Virtues of Jerusalem and Al-Quds from Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa

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The sham in Elijah has had a negative impact on the region's reputation and reputation for being a sham. The sham's impact on the region's reputation and reputation for being a sham has also affected their faith in Islam. The segment ends with a discussion of the return of a deceased prophet and the importance of finding support in one's actions.

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David hamdulillah salam ala Rasulillah with Adam Cibus MC McCarthy Era. I'm about to sit down with a quite a lover of cattle.

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Can you guys hear me? Okay? Okay, good. So for my part, I want to just talk a little bit about the city that we're in. And the region that we're in

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the province of Elijah and send them talked so much about a sham. And he talked so much about administer the lochsa. And the thing that's really amazing to me, what's really amazing to me, is that Asuna la salida syndrome is talking about this city. And he's talking about a sham as having this blessing Islamic identity when they weren't even Muslim during his time. Rasulullah sallallaahu Selim is speaking from the realm of prophecy, and he is speaking about a place that you can tell that he loves so much, although he did not visit it other than of course, the night of La sala and his armies did not reach it up until the point where the army of Osama Abdullah and who the province

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of Elijah said of them sent out but it was still in the early stages is my point.

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But the problem is on the line and sending them when you read the a hadith that are talking about a sham and what is a sham? A Sham is the entire greater region, from the Euphrates River to the north east to Egypt to the southwest. So it includes the modern countries of Palestine and Jordan and Lebanon and Syria. This greater region is a sham, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says for example, he says,

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take a full Allahu Leibish Sham. He says Allah Subhana Allah Allah has taken it upon himself to take care of a sham for me that a sham is taken care of by Allah subhanho wa Taala and he says either work is ill fitted for a man who wished he says when fitna touches down. When trials and tribulations happen, Sham is going to be where faith resides. Just like you hear about how the province level widens and him said that Eman recoils to Medina, just like a snake recoils to its lair. The province of Allah they sent him said about the region of a sham, that when trials occur, that is where you find faith. So much so that the scholars debate about at the end of time, what is

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going to be a bloodier a better residence for the Muslims. Is it going to be Mecca and Medina? Or is it going to be better in Makkah this and better luck with this and the area of a sham will play a big role, not just in the present and not just in our past but also in the future in sha Allah to Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that on the night of Allah slot, he saw a pillar of light, and he asked what it was, and they said, it is faith. And the angel said, we've been commanded to place faith in a sham. we're commanded to place faith in a shop. And the province on the light is said to mix the people of a sham, a metric for the righteousness of the ummah. He

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says either first Lucia fella Hi rafiqul He says if the people of a sham become corrupt, then there's no there's no good in this Oh mill left as if they are the last bastion of goodness in this OMA and the province on the widest set of them said something even more explicit than that. He said liaison over to Mr. Murthy via hearing I'll help. He says there will always continue to be a group from my OMA who will be apparent upon the truth ladder, go to home and Hazara home what are the other home they will not be harmed by those who forsake them? I mean, you see the people of Jerusalem forsake and left and right betrayed left and right. He said the province on the lightest

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him says they will not be harmed by those who forsake them, nor those who stand against them. And he said and that group of people are at bay to knock this will aggravate and mark this. They are at Jerusalem and the surrounding areas of Jerusalem. And so this place is a place Shania talked about Baraka. This is a place that is blessed in its land. It's blessed in its fruits. It's blessed in the amount of prophets that were sent here. It's blessed in the revelation that came down here. When you're walking in the courtyard of this of this compound and Alisa, you can't help but imagine that the province of Elijah said it and led 124,000 prophets here, that's 124,000 this entire space

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filled up with prophets of Allah subhanho wa taala, other than the ones who lived here, other than the ones who were born here are the ones who call to Allah subhana wa Tada here. Yeah, they set up called the people when Allah Subhana Allah commanded him to teach them five words, and the province of the lightest and it says the entire compound was filled with people listening to Yeah, they sit down address with what Allah Subhana Allah commanded him to address them with. And so this place, it's blessed in its martyrs. It's blessed in the amount of of of contest like she I mentioned over the past 1400 years that's happened here. These people have defended the OMA again and again and

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again over the past 1400 years. The province of allied s&m says about bait and muck this he says in Hadith was reported by a hack and he said there will come a time

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And when I want you to imagine this when we go and we visit the store owners, a lot of these store owners, you'll find are closed. And they've been closed since COVID. And they haven't reopened up because they have a lot of penalties and fines and taxes and things like that, where they can't open up, they're not allowed to open up. And at the same time, they don't want to sell them they have offers to buy, they have offers to buy for incredible prices.

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Because this is the most desirable piece of real estate in the world. And yet, they don't sell. And they say, even if I don't make money off of my store, I inherited this store from my father, I inherited the store from my grandfather and my great grandfather. And it doesn't belong to me anyway, it belongs to the Muslim world. And I'm not going to sell no matter how much I struggle financially, no matter how much and the problem is on the light. SNM said there will come a time when a person if they have a surface area that's equal to like a rope where you would place a rope like this, the most insignificant real estates, through which they're able to see better McCullers

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through which they're able to glance and see adventure than Arkansas. It would be more beloved to them though in the world and everything in it. And so just thanking Allah Subhana Allah for the privilege of being able to see better luck, this in and of itself is something that we thank Allah subhanaw taala for so much. But not only that, shell Yeah, he I mentioned.

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He was tugging on my heartstrings when he was talking about the difficulty that the province of Allah, Allah Salam faced. And that also reminds us that the challenges that Allah places in our heart, and not only are we all carrying luggage, but we're all carrying problems, every single one of us has problems. Because Allah said, that's the human condition. He says, Look at Harlequin, in Santa Fe cupboard. Everybody's got problems.

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And that doesn't mean that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah doesn't love you. That doesn't mean that you're distant from ALLAH SubhanA Dada, in fact, that challenge might be what brings you closest to Allah. And you need to look no further than the prophets of Allah ideas and all of the difficulties actually I mentioned, if you met a parents, and they told you I lost a child, you would say, oh my god, I'm so sorry for your loss. May Allah have mercy on them. And you would empathize with this person, realizing that they lost one of the greatest losses a human being can endure. And then if they told you they lost two children, or three children, or four children,

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I mean, that's another world.

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And the province of allied SLM, experienced that.

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And the Prophet X lost his wife too. And he lost his uncle too. And he lost his other uncle to the believing one and the non Muslim one. He lost Hamza, and he lost a Bhutan them. And yet, you see, and you're reminded of this with the people here, you will meet people who've lost children here.

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And yet you see them smile. And the Prophet sallallaahu Salam Javid, even Abdullah said, I never saw someone who smiled more than Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. The ability to carry that burden, at the same time have a faith in Allah subhana data is unwavering. It's not shaken, because you know who Allah is. And you understand that this realm, this dunya was meant to be a stepping stone for the hereafter. It's always been meant to be a test. It's never been meant to be a place of eternal residents. And so I have a short poem on on this aspect of the province of allied SLM and it goes, you never saw your father's face, or felt the warmth of a mother's embrace your grandfather's

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heartburn with concern but definitely come to him in turn, no one to look up to so you cast your vision towards the sky when all you do is speak the truth it hurts when they say you lie, doesn't it? But you take it all in stride. The honest prophet who by His own people is belied with only two pillars of support and uncle and a perfect wife. But in the same year, both of them would lose their life Gibreel gave her DJ CERAM told her a house in paradise. But an angel other than Djibouti came to your house to collect its price. You went to Thai food the message you needed to spread they laughed at you and have their full stone you until you blood you were deserted so they struck you

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with Vicious blows and rumors were spread about Asia that cause pain only Allah knows your cousin Jaffa returned from a long absence and I've seen Yeah, he would come but in the same day he'd be murdered it was Adria, adopted son and Uncle film would pass away is in a binder Okay, as well. You held Ibrahim in your arms at the heart that breaks in eyes that swell definitely take permission to take your soul but not the souls of those you love. But you never expressed the stress for the tests that came from up above the trials made you strong. And to Allah is perfect company you would yearn because it is to Allah, that we all belong. And to Him is our return. So Allah Azza wa sallam. So

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just in conclusion,

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while we're here, we take lessons from one of the great dwellers of Britain McCullough is the mother of midium Ideas set up and she has a passage

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in sort of earlier Emraan B

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against the story of Medea and begins with the story of her mother and the promise that her mother makes. And she says something so beautiful. She says, Robin in order to like a mafia boss anymore, Hala, she says, My Lord, I have offered you what is in my womb, in your service. And Ben Israel at that point in time they were occupied by the Romans. And the the light of prophecy was dimming. After being a community that had prophet after prophet after prophet you have an old aging prophet is that gidea Begging Allah Subhana Allah for another prophet to come through him. And you have many of his mother offering her child, and she gives birth to a boy or to a girl, and she still offers

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her inner service anyway, like shows you her sincerity and the desperation at the same time. She says it won't be any nicer to look at Matthew habarana for Taco Bell Mini, says My Lord, except for me, except for me. Those two words are what I want you to pay attention to on day one, except for me, it's not enough that we come all the way from LA, or whoever came furthest. It's not enough. unless ALLAH does what, except from us.

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And so as we are offering actions to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as we're praying a bit and muck This makes sure that your constant companion is to ask Allah to accept Ibrahim I did set up her ancestor and is married are building the Kaaba. They're building the house of Allah by the command of Allah and they are the prophets of Allah. And they are building Alcoa at the minute Beatty way smarter, a lot of better Taco Bell Mina in Atlanta, Samuel Aladdin. And they both both prayers, the mother of medium and the Ibrahim alayhis salam, they both end with those two names, a semi and Aladdin because one of the meanings of a semi is the one who accepts when you get off from the court

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you say, semi Allah, him and him either Allah accepts from those who praise Him. So you're asking Allah Subhana Allah Allah for acceptance, may Allah Subhana Allah accept from us our actions, the little that we do, may Allah allow us to experience Ramadan May Allah accept from us the actions that we do in Ramadan, and may Allah Subhana Allah accept from us our charity and our assistance and our prayer here at Betrand MK this and that of all of the people have better luck this May Allah subhanaw taala accept from them you see them coming from large distances that's why they're combining the prayer. May Allah subhana data set from them their journey? May Allah Subhana Allah

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accept from them. They're supportive this place this blessing place for solo lesson