Friday Jumuah Khutbah – November 27, 2020

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The speaker discusses various topics related to COVID-19, including social distancing, lockdowns, and the impact on people's health. They also mention various topics such as wealth, health, and wealth management. The segment ends with a mention of a meal and a social distancing campaign.

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Whenever we learn to sing

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Veena mainly as we learn further the learner, one minute little fella and the other one

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enough either in Norwalk Gary Keller

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and Mr. Hamilton.

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Some of the more I mean, he was he was, he was

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rebadow we'll see Come on,

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soldier come up on the wall. So

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they're going to be learning in a shape on he is in the walking. Yeah.

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was in herself.

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my brothers and sisters,

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today we will look at the name of a wasp.

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And I know that

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many people spend a lot of money.

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It is not a coincidence that we should be intentional.

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But also kind of as a plan is about the old plans. And we need to understand about what we earn and who we are.

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And who provides for us not only in terms of finances, but in terms of our health, in terms of our Deen in terms of our human who has given back to us, who has given us the ability to say

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who has given us the ability to stand and to bow and to prostrate in front of a boss who can

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of course

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be and

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who will walk

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indicated most of my data is the greatest of providers for every single one of us. And I also had also mentions

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that I was not only the one bites or cream

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but he provides what's best for us and sometimes

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We feel that we are going through hardships and the things that we are receiving not the things are not the things that we want, but almost kind of what is better. And so at times, we feel something is not good for us, but it is, at times we feel we're going through hardship, and that touches itself.

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So, before we go any further, I want to indicate that there are two types of is, from almost kind of more

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there is it is,

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um, this is given to the believer, and the unbeliever, to the criminal and envoys honest and good, it is given to the person who submitted to a bar, and the person who rejects a law, you'll see that people, human beings have hearts, and homes and families and, you know, the wealth that they use provisions in terms of food, they have places to go and family to share their time with, to speak to, etc, etc. And so there are many, many blessings

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that He has given to human beings. But not only beings, all of the creation of upon a one on as well. There are so many ayat about the list that comes along that I can't mention all of them in seven minutes. But it was mentioned that he is the one who provides for all of the beings that are on the face of this earth. And breathing sentence says every end, every piece of oxygen is a provision, some kind of voice.

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And usually don't think of it this.

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So there's a general provision that comes from a loss of words. And these provisions are the test.

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There the test. He says

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was kind of Alice's when he gets to us, and we have lots of things and things are going well, our health is good. Our wealth is good, you know, times are awesome. We say a lot is honoring us. And then muscle kind of Medina says that when he withholds he puts us through hardship, when he's testing us with what we receive, that we're not getting the things that we want, we don't have the luxuries that we enjoy. We think then what is disagrees with us.

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He's humiliating us. Rather, that is the test from a loss of cannabinoids Are we going to remember him in times of he is an in terms of punch akuto company has

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having to be done of the mean without pain, suddenly will send me more, he can even have a promise to see. My brothers and sisters. The second type of is,

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is a physical or a provision that is

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provisions wealth that is given to us from a law that is specific. And this specific wealth or this specific risk, because wealth is not really the greatest translation of it is more provision, things that we have, that we

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What is the general one to everyone, and this specifically is typically

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what is that specifically is that is beneficial knowledge. That is our emotion. That is our ability to submit Islam. That is what a lot some kind of data has given to us. it differentiates us from the rest of the human beings, almost kind of went to add a has blessed us with the ability to earn things of this gentleman, but he also blesses the believer to earn or to withhold from the things of this dunya that will benefit us in the hereafter. For a while some kind of going to high that indicates to us very very clearly, but to see more than he had to do when

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we think that this world is the world that we live in and we enjoy all the luxuries of this life. But the moment that things are taken away from us, we begin to cry because things of this world are temporary, including our life

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when it comes to cleaning, what other call and so the beliefs

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Well with holes you know the term Beggars can't be choosers. Sometimes we say Beggars can't be choosers, you need something, take it, you're hungry, eat it. But the lever will be in a position of hardship and difficulty and what withhold and stay away from what is home and say no for a wall will provide me when the time is right or wrong or provide for me when the time is right because he is.

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We have some awesome modalities bless us with the best of this world and the best of the hereafter. And we almost got sad enough

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something along

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our journey

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along the way

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wanting to set up how to set up we are supposed to come into how to show this person conversely, based on this philosophy, how to bless us with what is best for us in this life, to strengthen our demand to allow us to live in to date upon

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us from us, having to open our hearts what is true to make a stand strong for the truth to make us feel those shows the best example to the rest of the human beings on this earth I mean in the Maya

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second, please make sure your cell phones on silent

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I'm having fun

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we'll move

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on to

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a wall

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center for honey Kumar

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center Friday from

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Santa Monica.

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cooperation with the volunteers on the way in on your way out as well

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in efforts to solve this right of COVID-19 we do encourage anyone who's in the Toronto region to

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region during

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tomorrow and allow for the massages that are serving

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together with the softness, and this is our responsibility

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to work together to help avoid it.