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Sandler alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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we should

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should the webinar on the human.

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In Alhamdulillah

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us stove when arrows will be learned even surely unforeseen a woman say Dr. Molina my chef de la father, Lana woman you clean fella heard yella Wondershare you know in Lamar,

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Sherry Kedah wanna shadow and Nemo Hamadan, Abu Omar suno some more who are they he was. He was, he was Salim Tasneem and Kathira rebel de ma. Mostly C'mon FCB tuck Wallah here, Isaiah mudgil Come up on Oahu. subhanho wa Taala Varadero to be

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a part of our team here. At Joaquim yeah Yohannes in Toccoa de como la de hada hakomi NOPSEMA Hayden Wakata come in has our Jaha Well, that's in Houma

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Island Kathy on one ESA or double la Leddy just

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loan me he will.

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In no more hochanda narrowly Kumar ECOMOG diva,

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my brothers and sisters haven't good Illa

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Alhamdulillah for all that Allah subhanahu wa to Allah has blessed us with we continue to praise Him always in forever.

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For it is from the blessings and mercy of Allah azza wa jal that we are where we are.

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And when we stop,

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pause, look back, we realize that Allah subhanho wa Taala has been Abundantly Merciful upon us despite the hardships despite the challenges, despite still going through difficulty changes day after day after day. That is life.

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When inevitably one company shy in our whole view jewelry, we're not gonna see me in a worldly Well, unfussy. What fell Murat or bedsheet is saw the

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levena either or Sabaton masiva call you in it, or in a module was to kind of watch Anna has made it clear to us and we've known since we were children, that we will experience challenges that we will go through hardships, it's nothing new to us. In fact, we are sometimes exhausted mentally from hearing about the challenges that we go through.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us as we just heard in the as

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well that she just saw meeting Glad Tidings

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Those who are patients with what they go through war are they living in either a Sabah Toamasina Accardo, those who were afflicted with a hardship they will say in Nelida, you are inoculated.

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They remind themselves about Allah subhana, WA Johanna, that we belong to Allah. So it doesn't matter.

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It doesn't matter. Whatever we go through, it doesn't matter. It's from a muscle kind of what's his plan. And today, we learned about Allah, his name, and Mohammed,

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Ali, Mohammed.

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Allah, Allah is the ever possible witness with everything that's going on. And you'll see that there are multiple names of Allah subhanho wa Taala that hint or indicate at the fact that he knows and is aware, not only does he see not only does he hear not only is he aware in his knowledge, but he is the ever watching witness, the WHO Nothing gets past.

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And if we look back at the last two and a half years,

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and we start to think of where we are today, it almost feels as though it didn't exist.

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It almost feels as though the last two and a half years was just like a glitch in our lives. Like, you know, a technological mistake. Someone unplugged something and replug something and we just continue lives. But Allah subhanho wa Taala as Omar Heyman is always watching over us. He's aware of what we've gone through. And he's aware of what we do. Sometimes, in the last couple of years. We've pretended or not, we shouldn't say we, some may have pretended to be on a Zoom meeting for work or for school when they never were there. They log in and walk away and go cross as long as I'm on they'll end the meeting when the meeting ends. You were there your name gets written down as being

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part of the attendance. Sometimes we're on the Zoom meeting. Sometimes we're not.

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Sometimes people will go on their meetings at work, for example, with their suits and their tie and mashallah tomato COLA that their hair gets done, you know, all the trimming and the combing and everything is done, but we're still in the pajama pants.

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And Mahima knows

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Alto High windows. Now some of you might say, well, we don't need to wear you know, nice dress pants are sitting at home. Yeah, that's fine. I'm not using that as an example of us doing something wrong. I'm saying that Allah azza wa jal is Elmo, Haman is aware, when other people are unaware, when we sometimes portray an image from top up, there's a certain image that is seen by the world but from halfway down another image is not seen, but Allah is Aware of all

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So Mohammed knows, we at times will treat our friends and family outside of our home a certain way.

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And then when we come home, we treat the family in a completely different way. There should be consistency because Haman is watching us not only when we are outside of our houses, he is also aware of what's going on when we are inside of our houses. Not only is he aware of what's inside of our homes and how we are within our homes, but he knows what we conceal within our hearts. So some of us might be sitting there right now having some thoughts thinking this cookbook better go very fast because I'm bored and Mohammed knows

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some of us are thinking yeah Allah please make it easy. I'm sitting next to someone who seems to be clearing their throat quite often. Yeah, Allah please make it easy for me not to catch anything while I'm sitting here. And you know, we tighten our masks. We've all been in that situation right? Where we are feeling a little bit uncomfortable and Mohammed knows what you feel.

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And the duality that you make in your mind in your hearts without even moving your tongue. Elmo Haman hears it. So sometimes we go into such depth

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in our soul,

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and our heart starts to open to Allah. And you might even be saying some kind of BL Allah Subhanallah BL Allah Subhana Allah and you pause and you're thinking and you're reflecting and you're asking ALLAH from your mind and your heart and Mohammed knows what you're asking. And that is also considered us calling out to him, asking from him, when Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran with the Rooney STG Bulacan Allah subhanho wa Taala is aware.

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So my brothers and sisters and more Haman

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the ever watching, the one who knows all that goes on is always with us. And we will use examples or see exact

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Because of this in the second half of the football shot a lot

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of Julio Kohli had our stop to a lot. I still feel what you know what am I?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen when I have people to live in what somebody will send me more other Nabeel Karim la Posada to attend Tasleem another

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person sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah mentions this name of his Alma Haman in the Quran only one time.

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Only one time, more long lead Isla Illa Illa and medical produce mean

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this is the one in Seoul time that it comes or appears in the Quran. And Allah subhana wa Tada affirms that these are his names, right in this ayah.

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Now, when we think of Allah subhanho wa Taala has been watching over us. This is where we need to change the narrative in our minds. A lot of the time when we say a MAS watching over us, we feel as though I need to always be in check. And I'm scared and I'm worried. And what if I do this? And what if I do that?

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We have a lawsuit sometimes watching over us, like if we were to use the example of CCTV camera, right, there's one there was a few around, right that are watching us always. And if we make the wrong move, then it could be used against us. Rather we should think of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is always there when we are in need, that he's not only watching over us to catch our mistakes. Allah doesn't want us to make mistakes in the first place. And we know that Allah subhana, Allah is merciful, He is none of bohem Allah Subhana Allah is merciful. He begins the Quran by indicating this to us. Right? And so when we understand that Allah is merciful, and we look at what he says

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about it, that his his mercy, only 1% of it is shared with us in this dunya

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which means he's saving 99% of his Urashima His mercy to share on the judgment because he knows we are faulty. He knows we fall short. He knows we slip up, he knows we make mistakes.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala he's not standing there like you know back in the day, he when we would learn Quran the Quran teacher would be over you with sticking the hand and if you made a mistake, you go home black goo and bruised. Right? I know many of you know these examples because Pamela almost some of you and I know it was that's how it was when we were talking about ins children.

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And made to feel as though there's an authority watching over you ready to punish you Allah subhanho wa Taala is not standing waiting to punish us.

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Allah azza wa jal is is merciful, waiting to show and share more of His mercy upon us through our submission to Him.

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And so think of Allah subhanho wa Taala Alamo Haman as the one who is ready to assist you. When you're stuck when you feel anxious when you're going through hardships when you're frustrated with trying to figure out how to raise a child or all of your children or you're frustrated with trying to deal with parents who might be elderly or you're going through a hard time with your own personal health or the health of a family member or relative or someone who's in your care, the frustration, the anxiety, the depression, the sadness, and well Haman is aware and Elmo Haman sends the help when you are in need.

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So don't think of Allah as Elmo Haman as the one who's watching and if I make a mistake, I'm in trouble. No, think of it as I'm going to continue to be as good as I can. And when I make a mistake, I will say I stole federal law and Alma Haman, he will forgive me. Why? Because he knows of it and he is a fool of Rahim, Allah Malik, oh produce a salam ala McMinn. Allah subhanho wa Taala is ready to help us and assist us we need to take that first step.

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We need to show our sincerity to him. So think of Alamo Haman positively as the one who will always be aware of our struggles, our hardship, our difficulty, the one who is always aware of our drought, the one who knows the moments in life that we missed, too.

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Do high and good opportunities, but because our sincerity is genuine and our hearts are open to him, despite not having the opportunity to even do a higher or goodness because of the intention within us, Allah subhanaw taala still blesses us with the rewards. We get homers merciful he is. So think about loss of Hanwha to Allah and moneyman is the one who is ready to help us always the one who never leaves us alone. When you feel when you feel, you know, down when you feel like this is too much, and it's been too long. And we're still wearing masks, and we're still checking, you know, vaccines and we're still going through this. Don't worry, Mohamed knows, and his plan includes

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goodness, because He promises us in the Quran for in our Ellerslie use or in other adversity yourself. So with the hardships that we go through ease is coming our way. There we see this ease and goodness in this life, or in the Hereafter is up to him. But this life is so short. When you look back, you think to yourself, Where did these two and a half years ago, look even further? Where did the last 10 years ago? Look even further? Where did the last 20 3040 5060 Maybe even 7080 years of our lives go? Where did they go?

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If we asked ourselves What do you have to prove for yourself? What is the one thing you will show to Allah subhanho Medina on the day of judgment here I am. Yeah, Allah here I am. This is what I present to you. What is that thing that we have to show? In our entire lives we think to ourselves, really I've done nothing?

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I've tried Yes, I've made small steps. Yes. And that's exactly what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada wants from us. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminds us that the best of deeds clay rule

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are the ones that are small, but done consistently.

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They're done consistently, even if they are small, and one will have one fun, even if they're small, little good deeds, but they're done consistently. Those are the best qualities. You know Allah subhanho wa Taala had a blessed us with the best of this dunya and the best of the alpha and forgive us our sins a lot more Sunday Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad can escalate. Even our NACA hamidou Majeed alberic Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad came about Tada, email or any Ebrahimi NACA Jaime de Majeed, a lot more Villanova ham networks have never afina Allahumma Takaka earliness on the higher hammer Rahim in while you are Mohammed, Allah, you are the one who sees and watches over us. Allah forgive

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us for our shortcomings in our mistakes that we've done openly and privately. You know Allah you are the one who showers His mercy and forgiveness upon us. Allah nothing else matters except your pleasure to us, Allah please be pleased with us in this dunya be pleased with us in the books and be pleased with us on the day that we stand before you so that we enter into paradise without reckoning law. Please make it easy for all those that are suffering and struggling in different parts of the world. Allah we see Muslims in all different regions going through hardship and difficulty. Allah there's so many so many places that we can't even begin to name all of them because there are so

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many places of struggle and hardship and difficulty and oppression. Allah remove the oppression from amongst us Allah please remove the oppression from amongst all human beings around the world. Love grant ease and a way out for the Muslims wherever they are wherever they are struggling. Allah please make this pandemic go away at these viruses not be something that changes our lives and takes us away from you. Allah please make it a means of us coming closer to you. Allah please make the hardships and challenges and difficulties that you bring our way a means of forgiveness and an opportunity for us to turn to you in Dora and seek ultimate forgiveness from New York masala Allah

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Muhammad Ali Mohammed in a while it'll be likely will so what is the proper way inherent in fracture it will not carry well badly arugula Allah come to the Quran La Jolla for come on the rule yesterday Bella come on a zip through Bahia over yonder mama moon and penis Allah Allah

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Allah Akbar Allah

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me your rows trying to step forward if there's any space in front of you

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Pray this is prayer as though it's your last

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still stuck in

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a mall

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and the lady

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smell be

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semirara law

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law long

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long goes north

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are working in

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Oh they

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can be will be clean and then empty

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we see

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starts up once again next week and judgment goes out hopefully we'll be

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all together with masks on the checks so we look forward to seeing you after today's show Tyler Park also just popped into my head please remember

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because you know family's daughter had a surgery yesterday and a few of the brothers as well. Oh * rather realizes another unedited surgery.

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Currently right now it was kind of metallic easy for all our

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people in Santa Monica