Poem a Day – Self Worth by Imam Alshafii

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Mr. Michel himolla one time was commenting on his clothes and he says upon me our garments that if they were sold for a pence the pence would exceed, but They adorn a self that if compared with the soles of all others would be greater and deep. And a sword isn't harmed by a holy sheath if sharp in every direction at Cleaves and scatter so if the days have worn out my countenance how many strong sword rests in a sheath that's battered, and AFTR would love to borrow Jamie O'Hara defaults in Canada assuming Honda Acura or fi Hinden are so low to cars will be bought the handle force will wala Canada Adela Kabara well now let's say for lack of India he either can output hay through a

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Jetta will fall off and as a yam will be visited for can mean who Sammy fieldly Last into cassava.

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The only products that have to stay fresher those that expire right?

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hot fire for sure you know the rules