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AI: Summary © The concept of the evil eye is discussed in Islam, where some people may be caught in the act of envy. The speakers emphasize the importance of not inheriting negative attributes and bringing up anyone's past. The use of "ma'am" and "monster" in Islam is discussed, along with a disturbing story about a woman claims to be rich and not so happy leading to people resorting to suspicious language to avoid social anxiety and fear.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh brothers and sisters today I want to talk to you about the concept of something called a lying which means the evil eye. I get these questions all the time. And before I talk about it, I just want you to know not to get paranoid about what I'm about to say and align or the evil eye or envy or people who Jinx you're jealous of you and things are gonna go wrong. This is very, very rare. Now Islam does not support superstitions and supernatural things. However, sometimes there are things that happen around the world which we just can't explain or don't understand fully and the Quran comes and talks about it a little bit. And Prophet Muhammad

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peace be upon him talks to us to know how to protect ourselves and identify it. So Elian literally means the AI and the Prophet peace be upon him did say which is narrated, or collected by Sahil Bihari, he said, a line or Huck the evil eye is real.

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In all of the biography of the Prophet sallallahu Salem's life and in all of the history of the whole affair, Rashi Dune, which is about 30 years or so, I only came across two or three instances where it reported something about the eye. One of those instances is actually reported in an essay and even had been one of the Hadith collection books. In a time of the Prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam one of the companions and Saudi they call him he had extremely nice skin and a very nice complexion. So he took his shirt off and went into a river. And when he came out, another companion saw him and he was so amazed and amused by the way his skin was, and his body was so he said, Oh,

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not even a

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virgin woman inside of her oasis. It's a common thing that Arabs used to say. In other words, it says he's got even nicer and cleaner, softer skin, then a woman in sight of her oasis. Immediately the man fell to the floor, and he became sick and couldn't move with extreme fever. And I don't know what the Prophet peace be upon him heard about and they brought him and then he said, Do you know who said such and such? Or do you assume anyone? They said, Yes, he was obviously that man. So he brought him and he said, Allah barked. Which means why couldn't you just say to Barack, Allah, Oh, how God has blessed him.

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And that's one of the things you say when you are amazed or amused by something that you see. So what happened after that was that he got the man to wash himself with some water and he put this water in certain ways onto the sick person, he was cured by the will of Allah and obviously he's the messenger of God who did that. Now brothers and sisters, Allah tells us in the Quran, to seek refuge in Him from every envious person or in shadowy hassad in either hazard from every envious person when they envy. And one lesson we learn from that is, Islam teaches us not to parade, our belongings and our beauties and whatever we have and show them off to the world, which is a very common thing

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now done on social media people, they parade everything about themselves in the meaning of getting attention or followers or likes. Maybe some people are quite sincere, they want to share this stuff with their family and friends. You've got to be careful. There is something called the evil eye and envy. Even if people don't jinx you in a certain supernatural way people do have something against other people and they get very jealous that they have it in for them and they gossip about them or they try to destroy what they have. So envy is when you're amused by something and you wish that you could have it what is the way out well for you, when you go out of your house or you go home or

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anywhere or whenever you feel that people around you me Jinx you will be envious if you like. Just recite a UT Collazo Bill Fennec and say to yourself what the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him used to say to his grandsons and have someone who said he used to say to them, or are you to comedically Mattila hate them and equally Shaitan in Ohio Mikkola in lemma, I seek refuge in Allah and in his protection upon you from every shaitan from every evil and from every

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foreign object or bad object that comes by and I seek refuge in Allah from every evil I against you. So this is what you're saying. And if you're amused by what you see, say the bird or Kola oh the way God has blessed it, and if you are amused by something you have sometimes people look at themselves in the mirror and they get amused by themselves and give themselves that evil. I have heard this before. say Masha Allah who can or you can say Masha Allah or you can say Masha Allah La Quwata illa. And this we get from certain kind of, you know, the story about the two men with the one of them had a garden and he was so amused by what he had built and what he had planted and he said, Oh,

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this is the best and who so boastful in was ungrateful. And then the righteous man says to him, at least say Masha Allah La Quwata illa Allah Oh God wills and there is no power except in Allah. He refused to say Arabic out of arrogance and Allah Subhana Allah to teach him a lesson from this the next day. A storm came and took it all away. So brothers and sisters, we learn these lessons to show us that

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In Islam is not good character to show off our stuff and to parade it. There are other people who are not fortunate like us. Some people, they may look at other people and think, Well, I wish I had what they have. And you know with Muslims, we have compassion towards each other even with that sense. At the same time you don't want people to envy you. So brothers and sisters, be humble. And as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, manpower the Isla Hirasawa whoever humbles themselves for the sake of Allah, Allah will lift them and wealth at the end of the day is about your happiness your righteousness, you love your your Eman and yourself and you want to improve yourself and you

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appreciate whether you have a lot or a little finally I saw a little kid today who said Look how rich I am he's got two five Australian dollar notes and I said you know what a wealthy person is not the person who's got a lot a wealthy person is no is the one who knows how to manage what he has even if it's a little bit So brothers and sisters enjoy your time enjoy yourselves enjoy what Allah has given you be grateful see at hamdulillah say Masha Allah and Saito Barak Allah and watch how happiness will creep into your life in sha Allah Allah with no fear was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Actually, I want to say one more thing.

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Some people they resort to all sorts of super suspicious stuff, thinking that they're going to protect them. Like there's this little tiny bead that they buy, it's blue, or they buy this gold necklace with a little blue eye and now they get a horseshoe where they get all sorts of talismans and charms and amulets, and sisters, all of these are what we call shidduch. should commence making partners with Allah, they have no power stones have no power, there is nothing to them, and we should avoid them altogether. Oh, some people may ask, but what if I wear those amulets in blue? I just feel good looks. Well, yeah. If it's for good looks, it's not making partners with Allah

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subhanaw taala because you're not believing that that stone has any powers that God has. You just want to wear it because it looks nice, but still

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prefer not to wear it because we're kind of promoting that belief because so many people still believe in it, and it causes anxiety, mental illnesses, paranoia, trauma, fear, and Muslim doesn't need all these mental problems. salamati