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Taif is a historical city of Saudi Arabia located in the province of Makkah. The tribes that inhabited Taif were called the Thaqif and was the second-largest tribe of Arabia at the time. The city had then the following chieftains:

  • Urwah ibn Mas’ud
  • Abd-Ya-Layl ibn Amr
  • Uthman ibn Abu-al-Aas

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who was born in Makkah preached Islam to the inhabitants of Makkah and the Hijaz whilst encountering resistance from many of the people at Ta’if.

When the Battle of Hunayn took place, it followed the unsuccessful Siege of Ta’if. The city was attacked by the tribe of Banu Daws, but it countered the attacks.

The Battle of Tabouk left Ta’if completely isolated which prompted the Banu Thaqif to arrive in Makkah to negotiate the conversion to Islam. The idol of Al-Laat was destroyed along with all of the other signs of the city’s previously Pagan dominance.

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