Ammar Alshukry – What To Do When You’re Spiritually Stuck

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The importance of fearing one's own actions and not dying is emphasized in Islam, with guidance and not dying being key pillars. The speaker also highlights the use of "has been" in context of the book of the Prophet sallama and the importance of gratitude and praying with focus. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to hold onto their religion to avoid negative consequences and offers a speech hosting attendees. The importance of gratitude and thanking Allah for allowing them to participate in powerful events is also emphasized.
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In the hamdulillah

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nama monastery in human istockphoto,

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when rubella Himanshu rhodium fusina Dr. Marina Mia de la la la la la, la la la la, la la la la la la sharika shadow Mohammed Abu hora Solo Solo Torah. bucilla Mohali rebelled Allah Allah Allah azza wa jal Chiquita will carry by the villa administrator Norma Jean yeah you Allah de la hepato hottie Allah Mouton a la and to Muslim moon Allah so it says in the Quran oh you who believe here Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of Islam. And Allah so just says yeah, you have Natsu taco raba como la de la camina

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wahala caminhadas oh jaha web SM in humeri Jalan Catherine Vanessa de la la de de Luna de Waal or harm in Nevada Cana la cumbre Kiba. Allah says,

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all mankind fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produced from that soul it's made and made from their combination many men and women so fear your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship Verily, Allah is Ever watchful over you. And allies oh just says yeah, you ready? And I'm gonna tackle Ah ha, ha kulu Colin sadita useless telecom Allah como la comme de novo Kumamoto, a la hora Sula, who was a frozen alima Allah so it just says, Oh, you who believe.

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Fear Allah and speak to the truth, he will correct for you your deeds and forgive you your sins and whoever obeys align His Messenger than they are indeed victorious.

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As for what follows our praises due to Allah we seek His guidance and his forgiveness and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves, and the whispering of our desires, whom Allah guides no one can miss guide and whom Allah allow us to be misled, no one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone, having no partners and that Mohammed Salah lo it was seldom is his slave and His Messenger and his perfect worshiper.

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The introduction to the hook was a very profound introduction, and it's filled with

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incredible meaning.

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And so when Allah azza wa jal, he says, Yeah, you're Latina, Ma, Taka la Takata Hola, como una Illa? Want to Miss limone?

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You may not. And I for sure, all of my life. I've been hearing this at the introduction of Holton bugs, and

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it's almost quizzical. What does that mean? Do not die, except in a state of Islam, all you who believe fear a lot and don't you die, unless you are in a state of submission to Allah.

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But you see how people go through varying stages of a man in their life.

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You remember times in your life where your Iman was incredibly high.

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And if you were to die in those moments you would have hoped to have been from the people of paradise.

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And there were times in your life where your mind was very low.

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And you thank Allah azza wa jal that you did not die in those states.

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And we waver from one stage to the other, because one thing that we know about a man is that a man is never stagnant faith is never stagnant, it doesn't stay in one spot.

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It is always either increasing or decreasing every minute of every single day.

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And so the believer is conscious of their state of their email. And that's something that they check more frequently than they check the state of their bank account. It's something that more frequently that they diagnosed and they diagnose their own health because they recognize that their Eamon and the state of their Eamonn is not going to affect their livelihood only. And it's not going to affect their health, but it is going to affect their aphylla it is going to affect their dunya and it's going to affect their health. And so a lot of storage says to every believer in community, do not die, except that you are in a state of Islam. No matter how much Islam is attacked, you hold on to

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it, don't die without it. No matter how much people feel like their religion is being shaken in their own hearts, hold on to that faith, and do not die without it. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, do not die except that you're in a state of Islam. And so this whole debate that I wanted to present and something else that we learned from the introduction of the hook, but the province of ally do send them used to say man Yeah, de la, phenomenal Ella woman you blame Farah de Allah. Allah, the province of the light they send them says that whoever Allah guides normally

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can misguide. And whomever Allah allows to be misled, no one can guide and so immediately, we learn an incredibly important lesson and that lesson is that

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guidance comes from Allah guidance doesn't come from all of the knowledge that I've acquired over the years all of the Quran that I've memorized all of the students that I've studied all of the teachers that I've sat with all of the halaqaat in the massage that I have sat in, that is not where guidance comes from guidance does not come from my intellect in my studies, guidance does not come from my family, and who my parents are guidance does not come from my, my background.

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Guidance comes from Allah. And so Allah so it just says in that hadith of Pudsey, that was related about without only Fati he says, Yeah, I

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could look I'm born in lamb and had a to festa whodunnit.

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Allah says, oh, children of Adam, all of you are misguided your default state is that you are in a state of misguidance, except for those who might guide so ask me for guidance, and I will guide you.

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And so are most consistent in prayer that we make in every single rock of every single solar is a hit, then I'll sit off and what's the theme Oh, Lord, guide me to the straight path.

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And unfortunately, this is a disclaimer that I have to make and every single hook but but we're going to keep making it because

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you did leave your work and you did leave your school and you did leave whatever it is that you are doing for the exit of Joomla. However, the prophets of Allah to send them says minimus and house off i'd love that whoever touches a pebble while the Jim apwa is going on, then they have committed vain speech and whoever commits vain speech, there's no Juma for them. And so I would hate for somebody to have lost the reward of Juma just because they needed to check their text messages or check their phone, or to go through a book or to do something like that, while the whole debate is going on. The prophet SAW the light is seldom commanded us and he said, when the whole team is on this member,

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then be quiet for that period of time and don't worry, inshallah the holdup is going to be short. So

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what is the

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what is the cure then for this spiritual stagnation that we experience? When a person's emotion is going down? What are the things that we can do? You may have looked back at your own life as I do mine and I see that there were times in my life where it was just things were going so well. I was attached to the salon, I was attached to the mystery that was attached to the citation of the Quran. I had maybe time that I don't have now while I am a parent or while I'm in Advanced Studies, or while I'm in a particular job that I didn't have.

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I have leisure or I don't have leisure now that I had before. What can a person do?

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This is all cured in a single Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and it is a beautiful Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said to me, jabil he says Jamar had in your head book, he said to my wife, oh my god, I love you.

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And so now the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he's communicating to someone that he loves them. So now you know that the gift that he's about to give them is going to be appropriate to that love. It's going to be a powerful gift. Well, what did he tell him? He said, Do not forget to say, after every sola Aloma, the critic, or shoe critic, who has never had a tick, do not forget to say after every Salah Oh Allah assists me in doing three things, what are the three things this is the purpose of this hook, but I want you to memorize these things. internalize these three things, and leave with these three things. Allah assist me in remembering you

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and thanking you and worshiping you properly. These three things are a cure for spiritual stagnation.

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Aloma, any Isaac, you know, many of us go through periods of our lives where we just don't have the time anymore.

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We don't have the ability anymore to do that which we used to do five years ago or 10 years ago, and we feel the effects of it in our heart. We feel the effects of it in our E man. What is the cure for that the vicar of Eliza, Vicar of Allah something that a person can do? While they are in the most busy circumstances. Car is full with kids, you're driving home, you can remember a law.

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You're in the middle of an exam you're focusing you can remember Allah, the vicar of Allah is something that you can do in all circumstances. And the prophet SAW the lie to settle him he says about actually the province of the lightest and then use to prescribe the liquor of Allah to the very people who would come to him complaining that they didn't have time,

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or that they didn't have ability anymore. And so when a person comes on behind, you know the law and how it comes to the sort of loss on the lighter send them and she said, yo, Allah, I become old and heavy. What can I do? Tell me what I can do. He says say sir Pamela 100 Times said hamdulillah 100 times

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Say Allahu Akbar 100 times, say

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la ilaha illa la 100 times, say these things 100 times, another man comes to the zoo last on the light day, send them and he says yada, yada I don't have the ability to memorize Quran. I can't do it.

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Tell me what I can do. And so the province I'm allowed to send them says in your salon say Subhan Allah when hem de La La La La La La La La La, La, La La La La quwata illa Billah. And so the man he reached out and he grabbed it in his in from the air like this. And he said his family, he said, Well, that's for my Lord. All of that is praised for my Lord, what's what's what's in it for me? And so the province of the light as Adam said to him, say Allahumma howdini Well, surely what harmony widening was opening wasini

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or law protect me and have mercy on me and forgive me and guide me and provide for me and so the man he grabbed that one out of the air to on the province on the line to send him he says I'm mad at him you know, clearly this person has filled his hands with goodness.

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A man comes to this little last little light I sent them and he says in a Shariah Islam catarratto la he says all of this, the legalities of the religion they're too much for me telling me something that I can hold on to. And so the province of the light is and it says to him, let your tongue be moist with the remembrance of Allah. Lay your tongue beer moist with the remembrance of Allah that a person constantly in a Bisbee a state of remembrance, and I know that some people now they're thinking right now they're thinking, well, you're telling me about something that's too easy.

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That's too light.

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But you know what? The more you learn, the more you realize that the most important things in this religion are the basics. The most important thing and the most beloved action of Allah as though again is what Allah has obligated that you when you pray salata Juma, you pray it with focus, you pray with for sure you pray with Ingersoll you pray with humility, that you try your best to perfect this Juma prayer that you are about to pray that is the most beloved to Allah, that you pray also when you pray on time and you pray with that wish you were in that focus again.

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Allah azza wa jal says that my most beloved actions and these are quotes, he says, Leia takanobu, in a dbj, in a humble lamb Masato, that my slave does not come closer to me with anything that is more beloved to me than what I have obligated. And so focusing on the fundamentals, focusing on the pillars of this a lot of the pillars of the religion, the dhikr of Allah. And that leads us to the second which is gratitude. Aloma anylogic washuw cric. Number two is to thank Allah to appreciate a lot because when you are in a state of high emotion, and you want that high EMA and to continue, you don't want it to go down again, you don't want to relapse, you don't want to return back to a state

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that you were in previously.

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That you thank Allah zodia for those gifts, when you pray Juma right now that you thank Allah for the fact that he allowed you to come to the masjid to give him a hug. When that you think to yourself, well, who am I?

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I'm not doing a favor to Allah. Rather Allah is the one who's doing the favor to me by allowing me to be in the masjid amongst millions and millions of his creation. And I'm not, I didn't do anything more, to receive this incredible bounty from allies so that you think you ever think about that? Do you ever think of I appreciate or I am thankful to Allah that Allah has allowed me to attend every single Juma over the past year or two years or three years. I was sitting with a brother last week, he said to me, I didn't pray to Him for two and a half years because he was living in a random city. There were no Muslims around. I appreciate a lot as again has placed me in a position where I pray

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to Him every week that what I see Muslims every single day, I say I said Amen.

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I appreciate I think a lot of he has made me feel so lean when so many people, even people in my own family, so many people that I know they have trouble with their salon, they don't pray

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that I appreciate and I thank Allah azzawajal for these things. Because when you thank Allah, what does he do? He increases you. When you thank Allah He increases you. And Allah divided up the entire world into two categories. He says in Adana, who Sevilla in Masha Cyrano in Makkah fula, we have guided mankind to the two paths, they are either shot killed, they are either people who are grateful, or they are people who are ungrateful. And the shacket is the person who thanks a lot by fulfilling their obligations. But there is a higher level of shellcode and that's the person who's chacun and shockula is the person who doesn't just do the obligations. I'm just going to pray Juma.

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I'm just going to pray my wife. I'm just going to fasten on hold on. I'm just going to get my Zika that's a shocker person, but shockula is the person who

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More the person whose gratitude propels them to do more and more and more and so when the province the law do is send them would pray the night until his feet would swell and his companions asked him why do you do that when Allah has forgiven all of your sins He says, if an akuna absentia Cora

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shalom not be a slave who's filled with gratitude towards there's Lord

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and the Shakira and are many, but those who are Shaku are few because Allah says What do you mean by the Ashoka? There are few of my slaves who are thankful akula Massey, Mr. Ali, welcome, first of all

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Why are you so happy send him to Sim casilla. Part of the core part of gratitude is that you recognize the blessings of Allah in everything that you experience. And there's a beautiful passage in sort of the num, where Solomon Islands Salaam he teaches us this lesson, when he had wanted to have one of the members of his court bring the throne of the Queen of Sheba from Yemen to Jerusalem where he was his court. And he says, you can get a teeny bit I'll show you how to name muslimeen says Which one of you is going to be able to bring her bring me her throne, the throne of the queen, before they come to me and submission? Are there a few

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terminology and it could be a copula and Tacoma mechanic when I was in LA, he laconian me and he says, I am going to be able to bring it to you before you get up from your spot. And I have the ability to do so and I am trustworthy. Got another endo mo mineral kitabi and it could be in a Qatar folk from Morocco Mr. Kiran ENDA su de Monterrey Salaam, another person from his court, the one who has knowledge of the book, he says to suit a man I have the ability to bring it to you before you blink. And so once today, man all of a sudden seize the throne of the Queen of Sheba. He sees this great act that is done in front of his eyes by one of the members of his court. Who does he directed

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the banks to immediately he says have them in for a little bit. The blue and he called up for woman shut off in the marsh Coronavirus, a woman governor of Nairobi county and county Kerry immediately says this is from the favors of my Lord.

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And so when you get a

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opportunity, someone does you a favor. And you thank them profusely and you should. But don't remember, don't forget that the first that you should thank for that as allies,

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that you'll be a person who is constantly thanking a lot because when you thank Allah, He will increase you. And by increasing you he will increase you in all of the goodness that he has facilitated for you. He will increase you in your culture in your soul. He will increase you in your fasting, he will increase you in your ability to give charity, he will increase you in your email. And by doing so you see how it facilitates the first and the second then facilitates the third where the Prophet sallallahu send them said Aloma say Allahu

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Allah The Crick washu Crick robotic. Oh Allah assist me in remembering you number one, and thanking you number two. And in worshipping you properly, we ask Allah to accept from us our speech.

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And we ask Allah to grant us the ability to hear the speech and to follow the best of it. And we ask Allah to bless our community here and bless our members. Bless our families, we ask Allah azza wa jal to guide us to that which the people have differed in regarding a low maintenance local General makabe ham encoding Mohammed when becoming a nun Omar Coronavirus, Kony Mohammed. Aloha mattina fusina taqwa Johanna Hagerman, Sokka Antonio Mola Allahu Maximilian I mean Sasha Tikka Mata Hulu he been in Albania sciatic amico Attica metabolic una de genetic Amelia Tina moto will be at a nama saya dunya amatola home maybe a smart no sorry no Latina

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Latina watch I mean watch I thought an item for Amina to know lahoma Adam and Adana wattage MC Bettina fi Deena Allah, Allah Akbar Amina, well, I'm a blogger Amina Allah Allah nerima zerona watch Allah ginetta here Davina medica Rama Rama Rama Rama Kamala bernisa Lila Allahumma Shri Madonna Madonna muslimeen Wareham Mota no motor muslimin alohomora Macedonia Mazel Tov in Amman Covina few Colima can alohomora makabe nafi Sham Buffy sama of inhabit Sha wasabi Raja Muslim in paramedic ar hamara amin masala Haida sadism hamadryad ariosa Selim Selim Kira Camila Salatu Allah

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Allahu Allahu Akbar a shadow Allah

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In law shadow, Mohammed Rasul Allah. Hey y'all

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