You better not upset me or I'm not gonna let it rain. And then the other person, the other cartoon character said, or what what are you talking about? She goes, because I'm responsible for the rain, something like that. But we know as Muslims, these things might come off innocent, but no, we know that the the

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Creator of the heavens and earth, Allah, he's the one that sends down the rain. So again, these are the subtle, but subliminal, you could say messages that are being sent. That's just one example out of many with many of the the dating and you know, from kissing violence. So I think this work that you're doing is extremely important to substitutes where you can rest assured that okay, if I leave my kids to watch some cartoons, that they're not going to be

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letting in toxic

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poison into their little minds. Absolutely, absolutely. So I mean, it's funny, you mentioned this episode. I mean, this episode, as I said, maybe there's subliminal message right? By going to the BBC and Guardian recently wrote an article and some of these YouTube videos Actually, it's not just subliminal, it's like if for example, you may find normal for example, Peppa, Peppa Pig, or some other normal movie cartoons, right? Hello, Kitty, you think you're or even the Mickey Mouse, you think you're watching them. But in the end, since probably copyright or something, we change it to widen, very, very unpredictable things, even scary for adults. And it's been reported by BBC, The

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Guardian, which really scares as a parent, when it comes to is my story why we had

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three kids, and they've been, they've been growing in the West. And you know, since you're in the West, you know, the issues for the kids growing up in the West is

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we always struggle, right? What do you learn, they're always learning, constantly learning from us, or learning from the society, what they learn self responsibility, what we teach them, and I wasn't really happy what I could find on YouTube or Netflix, some of them are trying further, okay, just just neutral, right, but some of them may not be okay. But this is reactive. I mean, it's not good enough, we should do something if you only want to change a nation, we should change their education, what they learn, especially starting with the young kids, so instead, we thought that it's okay. Is it a possibility if we create a platform where kids not only just just just learn also

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entertained and educated at the same time, at the back end? Instead of being empty a message or something very subliminal negative message? Can we put positive

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core values teachings of Islam? And it seems, it seems 100 it is possible The reason we can do that is

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we just started calm. It's like, similar to Netflix, right? A video on the mastery platform for some kids. That were the producers. I'm not I cannot even produce a video but I know why intrapreneurs understand the technology behind it also to sell some marketing. So what we did we create a platform and now we are instead of recreate ourselves. What we are doing is we are working together with some TV channels I just mentioned

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from UK 111 already working with some channel of British Muslims.

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In on Channel 100, bought a very good amount of videos for missing teeth and cartoons, which is already approved, which is loved by UK. And they want to bring this the same experience to them, some kids in us, in Malaysia or Indonesia or everywhere, wherever you can actually have access to this quality education and lifts, part of producing more independent producers.

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Most of them are actually from Malaysia, they are very good content, they're very good at understanding they're seriously, it actually is a matter of fact, we're even watching the Malaysian version of the site probably sometime this month. So there's a huge demand out there. So that's gonna be now in different how do you how is it? Is it primarily in English? Yes, until American English. starting this month, we'll be adding the shows in the Malaysian language as well.

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Yeah, so it's extremely important, because these are the little minds, they're soaking up everything like sponges, and an hour here, sometimes it's like three, four hours, maybe even your babysitter. So now you have a babysitter and the babysitter is on some other level there. She's, or he's doing some other thing. And he's gonna put the kid down. And now that kid is watching maybe Bart Simpson and I don't know now, what are the What's that? Some of these I'm kind of out of tune. But

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there's many of these cartoons, the one you mentioned, mentioned in the BBC article, that was that little pig or the piggy or something like that. And they were doing many violent, violent acts. And now you wonder why your kids start acting violent. Right? Because they're, they're getting educated on violence. It is.

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You're absolutely right, we should look at the world we think we think they're learning at school, but kids are, even as humans, we are learning all the time, if you want it or not. It's about what we are what we consume, right? It's like, if you are what you eat, what you consume, what you put your mind to it, imagine if you put our kids instead of the sort of things that the result will be just a matter of fact, you will see the similar sample, just just copy what they see. And unfortunately, that's that's the case. I mean, let me give an example. Since we just, I mean, what we did, right.

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It's also made it for my kids as well. So what we what the way we use it is we try to minimize it home. But we'll be commuting because as a driver to be able to school that. So it's like a half an hour I give them sometimes these videos and 100 are just just a bit a month I can I can amaze how much they learn. And they already I mean, the new alphabet, they're more loaded with the engagement, they learned the names of the profits, there's something there waste, because once you understand the reason the reason the kids watch this thing is for their entertainment, right? So the videos and how it's done, the story is entertaining. And we should understand one thing, we should not ignore

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that, which is a good thing. But they're teaching the bad message, right? Instead of we shut ourselves from this technology, which is the wrong room, what we should do, I believe is we should replace the message with a good one and give the new technology to kids. Our kids will learn they will love learning, they will love as much enjoyment imagine, like imagine

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a teacher that teaches the kids today to sell them an email.

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Instead, we can learn it by games and by especially by the videos, and which one is much more effective. Of course the second one because they can watch anytime they calculate enjoyment and 100 the budget watching this, the cartoons and you can see that what kids are learning. And we watched we want the same thing to the Shama the mini mean, some some kids around the world, we have this curiosity about norms, right? We're talking Why don't we don't have them, but inshallah It seems so successful. You know, what we want to introduce is imagine we have so many Muslim scholars with suicides in the past did amazing stuff, right? And if you bring your stories back, right, imagine we

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said, okay, imagine this, this color, the the alpha, for example, he kind of he's the kind of algebra or, or imagine another Muslim scholar who founded the university. And if you teach our history, our Muslim history to our kids, we also not only just bring them but also increase your inspiration to say, Wow, our ancestors did that. But today, when we look at the innovation, we'll always look at the West, we kind of look at the world all the time. Actually, in reality, it's not we just have to remember the past what we can inspire the future generation and you may never know what they may come up with in the future. inshallah, since you have gone on this journey of putting

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all this together, have you seen and you've seen much of the content? Do you think that we're way behind in this technology

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in this field in this in the animations in the cards,

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toons in this area, and in kids entertainment, do you feel that we're, we don't have enough resources that don't mind at large has not invested enough in this. This is where we started, right? And people are gonna do that you will never be successful. We don't have enough content, we always have a problem. And you know, we are, we are intrapreneurs. When people complain, we listen and say, Okay, let me try it anyway. And

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because what people think, but the answer the question is, before we started with our Okay, the content could be a problem, it is still a problem. But one thing we begin to see is in the Cs 100, as I said, we work with TV channels to to produce content, they give us to us, and it's a licensee.

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It's one thing other thing is what we are discovering is, especially in Malaysia, what what's really important is, there's so many quality, that that the cartoons in 3d with the same atoms, like Sonic core values that they're so mean, and what we are, we are, we are licensing almost one every week, you know, to try to get them on board. And so this is actually like a three, four months ago, I would say, yeah, it's a very problem. But now, I can see that there are so many interesting productions coming up, I believe, we may not be at the same like wall display on all the big guys here. But trust me, we have the talent, we have the we may even get the resources, it's just a

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matter of just starting baby steps. If you create a platform, if he enabled the producers, you don't give them enough motivation by financing them. And we don't have a shortage of talent, if so many good talent can get into us. So I'm very optimistic. We have we have the content already. But if he had a little bit push,

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yeah, and going back to protecting that treasure that you meant to the trust that the Creator of the heavens and earth law has given every parent and you mentioned the Walt Disney, and most of these young kids that the kids have attached their heart to this is a fact people can go look it up these young

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actors at a young age, the Miley Cyrus's, most of them, they started off in the Walt Disney. And what happened is the kids, they get attached to them, and most of them, they grew up to turn to drugs, you know, alcohol, and unfortunately, they go down a road of destruction. And now if the kids, their heart, attaches to them as a youth, naturally, they're going to also grow to like them as adults. So cutting this off, you know, from, again, many parents naive, they don't they, you just you look at like I said, I was looking at the cartoon, and it looks so innocent. But you have to sit there literally, through the whole thing to kind of, it could be 80% 90%, let's say 95 99% is a

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okay. 95%. But it's just a few percent that percentage, little messages. Yeah, the message that's being sent next to you know, it's a message here message their seed here, seed there. And next thing, you know, you're like, where my kids getting this. But that's the thing, now you open another door, you replace it, you don't just say, Oh, this is, you know, hold on, that's it, we can't do it. No, replace it with content that is suitable and sustainable for their minds to grow and to learn. And most of its just wasted time. There is no, there are there are some some, you know, we look for

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material that's helping them with, with math and scientists good things as produced a lot of is just entertainment, and things that don't really, you know, it's like a lot of wasted wasting of time. But many of these, how's the content that you've that you got you've put together? It's how what, when the kids? What are they getting when they come to Hollywood? Yeah, that's a good question. So what

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we've done before we put on,

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we have a screening, right? So okay, what the kids are learning. I mean, is this an aliquot of entertainment.

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We don't want to do either of those. We don't want to do just entertainment or education. So if you do just entertainment, it will be empty, when you've been powerful, all the stuff, but there's nothing substance to learn. But at the same time, if you do just education, people get bored, if you just keeps it warm. I think that the fund balance is somewhere in the middle as always in the middle, right. So you make education interesting enough. She's done, kind of realize they're learning and they walk with joy. And as you're learning, it's very hard to do. But we know we have producers and publishers who are aligned with our vision, and that's what we are producing. We are

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very happy to get them on board and and that's it.

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We are often we want to educate, entertain at the same time, so kids don't get bored and keep learning showing up. Every show you have, for example, is based on, give me one example what is called, for example, mystery branch. This is a show from UK. So there are a couple of animals puppets, they're learning about the law, right?

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So what is the hydrati?

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Another sure we have is called briny branch, it shows this dedicated to a different thing, for example, how to save it not just in the context. Other one is how to help the parents or how to tidy up. So everything is emotional, as a spiritual, emotional, intellectual trader, and all the elements, it's built on elements. It's very, very traditional. It's very, very enjoyable to watch. And my kids love it. And we hear that there are many, many kids out there among us, because we can see that from the status of becoming a comeback and keep watching them sometimes.

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We keep watching and watching and watching sometimes.

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But 100 now in my case, they just sometimes sing the song or the names of the problems instead of singing Twinkle, twinkle little star, so he just decided, right, what are you teaching, the kids repeat whatever they want, they can repeat the process names, they can precise process, for example, they can learn it by just the songs, right? Or the others, or they can learn to think

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I mean, so um,

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and that was the problem that that we were having is that many parents have is that, let's say for instance, my kids, they would end up going through, there's a really I don't know, if you got hooked up with zacky.

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With you guys have Jackie out there. We went through, we're talking to the we're talking to executives,

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as well to work together. But we haven't really, because I mean,

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this is a competitor. So there we are talking to them. But except that we're talking to many other publishers.

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Just wanted to give an example. For instance, that's one of the cartoons that's out there with a positive message. So you have zacky, Adams world, and you buy all these DVDs, and then now the kids watch it, but then you will you thought, Oh, I got enough for him? Nah, they get bored quick. So they finish all that. And then they maybe they watch it two or three more times. But that's it, and you're stuck. But here, I hear you it's kind of set up like the you compared to the kids Netflix. So now you have enough content to keep their little brain stimulated. And interesting enough. So keep keep keep keep watching them. Right. It's important, as you said, and quality of the content quality

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of the content, this will be trying to Yeah, and as I said, Our

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majority of publishers, but when a publisher we work with any other publisher with with all the content out there, and the lifted, lifted is apparent parent, the kids decide which one is better, which one is good. So it's also it's also categorized by ages calculator for different categories. So the kids can easily keep watching, keep watching them.

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Yeah, because you can be on YouTube. And that's that's a powerful platform now. And let's say you found the channel. But next thing you know, the kids end up on another channel, or you didn't feel Yeah, you there's no really control. And next to you know, they're addicted to something that's poison that's toxic for their little brains again, you have

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someone put in the dog, this and this. I mean, trust me, this is the reason why we're doing this, right? Because many people they say, Hey, what are you guys doing making value? That's the objective like YouTube. But what they don't understand is YouTube is not free. They think it's free. Yes, you don't pay it. But you pay attention. Right up with the kids attention. Are you okay to expose your kids to this sort of messages in this age? I wouldn't do that myself. It said. I mean, it says I will just pay a small fee a month. And so I know they're safe. They're not wandering around somewhere, which I have no control what they want, right? And that's what I would prefer. So it's

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not nothing is free in this. Everyone. We got an accountant here in the water told us

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a lot sooner. It comes at a cost. I mean, some of these, it's really, you have people if you look at the root, who is in some of these programs, the mastermind behind putting everything together, you know, when Shakedown comes he doesn't you know, as the story goes, that he's not going to come and just you know, show himself he can come like, you know, the the the wolf in sheep's clothing. So you don't know who's behind this series of kids cartoons. But then when you go down that rabbit hole and you look and you see this person is part of some satanic cult or just you know, an extreme case or this person has

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You know these worldviews, and then they need to push it right? So they'll push it. This doesn't happen in every in all cases, but you have many a great majority, where now it's about the bottom line money. And then this person has their worldview, and there's maybe six philosophies. And now. Exactly. And now they want to push this onto kids, it's a reality. Exactly, I agree with you. I agree. Everyone has their worldview, they want to push it to the message, right? So the dude

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in the middle, and it's up to us, as a parents, we are the ones who are responsible, what the what our kids watch, and we should be the guardians. And make sure this is something I've seen, I've seen these little kids, you know, these in these cartoons, starting off having bought, you know,

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in relationships and whatnot, nothing to do with marriage, right, as opposed to contrast, you know, let's say they're watching something at the Ali Hooda. And now, of course, this is something that needs to be talked about men and women relationships in marriage in a wholesome way that's pleasing to the creator to Allah. But now over here, you know, there's no restrictions, no guidelines. So now the the young kids are watching, you know, the Little Mermaid kissing, and it seems innocence. Oh, I just know, but that stuff that toxic, that's gonna end up maturing in their brain. And that's, they're gonna end up following these things. And then no wonder kids that's at a young age in the in

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the schools, they're, they're dating. They're literally kids are having boyfriend and girlfriends, at ages like eight 910 years old. This is a reality. And many parents are naive to this fact. Well, yeah, I don't know how it is there. But here it's a real

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it's a reality kids at a young age at eight 910. In many of these public schools, they're, you know, already experimenting. And where are they getting this? Many of these things are coming from, you know, either at home, the the, the the cartoons, the TV programs, the things that are

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programming under there, the data they're collecting?

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Yeah, yeah. So how can I How can people

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start, you have a free trial going on? People can test the waters? Yes, yes.

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Actually, what I was thinking is, what we gonna do is, we're gonna create a special kind of protocol for your viewers, probably with a condition. So we'll get on this video, or how will you share your message. So when people click, you will share, they will see this better, and you will get,

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they will get 50 50% discount to the first 31st of all to get free traffic seven days after that they pay only 50%. But even after that, we want to keep the price as low as possible.

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I like it, I think it's like seven or $8 a month,

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or $8 a month, it's like almost like one or two meals maximum. But if you look at we give so much clothes and food to our kids, we have also we believe you have to also invest and you know, it is a small amount of their spiritual truth. But I think that's why I believe it's a fair price. And that shows keep growing the number of and you can watch unlike others inside the family, you can have as many devices as you can. There's no limit, we always serve HD, highest quality, whatever available, and you can watch as many times as you want. If you have you don't

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have more kids don't have to worry about just a one on one email access that you can show to kids or five kids. It's up to you. I think definitely that's a great investment invest now in these. This is one piece of the puzzle otherwise, wants to ship sales. That's it. Right. So thank you very much and may God Almighty Allah bless this endeavor of yours and continue to put Baraka in it. Thank you so much. Thank you very much for having us.

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Thank you very much. And thank you guys for tuning in. You heard hear, heard it here, the Ali, the Ali Hooda and we'll send out a special link coming out just for you guys. Make sure check it out, see how you like it and we'll see you next time, inshallah. Until then, peace be with you samick

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