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hanging in there

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was a lot of

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fun and he was happy

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to allow

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the long

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and the nobles who follow the path of righteousness until the last day.

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The topic

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is actually a topic, which I couldn't hope to cover in half an hour session to be quite frank. So, what I will be talking about is only an aspect of these principles, you know, giving you some food for thought

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that would encourage you to do some further research and

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to improve your understanding of what is necessary.

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What is the methodology?

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How should we go about interpreting or

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the interpretations of the quiet

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one of the major scholars of the sphere

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a set of steps or levels.

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A person should pass

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when they attempt to develop a commentary on the bond.

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And when I say that fear that's what I was referring to fear coming from the Arabic verbs

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to proceed with a theorem, which means really to make clear or to make understandable

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in this kind of context, it's related specifically to the Quran, how we make or make understandable the text of the crime.

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Now, what it is here proposed

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was that and of course, the principles that he proposed concerning the tafsir not something she sat down and leaving them logically put together as the steps

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without consultation with the Quran itself with the sun now the problem

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was, he had said what he did, and the methodology used by the companions themselves in explaining the Quran. He has a scholar, what he did is he looked at the information available to him, and then from that he extracted from couples

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that are not specifically outlined.

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Law says step one and understanding local art is this step two is this No, no one is buying from Columbus. He said step one is this step two, there's no but what scholars in Nicosia and others have done is they've looked at that methodology used by Prophet Muhammad SAW some of them, they've looked at what the companions did, how they approach the teaching of the Quran, and from their practice, they extracted these principles.

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Now, the first principle, which you will get to propose should be followed

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in the interpretation of the crime. And I should say before we go on to look at

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this first principle, we should also understand, why it was even necessary

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interpret the

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alarm alive said you know, that he has revealed a book in Arabic.

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You know, he has revealed for mankind for their for the guidance So,

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They ask why want to have

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an explanation? Why can't we just pick up the Quran and deal with it ourselves?

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The point is that truly,

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if Allah had ruled,

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he couldn't have learned the court

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appointed, it's so clear that no one would have to look anywhere else.

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The reason why we have to seek a commentary of the crime

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was deliberately

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done by Allah.

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Allah, Allah chose to make the Quran in such a way

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that we need a commentary.

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And he

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existed from the time of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

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Arabic language, the Quran was revealed in the language. Yes, there are things there are points there versus ideas, etc, in the Quran

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about the companions had to ask Prophet Muhammad

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was to give you a couple of examples. So you know, you can put it in context.

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an example which is related by Elon Musk, when he heard the verse, those who believe do not cover their face with transgression or the term use.

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this is

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82 of surah. And anon, when it was revealed, some of the companions of the Parkman Salama very distressed

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because who among them will not commit in some form the

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Alliance said,

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to believe, do not cover their face with one child versus wrong.

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I mean, because everybody is committing something. So you know, what does this mean? Does it mean we are not true believers? So we have to come back to the apartment, they came in the

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with me,

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he said to them, it is not as you think

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about recall, that Look, man, said to his son, verily, associating partners with God is the greatest form of

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their life

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to not cover their face with

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a general term, that this day the water was the fubo was trying to hear what am I specifically referring to? Yes, is associating partners with a lot, but I suppose

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none of us are free something.

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And examples I said, well, in the companions, were compelled

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to go back to the Prophet Mohammed Al salam, to get clarity on the meanings of the Quran.

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And as I said, Allah put our foot in this role.

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Those who do not come with

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me this is not difficult.

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Compared to the before they understood that clearly,

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they will not have to go back

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on the path.

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does law one class difference? I mean, is he making things difficult for

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a law

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firm that

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mankind would be obliged to go back to the Prophet Mohammed sighs and for the understanding of Islam,

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so we can never feel

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that we are independent of rasoolillah allies.

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It is why our Shahada is composed of a two part question, there's not just one person right and a lot, no, there is Muhammad Rasulullah is in there. It is in there. So that we will understand that for us to be able to implement Islam to understand and implement Islam, we have to come to the Messenger of Allah.

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We have to come to him for our current understanding for the implementation.

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From this principle,

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we can see that the first step of the Quran of untoward understanding the Quran must involve coming to the Messenger of Allah.

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Now, traditionally,

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the scholars have said

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that the first step is actually the Tafseer or explanation of the Quran by the Quran itself

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and truly

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is something which we have to consider,

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but it cannot stand alone

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It does not stand independent as a single principle and definitely some example of the you know, subsea one by one. So, that I can put it in context for you.

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We have

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the rice for example, in thrombotic for a law says by the knocker or the knife approacher at product

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and what will make you understand what a product is, then a lot goes on to explain

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and magic. It is the piercing spar known as Rena

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is a term

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which can have a variety of different meanings, when he goes on to explain that it is a natural saccade

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sometimes these explanations are within the same chapter. Sometimes they may be in one chapter and found in another chapter, you know, something is mentioned. And it's only another chapter for example, in

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my night, I mean, or later on in the chapter. And our law says these which are herded have been made halau are allowable for you except those which we will read to you. And then later on in the surah Allah Allah goes on to explain to dead animals, blood pork, animal sacrifice for other than Allah etc, etc.

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Do you have for example, in other words, where a law says, side can attack him,

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this is installed on an arm with one or three

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sides cannot catch him in reference to a law. Yet later on, in soil tiama respiratory

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alarm goes on to explain that the delivers will be gazing at their Lord.

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So, that can attack him is a general principle in this life, no one will see a law. However, on the day of judgment, those who enter Paradise will see

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an aspect of a law in paradise. So, there is in another chapter, that clarification of what the law said in a

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another chapter.

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But as I said,

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my understanding of the client cannot stand alone.

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Because although in some cases,

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some of these explanations may appear to be fairly straightforward.

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We're using a section of the grant explained another section.

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However, there are many cases where if one does not use a portion of the Quran, according to how the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam explained it,

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then you will make a misinterpretation of the Quran using its various verses.

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The Sunnah cannot be separated from the Quran in its understanding.

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It has to be there along with it.

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So, in fact, what we're saying is that the first step involves looking at the client

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trying to understand it within the context of the crime, but relying also on the for meticulous and mentor make sure that whatever understanding we have come out of the Quran, which is not in contradiction to some explanations given by the problem on its own.

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So, we do not give precedence

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to what may be construed as interpretation of the client by the client over the summer. When we put it in step four, we say the first step is extensive one by one, then the second step is exploration sooner, then this sort of implies that once you have completed that first step, if you got that explanation, you know it can stand by itself, but this is not the case. We have to go further into

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Look at this one, to see. And to be certain that that interpretation that we have gotten from the Quran by the Quran is not in any way contrary to that, which is explained by the prophet

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and the importance of the explanation of the Quran, by the farmer by Salaam has been

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We have, for example, the verse in Surah

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verse 44, and which Allah says when I like

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to buy in a nasty manner, Delilah him, rarely ever revealed the reminder to you or Mohammad alum, so that you may explain to people what has been revealed to them.

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So alive making it very clear, that that explanation, understanding of the quad,

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has to come from the Prophet Muhammad Salah.

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He has also said,

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this is in a nutshell also, verse 64, we are going to use the book to Mohammed Salah in order that you clarify for them the things about which they differ.

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So, there was this primary role of the problems I saw them as the explainer clarifier of the plan to mankind.

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And, as I said, this principle was deliberately putting forth my alarm

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in order that no one could feel

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that he can understand the Quran without coming to Prophet Mohammed Salah.

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And the significance of this

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is that

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in this way, the numerals of the Quran have been preserved from misinterpretation

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because when we consider for example, the Bible

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for each sects of Christianity, and we have

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so many sects, you can't keep track of them.

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Insects will pick up the same verse will read the same verse and says it means this and that, and the other and there are contradictory meanings and each one is arguing from the source but they are using the same Bible.

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The reason being that were

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in for them

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to define the namings intended by those verses. So, the human mind is capable of

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imagining all kinds of things. And he has human minds at the head of it, making interpretations which suit themselves. So we have a multiplicity of interpretations.

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Islam in order to preserve America, nothing This is unique to Sam for sure, in the time of Prophet Isa and a Salaam

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chennithala provided the clarification of the Injeel on it as the last multimeters in law. And similarly, Prophet Musa is explanation provided the clarification of the Torah isn't the will of Allah prophets, not unique to Allah, Allah.

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In the Quran, which is the lack of relation which we are dealing with, particularly here, this principle is the essential principle, which preserves not only the text of the crime, because, you know, we all know about how the crime is preserved the history of its preservation, which ensures the the authenticity of the text, but it also preserves the meaning, which is even more crucial, because an authentic text without a surety as to

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this is a blessing in the hands of the deviants.

00:19:12--> 00:19:28

So, this was one of the ways that the law says she promised that he is the one who will mow the grass and we're doing it together and he is the one who would preserve it, preserve it not only in effect, but in his meaning.

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And from this principle, we also are able to identify another principle, which helps us to understand when somebody is deviating in his interpretation of the Quran.

00:19:47--> 00:19:59

When you see a person who explained the Quran, without referring back to the verses of the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad wa salam very

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we are certain that this person is deviating because he is not following the methodology, which has been set by Allah

00:20:10--> 00:20:16

and put into practice by the Messenger of Allah, Allah and his companions.

00:20:17--> 00:20:19

So this is one of the science of deviation

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The second principle, although some scholars put it as the third, as I mentioned, the first two I prefer to look at together.

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The second principle is that of understanding the cause, and its revelation in the context in which it was revealed.

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That is

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in a certain circumstance.

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We know on the history of the revelation of the crime, the crime was not revealed all at one time.

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It was not revealed all at one time, though, we do have a version of God who said that he has revealed the core is unlike other journalists and others.

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there are the rescue Cornwell identities reveal the crime in stages. And the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam clarifies

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that the Koran on this online lots of other was taken from the lounge and my foods.

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The protected tablet in which all things are written in the heavens, and taken down to basically in the first heaven. This is what took place on my little cubbies. And from where Angel Gabriel then took portions of the Quran to the problems that Allah according to the circumstances which arose.

00:21:58--> 00:22:09

So much of the Quran was revealed, to answer and to deal with certain circumstances which would take place in the life of the Prophet Muhammad, Allah, Allah.

00:22:10--> 00:22:17

Knowing the destiny of man, knowing what the thermometer Sallam would face throughout his life,

00:22:19--> 00:22:21

prepared a book of Revelation

00:22:24--> 00:22:28

would deal with the various circumstances to come in the life of the Prophet.

00:22:30--> 00:22:39

And Janine was then instructed to take verses from this chapter, that chapter from all over, going down at that particular point, when the Prophet Monica needed it,

00:22:40--> 00:22:41

when issues arose.

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as I said, the context

00:22:49--> 00:23:06

in which the revelation came, when the further understanding as to how to apply reverse, we have instructions from the papilloma virus Allah, but then the context uses, you know, a further a deeper understanding.

00:23:08--> 00:23:15

And that context now comes from the statements of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad.

00:23:17--> 00:23:21

Their clarification of the circumstances,

00:23:23--> 00:23:32

is the second level for the Tafseer or commentary on the Quran, we look to see what did the companions of the Prophet Allah

00:23:33--> 00:23:37

say and do at the time when a particular verse was revealed?

00:23:41--> 00:23:49

This is called the Tafseer by Asha, or sayings and actions of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam.

00:23:50--> 00:23:52

An example of that

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reverse in which Allah

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had said, Whoever does not judge my what Allah has revealed, is a gaffer. It is delivered.

00:24:09--> 00:24:13

Now, when this verse is revealed, and is loaded into our majda for 24

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that it is a form of coupon less than

00:24:29--> 00:24:33

in other words, this is not the ultimate

00:24:35--> 00:24:39

as one may assume, from the obvious meaning of the verse,

00:24:40--> 00:24:41

but that this is

00:24:44--> 00:24:49

on a lesser level than the full fledged cover which I find what the hell forever.

00:24:51--> 00:24:53

And this was further explained,

00:24:54--> 00:24:57

to be the distinction between what is known as Cooper

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

and Cooper

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00:25:02--> 00:25:06

is covered in actions. And Cofer in the heart.

00:25:10--> 00:25:22

We also have, you know, classical example of this distinction being made by the cop on Sol Sol. And in the case of Mr. DiBiase. We know a mighty acid, whose mother, Amar, she's mother

00:25:25--> 00:25:25


00:25:26--> 00:25:40

she was the first person to have died for the final message of Islam died for the sake of the final message of some holding on to that final message we think of as a woman, she was murdered by her.

00:25:43--> 00:25:45

Father, yeah, could also have killed.

00:25:47--> 00:25:49

Now, when a man

00:25:51--> 00:25:59

and because master took him into to torture him, and told him to say that Mohammed

00:26:00--> 00:26:02

is a magician,

00:26:03--> 00:26:06

a liar, and that his gods were laughing.

00:26:08--> 00:26:18

When they put the pressure on him, he saw that that was in front of him. He said, Mohammed is a magician, and a liar. And my god is flattened.

00:26:19--> 00:26:20


00:26:22--> 00:26:26

So I'm I used to attend the circle of departments at some of the cues to teach him.

00:26:27--> 00:26:29

And I think he said that he stopped attending.

00:26:32--> 00:26:32


00:26:36--> 00:26:38

compares to go to find out.

00:26:40--> 00:26:42

But when they found him, and he asked him, you know, what's happening?

00:26:45--> 00:26:52

What happens? You know, and she didn't want to come because what he attended for a rally related back to the problem, and he told them to Mr.

00:26:54--> 00:26:56

Martin, when he came, he asked them

00:26:58--> 00:26:59

what you said,

00:27:01--> 00:27:03

was your heart filled with the man in the face?

00:27:05--> 00:27:11

He said, No, when I said it, you know, my house is full, full of faith, faith in Allah. So then, I said to him,

00:27:13--> 00:27:16

if they do that to you again, say what you said,

00:27:20--> 00:27:24

in his actions, to those statements that he made his statements and actions of,

00:27:26--> 00:27:28

however, is not any hard

00:27:29--> 00:27:35

to miss, which may be defined as Cooper on the outside was not Cooper on the inside, it doesn't take him out an assignment assignment to help.

00:27:36--> 00:27:37

You know, Mr. Pierce,

00:27:40--> 00:27:46

clarified today with a distinction between the two, in terms of action and

00:27:48--> 00:27:48


00:27:50--> 00:27:59

So a person may commit an act that we may define as being Cooper, but doesn't necessarily mean that he is Akasha in the fullest sense of the word.

00:28:02--> 00:28:03

You know, a person may

00:28:04--> 00:28:09

commit fornication, this is among the acts of the Catholic

00:28:11--> 00:28:14

that act in and of itself does that make him a Catholic?

00:28:19--> 00:28:23

Similarly, no, other than a law, this is quicker.

00:28:25--> 00:28:46

However, if one for example, not one, if one believes when one rose by other than a large, large, believing that the noes are superior to the rule of law, to the laws of Allah, French law, but this last one is superior to the law of Allah, then he is in fact, in the fourth.

00:28:48--> 00:28:49


00:28:51--> 00:28:52

a person in a Muslim country,

00:28:54--> 00:28:54

a country of Muslim,

00:28:56--> 00:29:00

which has a legal system, which is Icelandic,

00:29:01--> 00:29:01


00:29:03--> 00:29:05

this person works

00:29:07--> 00:29:11

with the intention of protecting Muslims, as for example, a lawyer in the system.

00:29:13--> 00:29:19

He works within the legal framework of the British legal system, which is a system of

00:29:20--> 00:29:28

a rule of law. That person who goes and enters into the system with the intention of protecting Muslim

00:29:29--> 00:29:35

law, law, he may deal with these laws and seek warnings on the blog, just as I put him into

00:29:38--> 00:29:50

a new draft the distinction between those very important for us practically speaking, because some people will tell you don't become a lawyer. Don't be you know, you can't for me, then that when you have legal problems you must go to

00:29:51--> 00:29:53

use, you have to end up before

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

this is not the case. We shouldn't have lost

00:30:00--> 00:30:17

liars are people who are familiar with legal systems, but people should also be grounded in Islamic law, to know the limitations because of course, law, you may learn that legal system, this legal system here, it doesn't mean you can apply all of it.

00:30:19--> 00:30:20

Step back.

00:30:21--> 00:30:32

And you cannot function, the way that the lawyers have the system function in the sense that they will seek, you know, the best lawyer is the one who has been able to get off the worst criminals.

00:30:33--> 00:30:36

And that's who the best lawyer, the biggest criminal,

00:30:37--> 00:30:38

is the guy who's going to able to get him out.

00:30:39--> 00:30:41

This makes him to death wire.

00:30:42--> 00:30:48

From Islamic perspective, if somebody comes to you as a criminal, you can't fight in his defense,

00:30:49--> 00:30:59

you cannot go and protect him from the legal system know, what if you could learn the way you function within a system is to ensure the rights of people

00:31:02--> 00:31:04

you function within that system justly.

00:31:05--> 00:31:18

So, you know, the laws to help and to protect Muslims are attracted to the society when they come to you, they have been this has happened to them that has happened to them, they've been cheated us, you know, whatever. And you may use that legal system to help them get their rights.

00:31:20--> 00:31:21

But now a criminal,

00:31:23--> 00:31:27

murderer, a rapist, etc, come to your you know, to talking to the man.

00:31:34--> 00:31:37

Now, when you decide to prepare defense for him,

00:31:43--> 00:32:11

this principle of utilizing is especially important in minority circumstances as well as in countries, which is the case in most countries of Muslims, where the EU is other than by the rule of law, but where Muslims have to sincere Muslims have to infiltrate the system in order to protect to keep some of the harm that that system will will propagate or have our

00:32:12--> 00:32:18

for the masses of the people to have to protect the mass of the people from some of that harm, they have to infiltrate the system

00:32:24--> 00:32:35

the fourth level of Tafseer or what I refer to as the third level, is that the subsea on the Quran by the language by the Arabic language.

00:32:38--> 00:32:42

Now, one would ask, why do we need to feel the crime by the Arabic language?

00:32:44--> 00:32:46

If we have a series of crimes

00:32:47--> 00:32:50

within its own context, by the explanation of

00:32:52--> 00:33:03

the circumstances, as explained by the confines of the problem, why do we need to feel the call and by language? Well, the God was revealed in the language of the companions

00:33:07--> 00:33:08

classical Arabic known as

00:33:12--> 00:33:14

back in time,

00:33:15--> 00:33:19

that Arabic has become modified

00:33:21--> 00:33:46

Arabic which is spoken by the masses of the people, it's some of its meanings changed. And this is a natural process which takes place in any language. If you take some words, today, you go back 100 years in English go back 100 years, you find that the meanings are different than than they are now, they refer to different things, this is a natural process, which takes place in all languages. And this was no different

00:33:48--> 00:33:54

as time passed, certain words in Arabic changed their implications in English,

00:33:55--> 00:34:02

in in the time was what they were used to apply to change in timing meaning.

00:34:03--> 00:34:11

So, if a person a modern Arab or modern person who is Arabic speaking, if he leaves

00:34:12--> 00:34:24

and he does not utilize the classical Arabic as a means of understanding the Arabic Then he may come out of it with some distorted meanings.

00:34:28--> 00:34:29

To give you

00:34:30--> 00:34:31

an example,

00:34:33--> 00:34:36

we have and this one I spoke about yesterday actually

00:34:38--> 00:34:41

concerning the term model,

00:34:43--> 00:34:45

in Arabic, classical Arabic

00:34:46--> 00:34:49

Boogeyman star constellation,

00:34:51--> 00:34:55

but in modern Arabic means the zodiacal signs.

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

So now when use of Allah translate

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

Did Surah Al Guruji as the zodiacal signs, a lot of lies swearing by the zodiacal signs by the horoscopes, astrology will not just open the door for those people who are involved in this form of

00:35:14--> 00:35:15


00:35:16--> 00:35:22

this is a change which has taken place in the meaning of the Arabic the very obvious, you know example

00:35:31--> 00:35:38

the last stage which may be called the fourth or the fifth stage, depending on how you look at the first two

00:35:39--> 00:35:42

is that the Quran by opinion

00:35:46--> 00:36:37

what this means is that, after a person has gone through the earlier steps of the Quran, industry context within the Quran as understood that Salam that is along with the Sunnah, then looking at the context in which the Quran was revealed, as explained by the compiler to the Salah, and furthermore, understanding the Arabic text according to the classical Arabic, and this is in cases where there still remains something unclear. At the end of all this, we have to apply new verses now to our circumstance, because we're not reading the Quran merely for Baraka. This is a mistaken concept is developed amongst Muslims in a particular period of time reading the Quran for Baraka Baraka,

00:36:37--> 00:36:38

meaning blessing.

00:36:39--> 00:36:51

So, one sits down, and he chants the Arabic texts, he doesn't understand a word that it means when he feels that he is worshiping Allah by parroting the Arabic text,

00:36:52--> 00:36:56

believing that she will receive Baraka for this. So

00:36:58--> 00:37:16

this is in some statements of the problems that's and and I won't say that is something which is totally, you know, outside of Islam without any kind of reference. Now, there is a reference the problems as Alan had said, that whoever recites one letter of the Quran will receive 10 blessings.

00:37:21--> 00:37:40

And he went on to say that, I don't mean that Alif Lam mean, these are the letters and found in the front of some of the chapters is one letter, but honestly the letter lambda letters, and means the letters and blessing for each letter read

00:37:42--> 00:37:43

from that

00:37:44--> 00:37:49

we had, especially from the Ottoman period onwards, where

00:37:51--> 00:38:00

Arabic, Turkish and Persian nationalism at that particular stage, were the new leaders of the Muslim Ummah, who uttered

00:38:02--> 00:38:11

in in a way of asserting the their own nationalist tendencies and feelings that are employed Arabic.

00:38:13--> 00:38:13


00:38:15--> 00:38:40

and I'm saying this is I'm not putting out a contract to say that you just did it. But you know, this is a reaction, all sorts of Arab nationalism, which had become ripe at that time. You know, in that reaction, the result of that reaction is that the study of Arabic in the sense of spread of Arabic and the learning and the understanding of Arabic diminished from that period onwards, it started to go down significantly. What was happening is that in the various parts of the Muslim world,

00:38:42--> 00:38:44

as Islam was taking root,

00:38:45--> 00:39:01

and Arabic was the lingua franca of the world. We found that in the various countries where Islamic rule was, the people began to absorb words from the Arabic language into their languages.

00:39:03--> 00:39:07

In some cases, and this is especially in the earliest part of Islam.

00:39:09--> 00:39:11

enough words were absorbed

00:39:12--> 00:39:21

until the words in their language were more Arabic than the non Arabic and they changed over into Arabic This is like Egypt, Tunisia.

00:39:23--> 00:39:39

Libya, these countries are we talk about as being Arab countries, in people do not speak Arabic. It was an Africa South Africa Sub Saharan Africa I because of the language the people of Egypt spoke you know, Coptic language people not Africa, Berber, language.

00:39:41--> 00:39:45

Latin, because portion of that was under control by Rome.

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

With the coming around Islam and Islam Arabic becoming the language of communication, the language of administration, etc. The people in order to be able to who are being moved in order to be able to communicate with their rulers.

00:40:00--> 00:40:32

would pick up enough sources, anybody who goes to radio now, he wants to be there for a while work there, whatever, he has to pick up some little words here and there to be able to communicate, the longer he stays the models, he picks up, eventually to the point where he can actually communicate fully. And so this is what happened, the language of Egypt turned over and became Arabic language, you know, into areas of Palestine, into Lebanon into Syria, these areas, their languages, changed over an Arabic became the main language. Now, as Islam spread into other countries,

00:40:34--> 00:40:35

and the

00:40:36--> 00:40:54

Islamic impetus started to weaken somewhat, we'll find that that process did not complete itself as rapidly as it did into those in the case of the nearby neighboring countries to Arabia. So we have places like in West Africa,

00:40:55--> 00:41:03

we had the language hausa, where it was being absorbed in East Africa, Swahili, you know, in India,

00:41:04--> 00:41:10

because being abroad, we have these intermediate languages developing, which were written in Arabic script,

00:41:12--> 00:41:42

which composed of large portions of Arabic and Arabic was being fused into the language. However, with the rise of Turkish nationalism in reaction to Arab nationalism, what you found is that that process became further slowed. And with the coming of colonialism, that process was brought to a halt, because of the colonial powers took over these areas, they now insisted and obliged the people to write their language in the Latin skirts.

00:41:44--> 00:42:14

Right. And the infusion of English now started into the language the process itself. So you found places in all the way to Philippines, where the the language of the peoples of the Philippines was written originally in Arabic scripts, they switched over the Latin language in Malaysia and Indonesia, where they used to write their language, Malay, in the Latin, in the Arabic scripts, all now is written in Latin. Similarly, in Turkey, which has taken place in in India

00:42:15--> 00:42:16


00:42:17--> 00:42:33

to be written in the Arabic script version continued to be written in the Arabic script. But in places like West East Africa, where his written file is written now in the Latin script, similarly housed within, in Latin script. So

00:42:35--> 00:42:46

this process, as I've mentioned, you know, where the languages were being turned over into Arabic, came to a halt. And Arabic became the

00:42:47--> 00:42:50

language or the knowledge of a limited view.

00:42:51--> 00:43:05

We had now the rise of what we could call a priest class, something almost like a priest class, where the scholars or Lama were the ones who advocate the masses of people didn't in many parts of the Muslim world.

00:43:06--> 00:43:09

So they were the only ones who had the key to go to the crowd.

00:43:10--> 00:43:22

So the people, and in those times to the cohesion, the translation of the grants into any other language, that people were forced now to come to these individuals and have to depend on them for whatever understanding

00:43:23--> 00:43:38

and the teaching of Arabic for the recitation of the Quran, the pure recitation became popular. And this spread throughout the Muslim world to a point where you had 1000s and 1000s of young people.

00:43:43--> 00:43:45

So they're the only ones who have the key to go to the class.

00:43:48--> 00:43:58

And in those times through the translation of the clients into any other language, well, the people were forced now to come to these individuals and have to depend on them for whatever understanding

00:44:00--> 00:44:23

and the teaching of Arabic for the recitation of the Quran, the purification became popular, and this spread throughout the Muslim world to a point where you had 1000s and 1000s of young people memorizing the work from battle has never been able to rattle it off completely and not understanding a word in

00:44:28--> 00:44:29

the reading of the Quran

00:44:32--> 00:44:34

became an accepted practice.

00:44:36--> 00:44:38

However, when you go back and look at the statements of

00:44:41--> 00:44:44

support for each other, we cannot argue that

00:44:49--> 00:44:50


00:44:57--> 00:44:57

who understood

00:45:00--> 00:45:00


00:45:01--> 00:45:03

when we're sending them, but every

00:45:05--> 00:45:06

time you get them,

00:45:08--> 00:45:12

encouragement for them to need more and more, and the client

00:45:15--> 00:45:18

will understand how to increase their contact with

00:45:19--> 00:45:24

me the sense that the moon has more and more karate students and the individual will

00:45:25--> 00:45:28

change that individual. In the early battles.

00:45:31--> 00:45:35

When the Muslims were fighting, the weight of Apostasy was too close to

00:45:37--> 00:45:38

being cute.

00:45:39--> 00:45:42

Most will memorize the most number

00:45:50--> 00:45:50


00:45:54--> 00:45:57

it has changed as unfortunately weeks. And they were on the frontlines of the battle.

00:46:01--> 00:46:07

To change the culture, move them into, you know, dynamic individual headlines time.

00:46:11--> 00:46:13

So, this was our first settlement.

00:46:15--> 00:46:21

He was addressing them and encouraging them to incite to understand more and more

00:46:23--> 00:46:24


00:46:26--> 00:46:30

who don't have any record of, you know, a person deciding to become

00:46:31--> 00:46:36

a pastor president said, when you could be justified in typing Swati has a little lamb,

00:46:37--> 00:46:40

lamb lamb ha, that is Alhamdulillah.

00:46:50--> 00:47:03

The intent of the recitation of the Quran is not for balaka individual of its recitation, but for Baraka, in exposure to the word of Allah,

00:47:05--> 00:47:10

that will change the character, the person of that individual who is reciting.

00:47:13--> 00:47:18

This was the goal of the recitation of the Quran. Now,

00:47:20--> 00:47:35

when we recite the Quran, as after we are taking the various steps, which have been outlined previously concerning how we go to understand the Quran, when we recite the Quran, now, we will get an understanding from that

00:47:37--> 00:47:51

which we now have to apply in our lives because the recitation to understand the meaning of the client info application. Ultimately, as the companion said, we used to learn the client file versus at the time.

00:47:52--> 00:48:06

And we didn't go on to another separate verses, until we have learned all that a lot had to say, you know, all the rules, such as I come to attempted to apply it, then we went on to the next set of verses, this was their approach

00:48:08--> 00:48:10

for understanding and application.

00:48:11--> 00:48:26

This is the methodology. So now, when we have that understanding of the Quran, based on one by one, by sooner, by the explanation, the companions, Arabic language, now we have to apply it. Now, when we apply the human we're using our business

00:48:28--> 00:48:30

logic apply to our circumstance today.

00:48:34--> 00:48:41

To apply to our circumstance, today, we have to apply our reasoning, our our opinion,

00:48:42--> 00:48:52

if we follow these steps, then applying it according to our union will be acceptable by law.

00:48:54--> 00:49:06

Because we have done it, according to the proper methodology, but now, if we apply the plan according to our opinion, without going through the steps,

00:49:07--> 00:49:09

then we will be

00:49:10--> 00:49:14

on a path other than that intended by the class.

00:49:16--> 00:49:21

And it is by looking at the stuff that we can identify the Boolean

00:49:22--> 00:49:42

because we didn't want when he was promoting the Koran in Brazil, the text of the Quran and that he will give you his opinion. You don't hear anything about the context to the Arabic or or he may jump straight from the shadow verse was chosen to the Arabic and give you his opinion. He doesn't come back to the castle and say this also. So once you see any

00:49:44--> 00:49:47

books which are you know, such as

00:49:49--> 00:49:52

you ever heard, he's just talking, talking, talking, talking.

00:49:53--> 00:49:59

It means this and that and we do this and that and you should do this and you don't see where he is explaining

00:50:00--> 00:50:01

According to at the top of

00:50:02--> 00:50:03

the complaint,

00:50:04--> 00:50:08

including added meaningless auto, if you don't see that, then be aware

00:50:10--> 00:50:10

of that.

00:50:12--> 00:50:13

Because likely it will be

00:50:16--> 00:50:20

the person who's just giving you a personal opinion, very dangerous.

00:50:21--> 00:50:27

Or if you see a person, for example, he's been voted, he just means it means with the added need that sense also.

00:50:29--> 00:50:33

The danger is that our book has changed meanings in time.

00:50:35--> 00:50:57

What is in modern Arabic Now is not some of it is not what was understood in classical Arabic. So he will make a reference and you go back, you go to a modern Arabic dictionary, and yes, it will be the same. But that is not what the verse intended. And he will use this as a means of deviation. So the understanding of the methodology of cups here is for us to be able

00:50:59--> 00:51:28

to identify the spots that we should take one, if you are going to attempt commentary and explaining it to others. To us, we are reading texts, which attempt to explain the names of the clients will should understand the correct stuff to be able to distinguish between those who are promoting a deviant interpretation of the Quran. And those who are promoting an Islamic correct orthodox interpretation of the Quran.

00:51:29--> 00:51:48

At this point is our last, because we have a limited amount of time. And as I said, I wasn't going to attempt to cover everything of the principles of that fear because it's too vast the topic will not give you all an opportunity to ask any questions you'd like to ask, you know, pertaining to this material.

00:51:50--> 00:52:01

Those were written questions from the sisters who would like to send them off, they may do so now. And anybody who would like to either write, we have some paper here. Or if you'd like to just raise your hand, you may do so

00:52:06--> 00:52:09

directly from the floor, then please use the

00:52:15--> 00:52:16

direct question from the floor.

00:52:39--> 00:52:40

What is

00:52:43--> 00:52:44

content continue

00:52:47--> 00:52:49

your explanation as

00:52:52--> 00:52:53

to why

00:52:58--> 00:52:59


00:53:00--> 00:53:01

will not be the cause of death.

00:53:04--> 00:53:05


00:53:07--> 00:53:08


00:53:13--> 00:53:21

or the other, just to make it clear to those people who didn't hear him is what is the level of comfort,

00:53:22--> 00:53:26

which is sufficient to condemn a person to hell eternally.

00:53:28--> 00:53:33

Then I explained that there is different levels of Kufa.

00:53:36--> 00:53:36


00:53:38--> 00:53:42

I actually gave the principles when I made the explanation. It was

00:53:43--> 00:53:46

the peripheral, which is from the heart

00:53:47--> 00:54:07

A person who does a forbidden act, believing that this act is halau. It is believing that this act is allowable to him he doesn't believe that it is prohibited, you know it has no meaning to him, then that puts him in the full state of Kufa

00:54:08--> 00:54:13

and that will condemn him to hell, unless you tell before he dies.

00:54:15--> 00:54:21

Of course, no matter what you may commit, you know whether it's sin of Kufa or sin

00:54:22--> 00:54:23

which is a form of confirm

00:54:25--> 00:54:50

if one repent before one dies, that is before one realizes that death is upon him. I don't mean when the Angel of Death comes, you know, death is your, your soul is in your throat, then you repent, no, but you attend prior to that, then that can cancel the x, or the segments that you did, in terms of it being a cause for you to be in hell eternally.

00:54:51--> 00:54:58

Goes is when it is in the heart of explain the individual who entered into the needle system here.

00:54:59--> 00:54:59

A Muslim

00:55:00--> 00:55:22

becomes a lawyer believing that British law is superior to Islamic law or in the Muslim countries or countries of Muslim, wherein a judge or a an administrator is applying the law of the land,

00:55:23--> 00:55:36

which is not Islamic law. It's from French law from British law, believing that this law is superior, it is better than Islamic law and he has entered Kufa in the complete sense

00:56:33--> 00:56:33


00:56:35--> 00:56:36


00:56:49--> 00:56:49

to me,

00:56:57--> 00:56:58

okay, we differentiate

00:57:05--> 00:57:05


00:57:13--> 00:57:14

out of fear that

00:57:15--> 00:57:17

we would not

00:57:18--> 00:57:21

identify people as scattered

00:57:23--> 00:57:26

and thereby refuse to give alarms to them or return they

00:57:28--> 00:57:29

do not do.

00:57:32--> 00:57:35

Their situation is not clear.

00:57:38--> 00:57:39

If a person

00:57:41--> 00:57:45

espouses a particular belief, which is currently

00:57:46--> 00:57:49

against the fundamental teachings of Islam,

00:57:52--> 00:57:57

at least externally, that person is in a state of control, and we deal with him

00:57:58--> 00:57:59

as a person,

00:58:00--> 00:58:03

which says that God is a man, for example,

00:58:04--> 00:58:07

volcanic rock and says

00:58:08--> 00:58:11

that God is a man.

00:58:15--> 00:58:26

Right, number 12. On the back of the newspaper, it says, We believe that Allah, God came in the person of NASA followed Muhammad

00:58:28--> 00:58:29

in 1930.

00:58:31--> 00:58:32

to America,

00:58:36--> 00:58:37

to ask him.

00:58:44--> 00:58:51

I'm Dr. Cooper, just like any Christian as a whole, who says, I believe that God is the third of the Catholic

00:58:55--> 00:59:02

Church situation. But now when we have Muslims who are part of who uphold the same principles as we do,

00:59:04--> 00:59:22

right, but they may be following one Jannat one group or another group, they may be the area of danger for us now to start to label these type of people, people as as Catholic, unless they're open to make statements, which are statements of

00:59:24--> 00:59:38

a person ultimate statement of defense, then you can define him as a person and you have the right to treat him as a culture. However, the fact that in his heart, he may not

00:59:39--> 00:59:41

actually be news,

00:59:42--> 00:59:45

or he may be doing it for one reason or another reason that is with a law

00:59:47--> 00:59:58

and a law does not oblige us to determine what is in people's hearts will judge according to what they say what they do. You know, the classical example is in that in the case of Osama bin Laden,

01:00:00--> 01:00:00


01:00:01--> 01:00:05

son of the former adopted son of a felon

01:00:07--> 01:00:08

in a battle

01:00:10--> 01:00:12

after struggling with one of the disbelievers

01:00:13--> 01:00:19

managed to get on top of him when he was about to finish him after the flood, the man said,

01:00:23--> 01:00:24

just managed

01:00:25--> 01:00:26

to keep it off anyway.

01:00:27--> 01:00:30

For now, what was reported back to the puppet

01:00:33--> 01:00:34

and the Platinum Platinum combs.

01:00:35--> 01:00:42

He was upset, very upset, very angry, and ignored the summer, but the summer when the club was

01:00:45--> 01:00:49

very upset with him. And he asked him to open the man's heart.

01:00:51--> 01:00:53

And you open the man's heart to see what was in his heart

01:00:55--> 01:00:55

that he did wrong.

01:00:59--> 01:01:12

I mean, logic tells us why if you're looking at a circumstance, the man said lol and blah, blah, blah a minute before that he was saying and trying to kill you. And then when you get the chance or the kilometer Dalai Lama Summa logic, there is a failure to escape

01:01:15--> 01:01:27

me in Islam are commanded to judge by the statement, initially, you have to give him the benefit of the doubt he will give him the benefit of the doubt. But then turn your back.

01:01:32--> 01:01:33

And he no

01:01:34--> 01:01:37

doubt that you keep him under observation.

01:01:38--> 01:01:40

You know, because your

01:01:42--> 01:01:48

observation. And now depending on how he goes from when to determine whether this statement was true or false.

01:01:53--> 01:02:02

If all those actions, actions can also I know that this was a lalala Montezuma, and you burn him to sign in Burlington,

01:02:13--> 01:02:15

actions can cancel, I mean,

01:02:16--> 01:02:17

all he said

01:02:18--> 01:02:19

is, you know, we have to accept them, and

01:02:22--> 01:02:34

we accept them initially. But when they make some actions, which now contribute value to that statement, and we have to judge them in that fashion. That's what happened in the case that I mentioned yesterday, you know,

01:02:38--> 01:02:39

when the people refused,

01:02:41--> 01:02:43

and they were certainly Medina

01:02:44--> 01:02:47

give us his confession, let us I'm gonna come attacking

01:02:49--> 01:02:51

a position of weakness, the army had already been sent out.

01:03:03--> 01:03:08

Abu Bakr clarify this point, yeah, that are inside the chest fnpf

01:03:11--> 01:03:13

was very denied, because

01:03:16--> 01:03:17

we have to fight them.

01:03:21--> 01:03:30

Now, this is a thought we have to keep in mind that you know the person you have to judge from the outside. Ultimately, we cannot judge what is in the heart.

01:03:34--> 01:03:35

That the person says

01:03:37--> 01:03:39

we take them initially on the basis of

01:03:40--> 01:03:48

what your actions or further statements contribute, then we judge them accordingly. If a person's actions the goals of

01:03:49--> 01:03:53

that individual or a statement or the images or individuals

01:03:56--> 01:04:03

responsible for that a lot, whoever's responsible to judge according to external affairs

01:04:05--> 01:04:06

as a general principle,

01:04:17--> 01:04:21

what happened to those brothers who live in southern

01:04:22--> 01:04:23


01:04:27--> 01:04:28

and they were

01:04:30--> 01:04:31

intending to do good

01:04:32--> 01:04:34

are they allowed to do

01:04:35--> 01:04:36


01:04:42--> 01:04:49

West Africa, East Africa, you know, India, Pakistan, over the Muslim world, you know, this is not limited to any particular location.

01:04:51--> 01:04:52

Not individually

01:04:54--> 01:04:57

in terms of allowing judgment on the individuals,

01:04:58--> 01:04:59

the person who may be

01:05:00--> 01:05:12

So, out of ignorance, this is how he was raised, this is how it was explained to him that you do these practices also, you know, a lot Allah may forgive that person that action based on the overall

01:05:14--> 01:05:14


01:05:17--> 01:05:20

Though he may identify that particular action, the belief that

01:05:22--> 01:05:31

using the Quran as an amulet, for example, you know, to ward off evil, you know, the policeman use this kind of influence, you know, smacks of

01:05:34--> 01:05:41

if a person is doing that out of ignorance, you know, it is an option, and the overall

01:05:44--> 01:05:49

the individual is a good faith in Allah can absorb that is one thing that is

01:05:51--> 01:06:00

a sensitive point, you know, because when you start to draw the lines, it becomes, may become a bit difficult. But I'll give you an example to show you

01:06:01--> 01:06:06

how this may take place. We have a Bihari anti muslim, the story

01:06:07--> 01:06:13

of a man, a righteous man of the past, who, when the time came for him to die,

01:06:14--> 01:06:18

he turns to them to burn his body into ashes,

01:06:20--> 01:06:28

and defer some of the ashes on the scene and slaughter the rest of the ashes on the last sort of allow would not be able to hold into account.

01:06:31--> 01:06:33

Okay, of course, and they didn't

01:06:34--> 01:06:39

allow us to be dashes together, and the lines are blurred together and they got him back.

01:06:42--> 01:06:43

Why did you

01:06:47--> 01:06:48

forgive him?

01:06:50--> 01:06:56

The idea that he did the idea that a law cannot bring you back, if you borrow something to ashes and scrap your body

01:07:01--> 01:07:01

is no

01:07:03--> 01:07:06

longer alive, not capable of bringing you back to the same allies that are powerful,

01:07:08--> 01:07:10

this is wrong, this is a mistake, this is incorrect.

01:07:12--> 01:07:18

However, it was done out of ignorance. And the man said he was out of my mind was a good man

01:07:27--> 01:07:29

a very high level of faith

01:07:31--> 01:07:34

that Allah forgive him for the error of the Act.

01:07:36--> 01:07:37

And that is what a lot

01:07:40--> 01:07:41

to do

01:07:43--> 01:07:44

cannot go

01:07:47--> 01:07:48

without permission.

01:07:50--> 01:08:00

We cannot go on a run this demands going for that shareholder has no he has inherent tension in the line by doing the show.

01:08:02--> 01:08:10

We do not have that authority to do so understand that it is going to last but it is possible that he may forgive that individual who's doing this out of ignorance

01:08:12--> 01:08:14

because Allah knows authentically what is in his heart.

01:08:15--> 01:08:32

But without a doubt, which is obvious from the question itself. That's the act of using the collagen elements in order as an amulet to ward off evil is incorrect. This is not acceptable sonically the Koran is not to be used in this fashion

01:08:34--> 01:08:44

is recited it is very common they will make it cozy I get on the wall or they make it they will write articles is so small on a on a piece of gold you know

01:08:45--> 01:08:57

you have to use a microscope to meet it and they will hang it you know genius women are the people competing with sides of the coin oh and father squad and quite different requirements by the client which is one inch by one inch.

01:09:02--> 01:09:06

Which you need a microscope normal electron microscope

01:09:13--> 01:09:14


01:09:15--> 01:09:18

not acceptable not to not be useless.

01:09:31--> 01:09:34

Okay, but it's a panic Allahumma chetola

01:09:35--> 01:09:47

Super want to be like, we ask a lot to help us to understand the Quran as it was meant to be understood, and to apply it in our lives and to call others to that correct understanding and application.