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Hajj Chronicles – Day 05 – Minaa – Tashreeq (Part 2) – Dr. Bilal Philips

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said I want a Kumara to line over cattle.

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We are still with the Hajj Chronicles. Now we are on

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day five. And this is the second day of the ship

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the second of three days.

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And as was mentioned earlier,

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these days of Mina,

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our days of a badass

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we should not

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be neglectful in our worship over these days,

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even though the whole

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even though the whole world

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may consider

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not important.

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Mina not being important.

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It is, as I said earlier, the most

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important day of Hajj with regards to its full extent, not necessarily as an individual day.

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As an individual day, we know arafah is more important.

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We know that

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the day of aid, being in Mecca, is more important

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than being in the know, though the stoning of men out on that day is still critical enough to say that you can't do without it.

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But in these three days after completing our telephony father,

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circuit or the circumambulation of the GABA

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seven times now considered to be the most important

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off too often the father, having completed that,

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back on day three, we recommended that you go back to me now spend yesterday, a4, in minutes

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doing the things that we identified as being the most important rights of Mina.

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Among them was prayer, our formal prayers during those in the correct time in those properties, wait, we should have been doing that again today. Yesterday today are the same.

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We should also spend our time in supplication and do on all of the various prayers that we made in alpha, we made during toe off, we made doing site we made at different points in the hedge these should be in our minds, we would not have forgotten them already. So we should be using them now. They are do ours for life. Because they all address aspects of our lives, which need to be addressed.

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We're seeking about forgiveness. We're seeking purification from the sins that we have brought here with us.

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this process of purification is not one which ends in hajj.

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It is a continual process. We have to seek forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah every day

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till we leave this world that was the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. He sought forgiveness from Allah more than 100 times a day.

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So we should follow his lead, follow his guide and be likewise among those who always seek forgiveness from Allah.

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Before we go to bed at night,

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we reflect back on the day and seek forgiveness for whatever we misdeeds we have done in that day. So on this the fifth day

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we should have stoned

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the three gem rocks or the three pillars or the three walls

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Starting with the smallest going on to the middle, and also the largest, remembering that these are not devils as people insist on putting it in the newspapers, in system referring to it, you know in presentations and broadcasts etc. They are not devils, they're not Satan's, they're not Satan.

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They're only symbolic

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of the locations where Prophet Abraham

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was confronted,

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he and his family. Some say the major

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confrontation was concerning himself. Satan came at his wife

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in the middle, and as his child in the smallest, Allah knows best reality. Satan tried to dissuade Abraham from going ahead with the commandment of God,

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a commandment which was a trial,

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a fearful command,

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because it involves taking the life of his son.

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So naturally,

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any excuse that we could find to get out of that situation, we would grab, grab

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But Prophet Abraham,

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his will was firm.

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Whatever doubts he had within himself,

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overcame them.

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He held them back. He didn't allow them to break his will.

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They didn't allow them to lead him to violate the commandments of Allah.

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So that's what we are commemorating. We're walking to the gym or our tents, walking with

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as opposed sentiment said in the majority lap around romney gmar. The karma tikkurila

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the casting of pebbles at the pillar was only established for the remembrance of Allah is the purpose for us to remember Allah. So as we walk there, we should be remembering Allah. When we're throwing the pebbles, we're saying a long walk, but each time we are this is remembrance of Allah, this is decree law.

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So the whole of that process should be we should be engaged in the remembrance the constant remembrance of Allah.

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So that when we return home,

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our daily activities are infused with the remembrance of Allah.

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We have applied it here in Mena,

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we've gotten a taste of what it's like to remember a law in whatever we're doing.

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Because all of these acts of Mena

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are for the remembrance of Allah.

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So we stay focused

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when we are finished, and of course, the stoning today is supposed to be after

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the wall after midday, not before midday. Now some people might say do it before midday, because you're leaving now? No, that's not the case. It's incorrect, should be done after midday

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and should be completed before sunset.

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If you were among those deciding to take the concession, which allows given that you may leave.

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After the fifth day, you don't have to stay on until the sixth. For those who like to go early. They can leave

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on the fifth, but you need to leave before sunset.

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If sunset catches you in May now, then you need to stay on for the sixth day.

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If you're on a bus, and the bus is

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Damn, you're, you know, this is something beyond your control, okay? Even if it leaves after sunset, fine. But otherwise, if you are perfectly willing and able

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to leave after

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the stoning before sunset,

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and you decided not to for whatever reason you have delayed yourself,

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then you need to stay on for the sixth day.

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And that's not a bad thing.

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Of course, many who are with you in your hedge group, I would say probably 80%. If not 90% of them will leave,

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they will go back.

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Because that concession is there. And they will take it.

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Of course, if your hedge operators are saying listen, your had you agreed before you made had you signed on a paper that you were only going to save for the fifth day.

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And you would leave immediately after that you would not stay on for the six This was agreed, we have to close up the tent and we have to go etc. Then, if that's what you agreed on,

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then it's best that you go ahead

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with anybody else. Because for you to stay back there and Mina

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by yourself,

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I mean, unless you're so familiar, you've gotten made hard so many times before you know your way around. And you know, even if you just stay back by yourself, you can always come back the next day after a while, you know, you've stolen and you leave immediately no problem for you, then that's no problem. No problem. But if you are like most, this is your first batch,

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it's best you go along with the group.

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Otherwise, you're liable to get lost,

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get cut off from the group

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lose your way.

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Maybe your group will already have left for agenda, or maybe they're going on to Medina, you know, all kinds of other things could be in place. So my advice to you is to stick with the group. Yeah, the law.

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A lot of hand is on the group.

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His support is there, for those who function as a group. So stay with it.

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I mean, they're not, they're not doing something around. But it is what was planned out, etc. for you and your group. So just follow them in this regard. Otherwise, you have the option to stay on. Even if it's only a few people, a handful, 10 1520 people, whatever, five, we're staying back. But they had the group has made arrangements, there will be somebody there to help you. Maybe you have to get your own food and say, Well, you know, we can't run the kitchen for five or 10 people. You know, we have a kitchen, we are preparing food on a daily basis for you know, 100 people, now everybody's going it's just you five or 10 left, you can't keep a bunch of cooks here just for you.

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Well, maybe that's not so nice. Maybe some other arrangements they should make for you. Because it is your right, it's part of your Hajj, it's part of Hajj.

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But if they didn't want to do no point in crying, complaining, etc. Now, there are places where there's food being sold, you can get some food be simple. These days, of course, you don't want to fast because these are not days of fasting.

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You know, I told us that there are not days of fasting these days of eat. So anyway, the point is that

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what you need to do is you need to just get some basic food, you know, fruit,

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few items, whatever, which just will provide some food for you during that period of time, something for breakfast, something for lunch, and then you know after you finished installing and midday, you can head back.

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There is no problem for you to leave at that point immediately or you want to stay out till sunset. When the day ends, you can do that also. Or you can leave the stoning until close to sunset

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when the least number of people will be there. stoning On the sixth day tomorrow will be the easiest. Meaning these other days you didn't even get to see much of the story when they will do the wall you weren't able to see it or get too close to a janitor enough close enough to be able to throw your handle

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tomorrow, you will have no problem because most of the crowds will already have been gone. And remember the pebbles, you can pick them up in case you had collected them and was terrifying, you've now lost your bag of guns, don't worry, you can pick them up there in minutes.

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On your way walking to

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the gym or art, you can pick them up.

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There are stones everywhere.

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It's a stony place.

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So don't worry.

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Complete your stoning. You're staying on until tomorrow, come back to the tent.

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Pray your mother

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and engage into our

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it's called remembrance of Allah.

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if you have

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missed half with you, with the translation, meaning there, read it, reflect on the meanings.

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and complete your Paris, you may talk with others you made this a certain amount of socializing you can do here now is no harm. But again, you know, keep it within the context of your hatch and be relevant to what you've experienced on Hajj you know, the spiritual change which is taking place.

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Share with each other these thoughts, not complaints. But achievements, what we have achieved, we still have another day for further achievements still there.

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You know you can add to your scale of good deeds. It's all for the benefit those who left early just let that opportunity go.

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You don't have to do that.

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You have the chance to get the maximum possible from your house.

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That's why I would advise you to stay on for day six.

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A day

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were we continue to remember a law. We continue to supplicate to make law to call on a law

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to beg him to forgive us for our sins.

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To beg him to guide us in our lives.

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To protect our family,

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protect our children.

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To show us It often was

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reflecting on how our past life has gone

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prior to coming here where were we

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where where are we relative to Islam

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that is strive

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in these last hours

00:18:18--> 00:18:19

this last day

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to get the last drop of blessings from that.

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So tonight, stay up and pray tahajjud

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that is wake up. I don't mean that after fudger sorry, after Asia I stay awake all the way until the last third of the night No, go to sleep

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after Asia, you know same things members of alive God make your prayers you read some Koran, whatever then take your rest

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then wake up in the last third.

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This is the time

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when the best prayers are made

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after the obligatory prayers, so get up

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we're not doing it normally at home.

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Years pass and we never do it.

00:19:23--> 00:19:27

This is the chance we have no reason not to.

00:19:30--> 00:19:32

We have every reason to

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so let's make

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and spend as much time as we can.

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And make the winter

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make the DA

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DA art which in which we ask Allah what Kini shall Rama

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or Allah protect me from the east.

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Rule of what you have on

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the door

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which is the only thing which can change other

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what has been ordained

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can be changed only by and through.

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So, let us do it tonight.

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This is the last night of hatch

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to leave

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with a

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sense of accomplishment

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which would motivate us to continue

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to add tahajud to our lives

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and to play great

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that concludes the Chronicles ads Chronicles for day five

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inshallah, I hope to see you again tomorrow in day six.

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Tomorrow morning, early

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barakallahu li

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walakum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato.