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Aim at hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he was he was so happy when he said that he was standing ovation that he laomi Deen. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to lessons in. We're still in the chapter that deals with the manners of answering the call of nature and Hadith number 83. It will be read by Brother Mohammed narrated by Abu Qatada. May Allah be pleased with him. Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No one should touch his penis with his right hand when urinating no clean himself from suffocation or urine, using his right hand, no brief in the utensil he he's drinking from. Of course, this hadith has lots of manners that we

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should apply

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after learning them. For example, what is the ruling on touching the private parts using the right hand. Of course, we mentioned in previous programs, that the right hand is only to be used for honorable things, such as eating, drinking, calming, perfuming, is the beginning to where your clothings

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taking things from others, handing things to others, you should always use the right hand in these things. As for the left hand, it's used for the honorable things, things that are filthy or dirty, when removing dirt, when removing filth, when cleaning yourself from impurities from nudges that you should use your left hand. So in this Hadith of the patata,

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may Allah be pleased with him, the Prophet says, Do not touch your private parts with your right hand. So this is clear. Now touching the private parts with the right hand. This depends on when you are answering the call of nature. But if you're not answering the call of nature, it is a normal thing to do. Nevertheless, Earth man Grossman, the third Caliph in Islam, and the son of law.

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twice of the Prophet alayhi salatu, son of man married two of the prophets daughters, the first one died, he married the second one.

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May Allah be pleased with him. earthman says that after I made beya

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after I gave the agreement, and the oath to the prophet SAW Selim to follow him as a prophet and messenger of Allah azza wa jal, I have never ever touched my private parts with my right hand. Why? Because he shook hands with a messenger with his right hand. So this right hand only is you is only used for honorable things. Having said that,

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one does not think that we should tie our right hands behind the backs whenever we go. To answer the call of nature, you may use your right hand, but you have to use your right hand not directly by holding it by holding your private parts and not directly by cleaning and wiping the private parts. You can use your right time when you are washing yourself by pouring the water with the right hand, but cleaning yourself with the left hand.

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Also another manner that was mentioned here in this hadith patidar says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that one should not breathe in the utensils he's drinking from and why is that? The Prophet tells us something we follow without asking why, but it is logical. So the criteria here is that we do not ask why. If the order comes from Allah, or it comes from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, you do not have the right to ask why. You just follow because if you ask, then you are not a servant. In

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More, you become a master. Only masters ask each other why servants comply and follow that is it. Nevertheless, the wisdom and the justification is logical. Now the Prophet tells us Do not breathe, while drinking from a tinsels from a cup from a glass. And why is that? Because by breathing, something may fall down in what you're drinking,

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by breathing. People may drink after you would feel disgust by what you've done. So one you would most likely wouldn't drink after someone that

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did this before you, you won't. You don't like people to breathe in the same glass that you're going to drink from? So the Prophet tells us do not do this. And why should someone else use my glass to drink? Well, this used to happen at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. In one incident. Abu hurayrah tells us may Allah be pleased with him that 80 plus companions drank from a small glass of milk.

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And this is one of the miracles of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam 83 or plus, person grown up adults drank from this small glass or cup or bowl of milk, and they all had enough of it. So people do drink after each other and this is normally made drink of a cup of water and then someone finishes it off after you. Therefore, one of the behaviors and manners of Islam that you do not breathe in the glass that you're drinking from. And again, it tells us how Islam tells us to care for others feelings, you don't live alone on this planet. So, you have to care for the feelings of others you have to care for them and for their feelings, try not to

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pollute the environment, try not to answer the call of nature under the shades or on their ways or even in stagnant water is forbidden for a Muslim to urinate or to answer the call of nature in stagnant water water that is not moving Why? Because this pool or this lake is going to be used by people either for drinking or for washing and by you answering the call of nature by urinating in it or doing something similar to that you are making it filthy and on usable.

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The following Hadith is to be read by

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a lot of men Rahim narrated by Solomon radi Allahu Allahu Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam forbade us to face the Qibla when defecating or urinating, or to clean ourselves using the right hand or to clean ourselves with less than three stones or to clean ourselves with dang or a bone.

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This Hadith was reported by a Muslim so it's regarded as the highest of all authentic hadith. Now, sell man. What what who's selling man? Does anybody know the name of the father of Sandman

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said, Well, we don't know the name of the Father. We know that his title is at the Pharisees, the Persian sell man, the Persian from Persia from Persia and said, Man, we don't know his father's name. We don't know his brother's name. We don't know anything about him, except that he was the son of a big priest and Birger where they used to worship fire. And his father wanted him to be a priest too. And so Pamela Selman had it in him, that this was not natural. Fire is not a creator, to be worshipped. So he left he set out on a journey for finding truth. And he went to many countries and he

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stayed with a group of Christians here and their priests serving them

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somewhere honest, somewhere dishonest, until they told him to go to Mac to Medina, because it is time for a messenger, the final messenger seal of the prophets to come out and he will come out in this village in Medina and they give him the description as found in the Torah and the Gospel that

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The Bible the New Testament.

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So he went there, he was kidnapped and sold as a slave to a group of Jews. And he worked there until the prophet SAW Salah migrated from Mecca to Medina. And then he came to the prophet and he gave the Prophet couple of tests just to know if he's the one, if he's the chosen one, if he's the Messenger of Allah azza wa jal, and once it was proven to him that he was indeed a messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam he embraced the prophet SAW son, and he declared Islam and the prophet SAW Selim from there on, took him as one of his closest companions. And whenever any of the companions would say, what's your family tree? He would say that my father is Islam, I have no father, but him. He

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never said that I am the son of show and show or the king show. And so he is the son of Islam. Sandman allphotossee, was a great companion of the prophet SAW Selim. This Hadith originally is found in Sahih Muslim, and it has a story.

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It's it's a nice story. But it's a story that we should learn from.

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The Hadith says that a group of Jews came to sell man, and they were complaining.

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And they said, Send man, your messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught you every single thing, even how to defecate.

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Give me a break.

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Is this logical responsible? The Prophet your messenger, teaching you every single thing even how to defecate because they're trying to mock of our religion.

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If you look in other religions, you will find general things, not details. That is why you have interpretations of men. And that is why you have laws, regulations that can change from one time to the other. Islam is not like this. Islam has been here for the past 15 centuries. And it's here to stay. As we believe as Muslims, we believe that this religion of Allah will prevail and will dominate the whole earth. And if you look at it, you will find the powers and strength of it. Because it is suitable for every time generation and for every location. People in the US cannot say, well, this doesn't apply to us. We can't do this. People in Asia cannot say that, well, this is

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difficult. Islam is practical for all human kind. So when they asked a man, your prophet has taught you everything, even deification, he said, Yes, he did. He taught us and he said, the Hadith that you've just heard from, nor he said, he told us not to do so and so and so and so, he listed the manners that one should follow through the process of answering the call of nature. And the catch here is that religion is perfect. And no one could come and say that, well, Allah has forgotten this. He should have did this. My cameraman says that we have to break now. So inshallah Stay tuned and we will be right back.

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So this is something that you have to point out to the to them in the Bible, something which is I think, very rarely needed by the youth, which is staying firm. On the truth. This is just one of the greatest examples for me of how to control your anger within the framework of being the cleanest religion, the cleanest jurisprudence, and in the meantime,

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the kindest religion to animals.

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Watch let's talk with Helene a minute as he interviews guests and discusses a variety of topics, everything from youth issues to religious issues. Join us here on Buddha TV.

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Back, brother nor can you please read the Hadith again. Okay.

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Narrated by Solomon are the Allahu anhu Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam forbade us to face the

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Keep blah when defecating or urinating, or to clean ourselves using the right hand or to clean ourselves with less than three stones or to clean ourselves with dung or bone.

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Okay, so let's go on trying to to study the manners of answering the call of nature and this hadith. The first instruction is that the Prophet forbade us to face the Qibla when defecating or urinating and this is similar to the following hadith of RBU. And who is to read this hadith about Hadith? Please go ahead brothers okay. Narrated by

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Allah, Allah's prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam See, neither face nor turn your back to the Qibla when defecating or urinating, but turn towards the east or the ways Okay, so I think it's appropriate more appropriate to go on to Hadith about YouTube as it's the first part of Hadith sellman which is facing the Qibla. Now in the Hadith that brother Zeki has just read by you, but I'm sorry, may Allah be pleased with him.

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said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam,

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neither face nor turn your back to the Qibla

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while urinating or defecating. So this is about a YouTube's version of not doing this. And there are seven approximately seven different opinions for scholars regarding this issue.

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The first of course, opinion of all is it's forbidden completely, to face or to give you back to the Qibla when urinating or defecating whether you are in the open, or whether you are concealed.

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Within indoors

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in a bathroom or a toilet. It's completely forbidden.

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there and then they go on by saying well, it's okay. And buildings, but it's not okay in the open. And then another opinion say it's okay when you are suffocating, but it's not okay when you're urinating. And the other one says it's okay to give you a back to it. It's not okay to face it. And, and go and so on and so on until you reach an opinion a weird opinion that says that you may not even face or give you back to the sun or the moon when you are urinating or defecating and then

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what what should I do then I'm surrounded, I can't go east, west, north, south or wherever I'm surrounded from all directions. Well, this is completely unacceptable. unauthentic The last one, the sun and the moon has nothing to do with your urinating and defecating while Tabler does. And Qibla as you know, is the direction Muslims face when they're praying. So it's the black, big black building in Mecca, which is called al carrabba. And all Muslims, all over the world, the whole 1.5 billion of them and still counting face every single day, five times a day, when they are praying. And this by by large. By far, this is the greatest sign of unity. They face the same direction. They

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say the same words Allahu Akbar, Allah is Great or greater. And they recite the same verses of the Quran. They do the same movement as a sign of their obedience and worship of Allah, the Almighty. So the Qibla has a special place in our hearts. It's a place that we face when we are praying. That is why

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Sandman says that the Prophet says the law says that the Prophet forbade us to face the Qibla now He did not say to give our back to the Qibla about you've said that we may not face nor give our backs to

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the Qibla as in this Hadith, now.

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So what's the authentic opinion of all Is it okay or is it okay? As I said that there are different opinions of scholars checklists and Tamia and his students, I am Allah have mercy on them all. say that it is not permissible to face or to give your back to the Qibla while urinating or defecating whether you are indoors or outdoors.

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It's completely forbidden. And the Hadith that backs this up is about YouTube's Hadith. The one that brothers lucky just just read, because the longer version says that after about, you've said this, he said, and when we went to Sham region, Sham is a name that

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is we call the countries of Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, the whole area is called Sham, a sham. So what you have said that when we went to a sham, we found that the toilets are in the direction of al Qaeda, or our Qibla. So we used to take sides. So if we're facing macabre like this, he says, we used to divert and ask Allah for forgiveness.

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Danny, if it was, if it were okay to face the traveler indoors, he wouldn't have diverted, he wouldn't have taken site. But though they were indoors, facing a wall and a building and so on, yet he still considered that facing it is forbidden, as the prophet SAW, Selim said, and this is the most authentic, vertical ball. Nowadays, it's almost impossible to do this with modern toilets. Because if it's built on the, on the direction of the Qibla, there isn't any possible way of diverting special because of the nature of how it's built. But if it's a must, and you don't have any other choice or solution, then you may answer the call of nature in that direction. ask Allah

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for forgiveness. If you're building a house, it's completely forbidden for you to build it. To make your toilets and bathrooms in the direction of la blah. I think I may ask you a question, Fadi. Now, what do you understand by saying,

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turn towards the east or west?

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Is this political? Does the Prophet say that whenever you want to defecate face the east and west, because politically speaking, of course not at the downfall of the Prophet, they didn't have the eastern powers and the western superpowers? I think it means just to deviate from like being facing a different side. Okay, so what happens if you are in,

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let's say, East Asia?

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If I'm going to follow this Hadith, I'm going to face east or west, then I'm going to face Mecca. I'm going to face Dr. Abdullah. So how can I apply this? Now like if you're always facing north towards the cobbler, then just go east or west of it not? Okay, then Medina, people of Medina, where is their Qibla

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that you have to study geography to know this.

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But you have to study south, it's just to the south Mecca is to the south of Medina. So if you are facing south, then you are facing the Qibla. If you're facing north, you're giving your back to the Qibla. So the Prophet says, turn your face, east, or west, do not face or give you back to the Qibla. But in the in case that you are already in the east of

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the Qibla or the west of the Qibla then you should turn your face, south or north. So don't take it literally that you should do this manner. No, you should try to understand what the Hadith says that implies. Going back to Solomon and Pharisees Hadith, the prophet

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forbids us from facing or giving our back to Dr. Avila. And he forbade us from using the right hand to clean ourselves after answering the call of nature and we've already gone through this. And he also forbade us from using less than three stones. And this is understandable if you're not going to use water. So the minimum acceptable is using three wipes. Whether it's three stones, or one stone that has different sizes, that allows you to wipe three times without getting yourself or hand dirty. But if you are using water, then one Why two wives three wives regardless is would do the job because you're following that with water and this is

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acceptable. And the last and final thing that the prophet SAW Selim forbade us from cleaning ourselves with dunk.

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So you may not use dunk as the droppings of animals are, as we mentioned in a previous Hadith, this is the

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food for the animals of Jin.

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And the bones are the food for our birds from the gin, the bones, Allah azza wa jal has gave the jinn, these bones to be full of meat for them. And this is something that we do not see. And we may not be able to imagine, but as Muslims, we believe it, and not everything that we do not see, we do not believe there are so many things that we do not see yet. We believe in them, such as souls. Every and each one of us has a soul. But do we see it? No, it's a person dies, his soul comes out? Do we see what came out? No, we do not. But yet we believe in it. Everyone claims to have have brains? Do we see our brains? No, unless somebody rips our heads off and then Ah, whoops,

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something's missing? Well, it's not necessarily to see, to believe, we believe that it exists. And then and this is how we should comply with it. These are some of the matters, that the prophets Allah solemn, taught us, and the companions have followed it to the letter. And we ourselves should also follow it to the letter because this is a sign of our, of our acceptance to Islam, and of our obedience to Allah, the Almighty. And again, remember, the Jews did not like us following every single step of the teachings of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. Yet we do this, because by doing it in sha Allah, Allah azza wa jal will make us accompany the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam in paradise. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. And until we meet next time, via Manila or Santa Monica