Avoiding The Unlawful

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The conversation is difficult to follow and appears disjointed. It appears that the speakers are discussing cultural differences and the importance of avoiding negative consequences when trying to get a Muslim judge. They also discuss praying at home and the importance of being prayful to receive the benefits of praying at home.

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The house or beating you whatever he just maybe dislikes that you do it better he dislike it and Allah like it.

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Because ultimately we seek to please a law.

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If our brother has a good Deen and you believe

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is perfect for me.

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But my parents are not allowing us to be married because he is of a different culture. What do you suggest that I do when it depends?

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according to Islamic law, if the objection of the parents, the father, etc, is not based on a correct Islamic reason, then the woman has the right

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time the law that the law says

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the woman has the right to have a Muslim judge or a mom take away the guardianship from that Father, and act as her guardian and see her married.

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Then, just the way the situation that she is in

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whether the consequences of her taking that step

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is greater than the benefits

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and where the

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the negative consequences outweigh the benefits, then it's better to avoid it. When a Christian becomes a Muslim, what do they have to say?

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They say they have to make the declaration of faith Laila and the law Muhammad Rasulullah, saying, I shall do la la, la la,

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la la. I bear witness that there's no God worthy of worship but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, but it's not just saying it, it is understanding it understanding the requirements, what the law has prescribed, they should understand it, and then having understood it, they express it. So it is known to the community that they have become Muslim.

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Okay, inshallah, up to the last of our questions. Maybe just before we close if you have a question, somebody wants to raise their hand with a question somebody other than was not raised Any questions before.

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Anybody who has a question?

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The last 1010 days of Ramadan, is it better to do a pm at home than in the masjid?

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It's the same as the same. Have you pray at home? Or you pray in the masjid is the same problems I send them did both. He did both. In fact, the majority of it he did in the home.

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I'll close subhanak Allahumma will be Ambika shadow Allah, Allah, Allah and stop Federica when a tomboy like our brother had some announcements, so if you just give him your attention

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a man

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