Ahmad Saleem – 040 – Jummah Khutbah

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The concept of "IT" is used to describe individuals and their behavior, including religious practices and behavior. The definition of "ITiosity is not a belief, but rather a belief that they are." It is also discussed the emotions behind Islam, including their submission to Islam and love for it, their whimney to cover up their religion, and the importance of showing a connection to Islam during events. The upcoming masala party in Ghana is also discussed, where participants will receive a thank you and certificate.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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long run C'mon Allahu

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Oh oh

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the rules

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the rules

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How are you

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in Alhamdulillah Narmada who want to stir you know who want to steal Pharaoh when I was with him into rotary and fusina woman say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la who fella Mattila, woman yield little fella had Jada wa Chateau a la ilaha illallah Hawa Hola. Shetty Cara. Wa Chateau anna muhammadan Abdo Rasulullah Marburg we'll see Kumaun FCB Taqwa Allah Faqad Amaran Allah hota Allah fie Kitabi Hill Karim Vida Villa Humana shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Yeah, you're Latina. I'm an otaku. Allah toquilla

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Welcome to colon said EDA, useless Allah comm Arma Allah calm while young fella comes back home. Well Manuel de la hora Sula, who forgot the father Fosun Alima. From my my bad.

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We had started this series on rectifying concepts

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that, as a community we all are accustomed to. And based on various reasons, we may not have the best understanding or the correct understanding of these concepts.

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And the previous two hot buzzword foundational hot buzz and understanding this topic. The last football, which was not the last week or the week before, was focused on MUFE, whom will Baraka mineral Quran, what is the concept of baraka from the Quran? The second hotbar it leads us into a topic that is directly connected to Quran and our religion. And this is the concept of whom at the Union, the concept of religiosity

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So today, as most of you as you come off of age and you're about to get married, and as parents you're looking, what did we say was like, oh, we need a Dini latika. We need a person who's religious module, Dini Sahib Dean, what do we mean by that?

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Oh, we're looking for a daughter. We're looking for a daughter. We're looking for a girl that is pious. Sahiba to Deen, she must be religious girl. What do we mean by that?

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We use this we have a concept in our mind about what it means to be religious. We have a concept in our mind when we say de la Cardini lurky you know Sahiba to Dean Sahib Dean we have a concept in our mind.

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What do we mean by that statement? Or what do we say about a person for example somebody we look at a person mashallah This is how the Rajul Dini this person saw had been why the unknown you suddenly we assume? Why because he prays any fasts

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is that a religious person

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or for some people religiosity is boiled down to going to certain individuals and giving away their intellectual capacity that Allah has given them and they say you don't want shampoo you tell me whatever you tell me I am yours You are mine. That's it. I'm not going to think you are my halal You are my Haram is that religion

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and religiosity or is it is religiosity confined to scholars or individuals that will tell you the interpretation of your dream they will give you some your your your child is not sleeping at night okay, no problem. Tell me the name of your mother and few other things and I will fix this I will give you this to listen or tallies and Hollis you put this on there'll be some code written on it, Bismillah Masha Allah, you will be healed. Is that religiosity? Or is his religiosity, our representation of a person's ragged, closed and untamed beard and look that looks like oh, this is from Sahaba. Is that religiosity

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or is religiosity confined to a person who happens to to venerate and exacerbate

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the past of how people lived and we are in Sharla going to go back to that same old age. Is that religiosity

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the word Dean comes from Dinah Dune, which means to what? to humble yourself in front of something then at law who you know that then Attila Hooray Abu There's a famous share of you know hydrogel and use of he captured some of the young boys. And the rule was, you could not be on the street after salata. lanisha. So these three boys were caught one of the boys, he said to the person who was catching the, the condition was you will be executed on spot if you're fine found in the streets of Kufa at that time, after Isha curfew. So the jailers, the people that came to, you know, the police officers at that time, they came to arrest this kid, and this kid said, an abnormal data to the

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whole recordable. I am the son of the one in front of whom every neck bows down in front. These people got scared of this kid, right? That's a story of a different time. So we're done I don't know basically means what to submit to yourself to that, which then tells you

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so the definition of religiosity is not that a person prays a lot. It's not that the person fasts a lot.

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It is not that the person you know has a ragged Look, that's not religiosity

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by any definition of any fuqaha

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a person came to Omar Abdullah Abdullah Aziz,

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Radi Allahu Allah,

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and he says my the union, what is the union? How do I know that? I am Roger Aldine.

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So what does he say? He says to him, that you know religiosity is not

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that you scream in the middle of the night in front of Allah subhanaw taala in tahajjud. But in today, you know, Eduardo

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De Yun is that your God conscious every mammal of yours Your take into account Allah is watching you.

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And then you do that Assaraf and then you move.

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So, the definition of today urine is to represent Deen by virtue of understand understanding the religion

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not assimilating

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there are two separate things that you own a person you are a religious person, this is a religious person, this this person has religiosity.

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That means that this person has decided to submit to the virtues of Deen by the process of understanding being not assimilating into this sect or that sect.

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That is the urine that is religiosity by definition of the fuqaha.

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It is to submit to Quran and Sunnah.

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Above all other cultural norms that you may be accustomed to in the assimilation process.

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When I assimilate into a particular culture, when I was studying, for example, in AXA, there is a certain way that they were actually mounted.

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Now, if I consider that as religion because that is what is a custom that is a custom in Aqsa in Saudi in a small town, they were a Shema, which is that, you know, red thing that you've seen the Saudis wear, they wear it in a certain way, and then you have to wrap it around the neck in a certain way. That is the symbol that this person has assimilated into this culture of, there's a religion, but he has assimilated to this assimilation of Deen.

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So today, if I come and I start putting that on,

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and I expect that every one of you should wear that because if you don't wear it, you're less religious.

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That is not religion.

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That is not religion.

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Religiosity is not to concern to concern oneself with your external appearance at the expense of your internal

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that is not religiosity.

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And sadly, that is one of the reasons why and by the way, external is the easiest. It doesn't take much.

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Couple $150 on Etsy or whatever, wherever you buy your clothes from, right East essence or self.com and you can become religious. That's the easiest form of being religious.

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remember the Allah when the person came to him

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and he says, Yeah, I mean in no huddle, Rajul Musa, again. This person, masha Allah He is saw Dean. He is a religious person.

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There. Oh my god Allah one. He smirked. He said

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asafetida Mara, who did you travel with him? We said Leia Ameerul Momineen a Biafra who did you sell something? Did you have a transaction with him? He said, I made a note meaning. He said,

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Did you have a you know, a deed or you, you know, conducted some work with him, you worked on a project together, said Leia Ameerul, Momineen.

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Then Amara, the ALLAH and he says, For in either LM and Harada if you did not do these three things, you cannot make a claim that this person is religious, just by the external appearance.

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I share with you a story.

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And a true story of an individual whose wife was in stage four cancer.

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stage four cancer. The doctor said you can go home palliative care 35 year old young woman with three kids or two kids, you know, may Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on her.

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the the week before she passed, she saw a dream.

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And in her dream, and this is a person I know.

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Not a secondhand story. It's a firsthand story like her husband, and visiting their house at the death of the sisters that's firsthand.

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One week before her death, she gets a dream.

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And in the dream, she sees two angels that come to her and they tell her that next Friday

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we are coming to take you

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and rectify all your affairs that you have to do. You are Janaza your Janaza is going to be prayed in this place in this masjid, in this salah. And by the way, this other person is also going to die and the angels told him and told her another person that will also die on the same day and have the janazah

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next Friday Subhanallah on Thursday night she went upstairs and she told her kids I'm feeling a little bit dizzy, just want to go to sleep. And I'll see you guys for dinner. So right before dinner, she goes up lies down in her bed and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada takes her soul peacefully

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takes her soul may Allah grant us this death, right? This is one of the best types of death where Allah gives you a preparation time to meet him. Right? Every one of us is going to die, but the blessing are those whom Allah says Listen, we're about to meet you. Prepare yourself. So she was able to rectify all her fears and all of that hamdulillah and Allah gave her that bless her death. The question that I wanted to ask, and this is obviously this is the hope that you heard by you can answer but if you in your mind, what is the image that we have of a person that would be like this? The image would be that Masha Allah the sister was Maha Jeeva. She was wearing a via she was salam.

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She was doing the HUD job. She was reading so much Quran she was doing all of the images that we have when we say a person is dini. He is a religious person. She had none of that.

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She didn't even wear hijab

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but she must have had some secret Ibadah with Allah, that Allah honored her to that level

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that everybody around her got to know about her my arm in the eyes of Allah Subhana.

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Similarly, the woman that came and gave water to the dog, the famous Heidi's she went down to the well drank water took off her hope to cause her leather shoe and give water to the dog. Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said what? Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive she was a prostitute.

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Even though by him he says something really beautiful about her.

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It says that we have no narration ever mentioning that she committed doba

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ie she carried on the practice of prostitution.

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So if you're by himself, then the only answer we have.

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The only answer we have is the answer that in that one transaction with Allah she amassed so many good deeds that it was

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humanly impossible for her to commit that many bad deeds in this earth.

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We are not dealing with a finite God.

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We are not dealing with Allah subhanaw taala that is one equals one for Allah subhanho wa Taala your one can even call a million, and your one can also equal negative 1 million.

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It's the actions of your heart that matter. So religiosity is not defined by a person and how they look externally. Neither is religiosity defined by who is more staunch on their understanding of Dean.

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This is wrong understanding completely wrong, if there is something which is called martaba, which means it's a genuinely steal out of the Folk Aha, in that manner for you to force your opinion on others.

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Where the majority may live with somebody is not part of the team. And it is not part of religiosity

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to hold on to cultural practices that are part of our religious practice of our back home countries, and to consider them part of deen is not religiosity.

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Religiosity is not that I seek a Muslim for every job religiosity is that you seek the best person for the job.

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Even if they don't look like a Muslim, even if they are not a Muslim. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was headed were in the most sensitive man bomb. He was headed to

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his villa.

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At that point, Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah and he tells him go and get me a hilly

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modern day terms get me the best Google Maps.

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Somebody who knows the landscape of sand and sand dunes and deserts inside out.

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Then I'm going to be Allahu Abu Bakar Gala. One brings a person by the name of Abdullah ibn

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to conditions Prophet says that I'm asked, he said,

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is he the best person for the job?

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Abubakar Allah on says na Mara Salam.

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He didn't say oh, look at her clothes, look at his clothes. Look at this, look at that she's not like this is not like this. This is not part of our religion. We seek the best job, ie who can deliver the job if it happens to be a Muslim Hamdulillah. But we seek the best person for the job. And at that point of the light in order for the second question, I saw the last lien on who can we trust him?

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Is he trustworthy? And if that person is trustworthy, then that's the more worthy person for the job. So religiosity is not to seek your brother, even though if he does a crappy job on anything that you want to do it is to seek the best person for the job, even if they happen to be a non Muslim. Now, a millennial when you see this word, the variance that we see because of religiosity is because of three types of assimilation in religiosity. So you're going to find that individuals will belong to three categories of their religious assimilation.

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First category is called aloud to you

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today on behalf of fear, and amortization, I am a religious person, because emotionally I'm attached to Islam, that is the majority of the masses. They don't have enough information about the religion, their religiosity or assimilation to the religion is because they genuinely love Allah and His messenger. But if you ask them, and sometimes it's amazing, they will be so connected to Allah. And they're purely driven by emotions and love.

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As it comes to their knowledge, they don't have any of that. So their submission is genuine. They really care. They really love Allah subhanaw taala like that's a husband who kept falling into haram. He kept drinking.

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one day Amara, the Allahu and he looked at him and he said, ma Alanna kya Fula. How Cursed are you? How many times do we need to bring you and whip you for drinking? So what the prophets Allah Allah is LM say he overheard OH MY GOD, ALLAH Juan.

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This is what religiosity is. He said, yah, Omar, la de langue who? Oh, Rama, don't curse him.

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Don't curse him. Who is this person? He's a person who is a drunk addict.

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Imagine if we had a drunk adult in our Masjid. How would we all react

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He's a drunk at it. So Harvey profitsystem said yeah, we're not allowed to land who don't send Lana to him.

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But in who you have below our

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam testified that this individual he is a drunk addict Muslim. He loves Allah and His messenger.

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And that is most of our messages.

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If you see them when I go and in gatherings when I'm invited for any gas, I get interacted with the general public that doesn't come to the masjid. The minute I start saying in Alhamdulillah, they will all start putting her job there is this out of fear that Allah Kiba Toria This is Allah has talked, Quran is being recited. So they're driven by those emotions. Those people they lack knowledge. The second type of theologian is textual based.

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So this is a person who doesn't have much emotions, he is driven by information, mashallah every single thing you tell him, he will be able to tell you 10 things that are wrong with your dress, based on every Hadees that he has found. And he will be able to say this is wrong here. This is wrong here. Like a person came to me and this has happened in this mission. He said, oh shit, this gap that you have between the masala and Imam, it breaks the SOP.

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I said which had these are you referring to? Like, can you read some 100? He said now he's like text apply? Right? So these are people that are lack of emotions. They don't have emotions, very minimal emotions, but they're heavily driven by their religiosity of just textual understandings and their company.

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So their religiosity is driven by the type of gangs they hang out with.

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So it's not about right and wrong. It's about if the group says yes, and yes, if the group says no honor.

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And the third type of religiosity is built on

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This is an individual who has both emotional connection with Dean, an informational connection with Dean. And he has the message, he has the combination of the two.

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And he is focused, because he's driven by the more on himself than anybody else. He is driven to fix himself, he's worried about standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala more than he's worried about what you're doing wrong and what you're doing wrong and what you're doing wrong.

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That is the third type of religious and that is the type of religiosity that our religion calls for. That you have out the FIA, when you hear the word of Allah, when you hear him at Salallahu Alaihe, he will set it up, how does it settle in your heart? You should feel something.

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But then if somebody comes and says the word of Allah, and he is not basing his information on Quran and Sunnah, and he says, Oh, I heard this and that person heard this. And, you know, one day I was sitting on a grave, and I hand came out of the grave, and this happened and that happened, all of these Carozza that you hear, then the person that wait a minute, I have to be careful.

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That's where Allah subhanaw taala says A believer is a person that he doesn't fall on that even the Ayat of Allah, He doesn't fall off them. So Manuel OMYA is that Oh Allah, Allah said, It's okay. He uses his intellect a lot me know Caelius when fatin A believer is sharp and smart.

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He's not dumb and his Oh ALLAH said Al Hamdulillah. He uses his intellect, this knowledge and sense helped me understand this.

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In the end,

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all of our religions, as we mentioned yesterday in our Semyon class, you have total of 60,000 Hadees from those 60,000 Hadees there are 4000 Hadees that are a scam I do this don't do this. And there are 500 I add from the Quran that are called Ayatollah aka the rest of the Quran, the 6666 verses if you remove 506,166 verses are all to do with Ghana. Hello, whoo hoo, Quran, his character was Quran. It is how do you instill that character from the stories and Rasulullah stories and all of that? So all of his deen the 4000 Hadith and 500 verses combined. They talk about five things and I end with this. They talk about a da da they talk about and we've mentioned this very earlier, but a

00:29:36 --> 00:29:52

repetition. They talk about da da worship Allah subhanaw taala. They talk about we're not to have relationships, marriage and relationships. They talk about why Milan dealings, they talk about CSR, and they talked about politics and gene is criminal code.

00:29:54 --> 00:29:56

If a person scores 100

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

I have the Rebbe.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:06

I'll section how he looks and how he prays and how he does that he only scores 1/5.

00:30:07 --> 00:30:10

To add up to 200, you only got 20 out of 100.

00:30:11 --> 00:30:54

Because our dean is built on, when it comes to the lilies, you must score a very good score in a Didac, you must score of at least four in my minox dealings, and you must have an optimal score in Monaca, hot in your marital affairs and raising your kids. The rest CSRF and Juniata are not relevant to us because they're a criminal record and they're relevant to the ruling class. They are held accountable for that from these three categories. Problem is we have each section that is focused on one there are people who only do a bad diet and forget the rest. There are people who say Oh, Tara, Dino Mamilla no Salah nauseum mashallah, I'm religious. I just don't practice very

00:30:54 --> 00:31:37

religious person Mashallah. Right I am connected to Allah but I just don't practice a lot. But I need some I need this old stuff. And then you have others they're like No, no, my family, my family, my job, my work my thing my that is and everything else neglected. We must strike a balance in these three to be successful in front of Allah subhanaw taala and a balancing these three is the true religiosity. Anything else that you see is fake and they call it a yawn among Shoosh fake religiosity May Allah protect us from that Allah was talk for Allah Allah Allah calm when he started the machine first off we will find no law for him if I can ask the brothers to please stand up

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there's brothers that are standing lined up and squeezing the so forth there's lots of gaps so in that space where you see two people can pray three can actually stand by the calorific.

00:32:15 --> 00:32:52

Smell our country level salatu salam ala Milena via vida. In the end we ask Allah subhana wa Taala that he sends his immense and choices blessings on Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu Salam Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Selim to see him in cathedra. We asked Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us a true understanding of deen and he Allah Allah subhanaw taala opens our hearts towards the correct understanding of our religion and makes us from those who embody the character of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask that Allah subhanaw taala fills our hearts with the love of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah gives us the

00:32:52 --> 00:33:34

trophy to follow his path. And Allah gives us that though feat to truly truly embody his characteristics so that we become a role model for everyone. We ask that Allah subhanaw taala gives every single one of us a connection with the book of Allah. And we're able to recite that book every day. We ask that Allah subhanaw taala gives us the Sophia to be able to open the Quran and understand it and to be able to get enlightenment from it. We ask that Allah subhanaw taala unites our hearts and removes all of the hatred removes all of the hatred for that hatred, it kills others when it exits and it kills you if it's inside. We ask that Allah subhanaw taala purifies us and

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makes us unmet on Wahida and gives us from that pain that when another brother of ours is hurt, that we feel that pain, we feel we ask Allah that He does die off, he connects all the factions of Islam, every single one of them trying to connect them to Allah subhana wa Tada but disconnected with amongst them, we ask that every single one of us that this Masjid becomes a source of of having everyone welcomed in this masjid, irrespective of the barometer of your religiosity. And we ask that Allah subhanaw taala makes this center a source of unity for the entire city of Atlanta. Barak Allah with equal suddenly Lahoma to Allah Allah Hailey Hakim Mohammed. While early he was going to sell

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them work the masala in the salata tinha and in fascia even among carry well buddy, your idol Camilla Allah come to the Quran if everyone can please stand up and

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tried to squeeze the stuff because there's still brothers who are standing at the back

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long wonky been on long long

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long long

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ones who know are you on the hernia or

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go to God Medina Salah and we're going to go Medina

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allah Isla long long

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stone stuffing

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stone wants to fall back on my teddy Lou

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love work

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Alhamdulillah here are below me in all wash manual washing. Maliki Omi Dini II, Ghana Buddha War II, Ghana stere styrene and then I'll slag it off but Ian was stomping set up on levena and died at him leading Remo Looby I'd aim one more

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ah clean

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I mean

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law he was

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what are I done saddlehorn on Fe Dini law he F wotja Verse A B being handy or being was still feeling in Ghana

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Allah walkabout

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Semia love

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when Iman Hamidah

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a love or a coupon to

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Alhamdulillah hear of Bill me in a watchman Elahi Maliki will need Dean II Can I now I will do what he can to starin it then I'll seal it all volume was stuffing so it all levena And

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now ye him ye Remo, Looby Isla de him while more

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lean and mean

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Hola Hola. Hola more I had hola Muslimah do lemon yet either while I'm new ladder while I'm Nicola who go for 100

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Allah Akbar

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Semia Allah What do you men have either

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who are more

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I love

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Salah I'm wireline Kumar Rahmatullah Salah ma ln Kumar Rahmatullah.

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said I want you to elaborate a little just couple of announcements. Number one, this is in terms of logistics I just want to convey the administration's message so Friday's this masala is going to be dedicated for the entirety of Friday after we switch over on Jamara the ladies masala is going to be downstairs so the ladies will have access to the masala men's masala is going to be this for the day of Friday because you also have the Friday night program on the Friday and just logistically for the sisters masala after us or the upstairs masala is going to be closed. So it's going to be either downstairs or there's going to be masala for the ladies with the partition over here. The way we do

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it to others some of their times for the Friday night program is today after maghrib. And so do show up before because we will start we'll start sharp right after modem. And then dinner is also served. If you have not registered registration we closed yesterday. But if you still want to come feel free to either talk to me or Shaquille PYY, or brother Ahmed or any of the people in obrah the Chiquita is there. Talk to him in sha Allah, we're not going to reject anybody if you're coming Bismillah we can share a meal. The point is that we learned something related to the Quran. And tonight is a family program which means the sisters are going to be with a partition on this side, brothers are

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going to be on this side. And that's how we're going to pray to so the prayer is going to be this hall and we'll have everything set up in sha Allah. Lastly, this is the most important announcement.

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So parking

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is the most important issue here. And there's two ways we can solve this issue. One is that we all cooperate with the brothers that are out there in the sun, trying to help you park

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if that cooperation is not there, then we do live in America and it's very simple for us to call city by law enforcement officers and they will start finding every person that is not that is parked specifically in fire routes. Because as a as a masjid, we have to be a role model and we cannot park no matter if you're missing Juma, you cannot park at fire route that Juma of yours may cause a death of many people if that fire truck is not able to come through. So this Joomla and the next Joomla I will keep announcing the following Joomla we will call the city bylaws. So I am meeting the sheriff and I'm meeting all of that this is not an acceptable behavior of people coming to the masjid

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especially even Fudger when I come sometimes I see people parked right at the curb pleasure crowd. I mean you have the entire parking lot empty just because you're gonna miss the soft or the rocker is not an excuse for us to park on the the area. So these next two weeks will be announcement following that third week we will have the bylaw officers, anybody that parks they will be ticketed 500 $600 That's on yours. It has nothing to do with the Masjid. You broke a bylaw of the city we're in and this is not an acceptable behavior for all of

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plus in sha Allah. And if this still doesn't work, then there are other things we can do, but hopefully $500 or 700 ours should be a good reminder for everyone in sha Allah Baraka la fix and Imani Kumar

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