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CoronaVirus Test from Allah

Haifaa Younis


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This means your Walkman you're walking.

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We are now in a test. Now we are in a test and test is affecting our comfort zone hamdulillah none of us are sick at hamdulillah but our comfort zone is gone. We don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow. I don't know if we're going to go to work tomorrow. I don't know what will happen they close the schools. While we're about Ramadan we'll be able to come Porter out we said don't are we going for Hajj all these for us? As was can we go for the wedding?

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Bye right we don't know. Things are so uncertain that I really need to start using everything I can Allah gave me to come back to that to come by that last pantalla also said

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in order to learn via wearing a blue shirt Sheree will hire a fitness trainer Tori john, we will test you you will be tested by good he said first by evil and by good

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this is a test from our last panel that is how I look at it. It's called Corona It is called SARS It is called flu It is called whatever it is called. He allowed it to happen and he sent it

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What should I do? I'm gonna say it again. You have a fully octane that Allah is the only one who's gonna remove it and the only one who will protect you and will protect this are number one number two

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do our due out turn to him since you You're so good in your nights follow in when it is raining during the rain. Any times when you are so afraid. so afraid let's say you're in your coworker and the co worker was tested positive May Allah protect everybody when you're getting so scared that's the gwanwyn is going to be granted shabwa number three, a lot of cifar a lot of good deeds and return to a loss pantalla number five, you take the means to prevented by dunia means. So don't say I relied on Allah I'm going to start shaking hands. I relied on a lot I'm going to be coughing. That's not my day because