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In an hamdulillah

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monastery in hoonah sofiero when our Eau de Bella Himanshu lorien fujinami say Dr. Medina manga de la dama de la,

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la La, La La La La La La La sharika watch Atlanta Mohammed Abu hora sudo Sofia

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Bella risotto Manasa Rama Rama Rama hijo de La La Liga How can I Holla Holla Holla Herrick salatu salam Ali, Rebel de la escuela de

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la mina shaytani r Rajim Yeah, you hola de la. Yeah. Latina matakohe la casa de guerra de Mouton Illa

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Allah so we just says in the Quran oh you who believe? Fear Alize he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of Islam. And Allah says yeah, are you Hannah Sue Taco Bell como la de la Takumi nuptse wahida bahala caminhadas o jaha Baba salmon humare Jang Casio wrong manisa la la de tous. I don't wanna be he will or harm in LA LA con la Kumara Kiba. Allah says, O mankind.

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Fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produced from that soul its mate, and made from their combination many men and women so fear your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship, barely allies ever watchful over you. And Allah Isaiah says, Yeah, are you living in LA Paulo, Poland city de la cama Kamala Kamala philippou Nova Kumamoto de la hora, sola, hoof advisor hos and alima. Allah says, Oh, you who believe fear Allah, and say that which is correct, he will correct for you your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys a line His Messenger then he is indeed victorious. As for what follows. All praise is due to Allah who has magnificent in

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his essence perfect and his attributes are undeniable in his presence. All praise is due to Allah Who has the most magnificent names of praise that is forever for him. A praise that eternally remains may send peace and blessings in their most perfect fashion. He sent greetings and salutations that are complete and everlasting upon the best of his creation. Muhammad Sallallahu I didn't he was sending me perfect his rank and elevate his station for he taught us what we did not know. And he gave and he gave, and he gave because he loved this. So it was narrated that I'm going to mahatama the law and who during the time, he was ameerul momineen. He was walking in the streets

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of Medina.

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And he came across a man who was a servant of animal Lila, and he was a Persian slave. And so he saw the man over some fire. And he was a blacksmith. And Omar rhodiola, who asked him he said, What's your job? What do you do? What's your skills? What's your trade? And he said, I'm a black, a blacksmith, and I'm on the line who said to him, I heard that you can make Mills that run on wind.

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Can you do that?

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You can make a windmill. He said, Omar, I am going to make you something that the entire world is going to hear about.

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I'm on the line who looked at his companions and said this man is threatening me.

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He said this man is threatening me.

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It wasn't a short time later. There are model Dylon who came to lead salon

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and this man who would be known as a boo and Medusa, he had prepared a dagger that was poisoned a double bladed dagger, and he approached a model of the law and who in the darkness of fidget.

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While Omar was in the second block of the prayer, and he stabbed a middle meanie in Omaha top a number of times with the Blade

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Runner of the lion who collapsed

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while trying to escape, stabbed the number of companions 13 seven of them would die from their injuries, as well as the Alon.

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Omar was taken to his house having fainted and collapsed. And when he awoke after the sun had risen, the first question that he asked would become something that was astounding and indicative of the priorities of the Sahaba on the line. He said, A sullenness

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he said that the people pray.

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They said yes, they prayed at fetch Amaro de la who said, but I didn't.

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And so in that injury of death,

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Milan who made although he paid federal, and then he asked man catellani, who's the one who did this to me, and then they told him and then he said at Hamdulillah, that Allah azza wa jal did not make my death at the hands of someone who would argue in front of a law as though a judge who would be able to invoke a such that that he did for a law

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I'm on the line and said I'm the law that the person who

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killed me is not someone who can say that they prayed a day of their life to Eliza. So you see this focus on the prayer, that Amaro the lion who had. But that's not astounding. It's not weird. When you see that it never thought about the lion who is killed Salatin fidget as well, when you see that little pseudo last little lie to send them that his final advice for you and I, when he was making his dying requests. Now, if one of us were to know that the last thing that one of our parents said was an advice for us, or it was a command that they encouraged or they demanded from us, we would make sure that we would do it. We would make sure that we would live our lives as best as possible

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trying to fulfill that obligation that they placed on us that request that was their dying request. Well, what did also the loss on the lighter I said to them, say to you and I,

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on his last day, with his last breaths, he said, Ah, salatu salam, Salam Alaikum Sala medical, a Monaco, the province of the light is and said the prayer, the prayer, and what your right hands possess. The prayer brothers and sisters is the great obligation of Islam. It is the second pillar of Islam after entering into Islam after believing in Islam. And it is the first thing that we are going to be asked about on the Day of Judgment, the prayer No matter how much we talk about the prayer, we will not have talked too much.

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The prophets, little liners and have made it his last statement. And if he could have spoken more about the prayer, if he had had the energy if he had had the life to speak more about the prayer, he would have spoken more about the prayer. But I wanted to spend a few minutes today just reminding myself in you about the importance of the prayer number one. The first is that this boron that we see on these shelves, this Koran that we believe is a guidance to mankind this Koran that we believe that Allah has revealed to the Prophet Mohammed Salah light is that number over a span of 23 years and also the loss of a light so that made it or that also lost a little lesson I'm taught it and

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lived it. Allah tells us at the beginning of the Quran, that this Quran will only benefit a particular group of people a lot. So it says Eddie flam him that he can kita Bulava Buffy Houdini Mata Ki. Allah says this is the book that if there is no doubt, it is a guidance for the people of dukkha. And the first criteria of being a person of duck wha hoo, this person will be a guide for you for his he says, Let the nuclear masala

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those who established the salah those who establish the prayer. So the first thing that I want to do to have access to the Quran is that I make sure that I am one of the people of taqwa. And to make sure that I'm one of the people of duck. Well, the first thing that I have to do is that I carefully guard and I carefully establish that pillar that Allah as though he had made the first requirements of being a person of taqwa the establishing of the prayer, these five prayers, enough of enough of an honor, it is indicative, it is enough of an indication of the importance of the prayer, what we all know that with regards to all of the commandments that have come down, they all came down

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through gibreel, it is around to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. It is simply the prayer, which is the only commandment in which it did not come down

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from Allah as the window to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But rather, it was the only command and we should also last on the lightest, Adam was lifted to Allah xuejun.

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And in that divine presence on the night of Ellis Robin Mirage, that the command for the period was given. And even then it was commanded to be 50 prayers, which shows us that if we were to spend our entire day praying that how would not have been unjust, because Allah has created us for that he says, well not caught up to God.

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However, out of the mercy of Allah, Allah, so he had made the prayers five.

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And we are rewarded for those five prayers with 50.

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And even then most It is said on total, so the loss on the lights ended up on the night of in Mirage on this rock, he told him, don't do it, go back and ask for a little bit less, because there's still going to be some people from your oma aren't going to pay the five. They're going to pay two and a half. They're only going to pay Jamal, they're not going to pay the five.

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And the province of ally to send them said, No, I'm shy of asking my Lord for so much. But we want to make sure that we pray these five prayers. The second is that it is the action that is the most beloved to allies. Do you have the lightness or the acid Rasulullah cinnamon? This is a question that you find the companions asking a lot. They would ask Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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Allah, what actions are the most beloved to allies, though again? And so and even Massoud asked this question to those who have lost the light SLM, he said a salon to either walk to he said the prayer and that you pray that prayer on time.

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brothers or sisters if we were to fast Ramadan outside of the month

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of Ramadan. We will look at each other like we were crazy. If someone were to say I want to do Hajj but you know what had just too busy in Asia, you know those those days are too busy. I'm gonna do go and do a little tighter. I'm gonna go do it in Ramadan. You will look at that person and saying what religion are you coming with? You're crazy. But yet for some reason, we don't think twice if a person prays federal at around 11am

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a person prays budget at 10am a person prays Muslim if at 7pm whenever I catch the time, no allies are just as in the law in the saliva kinda and Amina Kitab and makuta. Allah says this prayer has been prescribed upon the believers at specific times. And so established the prayer, established the prayer establishing the prayer meeting, praying that prayer on time mean coming to it with the focus that it is deserving of giving it the respect that it deserves,

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also, of the virtues of the prayer is that it lifts us out of darkness and brings us to light allies it just says yeah, you already know in total LA, are looking for China with a foreign currency. Well,

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Allah says oh, you who believe. If you have Taqwa of Allah, Allah, so you will make for you or for God, you will make for your criteria. And he will give you the ability to distinguish between what is true, and what is false. Allah as the general will give you this for God. And so through the prayer and the prophets on the light SNM called a Salaam.

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He said that it is light, as we are oma that is commanded to bring mankind from darkness to light, we have to make sure that we ourselves can see, we have to make sure that we ourselves are in a path that is well lit.

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And to do so we must make sure that we are those who establish the prayer. You know, this, somehow Allah this year looks like it's going to be a year that may be even more turbulent than last year. It's an election year. And so when we are facing challenges of a growing community that are going to be more this year, inshallah than last year, and we are going to be dealing with more drama this year than last year, then we have to make sure that we are we are better prepared this year than last year. And part of that preparation, a great part of that preparation, if not the most important factor in that preparation is to make sure that you have a strong connection with the source of

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light, a strong connection with the source of knowledge, a strong connection with the source of Sophia, and our tofield does not accept with a lot. So how can a person see act like they're going to go and they're going to guide humanity. And there are a million different topics that are happening. And I'm going to make a decision and I'm going to talk and comment online or in person about every single one of them. And I have no connection with Eliza, except for once a week, or two times a day, or three times a day, I have to make sure that I have a strong connection with a lot as we get 17 times a day for the one who that who prays five times a day they are saying it then on

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Serato Allah guide me the straight path guide me the strict bad guy made the straight path, don't leave me to myself for a moment of an eye, the blink of an eye, and let him know how Pablo de la and who when he is leading this world.

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And all of the demands that came with it that didn't take away from his prayer that didn't take away from his prayer in the night, because he recognized that he would not be able to have the strength to do any of that by his own. If he was not given strength and sabbats from Allah. So

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the last thing that I want to mention is that the the prayer protects from fear from grief and anxiety a lot as he says in in Santa Lucia, it says that mankind was created anxious is a master who Shalu jazira. When he's touched by fear, he becomes impatient. With a mess, the whole manual. And when they're in touch with goodness, they become stingy, they don't want to share it.

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Except for a specific group of people in the most only the ones who pray. Those are the only ones who aren't afraid when everybody else is afraid. They're the only ones who aren't anxious when everybody else is anxious. They are the only ones who are not stingy when everybody else is stingy. They are the only ones who stay the course when everybody else wants to swear in the masala aladeen, whom

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I'm selecting him, even those who are consistent in their prayers, though I'm here, meaning three things is the farmer. They pray it on time.

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The second is who should they pray with for sure. They're focused in their prayer, they're not distracted. And the third is that they they pray the prayer on time they have for sure. And they monitor themselves with regards to their prayer. They monitor themselves with regards to their prayer. They prayed all the time. This isn't a one time thing that they pray it on time. It's not a one time thing that they pray with focus, but they pray with focus and they pray on time, all of the time.

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They make this their life's journey, their life's mission. I asked a lot as though he did that he make us of those who pray continuously to him and that he blesses us with our prayers and that he lists us with their prayers, pull them out.

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah. I just wanted to conclude with some tips on making us a better establishes of the prayer. Number one is if we don't pray regularly, if we don't pray regularly, because there's some sort of negligence on our part, then to resolve it. You know, the great thing about the new year is that every sort of institution is their parking lots are full, because all of these people with new year's resolutions, New Year new me New Year new me, right, so one of the new year's resolutions that a person can do if they don't pay their five on time, that I make this my challenge for the next 30 days, that I make this my challenge for the next 30 days. And

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I tell my friends or I tell my family, hey, listen, this is what I want to do. I want to pray on time. And there should be no shame in that. There should be no shame in me sharing this with other people. One of the reasons why we fall short is because we're afraid to tell people that we're falling short. It is way better that you tell your friend or your family members now Hey, I have a conflict with my prayer then for them to miss you on the on the day of judgment or engender a law that says

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Kowloon FCB maka satara Hina in Laos having me in Fiji nothing alone and in Madrid masala comfy soccer. On a day when people in general they will be looking and they'll be missing their friends or they'll be missing their family members. They'll be missing their cousins, they'll be missing someone who was with them in the dunya it alone Where are they? And they'll say masala cuckoo soccer, what puts you in the hellfire. The first thing they will say is living document on Sunday. We didn't pray. We didn't pray. So let me establish this habit. If it takes 21 days to form a habit then let me over the next 30 days. Let me try to make sure that I prayed the five on time. The

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second is, if I pray the five on time, well then let me try to come closer to Allah azzawajal by praying more of those prayers in the masjid. If I only come for Jamal, let me come for Vegeta let me come for Asia. Let me make sure that I increase the prayers that I pray in the message of the lightness of the law and who he says and along with but he's speaking about Sudan and houda. He's speaking about the Sudan of guidance. And he says that whoever of you wants to meet Allah as soon as a Muslim, then let him follow the sooner the sooner the Prophet Mohammed from allied years they love going to the prayer place and praying there. And he says look at the way to now might Allah for any

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Salam Ala Moana?

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Oh, Maria de incarnate Maria de novo Giulini Allah, He says there was a time when the companions we used to, the only person who wouldn't come to the masjid is a man who was a hypocrite whose hypocrisy was known.

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Or a sick person, even though a sick person would be dragged by two people until he's placed in the role for the Salah. So if I only let me increase whatever my number is, let me increase the number of times that I come to the masjid. It is from the sunon of guidance of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam. And as I'm delighted him as Rumi said, If you leave the sunan of the prophets the light is then you will become misguided.

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Number three, to prepare for my prayer, to cut off distraction focus, spend some time preparing for the prayer, not just walking into it in between a commercial break know that I spent some time preparing for the prayer Allah as though it just says what in the hell caveolin illa, Allah Kashi, this prayer, it's heavy, except upon those who have who shoot in the prayer and the moral shoot a person has in the prayer, the more they will enjoy the prayer.

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The more connection they feel with a law, the more they will enjoy the pair and inshallah tada we all come to a level where the coolest thing is the sweetest thing in this world is when we stand in front of allies.

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The fourth and the last is to increase in our sooner prayers.

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Abdullah above the line he mentions a beautiful Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says on behalf of Allah,

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Allah says

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Maya, Devi shaken Abu lamb Masato Allah, that my slave will never come close to me except with something that is more beautiful. That is something that is more beloved to me than what I've made obligatory for him. So automatically we know that the things that are most beloved to Allah as origin are this prayer that we're about to pray salatu salam ala rasulillah after that, so often, Mazel Tov after that, so these are the actions that are the most beloved to Allah. Okay after I fulfill these when I evaluate acaba de vino.

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Allah says my slave will continue to come closer to me with voluntary prayers until I love him. And then Allah as though it says for either above to one I love him I become the seeing with which he sees and the hearing with which he hears the hand with which he strikes the feet with which you walk.

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Nothing that you see will it be except that a lot as are your loves that you see that nothing that you hear will be something except that a lot as your loves that you hear that a lot as the reader will love your actions because you

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You will make your actions those that are beloved to allies. So we ask a lot that he makes us sad You didn't lock it in the reciters of the Quran We ask Allah as he makes those who fulfill the obligation of the prayer as it is deserved to be fulfilled. And we ask Allah to make us a source of guidance for others allow maintenance Okay, gentlemen,

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becoming a normal makabe Harman Kardon Rahman, lomatium fusina Taka Zaki hunter humans aka Antonio Mola Allahu maximiliano machete Kamata hula he been an obeah my sciatic momento Attica metabolic una genetec Amelia Kini moto will be hi Dana Messiah

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Messiah dunya maternal Ah, maybe asthma you know, sorry, no Latina evidence, which I mean, which I thought on a Llama Llama Llama? llama da da da da da da da da da da da Amina when I'm a blogger in Mena. When are in an area mostly Iran which Allah ginetta Hadar and I

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mean, metal band is a little

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out of band. It's a little bit hamama come out of band, Acoma salata.