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The concept of a new light and date is important in understanding the relationship between Allah and the world. Examples are essential for understanding the relationship, and mindful consideration is necessary when giving examples. The speakers discuss the importance of shaping understanding and the use of " met joy" in relation to being friends with Allah. They also touch on the concept of suffering and suffering, and the significance of "immediate" in parables and the two different types of audiences for the message of Islam.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while he was supposed to be admiring Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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So inshallah continuing with our series of reflections here titled, illuminated where we're looking at the concept and the mention of a new light and illumination within the Quran. Today we're going to be looking at it number 257. From Susan Bob. And this is shortly after the very famous idea to come see that occurs towards the end of so Takata.

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So at that place, Allah subhanaw taala says, Allah who illegally Medina

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Ucrete you your home enough to watch it and know when leadin occur follow only as follows up June Amina Lodi in a few months, we have a man who

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was hurt our child says here, that Allah is the friend,

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Allah is the ally.

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Allah is closely affiliated to.

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And to keep it simple. And to be able to communicate it in a language that we are more familiar with, and that we use more commonly, will stick for now with the translation of friend.

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So Allah is the friend

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of those who believe.

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Right off the bat, there's something very powerful that we all need to understand. And dare I say that we are desperately in need of internalizing.

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And that is that the concept of money, the concept of faith, the concept of belief, believing in Allah, Eman Billa.

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We understand the framing of Yvonne that Allah subhanaw taala is a creator, and we are the creation and faith Imaan belief is embracing and accepting of that reality. He's the creator were the creation. He is the Lord, the rump, the master, the owner.

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And we are the embodiment. I am the obligor I am the slave I am the servant I am the property. He's Malik. Right, he's in every recombined Nikhil with you. He's naughty, then what does that make me, monkey look, if he's the owner, that I'm the property.

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We understand that. And that's the first step of embracing this email industry.

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And that's very important. And we're not here to argue with that at all. But what this is, is giving us and it's beautiful that it coincides here with the beginning of the month of Ramadan. It's giving us the next level, the next layer of that relationship.

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There Yes, there is a relationship here of ownership

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of master and servant.

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But there's also another layer to this relationship. That is love.

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That is affiliation, that is Association. That is friendship,

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and loyalty, and commitment, and devotion and dedication. Think about how generous it is for Allah.

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Right? Even if you can think about it, and this is always a difficult task, because examples help to facilitate understanding. That's why Allah subhanaw

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taala within us, right? This is why Allah gives you these kinds of examples why

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you have to do that Dr. Yoon so that they can figure things out, they can show you that you can understand things. So examples are important because they facilitate understanding. But whenever we're talking about a lot, it's a challenging task. Why would you like it? For God is the most exalted of examples, they get sucked up into the shape. There's nothing that even begins to compare to Allah. So whenever we give an example, we have to be mindful of the fact that nothing compares to Allah. But let's for a moment in your entertain just a relationship with

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Teaching people.

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If there's someone of great stature and great status, whatever the arena is that appeals to a person, maybe it's politics. So you're talking about the president of some country. Maybe it's sports. So you're talking about some star athlete, whatever it is that, you know appeals to you. If there's someone a very high stature,

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a world class athlete, the best in his sport, and then there's just a normal fan, just the kid in the stands.

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And if that athlete puts his arm around, that little kid, just from the rafters from the stands and says, This is my friend,

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think about the generosity. We all say, Wow, what a nice guy. How generous is that he called this random kid, his friend,

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when at best is affair.

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So that's between human beings. That's so far beyond that. Think about the kindness and the graciousness of Allah.

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That Allah says, Allah who will lead us

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those who believe ALLAH says, You are my friends, sometimes.

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And what does it need to be the friend of Allah, Allah from the ODF Allah, that's all for now even without messing with, you never have anything to worry about ever again.

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If you are the friend of Allah, if you are close with Allah,

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you never have to worry about anything here. Nor will you have to worry about anything there in the hereafter. You never have anything to worry about ever.

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Now, what does Allah do for his friends, up to whom in a romantic in a note.

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Now we're here at this very important concept that I alluded to yesterday as well in the previous

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session, that there are this is a constant example parable metaphor in the Quran, a new influence, new means light. And mood is a metaphor for faith in human unbelief. Due to what is the plural of the word goodbye, it means darkness.

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So this refers to either layers of darkness, or as some of the commentators have mentioned, MAMARAZZI, and Nebula Artega. And others have said that it means different angles or shades of darkness, that for some people, it's the darkness of greed for someone is to darkness of lust for someone is the darkness of oppression. For someone, it's the darkness of falsehood, or lying and, etc, etc. Right? As they say, you kind of pick your poison, right? So different people have different trials and tribulations. In any case, Allah says, Buddha minds, that layers and layers are shades of darkness. And that is a metaphor for misguidance. being lost, being away from Allah,

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literally being away from the light. And that's why we're in darkness.

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And so Allah says here Ucrete What does Allah do for his friends, the people who believe he pulls them out.

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Your crotch literally means that he removes them, he pulls them out, He extracts them

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from the layers and layers of darkness from all the angles in the shades of darkness,

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into the singer life. And that's why the concept of nude in mind in the Quran is always singular.

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It's always singular,

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because there's one light

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and that is the light of Allah.

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There's one guidance and that is the guidance of Allah. There's one truth and that is Allah, He is hot.

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And so he pulls them into the light.

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And on the flip side, when nothing

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if somebody just refuses to acknowledge Allah believed in Allah except Allah have faith in Allah, submit to Allah

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will let you know only a woman thoughts, then someone else ends up befriending such people who are friends these people above the hoods in the Arabic language comes from Tavar which means to transgress, to cross the line in the limit,

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to become rebellious to go Renegade.

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And this basically refers to evil

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the forces of darkness and evil

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So all those elements of evil and darkness and rebellion to Allah, they ended up befriending that person they claim those people, what do they do? You're free to love them MENA No, they drag that person out.

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They track that personnel from the light

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into the layers and layers and shades and shades of darkness.

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And now, what exactly is this referring to? So there's two things here

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to what we call, you know, in terminology, they say the missa tee.

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Right? What is where does this apply? How can we see this in real life? So there are two examples of that that are shared, there's probably more than we can even count it. Imagine this is a Quran. It goes deeper than we can imagine, but two that I'll share with you. Number one,

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historically speaking,

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this is very fascinating. And again, I will try my best not to go too deep into the weeds. But stick with historically speaking, the prophets a lot of his home was given the message of Islam.

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He brings it to the people were the prophets, a lot of the time it is the region of jazz, Macau, Medina, that region, the Arabian Peninsula. There are two kinds of people there. There were two kinds of audiences for his message.

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The first audience

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were what we were the Quran calls Abu kitab.

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These are people who believed in Judaism or Christianity.

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They were familiar with Adam and Ibrahim.

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With Musa alayhis, Salam.

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They believed in these prophets, the Jews of Caloosahatchee, salaam, the Christians all the way to Isa, or they just said, they had some ancestral knowledge, of revelation of prophets of religion, right? They had some framework, some understanding. They believed in prophets, they believed in, you know, the gospel, and they believed in the total law, and so on and so forth.

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Then there was a second audience, the second audience were the Jahai out of

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out of the Jessika.

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The Arabs who were, I call it they were idolaters. They were idol worshipers.

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All right, they worship idols. They had no ancestral knowledge. They had a few remnants. They knew the Kaaba was a special place, but then they went in, they stuck Hydros inside of it.

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They knew Otto found me nothing was done. He thought there was something special about this, but they went in, they stuck it.

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They didn't have a lot of this kind of background or knowledge.

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So if you think about it,

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the first audience I don't heat up the Christians and the Jews. They had some new they have what