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In this episode, we’ll be looking at the greatest mistake Conor McGregor made and giving him some encouragement of how he can turn things around for the best with some great advice from his native Irish men and also the best advice from the greatest peoples champion legend Muhammad Ali


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the danger of not recognizing humans as gods and the importance of being humble. They stress the need for everyone to be grateful for what they have and share their experiences. The importance of showing pride in being Irish and bringing happiness to people is emphasized, along with the need for people to be aware of their own happiness. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning to identify with people and values, planting seeds of good deeds, and embracing one's actions to achieve success and change one's life.
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Conor McGregor.

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Peace be with you. Welcome to the D show. Subscribe if you haven't already Conor McGregor. This episode is a special one for you with a special message, we're going to be talking about the mistake that you made probably the biggest mistake that you've made in your life. And with hope at the end how you can go ahead and take this mistake and change it, learn from it benefit from it. So you can gain success by hearing this wonderful advice. And I got an Irish man on the show to help me deliver it to you. So don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.

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This is the

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this is the

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please be with you. I said I'll make a call to law. Abdul Malik Ryan now of Irish descent. Yes. How you been? Very good. Very well. Good to see. Well, just the man for the job. We got a special message for our Irish but we love the Irish. Irish brothers in humanity. Conor McGregor. You heard of him? I have heard of him. He's Irish. He is from Dublin, I think right? Yes, we got a special message. Want to do a special episode for him? I'm gonna go to this clip. And get your take on it. Okay. Me and Me and Jesus are cool.

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I'm cool with all the gods. Gods recognize gods.

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All right. So what are your thoughts on when you hear something like this? Yeah, I mean, obviously, you see, you see that you hear the people laughing at what he says. And you see a lot of it, what he does is like an act and people find it very entertaining. And this is how he got popular. This is how he you know, is the biggest, highest paid fighter in that and stuff like that. So, and actually, I was reading a book. And it's interesting. And many of us as Muslims, we know this, that a lot of these fighters, whatever, whatever they're in a lot of these sports figures. To be honest, for the last 40 years, all they've been doing is imitating Muhammad Ali trying to be like Muhammad Ali.

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Because Muhammad Ali was someone who came along at a time when boxing was little struggling a little bit. And he but he was able to with his personality, and by saying things that were got people's attention and seem crazy. And by making big boats and then backing it up, he got like, people really love that. So

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a lot of people so he's trying to do that act of kind of imitating but you see that he kind of,

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especially for us as Muslims, and anyone who understands the reality of the seriousness of this, these things, he goes far overboard here, you know, and he says things that he thinks are funny, but that really show that he doesn't understand what he's talking about. So you see, first he's saying that him and him and Jesus are cool. Versus Jesus

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is not a man alive, that can be me. But Jesus ain't alive. Is he? So I don't know. Maybe he could come back from the dead, not? I don't know, am

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I still give us you know, it's like, he's, he's,

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you know, and this is this is something that, but at the same same time, he sees Jesus as a human being, that he can kind of be cool with and interact. But at the same time, then he goes say that Jesus is like a god and he's also a god. So you see the danger of not recognizing the separation between humans and God, and understanding that

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and and that understand, we are not gods and we are not we shouldn't put ourselves in that level. And that was something Muhammad Ali, for the most part, he t he was careful about, for the most part, he would say that.

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He's, he's,

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you know, I'm beautiful. I'm pretty great. I'm the greatest of the people but he would normally not compare himself to God. But even he realized that he kind of maybe went overboard at times in the way he would boast and talk about himself and that, that when you do that, sometimes God humbles you, too, because and not because God doesn't like you. And it's not even but actually if God humbles you in this life, when you're saying something like that is actually a sign that God wants something good for you. That's that he can could let you keep going and going and not humble you but now's the time to reflect that's exactly what we want. We want to take this situation and derive

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some good for it from it. And just like at a time, you know, this is amazing. We had famous George St. Pierre who's a UFC fighter we did a show specifically also for him. I can't I can't sleep at night now. I'm going crazy at issues man I need to relax. I need to get out for a while you know

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I don't know what I'm gonna do any I am.

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I feel like I'm gonna let everything out now but I have to keep some of my stuff some of part of my life personal Okay. Now

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His boxing trainers also Muslim, so we know so he actually contacted us and he he said that he sent that show to him so it got to another UFC champ now we got another UFC champ that we want to get the message to. So we're going to leave all of you guys helped helped us to go out. Now we want to derive some good from it. So we talked about, you know, one quality of of, you can't go wrong with is controlling that ego and and being humble, you know, to me and this is something that all the messages of God taught knowing your limits. And you mentioned Muhammad Ali, you know, we know at one aspect, it's showbusiness, right? And many people don't understand that even as human beings, you

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know, you'll say one word, you'll destroy a marriage, you'll say, the wrong paragraph wrong sent you end up in life in jail and prison. But now the words we say against the Almighty, I'm kill with all the gods. Gods recognize God's

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regardless of what's coming with or without you, and then that God came and blessed you with it.

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cost me any man, God, man, you know, I mean, and not only that, oh God, as well as the one who's created has given us all these blessings that you couldn't even throw a punch, a jab, Block a Punch, without these blessings from God to insult God like this. Are we thinking, what do you think? Yeah, no, this is and that, like we said, That's why it's good that God humbles us sometimes. And we all have that this in our life, even if we're not, you know, champions, and we're not in show business. We all have times or become if things are going well, we become very sure of ourselves, we think, Oh, I have this job. I have this car, I have this money, because of me because I work hard. And

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sometimes God has to humble us a little bit. And many of us have this experience through sicknesses, through illness through some losing someone close to us, we suddenly realize like, we have nothing like everything we have, God just gave it to us out of his, you know, mercy and His compassion towards us. And we should just be grateful for it. The main thing is to be grateful for what we have. And always be humbled, like as you said, to realize that everything we have is from is from God. It's not from ourselves. How is the situation with the Irish people? Or have they been? I mean, we have one example like Liam Neeson, you know him. Yeah, he was in Turkey at one time, he couldn't

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stand them. But after some time, he was just like, there was word of him actually accepting Islam. He's Irish also. Right? He is Irish. He is Irish. Yeah. And you know, and I think that he said that he you know, he began to appreciate the the beauty of the of the event and the culture. And you find that with many people, the Irish one good thing we say as Irish is that Irish are people of course, even though we're in Europe, which is true of some other people in Europe. We were at we were not one of the people colonizing people, but we were colonized by the English so Irish were people on the bottom of the rain in Europe, and people have a long history of being oppressed and of

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identifying with other oppressed groups. So you find so many people Irish people identifying with Palestinians, identifying with their struggle identifying with struggles all over the world identifying with different cultures. So you have many Irish people who are close to Muslims and who know Muslims, but now you know, but but they're not necessarily a religious connection, but they're connecting on cultural and other ways. So we want to know that again it's important to this Islam is a message for everyone and we want to you know, share the message in the best way possible. We have to be the best example and share that I like that we're gonna take a break but that's right Muslims

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right now it's sad to say I probably the most oppressed people on the earth. Irish have gone through it. We got another connection. We got more connections to talk about. Don't go anywhere, Connor, we'll be right back. There's not a god. All right. If you don't believe in God, if I told you to this glass sprung into existence, this glass made itself no man made this glass if you believe what you believe I just told you this thing made itself

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when I tell you you will be right now, some somebody is doubting it. Yeah, so I'm giving you the answer that she wouldn't believe it. If I told her this television station

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popped into existence. It just no man made it. You said Muhammad Ali's crazy. All right. Well, this glass came make yourself if I told you those clothes, you have wove themselves, nobody created them. Those clothes made themselves you wouldn't believe it. But if you're if your clothes didn't make itself if that glass couldn't make itself if this building didn't make yourself then how did the moon get out there? How did the stars and Jupiter Neptune and Mars and the sun had a nature How did all this come here fitness wise something planning to make it so what I'm saying is I believe that we're going to be judged should a man like Hitler kill all the Jews and get away with it? Somebody

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should punish him maybe get it don't get it now he gets it help eternity. So what I'm gonna do when I get out of boxes, is to get myself ready to meet God because my plane may blow up. Don't planes blow up in this country sometime in crash. Don't people die every day. Subscribe right now.

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Back here on the D show with my Irish brother here. We did a show it was back. It was as D actually standard def and our HD, it was called Irish and loving Islam, you actually come from a background of being a Christian and you actually tell us in summary, what What had you so interested? You I know you've read a Autobiography of Malcolm X and yeah, and many other things. But in summary, what was it about Islam that captivated you? Yeah. So as you said, I grew up, you know, grew up in a Catholic family, as most Irish people are Catholic, and actually, it's very intertwined with the culture. And

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but you know, as most people by the time I was in high school, in college, I wasn't really into religion. You know, I was into other things at that time. But I got fascinated with African American History and with Malcolm X. So I became really into the into Malcolm X and studying from a historical perspective. But you know, Malcolm X, one thing that he stressed, and Malcolm X spent most of his life, even though he was a powerful political figure, he actually spent most of his time trying to teach people about Islam and recruiting people to Islam, first in the nation of islam. But then when he realized the Nation of Islam was not the total truth, when he accepted Sunni Islam, he

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spent his time trying to teach people about Sunni Islam and trying to attract people to them. And he especially said, for white people in America, that they should study Islam, that because of his powerful experience on Hodge, where he writes that amazing letter, he felt that this is something Islam, if it's actually taken in and actually appreciate it. And practice is actually something that can destroy racism, and something that can bring people to brotherhood. And that is actually what I did find myself when I became Muslim. When I was first spending time around Muslims in the college setting, and that's why I love the college setting. So I came back to be a chaplain, you have

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Muslims from all over the world, you know, we had 10 different 1015 different Muslims at a gathering for Qatar, each one coming from a different country in the world, but all bound together by by by Islam, by by the their love of Allah subhanaw taala, by their love of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and just being so humble, and I remember sharing and if Tarr and we're all sitting on the floor. And just, you know, after that period of fasting, you're finally getting some food and you feel so calm, and you feel the brotherhood and sisterhood. And that was actually what made me feel just in my heart that this is the truth that this is what Allah wants for us. Similar to the

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experience that Malcolm had when he was on, it's pretty clear, when you look in Islam, the purpose of life, why we're being created, it's not just blind faith, there's evidence proof, it's overwhelming. When you look at it, there's no other way that you're going to look left or right. But you got to look straight and say, this is indeed you know, like, there's no other explanation for it then and then being a way of life from the crater. It's amazing. And that's why I said, like I said, like it you know, now I work at a Catholic University, I have probably even more understanding for for Catholicism than I did in the past. But and you see why naturally human beings, and you find

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many of the principles being taught that are the same principles, and you see why humans are attracted to it. But the basic thing about Islam that I think will always win, anyone who seriously looks at is just the La Ilaha. Lola, there is no God, but God, there's nothing worthy of worship except God. So everything else in this world is creation. It's something different than God, God's creation, don't worship the creation, worship the Creator, if that makes sense to anyone who thinks about it. And I think that's where people end up, they turn away from religion, they go away from what their parents were upon, because now making God into a man. And now you can envision throwing a

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jab at him or a cross, I'll knock him out.

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It's not a man alive that can be made. But Jesus ain't alive. Is he? So? I don't know. Maybe he could come back from the dead? Not? I don't know. And

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I'd still go bust. You can't do that. Well, God because God's not a man, or did he die on no cross? I mean, and that that concept just makes sense. What you're saying worship the Creator, not the creation. And from there, your heart just it tunes in and recognizes that. Let me go to the next clip. Because there's a lot of people that are upset. One Christian pastor in particular, let's see what he had to say. I'm telling you what, I'm going to pray that God strikes this guy dead. Do you know why his name is Conor McGregor? Yes. And he's a UFC. I mean, these so many guys, these guys are talking about striking them dead. I mean,

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hardcore, and I think that guy's probably trying to get some attention. But but but we know that anger comes on. And we know in the Muslim community, sometimes our anger comes out when people say things that we know are out of line out of pocket. But as we started off by saying, the point really is not for us as human beings to become angry with people, especially if they haven't even been given the message, but to go and just talk to them and try to give them the message and like you said, Make something positive come out of it like a loss a lot. You see the way that Allah if Allah wanted to strike him dead when he said that a lot of work could have struck him dead when he

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finished boom, it'd be over a lot doesn't want to do that a lot is giving him more time because Allah wants to teach him something to give him a chance to change. And so we hope he takes that opportunity. Definitely

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Meet people want to make Muslims that like you know where the where the vigilantes and violent but we got a message of love and hope and we want him now God Almighty a lot of times my next question we put in all of this work in this effort we pound our chest and we say I I did is my training I you know without that but what about the other element because again we couldn't if we didn't have this air to breathe the eyes to see with if we didn't have the nerves inside of our bodies, you know, just a disc goes out l four L L, bat the back, eight, nine disc, you're out, you're done. You can't do anything SubhanAllah. And like I said before, that's the one thing that you realize, especially

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if you're sick or something, and you need help, you can't even get up and go to the bathroom for yourself. You can't do anything for yourself. You really realize how weak you are. And like I said, and Allah mentions this in the Quran that the human being when they get wealth, when they get status, they tend to become arrogant and sometimes Allah has to humble us to remind us of what's really going on and inshallah the best of us are people who have that humility, even if we're given blessings, and then alive. We're grateful when we're given blessings. Instead of becoming arrogant. If we're just grateful for it, and try to use it for good, then Allah will keep giving us more and

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more blessings. So how could he now he's tuning in the

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message gets to him. How can he take this situation? He hears this now because every heart he's you know, you mentioned African Americans. He loves the you know, the bling, bling, the hip hop, you know, he can go back and connect with the roots of Quinta, Qin Tay, and Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali. They all found purpose in submission to the will of God, Islam, they found purpose, then they found contentment. But will you ever doesn't matter how many Rolls Royces you have? How many lambos? How many selfies and muscles you grow? Is that where the purpose is? and contentment and happiness? Yeah, no, it isn't. And I think you can talk to people who have those things. And a lot of times

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they put on a front just like put on a front. For the purpose of show business. A lot of times people put on a front and a fake fake picture that this is bringing them happiness that's bringing contentment, but deep in their heart, they know when they're alone, when they're reflecting when they've gotten a little humbled that this is not bringing them happiness, and but we want them to know that happiness is out there and don't, don't keep chasing it through material things. Don't even keep chasing it to fame and whatever. You got fame because you have certain skills, you have certain blessings, people like your personality, that's okay. But now use that to show people that

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you can still learn and grow. This is what we love about Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, any people that we look up to, they may have gained their fame through different reasons. But what I think makes them people that we still talk about now, and people that people still love and look up to rather than people that were forgotten is that they were humble enough to learn lessons to improve, to grow and to change. So we always want to be able to change and I think that's, that's what we would love to see from Conor McGregor with you're very well known. make a change, come to Sunday, and it will be beautiful. You know, there's other other famous Irish Muslims like everlast, the rapper from a house

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of pain and stuff. I really feel like he could be started he could be part of startup movement is to show that being Irish and being Muslim makes sense together. And so about worshipping the Creator, not the creation something I guarantee a feat sincere and he looks into it, he would indeed see that if provides all the evidence, rational, logical, and there's no other way. But to see that this is the truth. Look, another misconception that is clear right now just by us sitting together, look bazi and American Irish, we talked about African American Muhammad Ali, and it's for the whole of mankind because it's a universal message. We'll be right back with more here today show don't go

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anywhere. When I get out of boxing.

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I'm gonna do all I can to help people. That's why I'm here with Johnnie Walker. Here's a poor man came all the way to America. There's a bunch of boys need some money, and somebody is calling me to help him. God is watching me. God is God don't praise me because I beat Joe free Chicago and given about Joe Frazier got on kind of about England or America as far as we are wealth is all he is. He wants to know, how do we treat each other? How do we help each other? So I'm gonna dedicate my life to using my name and popularity, helping charities, helping people unite and people brave people bombing each other because of religious beliefs. We need somebody in the world to help so make

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peace. So when our die if there's a heaven, I want to see it because we live Hello 80 years. The odds are so bad in this room, some of you will be dead 20 years from now, some of you will be dead 50 years. Some of them be dead 30 and some of it is 6070 years. We all want to die soon. Subscribe right now.

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Back here on the D show, you know certain stereotypes are attached to certain people. And I know I mean, I'm just sitting with a perfect example of an Irish Muslim, that he's got to go beyond in the beer and

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You know, the foul language. There's got, there's more to life. And people in this position now the young kids will look at someone like that a celebrity status and start to think imagine everybody starts thinking that their gods, Gods recognize gods. You know what I mean? Now, now we've gotten more towards, you know, paganism, and setting the worst of examples, because now we're just lost, the soul is just bankrupt, you might have all the money, but your soul and heart is dead. But there's more there's got to be the Irish people will connect with this message, because it's in all of us. Definitely. And I think, you know, I think we all find a lot of people, especially for Irish

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people who are in America now, most of them have been here for a while their families have been here for many generations, they kind of humbler there's a strong sense where people still hold on to being Irish, because that means something to them. But unfortunately, too many of them it means something silly, as we'll see. March 17, comes around, it means to them getting drunk, you know, partying all day like this is somehow showing pride in being Irish. This has nothing to do with what being Irish is really all about what is Irish being all about. So I mean, being Irish, like I said, is all about really, for the people come there is really about siding with the oppressed, is really

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about faith family, you know, it's really about identifying with the people who, who are downtrodden and really standing up for what's right, as well as having, you know, an ancient culture and ancient traditions, that that we try to, you know, uphold and try to follow. But those traditions are based on values that we find in Islam. They're not based on values of partying and material consumers culture, like we were talking about. And so that's a really sad and this is why one thing about Islam is that the Prophet peace be upon him. He taught us to know your lineage, to study your history to know where your people came from. Why not because to be overly proud and vivid or

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nationalistic, or in terms of separating from other people. But we like we said, the Muslims are all united together, and we want to unite humanity together under Islam. But when you know where you came from, when you know your values, it helps you to know other people better, it helps you to know what's important, as you know, a God says in the Quran, that we made you into different nations and tribes so that you might know one another. So the fact that we're in different nations and tribes is not an accident, it's not a mistake, God did it on purpose. And there's value in knowing that. But once you know what that really is about you what's really true nature of your heritage is about it

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helps you to realize what's important in life, and what's important in life is your connection with the Creator, and trying to uphold values and help humanity. Let's go and because it's about shifting loyalty, many people started to, you know, large numbers of fans coming in, they feel like okay, now this is our man who represents us and you're only as strong as when you put all your effort in. And you see that at the end, what goes up comes down, you're a human being, you're weak. And hopefully this can be a learning lesson for Conor McGregor to turn that loyalty to the Creator of the heavens and earth, Allah. Now, tell us Let's in the last few minutes that we have, let's talk about some

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very important concepts. You talked about this when we were in as the and we had great feedback talking about the the deep love that we have for Jesus peace be upon him, you know, but Jesus also never called people to worship Him. And people understanding also the concept of original goodness, not original sin, can you get up into these core simple beliefs that just resonate, and I guarantee if a person is a seer, they'll say, I agree with that. And if you agree with that, then you should accept that, Mashallah, I'm glad, I'm glad you mentioned that, because I think that is really important.

00:23:33--> 00:24:09

For people who do have an attachment to the faith, you know, Jesus is a very important figure and for all Catholics, and all Christians, but you know, in an Irish, I think they feel a special identification with Jesus and with Mary, especially. And these are figures that are in the Quran, the figures that are very important in our faith, but it's important not to take them in the wrong way. They're beautiful role models and beautiful examples of human beings who are submitted to God in the most perfect way. Not not of people who and we don't when we elevate them to being God. That's, that's making a mistake. And that's really going astray. And you'll find a lot of people,

00:24:09--> 00:24:43

that's where a lot of people do get confused, because they don't know what that means. I mean, I think they think they want, they want to have that identification to know that God cares for them. But the way to do it is not by turning God into a human being the way to do it is by realizing that God cares for you, as a human being that God is there to answer your prayers directly, that you don't need to go through any intermediary, that you don't need to go through a priest or a prophet or anybody that the prophets can bring messages, but you go, you go speak to God directly. You pray to God directly. You're going to stand before God alone on the Day of Judgment. And so you want to

00:24:43--> 00:24:45

have that relationship with God. So

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Christians who are listening to this people who are interested should really read about what the Quran says in the chapter of Mary, about Mary about Jesus. The example we have of Jesus's life again was similar to what we say

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We pride the Irish being about it by what standing for the oppressed, being submitted to God bringing, bringing social change and really identifying with the downtrodden in society and that's what as we have people with faith have to do. What advice it's very hard. It's very tempting when the whole world opens up to you now personally curcuma Connor, who

00:25:20--> 00:25:57

is that that, you know, point where he's almost got everything, but definitely right now, you can like Ronda Rousey, know if you heard of her most popular woman in the world, you know, thought she was unstoppable. And then she suffered a defeat. And then shortly after she's on an interview talking about thinking contemplating suicide, right, but you got everything, you got the status, you can still make it, you follow me? So how what should someone you know, now, it's like that humbling point. And, you know, maybe you're, you're more receptive to the message. So what advice do you have for someone like Conor McGregor? who's out there? Maybe, you know, he's tuning in? Yeah, I hope he

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is, I hope this message reaches him. Just turn. Really, you know, like we said, this is an opportunity to understand what's really important, I'm sure on some level, you know, what's really important, you know, who are the people and the things that were important in your life before you became famous, the people who didn't just jump on the bandwagon, the people who stick by you, even if you lose those, those things that are important, and God is of those things, God is always there waiting for you, regardless of what we say about him. You know, we as Muslims say, that God like the greatest sin, we can come in his shirt. He is comparing God to a human being, comparing God to his

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creation, worshiping something else along with God. But even with even when we do that, we God is waiting for us to turn back to admit our mistake. And God will definitely accept as we say that if we take one step towards God, God will take two steps towards us. If we go to God, walk, and God will come to us running. And that's a very powerful statement. Because we know God is not a human being God is not a person. But that's a very powerful statement that

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the only barrier between us and God is ourselves in our decisions. So really realize what's important, realize where you're gonna find tranquility and happiness is with the Creator.

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And with making a life that's really more meaningful than maybe what you said, what you thought before. And

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I think if you do that you have a potential not just for yourself, most importantly, but you have a potential to influence a lot of people who are paying attention, who want to see what you're going to do next. That's it because these are planting grounds right now that we plant them because all this all those Rolls Royces I got to stay behind, right, and we're gonna die. Now it's time to do good deeds so they can flourish, and we can have the everlasting reward. In the next life. God only Thank you so much. Thank you. Oh, good to see Peace be with you. So I'm like, buddy, come on. There you have it, Mr. Conor McGregor, I hope that you really contemplate and think about the message, the

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wonderful advice. Now just as managing are in with the story. Imagine if someone had given you a shovel, a light, a roadmap, water, and everything you needed to go ahead and dig up a treasure.

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You can find any of these tools anywhere else in the world. But the person who gave it to you, that was the only one who had these essential items that you couldn't see in the dark. Without the light, you couldn't dig up that treasure without a shovel. You couldn't survive out there without that water and that food. And then you ended up finding the treasure, because you had the treasure map the blueprint on how to find it.

00:28:30--> 00:29:17

And then you finally dug it up. And you forgot to give thanks to the one who gave you the shovel, the one who gave you the light, the one who gave you the food and the water and the drink and the roadmap. How would that be? You think your trainer who helped train you, you think your wife who helped you during those downtrodden times? But now the one who gave you the abilities, and the one who actually put that treasure there? Who doesn't need any of it, but just put it there to test you that when you achieve the success? Will you recognize the one who gave you the ability to be successful? And now what will you do with all of that? Will you boldly praise yourself and make

00:29:17--> 00:29:21

yourself into a deity into a god and then be humbled?

00:29:23--> 00:29:59

And now what will you do with that morning that sign? Because it's come to you? Or will you go ahead and take the advice? heed the call the message and contemplate and think think because death can approach at any time and money and fame and prestige and all of these things that we think that feed our egos at the end? All of this stuff we leave behind in the grave. Really contemplate the day that when you had nothing and now you have something What are you going to do to give back to humanity to give back to society

00:30:00--> 00:30:20

Take what you need. But now to go ahead and recognize the one who gave you these abilities that you couldn't even throw a punch a jab, block one, stand up tall. If it wasn't for the one who gave you the ability, who gave you everything that you have to achieve this great success.

00:30:21--> 00:30:41

I hope that Conor McGregor you will go ahead and think and reflect and ponder. And at the end of the day it takes but the sincerity and earnestness inside the drive to just ask as the one think the one who made you who created you, who gave you all these faculties and blessings, to guide you, and

00:30:42--> 00:31:23

to start to live a thankful grateful life and now you in the position that you're in, you can make a huge impact of goodness and plant seeds of goodness now. So when you leave this life, you can leave a legacy of good because many have come and gone and they've been forgotten. But how will you be remembered is how you live this life. And if you live the good life, a good life according to the way that the creator wants you to live, you will have lived a successful life. And then you'll have not only success, peace and tranquility and contentment in this life, that money cannot buy. But then definitely you will have paradise in the next. And this is the message of all the messages,

00:31:24--> 00:31:59

including Jesus peace be upon him, Mohammed, Moses, Abraham, because they all call to the same call to worship the Creator, not the creation. And that's that simple message. We hope that you got to benefit from this. Brother, Irish brother Conor McGregor, and we'll see you next time tune in every week to the D show. Visit us when you're in Chicago at our gym. We'll see you then until next time, peace be with you. Certainly. So what am I gonna do to find all that 16 years to be productive? get myself ready to meet God and go to the best place. Let that make sense. Thank you.

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