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In this episode Boonaa Mohammed hang’s out with Sh. Kamal El Mekki who talk about Answering The Call.

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confetti then

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smilla Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum? wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh This is your brother Buddha Mohammed on another episode of hangout where we literally hang out and we have with us another great guest what happened to the law? Check him out on mckees in town selling chef how's everything very good? Feeling good 100%

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it's really great to have you here check and we've been you know, being with you for the last couple days and talking a lot about dow and and you know, seeing you in action we had a chance to record a show with you and, and seeing you you know, on the streets and dealing with people and it's, you know, something I learned so much and, and people kind of refer to as the Dow guy, you know, I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that you've kind of been you know, dubbed with that title that labels you know, the black belt of Tao that Chuck Norris of Dallas, I would say no, no, no, that's bad. I mean, first of all, the black belt thing I never said that about myself. Okay, people

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just somebody in marketing called me with a book book. And and it's not like really humble, humbling or doesn't show humility from my side. If I call myself the black belt and doubt if you asked me how would I describe myself? I would say I'm the second or third degree black belt in something more humble. But Chuck Norris man, come on. Now. Chuck Norris is lousy pathetical nobody thinks Chuck Norris. His mother is cool. Even his mother disowned. I get it. He's supposed to be the coolest kung fu white boy out. So if you wanted to disprove that, just watch lone wolf McQuade is a movie from the 80s they bury him with his truck underground. He starts getting drugs. Oh, come on.

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Check it out. Actually, I know that for you Tao has been something that you know has spanned many years you know if you've been decades in the Dallas how many decades Mashallah schicke been around? I don't know. I love the introduction decades of experience the only thing

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but you do have Mashallah, you know, a lot of years in the Dow field and and explain to me, what was the thing the motivation that kind of got you into, you know, teaching people about Islam, okay. But you know, something on that decades thing, first of all, which is basically what I've done, I never miss an opportunity. When I find an experienced Dahlia, I just talk to them and talk to them and ask them all kinds of questions. So what I've tried to do on my, in my travels over the years, is like, basically gather from decades of other dots experience. So now I'm in charge, I can say I've collected decades of, of collective experience of art around the world. So that is true. That part.

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All your questions? How did you get into the field of valid? Yeah, I think it it came out of necessity. In the beginning. I started like many people initially reading the books of Shama de la Mola, or his booklets, and I was really excited to learn some, you know, passages and Okay, I'm gonna stump people with this material and all then then when I was in the States, I tried to use a lot of the material and I found out that a lot of people don't even know the Bible very much. So naturally start to do other reading and start to shift your focus a little bit. Then I chanced upon these brothers, who were superb. And until now, they're probably some of the best dads when

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overpraise them on the side of a love that I've seen as far as speaking and effectiveness. Those guys would every time you see them, yeah, it's five guys to shadow yesterday, a guy to shadow today. We just woke up.

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It's so funny. Yeah. So what we did for one year, man, one year, we would give them opportunity to teach us the Dow techniques a whole year, and they couldn't do it. So in the MSL, okay, this is how we're gonna do it. I just started hanging with them, and seeing how they do it. And then of course, every technique you can, like, explain, like, he'll use a technique. But this technique, actually the most of them use it in the Battle of such and such. So now you started to basically categorize every technique and organize it. And then I don't know what year it was, I gave the first ever version of the 10 minutes you had the workshop, actually, the first ever version, I gave it to high

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school kids. And one of them said, I don't know, does this stuff really work? I doubt it. Next weekend, I'm going to bring one of my friends. And he brought him in, like I took Shahada. And then then we gave a version at the university. And the university had the history of adult table for three years where two people took Shahada in three years. And then in a gave it in the middle of the semester and half a semester 17 people took took Shahada so it was like basically the first indication that you can take people with zero experience, give them a workshop and they can become good at what I mean like people hear those numbers like oh five chahat as some people could never

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even dream of, you know, guiding someone to Islam giving them Shahab. How many people do you think in your whole life, you've helped given Shahada to?

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I'm asked that question a lot. And

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before I answer that, man, there's some dot when they ask them, How many shadows Have you given and they'll tell you I've met a guy he said, I give shout out to 1262 people. I'm thinking

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How do you count keep like, you get a tattoo every time someone has a diary somewhere. So people ask me that question a lot, and all and now is given the same answer. And the truth is, I don't know I lost count. That doesn't mean like it's in the 10s of 1000s. Like million could be like 42. Guys. But But what I've done, maybe it's like, it's either the smart wins man's way of doing it, or the lazy man's way of doing it, basically, for a number of years. Now, I just stopped giving the URL and I just teach and train, maybe up to now, probably six to 7000 people have taken the course, I mean, I'm not talking online, the ones that I've just been in front of, because I've been teaching it non

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stop for like a long time. So I'm hoping that this is a good investment where I just kick back and then they go out do the work exponentially, you just get to reap the rewards. And some that are on fire man, some of these kids, like some of them were like, literally kids, they took the dog class or 16. Now they're like in their 20s and stuff, but they're like on fire, and I'm hoping the leather like steps will just kick back and get some of that

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it's out of laziness, or just

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when I interviewed you, and people saw this, and they want to go out and take the course I'm gonna get some of those rewards. That's the idea. That's,

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you know, it's interesting, too, because a lot of times I think when young people specifically go off and give dour, you know, they're very enthusiastic about it, but people kind of get shut down. And then, you know, maybe they just completely turn off from it. Who do you find are the hardest people to speak to? Or they're like, you know, particular backgrounds or faiths, or just people in general, maybe different personality types that you just find are not willing to hear anything about Islam or even about religion in general. Very good. And again, honestly, over the years, I always get asked that question, who's the hardest person to talk to? And the same answer I give is like, I

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don't know, I don't see it in those terms. And I think it's a blessing. Maybe you might say, That's not wise of you to not see it that way. But I don't see it that way. And the benefit the good side upside of that is that

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it makes you go into any conversation confidence that what I have can crumble mountain, so who's difficult, so I don't care if you're the atheist and people hold atheists is the most difficult one. No, it's not. Oh, the Trinitarian could know that. I love that guy. And I love

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so I don't see it in those terms. I'm not trying to be like, you know, I'm back good. I'm really I really just don't see anyone's difficult because we said, your part is speaking unless part is opening someone's heart. So that means it can't be hard.

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Any any shadows over the years that you recall, remember anything that was like, you know, particularly emotional or I mean, you probably see so many people take your hat. I don't know if you know, some people young white guy comes into after gym and everybody gives him beers. Was there anyone that particularly stood out in your mind? Yeah, I mean, really, like you're so focused on getting the person to that point, when you get them to that point, you kind of relieved and everything. But it's not many in my life, where like the guy to chat, and I'm just holding tears back. But I do but some do stand out the University of kwazulu Natal in South Africa. We're giving

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Dawa there and then this girl was going to class and I stopped her, you know, at the university. And,

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and she was wanting something that wasn't very modest as far as Islam is concerned. Right. And I stopped to do you know much about Islam. She said, My father is a Muslim, but he's not practicing at all never taught me anything about Islam, my mother's Hindu. So I'm Hindu. And I spoke to her for a few minutes, she took her Shahada and went to class. And then once she finished class, and she passed by our table again, she had already like, covered herself up. So I never forget that man, like keep her steadfast that was like very, that was quite moving. It's not like when she walked by, I was like, it was amazing. But it's like just moving that how quickly she felt naturally higher.

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The chapter cover I can automatically. The other one was this brother. This is like a riverton American brother, who had come to our center. And he invited his younger brother. And you know, I don't want to be like stereotyping here. But a lot of times you find families of brothers just siblings hate each other and stuff. So this brother is Muslim. He's got this beard and everything. And then his younger brother, just something American teenagers, some kid and he cares for him so much. He brings him with him to the center, and he wants him to become Muslim. So he brought him to me and I spoke to the kids a little bit. And then when it was time to take the Shahada, I didn't I

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never do this, like it's really I see, like, selfish, where someone's working on his best friend for months. He brings him to you, and then you give him the Shahada. I love the honor to go to that, that close friend. So I spoke to the kid when he was ready, I had an older brother given the Shahada and he was crying as he was telling him to say a shadow and until now that moves me he was crying because his younger brother is accepting Islam and that was like one where I had to like struggle to you know, stay man.

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Have you ever seen like, you know, families or you know, more than one people kind of interest time at the same time?

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Yeah, and it wasn't like efficiently some kind of record or challenge but in our street nowadays, my record was like five friends taking it at the same time. I mean, I don't want to use that term record which is fun between us and like oh dots and is like because one guy had

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Two people take it at the same time. And then just these five, we spoke to them and all five just took the Shahada

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families Actually, I'm actually more more pleased to say that I've had a friend of mine who took the the shadow course three times with me and never got jealous, I'm like, kind of starting to become disappointed to him, like, come on, you're making me look bad here, you took this class three times nothing happened. And then he actually gave it down to a man and his wife and both them to each other on the spot alone. And they used to be like, grave diggers, like at the cemetery that with machines and stuff, he just given the both of them to each other in life and death, they probably have a reputation for it, right? So now tell me this, is there any I want the you know, the the

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techniques that you know, are of like foolproof, like I mean, say someone doesn't want to take your course somebody's just lazy, they want to cut corners, give them the techniques that you've seen over the years, that are like 100% proven? Are there any techniques that you would just throw out? And you know, boom, Muslim? Yeah, first of all, I would encourage this person do take the course. Right, right. If you don't want to look at things as well, yeah. Because actually, the more you know, the more effective you'll be in the field. Know, the more effective you'll be that's like, inshallah, hands down. But if you just tell me give you the gist of it, even though it's like,

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whatever the shortest version is six hours long. But if you say just right now, give me three points, speak about the heat, explain the five pillars and go for the gold, meaning ask for the Shahada. And if you take the course you understand why the heat you understand the value of speaking about the five pillars of Islam, it's tremendous value. And then why you asked for the shadow, if just, there's actually one time a guy who had didn't have enough time, he came to the Shahada, the old shadow workshop, the six hour version, he just attended three hours of it. So we still didn't even get to the meat and potatoes. But he just heard the first Golden Rule next week, you got shad

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even finished the class, he didn't finish all the other stuff, just because he heard the golden rule. So talk about tauheed. Do the five pillars explain them real quickly. As for the Chad, I know that actually for myself. So I've given a couple shout outs and not definitely not probably as many as you is, you know, a couple 1000 a month.

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Not nearly as many.

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What do I keep?

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But one thing that has happened to me before, and it's a very scary thought is I remember one times panel I gave she had it to this one, this one guy. And he brought his friend back the next day. And he said, You know, I'm on my friend become Muslim as well. And I was like, so I was telling the buzzer like, Yo, man, this is amazing, you know. And then the it was I remember he was Filipino. And he came and he took Shahada. And the third day, the first guy called me said my friend left Islam. Oh, with the new guy or the old guy. Well, they're both technically new. But it was the newer one newer guy left. Yeah, so the guy who I gave Shahada to on the second day, he by the third day had

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already left Islam. I asked the person I said, What happened? He said, Oh, he went home. He told us families family freaked out. Oh, yeah. And he just completely rejected everything. And I was like, wow, you know, just like that. It's kind of like you weren't even most didn't even pray one soul if you weren't even Muslim for like 24 hours, you know, and it's a scary thought, sometimes we think about it, because like, it's easy, quote, unquote, to give Shahada and people can come in and you can kind of convince them on the spot to say a phrase in Arabic. But what are your thoughts around the actual follow up? You know, like, what happens post Shahada? How are we doing in that regard? In

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the course we talk about like six different techniques for follow up, and we've used them in the past and experimented with some at the university. But the best thing I can tell you the easiest thing, the most foolproof thing is really that it's so simple. Just be a friend be there for that person. Like sometimes people come to me, you didn't teach us the follow up? Isn't the old days. I'm like, Listen, do you really need me to teach you how to be someone's friend? If you have 100 charges, you need a system for follow up. But if one guy who's already your friend take Shahada, you can't just call them again, quickly. Like after he takes you out and next day you call them How are

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you doing? How's everything? You know, I'll take you to the masjid take him out for dinner, see a friend be there have a connection. It's all in Islam. It's all about the community. It's all about the Gema right? That's what we have daily Jamaat five prayers weekly Jamaat Beulah Jamaat need prayers. And even beyond that, for the eclipses and stuff. It's about being a part of the community. So just be a friend. I'll tell you something. We haven't done any formal research here. But we've found that a week of staying in good contact with someone is introducing them to the community is almost enough to just after that they're on their own. I mean, as far as they'll come to the masjid

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on their own. I don't have to call you up every day for budget every day to pray, but just a week of steady follow up. That's all it is. Yeah. I mean, I definitely think that the community component is a very large factor because you know, people come into our massages and they see everyone speaking a certain language and they tell you Yeah, brother, the first thing you have to do is start wearing this clothes or you have to start eating this type of food and close everything off. I gotta tell you something, man. There was a CD. It's called a message message from a new Muslim. Right? And the chef before he made the CD, it was shuffle it by the way.

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So before he made the CD, he basically basically interviewed reverts and said, what are the problems you faced when you were integrated, and then you're introduced to the community. Then he took these actual problems that they experienced and made it a CD as if it's a reverse speaking to the Muslim community, because there's some nasty thing that's happened. Yeah, I presented Islam in the best way gave you the Shahada, I follow up with you, I brought you to the masjid. And I left you for a second to make will do and then some uncle smacked you because you were doing something the wrong way. People have gotten smacked and yelled at and everything. So it is I always tell people, it is a huge

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community responsibility. And if I'm starting a dour effort, like in a Masjid, I'm going to let the whole community know for a week I'm going to announce every day that we're going to have new people coming in, be patient with them. Don't anybody yell at them. And actually don't even talk to them. As far as like, one guy took Shahada and 50 people give him advice immediately, brother take this, remove that. Take that off. Okay, kill your dog.

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Man, one time I saw this guy right in front of me. He took his Shahada in the masjid.

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And I'm just watching what's happening to this man. 10 seconds into a snap. First guy hugged him, he said congratulations. and walked away. The second guy came and hugged him three times. So when he hugged him once a guy thought it was okay, like the first one hug the guy look no, pull them in again and pull them the third time and said, Our Prophet used to hug people three times. Then the third guy comes hugs him once the river pulls them in for the second one. He says three times. Yes. And the guy said no. Like, what a beginning, somebody gave him a kiss. The kids throws everything off the kids, ma'am, you gotta be careful with the kids.

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I realized that that, you know, sometimes it's almost embarrassing, you know, bringing people to the massage, if you know that your community is not ready. Yeah, you know, I've had that experience before where I brought people who are just maybe even not practicing Muslims. And you just know the uncle is just waiting, you know, just waiting to pounce on them as soon as you turn the corner. Right. And I do I think that there has to be I don't know. I mean, what what can we do to to make our communities because I mean, that amongst the youth amongst university students, people who have non Muslim friends and colleagues, we kind of understand and get it like, the space that we're in

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should be meant for Dallas. Yeah, I actually heard a story one times out of love of a white woman who came into a Masjid. And she didn't realize there's a men's and a woman's entrance. Yeah. So she's coming to take her Shahada Allah, and she comes into the men's entrance. And the uncle Sierra, they start freaking out. Yeah, what are you doing? She just walks away saying Why? Why are they telling me I came to become Muslim? And she was watching that story you just told I was just contemplating telling that same story. And I'm sure it's a different mystery, but it's the exact same story. It was a mystery than America. Okay, one walks I think I just told that story, then I

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probably would have no no dude, she was just shooed away like a dog. It happens many times how many times she doesn't know woman section, man. Yeah, you know, it's one thing that I realized that definitely, you know, as as the things in this world are you know, the times in this world are changing with Islam under the microscope so much more and, and people are curious about Islam, you know, we can't deny that Islam is in every household every day, you turn on the news, you hear what I said, um, you hear Islam, you hear a law, you read these names in these in these figures. But there's still a huge gap between what the you know, Western society knows about Islam and what we

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perceive to be, you know, the truth about Islam. And I also wonder if, if, you know, the reality of the matter is that people now are learning about Islam, but at the same time, there's a lot of young Muslims who are also kind of distancing distancing themselves from Islam because of the current media situation. No, no, just like after 911 sisters became very nervous, started taking off their hijab, or they started shaving and and all these types of people kind of are becoming less and less inclined towards Islam. I'm talking about born Muslims, quote, unquote, have you seen that in the states as well? or? Yeah, a lot of that a lot of that, you know, in the beginning of what you were

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saying, Man, you just reminded me this incredible incredible that Mashallah Islam in Quran is really a wake up call and he will light the stars unbelievable. Mashallah Salaam is making this door to Allah. He's saying to a lot, lethargy and fitness. They live in a cafo. It's really amazing. It's saying, oh, Allah, don't make us another fitna. And another test. For those who disbelieve the person who's not a believer, many things, pull them away from Allah and from Islam, right, love of the dunya love of money, love of whatever, chasing desires, and lusts, and all these things, all these are fitted for them. And imagine on top of that, there's a fitna, and that is that the

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believers don't look like the people upon the truth, in conduct in behavior in what's happening on in their countries, what they're doing to each other. So on top of all the things that are pulling him away from Islam, another thing that's gonna tell them don't become Muslim is look at the state of the Muslims. And this really, really painful that that's what's happening today. This is an ad there was a guy who took Shahada. And then when he traveled to the Muslim lands, and this is probably not even one story multiple like that when in the end, this what what are your thoughts and he said, Hamdulillah, who guided me to Islam before I got to see the Muslims online. So that means

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we are a fitna then in that sense, so that is it right in its place. Now

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Now the second half of what you're saying, like basically the effect is having on youth. And it seems to me, and I've discussed this with some people of knowledge and they kind of see it as the problem that will be hitting the Muslim communities. In the next couple of years, it's going to be people leaving Islam. And because human beings are social beings, and pressure breaks you that's why the process I'm specifically spoke to people who feel the pressure, the horror about the strangers, being strange, being different has pressures. So the process of them to keep you steadfast said for tuber Laura, no glad tidings to those who are strangers at that time. So the pressures now are

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causing people to leave Islam. And this is going to be one of the biggest problems coming in. I mean, how do we deal with that? isn't something we just accept? We just figured, hey, I guess not, not everyone's going to genda. So let's just carve them out. Now. There's plenty of space and room and right, yeah, no, obviously not. Right. But I mean, it's a tricky thing.

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The biggest part of it is going to be through education, like and that's I just tell people, the solid rock that stands in the face of all the waves coming at you is knowledge. And when and that's why I live there with all of you say in the Houston compare money and knowledge, he's to say, you know, knowledge protects you while you have to protect your money. And it's so true, like money and knowledge protects you. And without knowledge. Let me tell you something, man, I've seen so many people just lose their Dean in philosophy class or not even philosophy class. There was a sister and she took an English class and sometimes they read a piece that's from philosophy or something like

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that. And the English professor is not really equipped to teach philosophy confuses the students. Next day, she comes to work her hijab, pulled back a few inches convertible him, immediately meet it. You know, this is happening all the time in classes, people just listen to theories and take them as fact. And, and sometimes not even just double checking what they just hear some misconception about Islam, they don't even double check that that's a cue for me to leave Islam. So it's happening, but no, it would have protected them from all that. So it's in the next coming years that families are going to be obligated to be part of the masjid to be part of a class. We had a

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teacher in the old days used to always say, every, like, there's not a single Muslim, except that there should be going to one class a week. That is the bare minimum. It's not even some something we should be proud of one class a week. Know your dean. They're important. I mean, it feels like everybody's waiting for something now. It's like the the countdown is happening. It feels like post 911 you know, right after 911, there was a lot of tension, especially in the US. And you know, the attacks that were happening on the Muslims. I heard obviously, there was recently I don't know when this will air. So how recent it'll be when people get a chance to see this. But obviously, we know

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about the attacks on the three young Muslims were killed in the US shot, you know, in what looks to be a very, you know, clear act of domestic terrorism. We also know of you know, I recently heard there's a machine Houston, I think they just burned down recently. Yeah. And you hear these stories continuously. There's a lot of attacks now on on Muslims and Islam.

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Is this something that you think will get better or worse? Like, do we really feel like Muslims now in the West we're looking at and we're feeling like, maybe we're not as compatible as we thought we were? Maybe we won't really be able to live freely in these lands? I don't know. What do you think? Yeah, it's really a tough one. And and you don't want to be, you don't want to sound and come off as pessimistic. But at the same time, optimism is based on something right, yeah. And I don't know what to base it on at this point. Because what's going to happen is that, and I'm going to hand it to the people in America in the West in general, I'm going to hand it to the truth be told, I've been very

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civilized. I mean, I've lived in certain countries, where if one minority group just one of them touched someone from the majority, they just go out and just start slaughtering in the hundreds and genocide randomly to come and bring them you know, right. And if you consider 380 million people in America, and and after 911, you just heard about one sister her job was pulled, one sister was punched, you'll just hear about these isolated incidents, but it's not like everyone just took up arms and said, they'll go get them, you know, but you hear stuff like that on the news. Like there is like now, they're getting very brave, whereas, like, the most out of Fox News, and he's like, get

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Right, right, it doesn't have to go. So that's the second thing. What I'm saying is that now so they've been tolerant to a point, right, right. And now their will, it's unfortunate, but they will continue to be young people who do silly things that are not part of Islam. With these violent acts though they're gonna happen here or overseas. And every time something happens the next day immediately it there's an effect on people's lives. Like you know, the, the guy on Christmas Eve tried to do something on the airplane next day immediately 150 of those machines that virtually strip you naked, or immediately next day, they were approved. Now, if that incident didn't happen,

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it will take like a lot of time before that's approved. So every time something happens there's there's a reaction and the camel's back is gonna break

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At some point, and I don't and can we say that no young man is ever going to do anything silly? I don't know. I can't say that. You know what I think we need. I think the West needs a new enemy. Yeah. Oh, I think they need any different escape code. I think North Korea has to step it up. Yeah, I think North Korea could easily replace us take all the hate away from the Muslims everything away from us just letting you guys be the hated ones on because I think that's what, that's what historically we've seen. Yeah, at one point it was the Germans. Oh, yeah. Right. At one point it was the Russian the Japanese, the Japanese. Yeah. Another point it was African Americans. And before

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that it was the native people. Oh, yeah. Right. And now we're just kind of filling that void. Yeah. So I think we need to encourage other ethnic groups. Yeah, actually, maybe we shouldn't say that. We don't want to encourage them to wreak havoc or anything but we want to like take their crazy philosophy and put it more in the open What do you think about that one of the one of the African American civil rights leaders in america he said the Muslim is the new Negro of America's congratulations. So we did eventually a negro now we did it. Any any last thoughts on on on I mean hope for for Muslims in the West Do you feel as though because people say like, you know, we're

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waiting for the MACD, they're, they're waiting for the MACD to come and fix everything. And this idea of, you know, eventually the money will come and I mean, let me touch on those who are waiting for the mandate to them. Don't wait up. Okay. That's not how it works in Islam. That's how it works, man, inserted here. It's amazing how when when Ibrahim was asked, Did you lose hope in the mercy of Allah? And he said yes or no to Muhammad. He lebeau Luna alone, only the misguided lose hope in Allah. Look at the stories of the prophets. Look at the seed of the process of setting them you don't lose hope even when it looks like it's the end you don't lose hope Musashi sallam, he reached

00:26:43--> 00:27:16

a dead end and an army is behind him and his people are like in Morocco not gonna be caught and he doesn't lose hope at all. And how could you not lose? Oh, come on, there's a there's an ocean and the armies coming. He's like in Nairobi said Man, that's some powerful stuff. My Lord is with me he's gonna guide me out of this mess. So people who sit and wait for that for the Maddy. And this happened when the Mongols invaded Bogota the first time 40 nights and 40 bees are just killing people left and right women children and not a single Muslim raise his hand to defend themselves. And they said people were waiting for them to show up. And he didn't show up when millions of people

00:27:16--> 00:27:51

were killed back then he's not going to show up because you know, something happened here. So let me tell you something man. Our religion and our oma is designed to be an omen that doesn't lose hope and Allah never ever we designed to be a people who sit back and wait for someone whoever it is to come and do the work for us. So we don't sit and wait for the meta to do our work. And there's an amazing lesson from the life of the MADI he actually before a salad salad comes and then it knows that nobody can kill the gel the Antichrist except for a solid solid Jesus. And yet he gathers an army and he goes and fights him day one first date big battle against him and he knows he can't kill

00:27:51--> 00:28:28

him. But he didn't wait for Jesus Why should we wait for him? And it takes hope away from you when someone says and many people have said this that only the Matthew will free Philistine only the magic will free and messy the Luxor it takes away hope for me man because he tells me that no matter what read letters I write what you know what do you call those demonstrations? aerations rally rally. All of it is worthless is futile. We just have to wait for the magic to show up. But actually no the scholars say the Hadith says the mighty will pray and bait and muck this and it mentions it casually to the scholar so that means we already have with the Masters before the MADI so yeah, that

00:28:28--> 00:29:02

gives me hope that maybe in my lifetime maybe in the lifetime of my children maybe I can be part of what will the catalysts that will cause the Luxor to be freed from so yeah, and he isn't you don't lose hope that way but for him to tell me Don't do anything just sit back wait for the magic. He's gonna do everything when he comes. So I just drink coffee when it comes he does the work I'm still having my coffee. Great. Yeah, no man that's not our own ever. It's never been like that for us hungry La la la la *bark Mark already appreciate you lending your wisdom and knowledge and inshallah we'll see you again very soon as I come up here for joining us on this great episode of

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Hangout. inshallah we'll see you again next episode is that good luck there for watching. I sent out Monica to LA he bought a cat

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confetti then