Muhammad Hoblos – Two Stories Of The Prophet Muhammad SAW Companions

Muhammad Hoblos
AI: Summary © A young man named Sirkola Alayhi had a dream of becoming a doctor and asks his parents to imagine living in a theater. The Prophet of Islam asks his parents to make a wish for their Yo'ed partner, and a woman wants to see their partner's mindset. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being a Muslim to achieve success and happiness, sharing personal experiences and discussing reward, including a Islam-approved education program.
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my brothers and sisters, I want to share two stories with you from the Sahaba your father's

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look at their understanding of gender

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and look at our understanding of gender.

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I want you to live this heartbeat with me please.

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One of the companions

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his name was Robin carbon eslami.

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And this companion was a was a very young companion.

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And this companion, he belonged to the people of Ireland sufa for those of you who don't know who he is, in the messages of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam there was a section in the back that belonged to the people called Allah sufa and the sufa were the people that had literally no money.

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Today you and I, we say Brother, you know what, while I'm doing it tough, man, I'm doing well.

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But really what you and I mean, as in I'm doing it tough means I'm not driving an AMG. I'm driving my dad's theater camera arena.

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But for these people will lie they were really doing it tough. Imagine you lived in the masjid of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And you were that poll. You didn't have enough money to buy clothes to cover your older.

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Imagine you prayed in the masjid of rasulillah and your our showing.

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So when I tell you that these people were really doing it tough. They were really doing it tough. So this young companion, the Robin Carville eslami he was one of the servants of the Prophet of Allah.

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And please, I want you to imagine that you're living there. Forget about the lights.

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I want you to imagine you're living in Medina. You live in the city of Rasulullah Salim you're in his Masjid.

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And you are the servant of Rasool Allah. And because you believe in Eman because you have to hate and you believe in Allah. You have reached such a state, you don't even have enough money to feed yourself.

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So this young companion,

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he was one of the servants of the Prophet of Allah. Now I want you to imagine you

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imagine you had the honor of serving the Prophet of Allah.

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So the Prophet of Allah He used to come out of his house for that the hedges pray.

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And this young Sahaba Robin capital eslami, he used to bring the bowl of water for the Prophet of Allah.

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So he can make will do.

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So the Prophet of Allah comes out Arabia says this is authentic hadith Sahih Hadith

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says the Prophet of Allah, he goes to prepare the bowl of water for the Prophet of Allah to make will do.

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Then he comes to the Prophet of Allah and he gives him the ball.

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So the Prophet of Allah looking at IVR

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seeing how poor he is seeing his condition,

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you know, I assume that he felt sorry for him.

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So he says to him, rovia

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Make a wish.

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Who's asking?

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The Prophet of Allah?

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The one who if he raised his hands, one more, he alone will allow the heavens to rain gold, if he asked for it.

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And this young Sahabi Now, imagine what an opportunity I want you to imagine, as some of us maybe because the Prophet of Allah is a far stretch. I want you to imagine Bill Gates, you went to visit Bill Gates, you know, and you're sitting in his room, you having a good conversation with Bill Gates, and you know how much money he has. So he turns around and you know, he knows where you live. He knows your circumstances. So he says, you brother, sister, you know what? Open checkbook, asked me? What do you want?

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So this young Sahabi prophet of Allah is asking.

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He says, Our Prophet of Allah,

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I want your companionship in gentlemen.

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You and I, we say brother, I'm happy to just enter Paradise. Look how these people fought.

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He says a prophet of Allah, I want your Sahaba Are you

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Want Your friendship in Ghana?

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So the Prophet of Allah He asks him again, almost as if to indicate that we are not talking about Earth era. I'm talking about he now what do you want? You want a wife? You want a house? You want to tell me? What do you want? Make a wish.

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So he looks at the Prophet of Allah, He says, a prophet of Allah. That's all I want.

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He says, that's all I want a prophet of Allah. The only thing you wish for the only thing that I desire, the only thing I want from this world is your companionship in general.

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So the Prophet of Allah, He says, Olivia, you've asked for something massive

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rabea you need to help me, you need to assist me in your request in making a lot of sujood

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another companion my brother's

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he comes to the Prophet of Allah. And again, I want you to see the mindset.

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I want you to think like Sahaba thought.

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A man comes to the Prophet of Allah and he says, a prophet of Allah when I'm with you, I'm elated.

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I'm flying.

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He says, Our Prophet of Allah but then when I leave you, and I go back home to my family, he says, a prophet of Allah I start to miss you.

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He says, a prophet of Allah, I start to miss you, my heart yearns to see you. He says, a prophet of Allah then I leave my family, I come back, I lay my eyes on you, and our Prophet of Allah I find peace and happiness in my heart once more.

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I prophet of a love the thought came to me.

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Soon you will die.

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And I will die.

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A prophet of Allah you will be in paradise up there with the prophets. And I if I entered paradise, I will be down there in the lower levels.

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He says, Our Prophet of Allah, how can Jenna be Jenna, if I'm not with you?

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for one of the very few times the Prophet of Allah

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was speechless.

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So jabril Brill, alayhi salatu wa sallam comes down, and says to the Prophet of Allah,

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that tell your mama, Tell your men, tell your followers, they will be with the ones that they love in general.

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And I saw the L'Atalante he used to say By Allah, there was no Hadith that was more beloved to us than this hadith. For by Allah there was no one we love more

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than the Prophet of Allah, Abu Bakr and Omar Abdullah.

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This was Jenna for your companions.

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This was Jenna. For the Sahaba.

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My brothers and sisters, I asked you when you think about yourself, and you think about gender? Where do you see yourself?

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Are you just happy to just make it?

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Or are you of those very few people who want the high levels?

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Because my brothers and sisters one lie, I have news for you.

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Don't think that Jenga is all the same.

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You know, my brothers,

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what pushes you to do what you do in this world?

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What makes you wake up every morning and go to work? What your love for work?

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What makes you get up every morning and go to work?

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Your love for work?

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Your love for this?

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Because you know, right? I work because I need this and I need this so that I can get through my daily life Yes or no?

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What makes you go to school in the morning, what you love for knowledge? No, but you know, I need to get a school to get a good education. Right and with a good you know, with a good education, then I can get a good job and with a good job. It always comes back down to what

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today I'm here to tell you why do we do what we do. Why do we fast? Why do we pray?

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Why do we hold this

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These events Why do you do what you do as a Muslim?

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It's also for these ones,

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but not here.

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don't think for a second my brothers, Jenna is the reward. Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says, For those that are successful on the Day of Judgment, I will reward them. What is Allah going to reward you, my brother and my sister This is they are very personal now.

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Because Allah is talking to you,

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with all of these difficulties in dunya, you know, throughout the three days, we've been trying to encourage you to become a better Muslim, to become a better Muslim or to become someone that's you know, all of these things before Why? What's the purpose? What's the payment, what is the reward? what is to happen, you know, if I become the best Muslim is an active day I use an active this and an active, what's the reward? Our law says if you are successful, if you pass for you, I have prepared something my reward to you is something no i has ever seen. No he has ever heard, no heart and no mind has ever imagined or contemplated.

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This is what I have preferred. This is what I have prepared for those believers that are successful. I have prepared for them a paradise the likes of which no one has ever seen or heard or even imagined.

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This is what awaits you my brother and my sister, Jenna, Jenna, that dream into

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a paradise awaits you and the witch reverse flow underneath your feet.

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People now they wish the machine

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100% below

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the profit of the Sahaba none of you will enter gender through your actions.

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