Of the Effects of Sins – Prevention of Knowledge

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The first effect of sin is that a person is prevented from knowledge. The first effect of sin is that a person is prevented from knowledge and even okay mentions that Imam Matic when he met Imam Shafi Imam Shafi, of course as a student of Malik, and Imam Ahmed is a student of a Shafi and Imam Malik is a peer of Muhammad Adnan has an A che Barney, who is the companion of Abu Hanifa. Abu Hanifa is interesting because he doesn't have students per se in the sense that they're not called students. They're called the US hub of Abu Hanifa. They're called the companions of Antifa. Although they're very much his students, Abu Yusuf and Ramadan hasn't a che Bindi and others. Because of the

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nature of Abu Hanifa has classes and discourse it's a lot of open debate and discussion and things like that. Whereas with Imam Malik, his was the polar opposite of Imam Abu Hanifa is gathering Imam Malik's gathering was like a king in his court. Nobody says a word.

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He comes in he narrates his Heidi and anybody who acts up gets dealt with by guards and all of that type of stuff.

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And so Imam Shafi?

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This here is the magnum opus of Imam Malik. Okay, this is a mortar and what is the oldest book that we have in Islam after the Quran. There is no book that is older that we still have today. Imam Malik died in the year 179. Obviously

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the Imam Al Buhari and all of these individuals they were they were after email Muhammad. Okay, so you're talking about generations later. Imam Malik Rahim Allah, this book is a collection of Hadith. So it is way older than say head behind as a Muslim and these individuals. But again, the science of Hadith hasn't been you my mighty call caught the the collection of Hadith. His chef eventually Hubzu it was the famous note. He's like, he is one of the great great scholars of the younger Tabby in and so Imam Malik is considered from the third generation that that that in his book is not just Hadith, it is his own statements, his own filthy positions, as well as the statements of the Sahaba and the

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actions of the people of Medina, which is where obviously he was born and raised and lived his whole life and never left.

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So this is a book that he used to come and narrate to his students for years and years and years. And people used to come from all over the Muslim world to study and to receive the water from Imam Malik. And then they would go out into the world. And it was like the greatest degree in the world. They used to say it was from Xena to dunya and your Kula Roger had that any metric for them to be able to go back to their towns or whatever and say, Malik narrated to me. That was like a, it was like, I mean, I wish that I could say it's like a it's a degree from Oxford or Harvard. But it was better than that. Because

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you are being this is the

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this is the oldest book in his lab by one of the greatest scholars in Islam with the traditions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then you go back to your towns and teach these people right you're you are, in any case, Imam Malik Rahim Allah. This, this book was memorized by a Shafi. Before he came in, he met Malik. He went to Maddix to go and learn from him, and to get the MATA from him as well. But before he did, as a teenager, he memorized the book, cover to cover he had photographic memory and Michelle is famous for this, okay? When Imam Malik who's this older scholar now when he comes in, and this young man, this young man from from this young man from Quraysh, this

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young man from Baruch Hashem, you might have a shot at him Allah to Allah. When Imam Malik sees his incredible brilliance, incredible brilliance, he says this statement, he says in the Quran and Allah, Allah coffee can be canula I see that Allah subhanho data has cast in your heart light. I see that ALLAH SubhanA data has cast in your heart light, so do not

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extinguish it with sin do not extinguish it with sin