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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of growing one's beards and trimping their mustaches to achieve a better relationship with Him. They also mention the miscalculance of saying " gained love" to mean " born from the shaven," which is a common mis attached statement. The speaker suggests that shaveness is a sign of a desire to grow and not a means to grow in general.
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To obey Him,

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this is how we develop a love for a solo law solo, to obey Him

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in whatever he has told us. So if he told us grow your beards, and trim your mustaches, you can't love him without growing your beard and trim your mustache.

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If you claim to love Him, we say your claim is

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Who can say you don't have any love for him, but your love is deficient.

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And that external expression is simple.

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That is the simpler part.

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The true love which comes from the heart,

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it's far more difficult than just to stop shaving.

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That's all growing your beard involves stop shaving, not something you need to do, but not do.

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Right? Just stop simple. And you can achieve that.

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But when you do it, after having shaven yourself for so many years, and so many people tell you how nice you look how young you look, and all these different things, you feel nice with it.

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Then to grow your beard,

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you start to think I don't look so nice anymore. I'm now looking older, and all these other things that come along with it. When you're able to rise above that,

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rise above that, and know that I am trying my best to follow Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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So since he said grow your beards, I know I need to do it,

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that it will change me it will cause a change within me.

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Which for sure will make me a better person if I do it sincerely. Because people say well no, you know, Eman is nothing your beard.

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The longer your beard the greater a man. No.

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People say no. I know people who have big beards and they're evil people.

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And I know people who have clean shaven and they're very good people.

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this is a common argument people say, tell me about the beard.

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But if it wasn't, if the beard had no significance, why do we think Rasulullah saw Salim said grow your beard and trim your mustache?

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Do we think that Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam involved himself and trivialities which had no meaning which have no value or not important? Because that's what we say. If we say no, I don't need to grow my beard. So then what about what the prophet SAW Selim said? You mean to say he was asking you to do something you don't need to do?

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You have to think about that one.

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He was asking us to do something which we really don't need to do.

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That is a serious part.

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A wrong thought.

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This misguidance is from shaytaan.

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Whatever the profits a lot of a sudden told us to do. We need to do it as much as we can.

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As much as we can, whatever we can do of it. We need to do it. This is part of building our love for our soul Allah Salaam Salaam