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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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hamdulillah hamdulillah the Angela abdiel kitab hola me a little Elijah but hamdulillah la de La La Jolla mula what I'm yeah canola Hoku phone a hydro

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Naghmeh the monastery in Hoonah still fit on a steady whenever the Billa human surely unforeseen are women say Dr. Medina may yet the level for that mobila Warming eluded fella had the Allahu eyeshadow Allah Allah Allah Allah wa sallahu la sharika I shadow under Muhammad Abdullah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala la about the last caller, welcome to elephant QTR because Mubin mouth are the bIllahi min ash shaytaan the regime in the tissue Huri and Allah he is now Shara shahada and Vicky tabula about.

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One of the things that we take for granted, amongst many is that Allah subhanaw taala has created time in a way that allows us to do two things. If you think about it, every day we go to sleep. And then the next morning we wake up. And every Sunday is a new week, every 30 days or so it's a new month and every year and Hamdulillah we have a new chance to reflect and to renew who we are. If time just continued with no milestones, no barriers, no difference, then it would feel like it dragged on, there was no chance for us to start a new but every year, Allah subhanaw taala gives us a new set of days and a new set of weeks and months that we can live by. And this is why even

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amongst popular culture, when December 31 rolls around, and the night is going to turn into the new day people set their New Year's resolutions. They want to make promises to themselves because at every break in time, there's a new chance to become a different person. Now, the month of Muharram, which is the month that we have just started is the first of the new Islamic calendar. And traditionally before the life of the prophet Sallallahu sallam, it commemorated a sacred time. It was from the four sacred months that Allah Tada had designated as being uniquely special. And there are many reasons why the Scholars talk about their sanctity, but amongst them is that they include

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the act of miracles. Most notably the Prophet ISIS was salam he mentioned that the miracle of Satan the Musa, the sunnah of Prophet Musa peace be upon him, saving Bani Israel being given the salvation and the ability to protect his people from the tyranny of Freetown. This was a miracle that Allah Tala had given this was a gift. And so as a way of commemorating as a way of honoring and remembering these gifts, these miracles from Allah Tala, the month of Muharram, was established as a sacred month, and in it, specifically the day of Ashura. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam taught us to fast on this day, and guess what, even before Islam had come down as a, as a

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formalized religion with the Prophet SAW Sunday in Revelation, people had fasted, recognizing this miraculous moment. It was so important

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and it also lined up with the idea that people would look to Allah for these miracles. Everybody is seeking their assistance from Allah subhanaw taala people seek miracles small and large. Whether you're

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Are you in a bind, right with a fine or a traffic ticket, or whether you have a scary health diagnosis or you got some testing done and you're unsure about the results, or whether the economy is not going in your favor and your job is not looking to secure May Allah Tada give us all relief from all of our anxieties, but everybody looks for miracles. When it comes to miracles, it's not about the presence of the large moment but rather our religion teaches us that if we reflect enough, we find that there are miracles every single day that Allah Tada gives us every single moment. So today I wanted to talk about in this new year, in this first month of this new year, how you and I

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can discover these miracles, we can look for the big moments where the spleen The sea has split for Mousavi Sudan, but in reality, if we are observant enough and if we are attuned to Allah enough, we will see the miracles more often Allah Tada he asks us I will admit to Qaddafi and foresee him masala kala who somehow it will out that don't people look inside of themselves don't they reflect internally don't they think and ponder about the fact that Allah Tada created the heavens in the earth will not obey ineffable math and whatever is in between them. Is it not enough that everything you see everything you look at everything that you acknowledge and recognize are those that you

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forget about? Allah Tada is the source of those things elaborate have that Allah to Allah created it perfectly. So Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran reminds us that if we need to find him in a moment of dire need or desperation, all we have to do is simply pause and look around. Whether it's internally or around us, in sorta Lebanon, Allah Tada talks about the result of reaching such a state of reflection, that if a person can practice this regularly, that they will become amongst those people who save oil in solidarity when also Cuba Yeah, oh, Mati. lillahi, Rabbil Alameen that this person will become always attuned to Allah subhanaw taala you know, there are some people that

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when they eat food, they say, Man, that was good. But there are some people when they eat food, they say who made this? What recipe did you use? And there are some people that when they eat food, they say hamdulillah Olivia almond, ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla Neelam steamy, there are some people that when they experienced anything in life, the first words that come out of their mouth, or the first things they felt in their heart, is something that's only visible to everybody else. But the Muslim has been given the gift and the training of being able to recognize that whatever we experience is from Allah. And so this believer if they practice this reflection enough, and if they see the miracles

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around them enough, they'll be able to live that life of in the sadati window, Sookie Yama, Yama, Mati, lillahi, rabbil, aalameen, my entire life, everything, my worship, my dedication, the days that I live until the day that I die and everything in between is for Allah subhanahu wa Tada May Allah Tala make us amongst those.

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But you cannot run before you can walk. As we learn, that if a person wants to reach that level of reflection that is constant, where they remember ALLAH, they become an artist villa, they always see Allah, you catch a green light that's normally read for you. Alright, it's not because you paid your taxes. It's because Allah gave you that that timing, you know, many people, they catch a quick moment where it could have been really bad a car accident. Many people say man I was I was in this accident. And if it was just six millimeters behind me, it would have been catastrophic, but you know, Hamdulillah, those recognitions of miracles, you have to realize them. And the way that we

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realize them is by working on the muscle of recognizing consistently, being consistently connected to Allah subhanaw taala. The struggle with human beings is that we celebrate a lot during the big moments. That's not a reference to the wedding that's happening. We celebrate Allah during the big moments. You get a job, we celebrate, we get married, we celebrate you have a kid you celebrate you buy a house you celebrate, or a big difficulty, you lose a job, you mourn and grieve.

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Right? The marriage didn't work out. There's sadness. So we are all attuned to the big moments. But what about those moments in between we recognize the brick but we don't see the mortar. Now the Prophet SAW Saddam he taught us that the truly special person everyone can see brick But the truly special person can appreciate even the mortar. Everybody can think Allah on their wedding day, but how many people can think Allah 510 15 years in for that very same day.

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One time the Prophet ISIS was Saddam, he walked into his home, and I shot out the law on her. She was in one side of the House speaking to another woman as habia. And he asked who you who would you spend time with today? And Asha described her in a way that was praising her but it's so interesting how the prophets also responded. She said

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And that this woman is a woman who never sleeps because she always praise you now you have that one friend who's really religious. And whenever I was like, Who do you see today? You're like, Well, we had 200 Last night at Matt's house. You know you're using a way to describe them but it's praising them so I just said, I was with this woman and she never sleeps. She always praise. That's just who she is. The Prophet SAW sudden and he said, Are they coming in Amelie Matthew says guna for Allah He la yeah mellow la Hot Tamale Lu

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la, la la hatom aloo. Where can I have been dean la he ma da li he saw Hebrews Pinilla. The Prophet SAW center. Upon hearing this again, the understanding is that oh, she's she's doing these pious, miraculous deeds. She's praying all night, the prophets all sudden, he gently advised and he said, I want you to understand that you have a responsibility for the deeds that you take on. Everybody has to think deeply about what they do. Why? Because he said, For what Allah He lay him in the law who had that Allah will never start being there and giving you until you stop meeting.

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And if a person takes on too much with the aspiration of being miraculous in their worship, of pushing the limits, if a person takes on too much, and I know that sounds weird hearing that,

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then the moment that they stop is the moment that they will find that their aid and assistance will be paused because they thought their assistance was from their deeds, not from Allah's constant presence. And so they started to calculate and say, You know what, if I pray this much, if I give this much if I do this much, and then they end up burning themselves out, so the Prophet SAW, send them gently listen to how he taught, gently said, Look, prayer is not a bad thing. But I want you to understand the commitment that you're making. He SallAllahu sallam said, that if you want to be able to experience God's help and aid and miracles in your life, don't look at what you do every Friday.

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Look at what you do every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on. Look at who you are every minute of every day, not just one day of the week. Look at who you are every month, not just Ramadan.

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Look at who you are. How did I miss a great time to start inspect? Look back at the last 12 months? What things did you do consistently. But Ramadan was just a few months ago? May Allah give us the next one? What goals did you say to yourself on the night of aid that I'm going to keep up with this? And what goals were you able to do and what goals were you not able to do? Because Allah will never stop being there for you giving you those miracles you need until you stop meeting him where you used to meet him. Ask Allah to Allah to give us consistency. He asked her to change her framework, change the way you think about your relationship with Allah. Allah is not only there for

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you and the times that you recognize him, he's there for you in the times in between.

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Do not make exertion of yourself a lifestyle. It's not sustainable. The Prophet SAW Selim, he said in the habit Dean Mateen when for Oh he'll be he'll be Rifkin. He said this religion is strong. And it is it is it is industrious. So do not become a person that approaches this religion with a lot of difficulty and a lot of strength and a lot of be a person that comes to it with gentleness with yourself. emammal has Ali Rahim Allah Allah He talks about this idea. And I hope we can tie this up in sha Allah together nicely. Don't worry, I won't go over time. I think there's a Nikka. After

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the mountain close it, he said that there were once two groups of students and they were debating with each other. And they were debating over whose teacher was better. So they were arguing with each other. And they were saying my teachers better because of this, this my teacher authored this book, my teacher did this much. And eventually it got really, really nasty. It got to the point where they started saying my teacher did this miracle.

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And so finally, the one group of students went back to their teacher and they said check. And he said, Yes. And this you know, we were we were out there in the in the field defending you. And we were talking about all the books you've done, and all of the Messiah you've answered, and everything, all of your accolades. But then we got stomped shake. And their teacher said, What do you mean? And they said, when the other group of students said that their teacher could walk on water, and could ride a magic carpet and could do this and that and start fire with his fingers, right? All of which Subhanallah could happen, right? I'm not trying to deplete the WhatsApp forwards

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you know, in this club, but all of which Subhanallah who knows right? Allah Tata has given miracles to prophets. Absolutely. In certain people. Absolutely. But these people are trying to commodify it and to make it into a point of contention. Our teacher can do this. And they said, Sheikh, when the other group started talking about those miracles, we thought about everything that we've seen with you and all the time we've spent with you and we don't have

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Have those miracles. So we felt defeated. So the Shaykh looked at his students. And he said, You know what? You're right. I'm sorry. I haven't done all that. I haven't been able to walk on water. I haven't been able to fly on the carpet. I haven't been able to do those things. They said shake. So what do we say? How do we know that you're legit? How do we know that you truly are better than those guys a teacher,

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like sports teams, right? And he said, I haven't done many miracles of those. But I will tell you one thing that I have done.

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And he said what the T students of what he said, for 40 years, I have not missed the first ticket beat of Salon the masjid.

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And the students started to cry because they realized that they were looking for like the miracles of Harry Potter.

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But there was a miracle in front of them every day in their class. That when it came time to end for Salah when it came time to inclass, for Salah, the teacher didn't run late to the prayer he was there. When it came time for Phaedra it doesn't matter how late the night was before he was there front row before the tech Viet of the Imam he was there.

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And so their understanding of what it meant to have a miracle was completely changed. We look for the big moments, but how many of us can miraculously take advantage of that opportunity with Allah everyday May Allah grant us that same amount of us it shows us that miracles are not things withheld for certain people, but miracles are for people that are willing to put in the work. And they're willing to be consistent, and they're willing to meet a lot at every moment and every time. In another narration, the Prophet salallahu Salam he clarified that this consistency is not something that is to be what looked down upon. In any scenario, he says in Avila, Malik Ulala, mad dama for

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he says, the most beloved deeds to Allah, the Most Beloved deeds, think of all the deeds you could do. He says, Of all of the deeds that a person could do the most beloved, are the ones that you do regularly. Even if they're small, he threw in that last part just to silence the doubters. Because everyone's like, Yeah, but I can't give this much regularly. I can't pray 20 knockouts every night regularly, I can't do so then he threw in what when Carla, even if it's a tiny bit, and I know that we're going to chocolate this but I'm serious. Even if it's giving one quarter a day of sadaqa in the donation box that is more beloved to Allah than one day where you might give $1,000 one quarter

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times 365 does not equal greater than 1000. I'm not a mathematician, but I know that. So how then is it possible that Allah would love more one coin a day more than a big check with a bunch of zeros? Well, because you remembered Allah every day, instead of just remembering him one day. And that is what it's more beloved to Allah you think Allah needs your money. You think Allah needs the 1000 from you, you'll get it somewhere else. He will provide for everything from areas where zoom in high school if test if you've never even thought of, but what Allah wants from us is to remember him in a daily way. Osama narrates that the Prophet SAW sent him clarified even further you ready? The deeds

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that are most beloved, even if they're small, When can I see it all? And even if they're easy, Subhan Allah so don't lose that motivation just because you tell yourself this. This is nothing this means nothing to myself or to somebody else. No Allah to Allah loves it, even if it's easy. That's why the Prophet SAW Selim, he said to his companions said they do what God Eboo Absu for inner who lie at Eli, Euclid janitor. Aha. Then I'm Alou. The Prophet SAW Selim said, make sure you stay straight. Make sure you draw near to Allah, make sure that you are someone who is constantly in good spirits with people giving glad tidings, because none of you will enter Paradise by their deeds

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alone. So then the Companions asked the Prophet SAW said of them, and not even you, and the prophets all sudden up, said Not even me. unless ALLAH to Allah gives me his mercy. And then he says, in a humble family, Illa Allah, Eduardo, who, Allah remember everybody that if you want to get to Jana, you need to be a person of consistent, beautiful deeds, even if they are small. There are a few points to benefit that will end with this in sha Allah number one, what is consistency do? What kind of miraculous experience do you get from consistency number one, is that it adds value. Consistency is something that makes something more valuable, something that was overlooked previously, if done

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over time, it becomes more valuable. If you think about it, even the greatest of mountains are nothing more than the accumulation of a lot of rocks. One rock means nothing to rocks mean nothing 1020 Whatever. But then when you have a million and a billion rocks and stones that gather you have the highest mountain ranges in the world. Same with the oceans, what's one drop or two drops for

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Then when you gather this innumerable amount of drops of water, you have an ocean. So when you become somebody that consistently does something on the first moment, it might feel like it's laughable. It might feel when you compare it to somebody else that is nothing, it might feel like it's insignificant. But what if you did that thing for a month, or a year or 10 years, then it became so valuable became such a part of you that now you could never imagine living without it. So number one adds value number two is that a person who is consistent gets reward even when they forget. If you do something once in a while, then you get the reward for whenever you do it. But if

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you do something every day, and you never miss it, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said on the day that you miss it, it will be as if you had done it. Allah's Mercy is so great, he will give you that reward. That if a person prays feathered every day, and they make it a point to make their prayers every day, and then they happen to don't plan, you can't send them a reminder. And they happen to miss it out of some circumstance, that the guilt that they feel does not need to weigh them down because Allah will account for them based on their consistency. May Allah make us consistent. Also, Allah will never demand you to overburden yourself. The burnout that people feel burnout is real

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spiritual burnout is real. Allah will never demand you to overburden yourself to the point of exhaustion. This is why the Prophet SAW sudden then he told people seek your deeds in moderation, don't become a person who seeks them in excess.

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Number four, consistency over time makes you better at the bigger deeds. When you do something every day, even if it's small, then at some point down the line, you'll become better at something that is big. And then that becomes your new small SubhanAllah. And the last one number five and we'll end with this is that consistency is a true sign of effortless consistency means that you love Allah in the good times and the bad. Consistency is a is a sign that a person really is who they say they are. If I'm only able to perform a deed when my life is in one way or another, then I have to ask myself if I'm really for real, am I legit? Allah to Allah talks about testing people with good and

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with bad why? So that Allah Tada la lemon Allah Allah Dena sada fu Allah can see and make known to everybody to you, me and everybody else who is legit who is real. This is why in the famous narration to Abdullah Abdullah bin Ambassador the law on the Prophet Muhammad saw some of them he told him what he said to autorola Illa Allah He federal hace yada yadi fuca fish should the tea that if you know Allah in the times that are good that Allah to Allah will be there for you and he will know you. Of course he knows you all the time, but he will know you will be there for you. In the times that are difficult. We ask Allah to Allah to grant us the miracle of consistency, to make us

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people that are with him and every time and that we don't forget about him in the good or the bad, but we're there in every moment in between the automobile Alameen Subhana Colombo behind ignition the one La Isla Vista critical to?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffle MBA will Muslims say no Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam early he was hobby he didn't rain. Some of the scholars wrote about consistency. And they wrote about how to start your path with consistency. And the one thing that they wrote and I will leave everyone here with today for the last 20 seconds is that they talked about how beautiful it is that Allah subhanaw taala only obligated the consistent deeds that which is possible for every person. Those deeds which are obligatory, the prayer and the fasting and there's a cat in the house, etc, the five pillars and those which he asks us to do. Allah never imposes upon anybody, an

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obligation which they cannot carry on consistency. This is why the Prophet SAW said I'm said that the first deed that will be looked at on the Day of Judgment is the deed of a person's prayers. And if it is okay, then everything else will be okay. If that deed is okay, then everybody else that person will be fine. Why? Because if they were able to consistently maintain their relationship with Allah through the prayer, then that is an indication that this person has that muscle of consistency. So my advice to me and to everybody else on this first cookbook of the new year, in the first month of Muharram, the month of miracles is to ask Allah to grant us the miracle of five daily

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prayers every day on time. This is something that I know we take for granted. And I know that people don't want to talk about it. And there's sort of a hush hush about people missing prayer and struggling with prayer. But I want everyone to know that this is the beginning of the spiritual path to Allah subhanaw taala is to take one's prayer seriously we ask Allah to Allah to grant us Tofik ask Allah Tada to allow us to never forget him. We ask Allah to Allah to make us those who worship him and every time we ask Allah Tada to cure those who are sick, we ask Allah to Allah to

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Forgive those who have passed away. We ask a lot of Tada to bless everybody with all of their needs. We ask Allah to audit to put Baraka in everyone's provision we ask Allah to Allah to put health in everyone's homes. We ask Allah to Allah to forgive all of those who have made mistakes, we ask Allah to audit to bring us closer to him, me Robert aalameen in the law, who am Allah it gets to who you are. So Luna, Allah Nebia you Alladhina amanu Sallu Allah He was a limitless Nima Allahumma Salli, ala Muhammad Muhammad Ali Muhammad came out so later Allah Ebrahim or other early Ibrahim for Alameen in Nikka Hamidah Medina Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Muhammad came out about Dr.

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Either Ibrahim or early Ibrahim Farah al Amin in NACA Hamina Majeed in a lie get motivated do what your son what you take the quarterback away in Halifax Shaolin monk, it was about a year in the company Allah come to the Karuna optimal Salla.

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Allahu Akbar Allah Akbar Allah