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Salam aleikum, greetings of peace I want to talk to you about grounding or earthing such and just being grateful and thankful for us having this in our Deen. I want to start off with

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grounding or what's called earthing. The concept is that when we're literally in touch with the earth, we absorb electrons that help neutralize the free radicals in our body that damage ourselves. Earthlings proponents say this grounding can reduce inflammation, pain and stress. If you're grounded, your blood is flowing, as long as you stay grounded. And it also thins the blood, so you're less likely to have a heart attack and a stroke and affect the thinness of blood so much, that if you're taking a blood thinner, you have to lower the Delta. That's the power of grounding. Grounding is so critical for your brain, it causes instantaneous changes in your left PHY a left

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brain to

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right, it's where the right brain what's going on there. That's the creative side, the left brain that's analytical side, as soon as you ground yourself your left brain goes, powers down.

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right brain doesn't change but your left brain does. It helps to enhance circulation. So with increased circulation, now you have more energy, you have more nutrients, you're carrying away more wastes. So that has a tremendous positive effect on the body. Improve sleep is another major benefit according to the earthing research nowadays, they're

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finding out that connecting your body to the earth, many people are doing this now by walking Look, look just barefoot, just

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connecting your your body to the earth releases these electrostatic charges that develop in the body.

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And this can also cause headaches, neck aches, muscle spasms, and new research research is showing that a lot of good science to point out people who ground sleep better have lower inflammation and feel better throughout the day. They have a better mood just by grounding or earthing, you can release these electro static charges. This is amazing. Because we do this five times a day in Santa

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We take our forehead and we ground ourselves.

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We ground ourselves in such dire incident. And we know that the Prophet Muhammad lost in front of us in peace and blessings be upon him. He told us that the closest a person is to his creator

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is in prostration. Now there are so many spiritual benefits, he tells us in one defund even magia. That through the salaat through the prayer, one cures many illnesses. And we usually often think of the spiritual This is the biggest illness that most people are that we get affected by the top salinities the carcinogens through the air pollution through the food that we eat. But often people neglect the spiritual, toxic elements that affect our heart. And we know that the Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him told us that there is a flesh a piece of flesh in the body. If it is sound, the whole body is sound. If it's corrupted, if is dead, the whole body will be dead and

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that's the heart. And that spiritual aspect of it is the most important that the benefits are tremendous from the salon. So now when people when we start finding out that also the physical elements, that anything that the creator's told us to do in this Deen is beautiful. It's such a blessing that many people we don't do it for the physical benefits. We do it for those spiritual blessings of gaining nearness. Many people have this false notion that Why does God need our prayer. He doesn't need our prayer the whole of mankind where to come to worship Him. It wouldn't benefit his dominion or if everyone protested and didn't want to pray or didn't want to worship it wouldn't

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affect his kingdom at all. It's for us we need to select. We gain closeness God consciousness taqwa through the salaat so many benefits as the creator Allah tells us in the Quran that truly through the remembrance of Allah do hearts find tranquility sukhino rest, you know people often have this anxiety and have anxiety attacks.

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And they can't even get rid of this stuff. They they, they overdose on Xanax and all sorts of other antidepressants and the heart. I remember before I started to implement this Dean this way of life, into my life that there was always this, this anxiety, the stress, the heart was never calm. And finally through solid, the heart became calm, and hum did in law. So that's the spiritual blessing of it. And it helps you to, through having taqwa, you connect with your Creator and you're more consciousness of him, you're going to be a better human being all around.

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Now, that's one aspect but I'm focusing more now on because we think it just spiritual but also the physical aspect to the prostration through the such, the through the Roku, through these movements that we do. We're also discovering these movements. Once you stop moving, you're on your way to death. Movement is so important for life movement, and we get those movements also, in the center, every movement that we do, it helps the spine, it helps the body, it stretches us, it helps us there's so many benefits and now I'm sharing with you the grounding as they call it earthing and connecting that to the sajida we have that already. While they're making these modern discoveries,

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the benefits of it be thankful and I'll close with that have should have be thankful said Hamza denied that we have this in the deen and if you want to go ahead and benefit also from this from being maybe in a park in your back yard, you know making such the in a clean environment or maybe just taking your shoes off and connecting with the earth connecting with your Creator who created the earth and walking barefoot and there are no harms their only benefits and I'm going to post something along with this video on our Facebook page. And on our YouTube page you can read

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some of the articles one in particular that I have up that talks about this Alhamdulillah This is amazing. I thought I also share this with you. Until next time, subscribe if you haven't already so I'm Michael Peace be with you. increased blood flow to the face drains the sinuses, decreasing the chance of inflammation of that area prostration also reduces the possibility of developing hernia or hemorrhoids. Moreover, prostration allows for the one third of air retained in the lungs to escape which the body is unable to exhale while standing upright or in any other position in the unique position of prostration the back and neck muscles are exercised and therefore both areas are

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strengthened. It is done 34 times a day. Hence it's amazing physical benefits, bowing, prostrating and getting up all activate numerous muscles in the body, increasing physical well being even the final sitting position has a soothing and calming effect both on body and mind. Glory be to Allah, the creator of all that exists are all will be learning in a shame on you.

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the corner

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do not swear off

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fall Do you

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have to

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subhana wa beam supine or below the aim supine or be allowed him

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semi our lowly man hamidah robina local hummed Allahu Akbar.

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Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah Subhana Allah

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Allahu Akbar.

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Allah, Allah, Allah

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Subhana Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allahu Akbar.

The amazing benefits from what they call Earthing or Grounding and how we have all of this already in Islam with Sajdah (Prostration).

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