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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen was De La Salette you are coming to see me Allah say Edie, now Muhammad, Allah Allah he will suffer he he may, Allah Hi Melinda and I have found now finally Mallinson, our signalman of the country geniale Bella Alameen

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wa nein we continue on our study of the dynasty of the Holika, out of the clan of Benny Mejia. And we started the historical accounts for the falafel venue, Romania last session, most of the sessions today and later on would be a lot of history. Not

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like our tone before of this, spirituality and, and more of the deriving the lessons in Dean from the rank of Italian. However, the lessons that we get out of history is not less important. In other words, just to be familiar with the history of our own by the history of our kidnapper, and understand the nature of the initial

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state of Islam.

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We know that people are familiar like we studied last session came from Quraysh from the clan of chimps. His son is Leah who has the famous two children is Harbin. I will ask from from Hopkin, I will Sofia even help and from Abu Sufyan his son is well Alia that'd be Sophia and and from that is the basis of Yanni are known the family of Sofia and, and three hula part three of the whole of South Venu Mejia came from that part of the family. The second part of the families have last been Omiya whose son is an HECM, whose son is marijuana and HECM and from Milan Kayne West of the whole of South Bend you mayor.

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And as we counted them here, there is 12 Khalifa and beniwal Mejia. Three of them came from the house of Sofia Mahalia, his son Yazeed and his son Liberia, who are governed only for few months. And then from the house of Milan came, the rest of the hola fell to nine Khalifa and some countin because there is some that actually moved for a few days, but and there is a controversy in history whether the kid counts as a Khalifa or not.

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And we studied the kidnapper of malaria and maybe Sofia, who is also hobby of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam. And we went through some of the details of the collapse of Mahalia Ebina disappear. And we got to the VR to the very controversial they are where the kidnapper was transmitted from Wow yet to his son. And that was the very first time in Islamic history where he lappa is transmitted from a father to son through what is known as they are to see you for the ledger of the swords, because as the history accounts, that might have never been requested that they are from the four major sons of the Sahaba, blocking the amount of wotnot Das. I've watched this today, and Decker

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under the shadows of the swords.

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And the head that's how his ears have been a barrier, but maybe Sofia got his beta.

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From an end, somebody may ask well before that actually, it has ever been I leave that with the alpha from his father. And even though we taught him that his son the son of I need to be taller than the philosopher right after his father and his counted as a Philippe's count as his Khalifa so what is the difference the difference is I needed now recommend for any of his sons to be a Khalifa it was really the Muslims there the the Father as a family it'll be a while I know the ones who were elected and hasten to be a Khalifa and there's one against the bay I feel like Hassan even I need to be a Khalifa however Maria is the one that actually secured the day after his son Year's Eve. And we

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will see how there's significant controversy that we studied in details in our previous sessions, but we will go through them rather quickly. Tonight inshallah.

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My ordinary Soufiane recommended the day and died in this year 60 After however, however, when he died, he

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gave his word to your seat and he knew that there will be problems and the problems will come from for people. And for same 90, Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, and maybe Becker, these four great songs of Sahaba and Sahaba themselves. And

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he said to his son and his well, like we said last session that I've run out of that

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The doctor will follow the rest of his friends to follow his companion. So if you secured the day out, the rest of the amount of medical will follow. He does not have an independent course. And he said that a blogger Omar is diligent worshiper and he's dedicated to lose to the scholarship and knowledge of Islam. And he will not fight you over politics. And if people go to you as they are, then he will go along with them. He said, you'll have trouble with two people, you'll have a problem with an Husayn of an ally. However, he will go and try to join his father's,

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his father's father's his father loyalist in Iraq, and I will see that he will be fast to go out there. And if you catch him, then be gentle with him because of his closeness to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. However, the other one that will give you trouble is Abdullah who is where if you catch him, if you were victorious over him, then kill him with no mercy. And that was the last will that's my area. And I just left him left to his son years, even he died in Rajab of the 60th year after Hedra. And that starts the the time and the rate of use either in my area, who was short time in Islamic history. It was only about four years, but these four years were really

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filled with tribulation. These were very hard years on the Muslim ummah. And the consequences of those four years, actually still follows us till today. And it's really deepened the division in the Muslim ummah, that happened after the split between Maria and ally, Robbie, Allah one, and we will see how the events transpire.

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Yes, you will find a lot of different reviews about us even laurea. When you read the history books, some historians are very much against the US even Wow, yeah, he is cursed, especially by many of the Shia scholars and share stories. And he is attacked, really, in very bad way and many of them does not count him as a

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member of the Muslim Federation. The other accounts you will see some people that defend Yes, even the way that he was not directly responsible for many of the atrocities that took place. The Muslim historians the majority of Jehovah, Lana, they recognize there's been atrocities that committed during the reign of PSC during Maria especially the unsensible slaughter of Al Husayn of 90 Robbie Allahu Anhu man, the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Kabbalah. However, they really do not put the entire put blame on us even Mahalia, they put most of it on his governor, obey the law. Ziad

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so immediately after the day out is he didn't come out yet two things happened is an Hussein a banana or the Allahu Anhu man I belong this event will be Allahu anha floods Medina Tanaka.

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These are Sahaba and children of Sahaba. And they know the meaning of the pledge and they would not rebel against the Khalifa. But they had a very strong argument that's actually they never the mouth never uttered a pledge T is even more Alia that why they claimed that they gave their fears Eid, and they were under the swords where they did not open their mouth with they and they did not open their mouth to reverse that they are so in their own minds. And rightfully so. They had no way it is even my idea and they had no allegiance to follow. Yes, even malaria and they fled to Medina to Mecca and Medina was murdered in a second.

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As a governor, and Hussein as we know to the tragic story of Karbala, he was invited by his father's followers in a Kusa, which was the capital of it and I'd be falling it'll be Allahu ion and when he responded to the call of a Shia out there known at that time as a share, I mean even the followers off or the loyalist off it would not be part of which did not represent a different Islamic sector or any Islamic division at that time any scholarly division at that time, but they invited me to save not only you know the allow one to come to Kufa and we know how he sent his cousin Muslim have now created Navy pilot to to make sure that he has enough loyalist however button in his way to

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cover that people turn against Muslim have not been mistaken not feel is more than himself in and Kufa and the army of obey them.

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Live me use Yad goes out and slaughters and Hussain Ali was the rest of the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the exception of one survivor among the male children who was a lineable Hussain Ali as known known as Daniel Aberdeen have been an Hussain and we studied the history of venule Aberdeen of the law and in previous session, Hussein in 90 is murdered in Kabbalah. And it was a girl stays in Mecca. The story of unforeseen will affect the the events of history from that day on, but it also affected the way that the life is there dealt with the authority and the power that he had. Later on after he became a Khalifa. He during the entire time

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or he was struggling with venue mania for the filata. He was invited anytime to get out of Medina and to be in a sham where the center of power is or even to go to an Iraq where most most of the Muslim armies were not in Mecca or Medina. Most of the centers of power that time we're in an era shot in Egypt and missile and I believe this there was invited by the we will see how he was invited by the governor of Syria, the governor of his Sham to come he refused. And he refused because of the lesson that he learned from had proceeded nollies

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fate when he left and Medina and left Makkah he was murdered and people betrayed him and I belong to Seville and never let that be forgotten. However, historians dispute and argue that actually had he left history would have changed what happened immediately after a crusade them that had been the it was Northern and the news came to Medina and the people that have been Yuma Yeah, and Philadelphia z to the he's the Khalifa that we speak enough tonight was viewed in the eyes of the people of Medina as a legitimate Khilafah. So people revolted people rebelled for the first time and Medina's history rebelled against the Muslim authority, the authority of the philosopher and they resolve their via.

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Now, when you also look at the rebellion of Medina revolt of Medina, you will see different views on that because some scholars and some historians and you will see that in history books, they will support that and they will say while the people are familiar transgressed, yes eats transgressed and the murder of St. Nani was senseless. So the people of Medina had the right to revolt against the authority of Daniel Mejia. Many other scholars and historians said the people of Medina had a bailout and they are has to be respected unless they Felisa committed himself and act that will not will make the bailout invalid. And these acts are really very high, and they have to be really

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serious. In other words, he has it has to be against direct authority of Islam. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you have to obey as long as the Khalifa as long as the authority is allowing the prayer make establishing the prayer amongst you.

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However, be that as it may have been involved in Medina happens and Al Khalifa at that time, you see to my area, he sent an army from a sham led by Muslim Abner up back to put down their vaults in Medina and to subdue also the rebellion of Abdullah who was that who was the only other person that had any authority and rebelling against the people against the house of familia. There was a major battle in Medina known as battle off on how to LA and we studied that also in previous sessions and there was a lot of victims a lot of Muslims that fell for that and victory was the Muslim of Nakba, who continued down to Mecca to put down and bring down Abdullah Seville and his supporters. I was on

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Muslim that died and route he died on his way from Medina to Mecca. And many people said that that was of the result of the dua of the people of Medina that were really oppressed, and many of them were slaughtered. And many atrocities were committed in Medina, in the front in the city of the prophets of Allah, Allah He was telling me it was really hard times kinds of tribulation, kinds of really major unrest, and that will be the theme of the four years of his eternal Mahalia till the end.

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Then Hussein of the new male became the leader of that army and fine with me in a way and he continues on in the siege of NACA starts and I believe this is their home have his throne halls and his fortresses and he fights in Medina and he fights in Mecca he fights in the sanctuary of Allah subhanho wa taala. However, the unthinkable

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happen. And actually, the Medina was attacked by an assignment in America's Army. And those catapult were used to throw stones on the sanctuary on the Masjid Al haram, and the cada was partially destroyed during that siege of Mecca. And during that time during these hard times, this the stakes a few years obviously from the revolt of Medina, that's when yes even while your dice. So nothing to say much about Yes, either denial is right. It was really great time of unrest, great time of tribulation, there was a lot of major events that were shaking the Muslim on that at that time.

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To just speak, very briefly of the what happened. The other aspect of the Philadelphia is even more area is what happened, basically, on the positive side is the armies that were in Egypt were moved out of this tribulation, and to move them out of this tribulation, they're not going to move off. And what's going on an army was sent to North Africa, led by NASA, the great Bucha had the great leader of the great commander. And he was the one commander of the people of Somalia, and he conquered most of North Africa until he reached the Atlantic Ocean. And the famous quote that is reported in history. As he all he saw when he got there is a big white sea and he goes with his

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horse right into the ocean. And he said Allah, if I know there is land beyond this, then I would go into the sea with my own horse and continue to fight in your name and to spread your name and the world. And one thing that happened also he made an alliance with the

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governor of SEPTA SEPTA, which is a city on the northern shore of Morocco today. He got all the way there. And he made an alliance with the government called Juliann. Or union, it depends on how you pronounce it the Eastern or the Western way. And that became the pivotal Alliance because Julian was the key to set the stain was the ketone Angeles. He is the one that actually provide the clave and then later on particle Museum, was the initial fleet to invade Spain and he was the governor of SEPTA or as known today as SOTA.

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Yes, he died in the month of Albion, one on the in the 64th year after the hijra, and the siege of Mecca stops at that time. So, we so far went through the years of malleability Sofia from years 41 to year 60. And then the four years of his ether use 64. What happened is immediately at that time, wow, there is a surrounded Khalifa and Mecca force, Abdullah had the severe, and the fletched Abdullah disarray was given only by a few people in Mecca. And then there was a they are given some easy to his son, through the people of Benny Omiya, following the tradition that malaria established that this now is going to be a dynasty that the people of Manuel Mejia will give the Khilafah to

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their children and so on and so forth. And they will stay in control. But the unthinkable happened, and the Khalifa that was given the pledge at that time, who was my attorney, but I read the second via the New Year's Eve in my area of NLP, Sophia. He was 21 years old at that time, and he was a pious person. And he was also he was very sick at that time when his father died. And immediately after that, he Lhasa, he gave a speech, and he said a man that fit in your car back to an American separator. He said I am weakened. I'm so weak. I cannot want the affair of the summer. The OMA is major tribulation. There's infighting among the Muslims, there is a lot of problems and fitna, and

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he said satellite

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Hapa I seek to find somebody like American football to follow the tradition of Abu Bakr to give the kidnapper to somebody who's capable who's strong and who's the unknown would be satisfied with as a fencer and he says that the right to left when nuclear patinas Stoklosa who Abu Bakr fell in a ghetto, I could not find somebody amongst us like I'm a father I'm I'm hurt by this gun and the likes of Mr. Faber not to be found. And he said sit tight to sit weakness etcetera. Shula fell and then I tried to find six like the six that God gave authority to the Sixth Circuit Shula, the six that were given the authority to select one of them as a fellow that I could not find. Find the six

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like they will have to

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I like the six that Bob gave authority to phantom Ola, the American fact that Tommy said you get your affairs and you choose whoever you are you chose you he gave it back as a Shula may Allah be pleased with him, and he put the things back on track. And that left one Khalifa and only at that time the scholars if you go back to the history of hostility, who is one of the most authoritative history books especially from scholarly standpoint because of salute is not only historian he's an email a similar thing is is this color in Islam is a scholarly book on things and move faster and Quran and and a lot of if you want to go back to the

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the traditional fantasy now in JAMA and to understand how the people were counted. As Khalifa you probably refer you to that book that I'm depending a lot on in Shoreline this preparation. And only at that time, only when you see I'm doing the iodide, or salute the

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Rahima Huracan counted the starting of the hilife Abdullah had this event. And that was in the year of 64. And then that lasted till the year of 73 of Hijra. So there is a break in the dynasty of Benio mania, and it lasted nine years. And that is the kidnapper of Abdullah who was a bear by the Allahu Anhu.

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So if you go back to the theater of operations at that time in my area been Yazeed refuses the field after he steps down, and he puts it back to shoot up. Well. There was no Khalifa at that time. But Ebola and Abdullah and Isabel was only acknowledged in Mecca only inside the city of Mecca. There is no other support for Abdullah who was there. At that time, however, Muslims were left without a Khalifa, Muslims all over the earth at that time, left without a Khalifa Husain who was an enemy was just kind of holding the card that kind of holding the miserable haram, he stops, there is nothing to fight for anymore. Khalifa died that he was fighting for his leader in my area. And the news came

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that Alia Evany has either refused the fifth alpha. So he went and they are to deny that he was fighting, he gave his there to Abdullah as well. And at that time he invited the light was about to go to a sham to assume the authority of the Halacha and other ones to be able to use, as we said they're refused and didn't continue to refuse to leave Mecca.

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So sign goes back to a shop. And our beloved was there with you to seize the day. And many people from the different places of the Muslim world come and gave a pledge to Abdullah hands over Iraq was the one who was yet the one that killed under his authority as the savior of the Allahu Anhu was murdered and slaughtered and convert and then Iraq rebels against our the wives yet and they kick him out. And he flees in Iraq and Iraq becomes a follower four of Abdullah who is there and they gave the pledge to Abdullah Hamza, there was Khilafah. And an Iraq was the key too far as to the area of Paris and for Assad, and immediately ferrous and cold our sun gives the bat to Abdulhadi

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severe Egypt gives the day after Abdullahi Seville, and, amazingly enough on behalf of no pious, who is the governor of Assyria gives his base to underlie this event, and I'm delighted to see there becomes a recognized Khalifa beach denied Kelowna. It was a unanimous, it was the unanimous agreement. And the Muslim woman that I believe was there was a hadith and that's just to reconfirm the validity of the Filatov Abdullah, who was available the Allahu Anhu. And then Abdullah, who was there started sending his Amara started sending his governors he sent them 1000 Or vase, have no idea of aid to Iraq. And he sent his brother Musab of Roosevelt to Egypt, and he keeps on behalf of

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Christ who gave his first job. The wife was there over a chef and about half the price, who was at one time, one of the major supporters of Romania becomes one of the major supporters of Abdullah Adamsville.

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However, as the people Estonia gathered, and he said, What can we do? What should we do? They are the ones that decided that the Philippines should be in their dynasty. And now the dynasty of my Alia is gone. There is no Fidessa left in the dynasty of Malia. I was saying he died, Rahim Allah and Marwan will help him decide that he should move in the name of the people of Colombia. He was the chief of OMA Yeah, at that time, the the, the Honorable Ilija familia were with him, and he decided to go to Africa and to himself give his data to Abdullah who was there, and he made a very short journey to and Jalon to

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the heels of Angela Niala returning to Muslims and interrupted him on his way to like a diver. What happened is yet

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there's a lot of this yet he said, Where are you going? Marwadi Mahakam. Allah said, to give the day after the Khalifa. And he said, Well, you know why you want to go give the day to Abdullah busy then we were just fighting him only yesterday. And he said because we have no other choice. He said, like a sharp, you have a sham, you have a lot of loyalists, a lot of supporters and a sham, a sham has been governed by Daniel Mejia at that time for almost, but that 60 for about 30 years. 30 plus years. So he said you have Seamus for you, then let's uh behalf of nucleus for you. He does not have that much authority. The authority is still with the people offending me. Yeah. So Brian and

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I will take it up for you. So once we have an Iraq on the show, why do you want to give the day to Abdullah visitor and he argued with him and he convinced me that he can not to give the visa and to claim that they are for himself. The people of Romania decided well he is the most the highest one in rank among the people have manners.

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So they are in that place in a job in the shop. They get to they actually happen. And in some history books you will see more one on one HECM as a Khalifa, but no scholars and most historians have thymosin they do not recognize them a lot of men Hakon as a Khalifa, he never had a unanimous Alaska he had the Khilafah based on a show on a very limited they are only from the people of Romania and then later on just the supporters that they could buy or they could convince to join them in their struggle against our blogs. So my random hack can becomes the

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the governor out of the circle of the highlands of Pennsylvania, at least for the new year at that time.

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Was that a sham to claim a sham for himself. Now he is rebelling against the Khalifa, who is Abdullah had severe. So he goes to a sham. And in a sham he finds the hack no case, on behalf of no case one time was appointed by venue Romania to be a governor of Russia. And now he said a London hacker wants him to get his slaves back and on behalf of the workplace said I have a Khalifa and My Khalifa is in Makkah and My Khalifa is Abdullah who was there, and he refused to give the pledge or to support the people of familia. And they gathered an army and they felt they fought in a battle of MacDrive and the year of 64 for hijra, and on behalf of no place loses because of the enormous

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support that then you may have in a sham and he was killed.

00:27:51--> 00:28:08

Rahim Allah. And I'm one of them. How can now controls at least a sham please the mascus and the province of a sham? Are they the lobby's yard moves back to Iraq to claim back in Iraq for the new media against Abdullah Abu Zubaydah.

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And although the land was

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was killed during the saddles, and he was caught by and backed out of aid, and his head was cut was held was taken to the same place that he put the head of the cosine of 90, while the Allahu ion and he was the murderer contained in it. And He, Allah subhanaw taala retaliated from him and his head was in the same place and all over shaved the way he treated the head office sign in the alley, Radi Allahu Allah that now needs to be obeyed with full authority and a shout in an era. And I will start having that be obeyed, had ambitions and he wanted himself to be a man of authority. And he found that now Madonna will Hawkins claiming that the inertia of the light was about explaining silica and

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that suggests so Why can he claim filata in an era and that's what he did. So he started calling for himself. He initially tried to call from 101 haemophilia because there's a lot of support in Iraq to be calling to the family of honey to Allah. And he tries first calls to the pledge for the hammer that will kind of fear of the alarm, but not met. We had a theater fused. And he said, I'm not looking for it. It is not something I ever asked for and he refused to do. So I'm glad to be able to call for and he called started calling for himself started calling back for himself and he called himself Khalifa, Abdullah who has evolved from there from his position in Makkah. He's trying to put

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his Muslim on my back together. And he asked his brother Musab to move to Iraq to put down results have been mucked out of eight and decided not on a new type of new as they are good. And he moved on to an era and he felt I lucked out even a bit

00:30:00--> 00:30:44

evade, and he was victorious and the head of an Moqtada been at the obey was in the same place like the head of obey the law. He was the head who he killed only a few months earlier. So now it was very it was able to control by the law, he was able to control an airlock that Malawian Hakim with his shrewdness and his intelligence, he realized the weakness that when Mossad was left with the army of Abuja for him to control an Iraq, they left a vacuum in Egypt and Milan hakam was fast to send his armies to Egypt. And to capture this very important province from Abdullah had this visit and then later on Marwan admin second

00:30:45--> 00:30:52

died immediately after that, and he called for the sea life after his son. I've been Melek have been Matawan.

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That was year 65, yet 65 After hijra, however, with the lack of the lack of in naran is not recognized to admit severe actually dies. It's not recognized by the scholars of Islam that's a bill Melaka no one was the Khalifa although he got the clergyman sham in the year 65. But he's not recognized as a Khalifa until the year 73, where the unanimously the the OMA was under the role of Abdul Malik ibn Marwan.

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I've been medic

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so at the medical level on moves on to an Iraq, he fights Messiah visa there and he kills him saw the visitor there, and he captures in your lap and immediately the provinces that actually that follow on a lot fell under the people of Romania and the table completely turn against our blindness severe now as people are familiar control, Karasawa control status control la rock, solidly rock and just Euro control, a shaman control Egypt, and it was rare find himself in the middle of fiscal Africa controlling only at hijas. So at the minute when not one, he was a very shrewd, very intelligent and a very skilled politician. And he put himself in a position of controlling these

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areas. He was not fast to immediately attack, I believe is that he established his authority first where he had it. And after that he wanted to send an army to put up a lot to fight Abdullah who was there and he couldn't find any leaders. He couldn't find any value of volunteers to be commanders to go and find out the lives of their people were shaken. How do we fight Ebola? None of this is available I won the descendant of Sofia, Prince Abdullah, and only one man volunteered for that position. And this is the first time this name comes out in history. He was basically an obscure person before that position and that was a hedgehog with a new set of faculty and Hijazi. The new

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set said to Abdul Malik Moran you will not find anybody but me to lead this and I will get you Abdullah who was there, and he moves with the army of Manuel Mejia and the second siege of Mecca happen. Now after the first season, we know that cargo was destroyed during the time of the first siege against Abdullah who was there, I believe is the Allahu Anhu rebuild the Kava. he rebuilt the categoric is Colossae. But he will build it in a different shape. And I'm going to stop just for a minute to

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just shed some light on this point.

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The first wonders of al Qaeda as we know it were Ibrahim alayhis salam and his son is nine and the Canada was not a square was not a cube like you see it today. It was included what is called as a joyous night, which is that half circle, the days of in Canada were down on the floor so people actually can enter the kava during their monastic during their fall off and they can visit the first house of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada on this earth. However, one flesh wanted to rebuild the Chava

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they wanted to rebuild the cabinet only and that was at the time when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam before his death, he was the youngest stay in college and they wanted to rebuild the Canada after a flood damage the sound the the kava so they said we will not put any money in Canada unless it's a money earned from honest

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money from and it's an honest way this money should be gathered, and the entire worlds of Quraysh was almost entirely one on one most of the trades and Quraysh was a trade of prostitution. They will buy

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As Giovanni, they would buy slaves and they would let them sell their bodies for profits, they would use Rita. And they recognize what the usury that they used in lending and in their trade and they use, they recognize that that is not allowed. This is not good. And they decided to use only good money in a cab. So they ran short on money. And their money was not enough to build the entire place like it was before. So they cut and Hyjal they cut that place of hedgerows night off, and the cabin was built the way we know it today as a square as a cube. And they didn't want anyone to come and walk into the cabinet. It has to be only people of the special they didn't want just any

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Joe Blow to go in there. So they put the doors up. They put the doors high, where people that actually want to go into the cabinet they have to use a ladder and they will be able to control that.

00:35:58--> 00:36:21

So when and that's when the story the famous story when the Prophet said a lot he was sitting up put the Blackstone back in place after the people of Christ were fighting and arguing who should put it back because they knew the the special position of that film. So that's how the cabin got its shape today. But when

00:36:22--> 00:37:05

I wanted to rebuild the cabin, now I belong is the nephew of Aisha Radi Allahu Ana. And who is the one that knows the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to Aisha? What did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Tillandsia he said, Yeah, I should know nicomachea Hadith vija Helia. Had it not that your people means the people of Christ or the Muslims. Had he threw it in the jelly or newly introduced to this religion. They had done to Canada I would turn down the Kaaba and our blue velvet on the base on the foundations of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. And he described to Aisha Rasul Allah, it was said that what he would do, he said that I would include an angel, I would include

00:37:05--> 00:37:34

hedges now even in Canada, and I'll put two days and the caravan I will put him down on the floor on the ground on the level of the ground, and there will be one girl on the way we have the dirt today and then another one on the opposite side. So people enter from one door and get from the other one, I believe is their nose this heavy from his aunt from Isla de la. So he rebuilt the cat that basically are exactly on that description. Like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam wants it

00:37:36--> 00:38:18

when it hijacks destroy that cab a second time. People are familiar this we gave it but they thought that I blogged today was rebuilding the Canada according to his own Caprice according to his own desires. So when we build it the way it was done at the time, of course, anyways the wrong way, but this is the way that we have it today. Later on. One of the things that wanted to tear down and rebuild with like Abdullah was there after this heavy squats, authenticated, and Imam Malik came to the Khalifa and he said, Oh national, Allah, Allah says, and I asked you by Allah don't do it. He said, This house will become a toy, they will become a toy in the hands of Khalifa they were

00:38:18--> 00:39:04

manipulated, like they manipulate the politics, and they will tear down and rebuild it and he will be he said, leave it alone, and he was left until today. So that is the short version of what happened after the second destruction of an kava, at the time of the attack of a hedgehog and Yusef. And at that time, a black bear was killed in the 73rd year after he died. And that concludes the philosophy of the lions bear, which was the the board that separates the rule of Benny Soufiane from the role of Benny Marwan from the people of Sofia and for the people of Milan. And that's when they can have other medical marijuana stocks.

00:39:07--> 00:39:08

Any questions at this point?

00:39:10--> 00:39:11

Or comments?

00:39:23--> 00:39:24

You missed last session.

00:39:28--> 00:39:59

Last session, it was really a long story. But he got advice. He it was something that he liked it but it wasn't advice from different people. And they advised him to appoint a colleague. The first advice was let's appoint someone because there will be no dispute there will be no stipulation. Look what happened when we didn't have a solid recommendation of who is to be the Khalifa and why all these arguments. And then the people who may have started recommending said Why go far Why Why don't you appoint them?

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

Your son, Yazidi, he's he's worthy of the Khilafah etcetera, etcetera. And there was William long dispute in a long argument and back and forth and he met himself was Abdullah was there and I blocked him a lot. And then Crusader Knight here on the line and even backer of Yolanda in Medina. They refused to give him the ban, that's when he forced them to be silent. He didn't force them to give back or they never other, the bear that they were silent in front of people under the threat of killing if they opened their mouth, and people gave the pledge to see them in my area based on the recommendation and people were told that these people actually gave the pledge that Crusader and

00:40:38--> 00:40:50

alligators pledge and why mama gave his pledge and all that which was falsification of the truth. So we can Shala and move on to study some of the events that

00:40:51--> 00:41:25

were in the falafel I've been Melaka been Marwan at the Medical Marijuana is the first Khalifa of the house of marijuana. As we said, Most scholars do not count marijuana hecka as the first Khalifa of the house of marijuana, and because there was no day after the waterline had been Hakim that was universal in the Muslim world. However, after the Latin Sabir died and was murdered by her judgment, new sympathy of the Melaka being lawan had the unanimous payout from the entire provinces of the Muslim ummah at that time, and he became the first Khalifa of the house of Marwan.

00:41:26--> 00:42:05

And that was in the year 73. After Hydra, from the dynasty from the jinn from the offsprings of Abdul Malik Ibn lawan you will see that six kill Khalifa after him from his children and grandchildren came and only two from his brother and from his brothers. His brother was Abdulaziz of in Milan and his son is a matter of naturalizes from the Allah one and the other brothers Muhammad and his son is my wife and Mohamed, who was last 70,000 People familiar, but the rest of them have nobody else came from the offsprings from the children of Abdul Malik had been Marwan so who is Abdul Malik had been Marwan and what did he do?

00:42:06--> 00:42:56

His canasa lasted for a really long time. He was one of the longest governance that Khalifa in the house of the new media and as you see on this chart, one of the longest was my area who governed for about 19 years, and then I've been Melaka been Milan govern for about 13 years. His son and Waleed govern for about 14 years at the minute, but no one was born on the 26th year after the hundreds of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and died in the 86 year after the HiDrive the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was 60 years old. His Khilafah lasted from 73 of Hedra until the 86 of hijra, and he is one of us have in this consider a tabby and it's heavy by definition like

00:42:56--> 00:43:42

we've been studying. It's somebody who actually met the Sahaba and took knowledge from the sahaba. And Dominica general Juan was raised in Madina, Munawwara with Hakim was the governor of Medina, for the people of Pennsylvania after the results of El Medina, and I've been medicated Marwan was raised in Medina and he took also during his father's time as a fan he heard from Kathmandu and I found out the alarm when he heard directly and he took knowledge from Abu Hurayrah. He took knowledge from selama on Menominee Radi Allahu anha. He took knowledge from Abu Dhabi, and he took knowledge from Abdullah ALLAH. So he was really a learned person. He is not just any layman or people that was put

00:43:43--> 00:43:44

in a position of power

00:43:45--> 00:44:25

out of a vacuum, he was very well versed in the knowledge of Islam. He was known before according to inside, and inside is the famous author of a public art. And he, public art is the layers of people and this is what it's called in Islam and not reach out the knowledge of men. So one side is an authority of how people were raised and how they live their life. And he said before kidnapper, Ghana had the denza He then massacre before he became a Khalifa he was a worshiper, he was a, a knowledge, knowledgeable person and Islam.

00:44:26--> 00:44:57

And that that served right to Medina. Well maybe has sharpened a ship that a sneer on when I was in sector, one o'clock in Lahaina did Merica dinner one night they said that he was one of the most diligent people on the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and he was one of the most knowledgeable people and he was counted as one of the scholars in Medina. I was denied one of the one or the other all of Regina he said the medina can say Didn't you say you have been limited and Marwan

00:44:58--> 00:45:00

what could I suddenly do? It was counted on

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

Among these famous names among the scholars of Islam

00:45:06--> 00:45:11

however, the events that happened later on and his

00:45:12--> 00:45:51

the the transition of Khilafah and all the tribulation that happened, many scholars started attacking the character of Abdul Malik ibn Marwan and Allah knows where the truth lies. They said in some this is worth narration that when he was given the bay Apple Kailasa he was reading the Quran and he closed it. And he said, How's that for Albania? Albania. This is the separation between you and me that these are very weak narrations and a lot of the history is also written in the time of Benny Abbas. We have to also understand that there's a lot of people were against, the people are familiar politically, so we take the good, we take the best and really the rest Inshallah, in our

00:45:51--> 00:45:52


00:45:55--> 00:46:30

the theme of the Filatov, Abdulmalik Ben Marwan was restoring order. Now the unmount was in shambles. It's been the first fitna of Ali and Maria Ravi Allahu anuna. And then the second fitna of Abdullah, who is there and before him and Hussein him 90 People were tired, exhausted, there was a lot of infighting. The unknown was weakened by all of that the conquest, the photo, we're stopping, Muslims were actually losing territory to their enemies, and Byzantine and the enemies that they had in the east.

00:46:31--> 00:47:08

So what I've been linic have been the one the theme of his Khilafah was to restore order. And unfortunately, one of the tools of restoring orders was ahead judge when use of photography and hijab we know his story was Abdelhak, with Abdullah Hamza, and he was appointed as a governor in Medina from 73 to 75. Then the people of Medina got a respite from him. And he was given the orders to restore order in Iraq. And Iraq is one of the toughest provinces to restore order in. What's that? Like? Tell me about it.

00:47:11--> 00:47:23

And he was a governor of Aqua 20 years, for 20 years, and had judge it in Yusef Asaka. He was the governor of Alabama. And during that time,

00:47:24--> 00:48:13

he restored order. And one of the famous things of judgment use of a faculty is his introduction to an era when he walked into the Mosque of Vancouver. And he walked in as the governor of Iraq, nobody paid attention to him, because the people of Iraq always did not respect their governors and that's what I was saying to his son if they asked you to change the governor every day do it don't make the people are fed up angry. So I'll hijabs was sent there to restore order in that province. And when he walked into the mosque, nobody paid attention to him. And then he got up on the member. And then he said his famous speech and it's one of the most threatening, most

00:48:15--> 00:48:39

imposing a speech that is known and really in the history of, of Arabic literature. And the first thing he said, Yeah, hello, Kufa ner Oosten Kadena to Hannah katha. I have seen her I see Ripert that is it's time to to harvest it's time to get this heads off the nets. I mean, this is the first thing that the new government says And and he said, Well,

00:48:40--> 00:48:54

I'm the one that want to take that harvest. I'm the one that wants to, to get this for a Latina event in Atlanta, anyone you have, and I see the blood between your beard and your turbans. This is how he started his football.

00:48:55--> 00:49:41

And for the interest of time, just to give you the short end of this and he just was threatening them and he said, I will beat you like the beast is being beaten out of the, in the in the prairies and all of that. And then he said to his servant, he said, read them the letter of any need, and people were shaking with fear. So after this hotbar and he said a new medium in a Mini Cooper, salaam alaikum. And he continued, and people were just solid and he said it Sophia. And even me, yeah, you send him what alaykum Allah, Allah He Salam and then send you his Salam and you don't answer that. Repeat it. And then he said when he said was salam aleikum from maybe when Momineen He

00:49:41--> 00:49:59

said not one in the masjid did not answer me or in Momineen with the salam so immediately, he was very forceful, and that was his entire re overall era. He was very his the killing for the judge was not a big deal. And he restored order in Iraq and he was one of the

00:50:00--> 00:50:43

Uh, so tyrants I mean, I don't know another word to describe the way he governed Iraq. Now there are some defenders of Al Hijazi said he needed that restored order and all of that, but clearly most scholars say that this is not the Islamic way. He the sword was an easy thing for Al hijacked us against Muslims. But we will see how the judge also used his authority. During the time of unbelievable Abdul Malik, the son of Abdul Malik did not want to actually direct the armies and to add a lot of territories and restore orders and the provinces of Indians and in the horizont, which is Afghanistan today, and he sent his armies all the way to China. And so there is the good and the

00:50:43--> 00:50:46

bad of the history of jojoba Newsome.

00:50:51--> 00:50:56

The rebuilding of Punjab that also happened during Abdul Malik within Milan and he

00:50:57--> 00:51:05

I've been medica not one cent, the kava to be dope and it was built and designed and the way that Christ built this long time ago like we we said

00:51:07--> 00:51:51

there was a time of Houthi conquered conquest during the reign of Abdul Malik had been Marwan because of all the infighting or the weakness of the medical billing or one did not have a lot of armies going on to expand or spread the territories of the Muslims or the spread the word of Allah it was a time to defend what we have. The army was spread too thin there was a lot of infighting and for the very first time and the Muslim history Muslims give Jizya to the Byzantine Muslim actually had to give good pages yet paid the protection tax that the Byzantine in some provinces in northern Syria so the Byzantine do not attack it and they will use it with their with pay them 1000 dinar

00:51:51--> 00:52:01

every week. And this is the first time that happened. And that was because of all the weakness that resulted from decades of infighting in the Muslim ummah.

00:52:02--> 00:52:48

The other thing that Abdullah Melaka Marwan did is he for the first time established, the Islamic means, the coins that are the money that the Muslim used at that time were either Byzantine or Persian. It was gold for gold and silver for silver, that all the engraving or these were the engraving of Byzantine or engraving of Persia, and for the first time he established the men's the Muslim men's and he engraved the words of la ilaha illallah on the very first Muslim dinar that was put out for us. And we know that and his internal renovations and the Muslim ummah, we know that more Alia established the archiving records of the Muslim ummah, later on it was written in Latin

00:52:48--> 00:53:07

late and later on, it was written in Persian, it all depends on who were the most educated people in that time. But then during the reign of Abdon medica been LoRaWAN it was written for the very first time in Arabic and Abdullah could in Marwan established order, and he gave his

00:53:09--> 00:53:59

the day he gave his filata recommendation to his son, and what he did and Abdul Malik, according to the recommendation of his father, Abdul Malik about what didn't happen, it was to go from one browser to the other is to go from at the Melaka neuron to Abdelaziz even Marwan who was the younger brother of Abdon Melaka, Ben Marwan, and Abdul Malik wanted to change that to keep it in there his children, and there was some dispute among the people of Romania for that. However, what's happened is Abdulaziz died of disease died while Abdul Malik was alive. So the dispute stop and he gave this to Lhasa to his son, elderly Devon Abdul Malik in the year of 68 of the medical bill Marwan died,

00:53:59--> 00:54:03

and it was in the month of Chawan and his son,

00:54:04--> 00:54:48

I've been unbelievable Abdul Malik took the silica and inshallah next session, we will study the rain and the time of Al Walid Ibn Abdul Malik, the theme of the reign of Allah leader Abdul Malik is completely different. Now I've been one leader and one even Abdul Malik he had an ummah that is at rest, there is no infighting, the whatever all the the things that happened during the time of Abdul Malik urban lawan are now put to rest. And it was a time of conquest. And it was time of great wealth during the Khilafah Alpha Lolita and relic that was the time when Spain was conquered. It was the time when the Muslim armies got into France and got into China and inshallah we will talk about

00:54:48--> 00:54:59

that in the next session and also the time of the conquest of Mohamed new class and the third coffee and kotoba event Muslim in Bali. And with that, we stop and we open the floor for any

00:55:00--> 00:55:02

Questions or comments in sha Allah you may have